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Dating scammer Dave Miller aka Steve Ramos aka James Ramos


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Name: Dave Miller aka Steve Ramos aka James Ramos


p.o box 10

Other Comments:
romance scammer using on-line dating services. Claims to be a retired widower and independently wealthy. Donates to orphanages. Wants to travel to Ghana to late wife's favorite orphanage to honor her memory. Burns up his laptop he bought to communicate to you while he's gone. Wants you to send him new laptop or western union money to him at the above po box.

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2013-03-14, 14:19:02   (updated: 2013-03-14, 14:19:53)
anonymous from Netherlands  
same story, this time his name is Michael Hackman, he choose me on he is using two different men for the picture not only james ramos but now also a man from denmark his name is kjell schmidt, he is using it like its the same man, thank god i didnt send money still i admire how they stayed in their role,hours after hours.....
even send me so called pictures of his son Jeff who was deadly injured by a car accident, just an innocent boy he took from google
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer James Ramos

2013-03-20, 18:32:46
anonymous from Belarus  
I'm from Belarus. Rascal and got to us. Sends the wrong picture .. talking about his son who needs to send money. Sorry for the man whose reputation is ruined. Person whose photos using this fraud. Who knows the details of a real person in the photo must be reported and contact police

2013-04-03, 11:38:54
anonymous from Portugal  
HELLO , this is Richard
I hope you are doing good now and having a pleasant time now.Thanks for your contact from Meetic and i am also impress to have such kind of communication with you and i can see that we both have met on fate and i am taking this opportunity to tell you something about me as we are both behind the screen trying to know more about each other ....
My name is Richard Carter....,and as i have already told you, I am a soldier from the U.S.A army but i am now in Iraq for peace keeping and will be coming home within two months time.I have been a widowed for 3 years now and i am having one son who is 15 years and i came to the Meetic which happens to be a dating site to look for someone that i can continue the life with no matter how the distance is because distance doesn't matter when love finds itself and i believe distance is just a mile and it can be closed within a twinkle of an eye by two hearts that have accepted to be together...
Talking about my self,I love friends and family, I am a fun person and make friends easily. I love life, love my family and still have some love to share with a special lady. Life can be lonely without someone...I am a person who is very real when it comes to life and its' issues. Am honest,kind caring,affectionate,good sense of humor,easy going,free thinker,trustworthy and respect the lives of other people.....I'm a man who lives life as it comes to me. I don't worry about tomorrow, for it will be here no matter what I do.The best days of my life are yet to come and i am looking for someone who will love and care about me for a long time relationship that can lead to marriage. Although I would consider myself be a romantic, I don't believe that life is about the 'grand passion.' In reality it is more about comfortable comrade. I am really a fun person who loves people,loves to laugh, I am very caring,love music, dancing, singing ( in my car) ! Love the a devoted friend. I like to have fun,I have strong moral values with honesty and integrity being the core of my personality, am very cool, i respect my dignity....I'm excited to see new places, meet new people and do new things.I'm not a fighter and I don't argue, life's too short but I do value friendship and intimacy.Respect is one of the most important requisites in a relationship, as are honesty and commitment. I enjoy going out to dinner, movies, walks,and quiet times. I love nature, enjoy learning, and have a deep respect and love for children. I'm fascinated with the world and different cultures and would enjoy learning more about them....I love to laugh and like being around people with a good sense of humor. I also appreciate people who are different and even quirky

