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Dating scammer Harry Collins, Max Stone, Scoot kenny


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Name: Harry Collins, Max Stone, Scoot kenny


IP Address:
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Other Comments:
(22/11/11 22:58:49) : but i cant sitting in your profile and see so many womans sitting and droll over you as u was the only man on this earth

maxstoney1(22/11/11 22:59:22) : i will see a change to that

(22/11/11 23:00:50) : and i just joking and say let him pick u up just call him insted sitting there and droll over him...........yeah he have my number one say and i joking againg ohhh great the next will he married god she got angry

maxstoney1(22/11/11 23:01:27) : really..on my page?

(22/11/11 23:02:26) : yes and then i delete all i write and then i delete u......i will not sitting and see womans fighting over u

maxstoney1(22/11/11 23:02:57) : can you give names of the ladies?
(22/11/11 23:03:06) : i just say yes to bee your friend not fighting with this womans, because i just joking

(22/11/11 23:03:56) : why max................i dont care how many friend u have, thta is not my problems, u can have all u want

maxstoney1(22/11/11 23:04:06) : i want you baby

maxstoney1(22/11/11 23:04:09) : only you

(22/11/11 23:04:24) : max u dont know me

(22/11/11 23:05:27) : dont delete anyone just because of that

(22/11/11 23:05:43) : i delete many from my friendlist yesteday

(22/11/11 23:06:18) : they was only friend with me because they thought they could have sex with me

maxstoney1(22/11/11 23:06:45) : ok

maxstoney1(22/11/11 23:07:07) : i will soon be leaving here baby

maxstoney1(22/11/11 23:07:13) : can you please add me back?

(22/11/11 23:07:46) : they know i have been alone for 2½years and no sex and they thing, now we going to fuck her, they can fuck them self

(22/11/11 23:07:52) : in facebook

maxstoney1(22/11/11 23:08:26) : yes

(22/11/11 23:08:52) : ok but i dont want any fight with this horney womans

maxstoney1(22/11/11 23:09:19) : ok my love

maxstoney1(22/11/11 23:09:23) : i have to go now

maxstoney1(22/11/11 23:09:28) : talk to you soon

(22/11/11 23:09:33) : ok and i will sleep

maxstoney1(22/11/11 23:09:39) : ok

: see u

: bye sweetie

maxstoney1(22/11/11 23:09:47) : love you

Hello my heart,

I am so sorry not getting back to you all this while..I have been busy with the security agency here..I left my Hotel room on Friday to make a shopping for both of us and only come back to meet my room burgled all my luggage have been stolen and i am left with little cash with me even to pay for my hotel room is now a big problem because my reservation will expire next tomorrow..I am using a traveling agent computer to send you this email,I have been to the USA embassy here and i have been told to help getting back my documents to enable me to come to you over there.I really need to get some cash now and i don't want to contact anyone just you alone because i want to settle down my life with you and i believe i can get over it because i have some cheques with me now and when i get there we would have enough money to do many things but the cheques can't be cashed here otherwise it would have been a better option for me. I don't know how to tell you this but i think i really need your help this time around.I need to get another ipad to help me with my training assignments and projects and also I will want you to lend me some cash to be able to sort out my accommodation and feedings down here.. When i get to you i will refund all expenses made by you after cashing my paycheck at your bank or anywhere in your country. I will be glad if you could be of assistant as soon as possible because time is running fast and myflight to you has been scheduled and i will be flying on Thursday evening and i will be at your airport on friday.I can't wait to be with you as i have told all my friends and colleagues about you but they are mocking me and i want to shame critics so please do not let me down . I am counting on you and immediately i get there all bills will be sorted by me..i just need to get the accommodation and feeding paid for and get a new Ipad that is all i want to solve now..Please let me know how you can be of help my love i will be glad to be with you this Friday and spend the Christmas with you.

I am looking forward to be with you and also read from you soon.I don't want to rely on the agent here because they are seeking some funds to catalyze the case and which i don't have any cash to spare this time around..So I am seeking for your assistant in what so ever way till i see you this weekend..I cares and love you most..

Attached is the checks i will be cashing out there when i come and all cash sent to me will be removed from the check after cashing at your bank.


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Mr Max Stone (adult) Please note that your name is spelled 'MAX STONE' on your ticket

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18 JUN 1961

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2011-12-18, 01:25:11   (updated: )
[hidden] from Denmark  

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Dating scammer Harry Collins, Max Stone, Scoot kenny

2011-12-18, 01:25:11   (updated: )
[hidden] from Denmark  

2011-12-18, 01:25:11   (updated: )
[hidden] from Denmark  

2011-12-18, 01:25:11   (updated: )
[hidden] from Denmark  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Harry Collins, Max Stone, Scoot kenny

2011-12-18, 01:25:11   (updated: )
[hidden] from Denmark  

2011-12-18, 01:25:11   (updated: )
[hidden] from Denmark  

2011-12-18, 01:25:11   (updated: )
[hidden] from Denmark  




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