I am a cute caring lovable man who is into anything really at this point in my life, whether it be a serious relationship or just Dating, but know my ultimate goal is to find a mate though.. I want to enjoy this phase of my life in my search and if my future mate happens to show up in front of me, I will not let her go.. My passions are meeting my future soul-mate/partner.. I believe I am a very good man with a very big heart with modern qualities.. I'm pretty laid back, down to earth, a very positive person, enjoy the simple things in life.. I'm told that I am kind, caring, generous, thoughtful, opinionated, handsome, and intelligent and have many lovable qualities.. I try to allow life itself not to stress me out and remain a happy go lucky person.. Love to kiss and hug.. I think one of my biggest flaws is being too nice and loyal to people in my life, but it is just the right thing we should all do, but in general, good always outweighs the bad.. I'm very responsible but still let the inner boy in me come out at times, OK maybe sometimes too much.. I'm very flexible in things I like to do, whether it’s going out dinning or just hanging home eating pizza and putting in a DVD.. I love the monsoon season and the lightning it brings.. I'm very thought full of others and always make the best of a bad situation.. I am a widower after some years of faithfulness and love and was put out because I lost her in an accident.. I am looking for someone to spend time with and lead into a lasting long term, rest of my life type of relationship or just a now thing, I will not discount anything right now.. Someone to laugh with and try new things with and make new memories with together, hold each others for hours and hours.. To be able to have fun no matter what we’re doing, as long as it is together.. I really enjoy the act of making love and/or sex and the comfort that comes with it, when the two actually make love just from the act of holding each other sometimes.. Looking so forward to meeting someone for any type of relationship at this point in my life, whatever the situation brings.. I am a caring man that loves companionship and if I am loved, I will love back as much if not more and treat a woman as God expects man to treat them.. I hope to find a woman that needs me to love her and take care of her, as I want her to love and take care of me as well..

I consider myself a very easy going person, even tempered. I love to go for long walks during a beautiful summer sunset with my dog Max along the wonderful walking trails by my home, going for walks during a gentle snowfall in the winter and walks during a crisp and sunny autumn day. I love to cook and a perfect evening would be to decide on a wonderful menu and cook together while enjoying a fine glass of red wine and great music. I enjoy many type of music from easy listening jazz to classical to country western especially Ian Tyson. One of my hobbies is landscape painting and have become quite good, enough so that I can give them away as gifts to my family. My life long passion is genealogy and have been discovering my family roots for the past years. Love old movies, scrabble and nature.

I look into the future with hope and would like to create a relationship based on respect, understanding, trust and love. Seeking a relationship with longevity and not just something will end in just a blink of an eye. I have a great sense of humor and can dish it out to make a sad day enjoyable. Honestly I've all that it takes to be a man, I don't really need anything from my partner. maybe in terms of circumstances there might some kind of help from each other, helping to make things right. It's not all that easy meeting that rightful woman with all those qualities which I'm dreaming off, I love friends and family...I am a very sincere person who laughs easily, loves to tease and be teased and who communicates openly and honestly.

Take care and have a wonderful day and i have added three of my photos to you and also photos of my son, and i will also be happy if you can send me yours and hope to hear from you soon......I would be online in the afternoon as you said earlier on so that we can chat my dear and you can ask me anything that you want to know about me..
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Dating scammer Dave Miller aka Steve Ramos aka James Ramos
Dating scammer James Ramos

2013-04-04, 07:06:29
anonymous from Kincumber, Australia  
This scumbag is still at it, using the name Stephen Pugh. The very first time he contacted me he asked for a 'care package' to be sent to him so he could share it with his colleagues. Second time it was clothing, T Shirts, slippers but had to be the very best brand. Third time, & only the second day, he asked for a mobile phone, had to be a Samsung Galaxy II plus a laptop. I thought what in the name of heaven is going on here !!!! certainly not wasting time. He said he couldn't receive the parcels himself & they had to be sent to a Diplomat who does this type of work for the Army...I told him where to get off & that I wouldn't be sending anything & he said that he was crying, tears rolling down his face, because he was so alone & no one cared about him. WHAT A JOKE....He spoke to me on Skype & when I did some investigating, he had two hundred different profiles on Skype, hundreds on Romance Scams, numerous ones on You tube & the FABULOUS VIDEO of the poor soldier who was being abused by a scammer ??????WHAT WOULD ANYONE THINK OF THAT STORY...Do these idiots think the rest of the world is stupid...Do they think they are God's gift to women & we should be honoured that they choose to speak to us, come on, they are nothing but gutter snipe & deserve the very worst treatment that could be be meted out to them..I could think of something very, very deserving for these parasites..Don't be fooled by ANYONE who asks for anything at all. Tell them, then & there what they can do....
2013-04-04, 08:43:26
Bax from United States  
Anonymous Australia,
Who knows what's inside of a scammer's mind? They care not to be a gift to the woman
or the world as a whole. Only to make an easy buck! I congradulate you for
recognizing the signs and for sharing your experience. The 1st 'dead-give-away',
is always... the money recipient's home address!

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Dating scammer Fred Osborne

2013-04-20, 15:53:24   (updated: 2013-04-20, 16:11:48)
I am spreading this thread as far and wide as I can on Facebook.
I was contacted by these men's identical centuplet brother (uh, if a triplet is three brothers who look exactly alike, what *do* you call the 100th clone?) named Ray Michael on April 20, 2013.

I get friend requests from people who really like my writing and occasionally I'll add them on a limited account if I like what they have to say too on the same group pages I post on, but I didn't recall where I had seen this name before so I asked. He admitted that he didn't know me, but he really liked my profile. Which is funny because my profile is very private so only my friends can see most of my content except my likes (pro-gay, atheist, liberal/anti-war), politics (liberal/anti-war), and religion (atheist) and here was this person supposedly a Christian who went to a bible school and was in the military claiming to like what he saw on my page.

So I checked out his page out of amused curiosity. And watched it being made before my very eyes... 10 pictures and a new cover picture went up... okay, same guy in all the pictures... could be legit or could be pictures collected from the account of someone without basic protection of their content.

Says he's in the US Army. Now there's a picture of him in his uniform. Okay. Wait a minute. Now it says he's supposed to be a native Afghan who was born in Afghanistan and lives in Afghanistan, but he's got a very English-sounding name and his uniform says name is Ramos which is a Spanish name?

Oh look... the five women who are friends with him so far are all single women from different places in Europe and North America. And not one of his friends is from Afghanistan. Which, someone who works in the Army probably has friends who turned him onto Facebook in the first place and are generally the first people you add... not random women.

When I went back to ask him the question of 'Exactly what about my page did you like so much that you wanted to add me?' I found that almost all of his info (and info to the women who had added him) was blocked from my view. So I friended him, hoping to at least fire off a message to the women who had added him in case they had done so because they believed that the person who sent the request really was this handsome soldier and didn't realize that it was scum starting the exposition of a plot to scam them out of money by preying on their loneliness ('he' targets divorced and single women although apparently in my case, if it's blank - they don't have a 'none of your goddamn business' option yet - he thinks you're fair game too). I was blocked on his 'friend' list.

Now, I am blocked from all the alternative names I had found from this site, although I had access to the ones I had found so far before I fired off a message letting him know that I was reporting him.

I was going to let him try his scam on me so I could help nail him, but when I saw I would have to wait four months or so of acting like I didn't know what was up, I gave up and sent him the message and then posted the picture he used.

No offense, ladies...maybe he's gotten sloppy since he scammed you out of your money or gifts... but seriously, how did any of you fall for this blatantly obvious scam? Maybe because my mother didn't raise any fools, but why on earth would someone give anything to a random person they had never met in person? Are you really that desperate to have a man?

Sadly, I hope the man he stole this info from is dead because if not, the real Ramos's life is most definitely ruined by this scam and identity theft. And that makes me sick to have to wish something like that.

2013-04-21, 15:49:35
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2013-04-20, 15:53:24 (updated: 2013-04-20, 16:11:48)

Thank you please spread the word to many as possible on facebook as that is the place where most of the scams are made now ....

This soldiers photos are one of the most abused ones among scammers from West-Africa (Ghana) nothing can be done to prevent this awful ID theft as long as scammers makes money on these photos they will continue using them in scams ...remember this is not only one mans work ,scammers operates in gangs and scams in shifts ....

//Miss Marple//
2013-04-21, 21:18:00
Bax from United States  

This is an exerpt and photo of what Miss Marple is explaining to you.
This info. is available in many forms at online scam prevention sites.

(From; CID: Military online love-scam warning)
The U.S. has established numerous task force organizations to deal with this and other growing issues; unfortunately, the personnel committing these scams are utilizing untraceable email addresses on Aca,!A'gmail, yahoo, aol,Aca,!A? etc., routing accounts through numerous locations around the world, and utilizing pay-per-hour Internet cyber cafes, which often times maintain no accountability of use. The ability of law enforcement to identify these perpetrators is limited, so individuals must stay on the alert to protect themselves.

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Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana
Accounts on this web site

2013-05-11, 10:11:59
anonymous from Australia  
This scammer has more profiles than all of us have had hot dinners. He uses about 40 names with Ramos included in them, plus another 50 on different dating sites using any name he can pick up on the Internet. Usually a soldier's name & rank. His English is terrible & always wants to know when you are sending him goods. He's always busy with 'papper works' in his role as a Sgt. in the Army. And when he asks for something it's always 'stuffs'. Has no family, wife dies in a car crash (as usual) & is looking for a soulmate with whom he can settle down when he retires from the Army..The trouble is, he's not in the Army, a Sth African creep using an Internet Cafe. The last I heard of him, about March 2013, he was in hospital & needed money to pay for his treatment !!! Claims the Army doesn't pay him, his pay is put into the bank & he can't access it until he retires BULL....He also uses the name Stephen Pugh, when asked about it he said Pugh was his middle name. He also has over a hundred ID's on Skype. You can check it out when you sign in..The REAL Aaron Ramos has a video on Youtube...If this jerk contacts you, tell him where to go...He's trouble....
2013-07-05, 03:43:55
It seems this guy, who changes his name over and over is back! He has contacted me on Facebook. Kept talking about an ad of mine that he had seen... I have never put an ad on FB! When he sent me a friend request I accepted because he was already friends with other people I knew and as I am involved in on-line marketing and do a lot of networking in this way I thought nothing of it.
Then this guy, who calls himself Ramos Miller, kept trying to chat. As a single woman I must admit to being a little I am embarrassed!
I was a little suspicious... but he seemed really nice. Then when he stopped contact after being quite full on, I wondered. I also wondered about his uniform that he wears in his pic on FB. I googled to see if it was usual for men in the US Army to have their Christian name displayed on their uniform. It is ABSOLUTELY not! So..what was going on here? He says he is Ramos (first name), says he comes from Baltimore but his accent is a little weird.
I noticed today that the only friends he has on FB are all WOMEN! No men!
Mmm... makes you wonder. So I googled his name and somehow found myself here. Wow..there he is, using different names and different stories.
He worms his way into your soft heart and is obviously a con.
I have included the photo he is currently using under the name of Ramos Miller! How does he get access to this guys pic if this isn't really him?

2013-07-05, 16:45:02
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Dave Miller aka Steve Ramos aka James Ramos

2013-07-05, 18:10:51
anonymous from United States  
Same old story love at first sight ,wife and son were killed in a automobile accident.Serving in the Us Army Lived in Afghanistan untiil Deployed to Combat Training Base in Tamale Ghana .Wants Money sent for cell phone ,food and
Computer repairs. If you get a Fb request from Paul Ramos Lambert or Paul Lambert do not accept .
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Dave Miller aka Steve Ramos aka James Ramos

2013-07-05, 21:54:27
~Bax! from United States  
Anon. 7-5, 03:43

Scammers use every form of theft imaginable when gathering bait-pics.
Every stolen photo is identity theft of the person in the picture.
The scam rings are knowledgable about the online sites where they
down load pics from. Just as they down load porno-girl photos,
they take from professional sites and personal profiles.
Then, they keep in file and exchange between themselves.
Even if someone drops a picture on the ground...
they will use it in a scam!
2013-10-04, 13:08:46
anonymous from United States  
This guy is at it again... going by Brad Ramos... he just recently started contacting me about 3 days ago on facebook.. and already is 'in love' with me.. first flag.. says his wife died of lung cancer and his 12 year old son lives with his mom in nigeria second flag.. i haent given him any info or money.. but hehasnt asked for money..yet.. is there a way to catch him... if I keep him talking??
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Dave Miller aka Steve Ramos aka James Ramos

2013-10-04, 13:09:43
anonymous from United States  
More pictures thos scumball is using

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