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Dating scammer Shanks Mogan


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Name: Shanks Mogan


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Other Comments:
Claiming to be from UK, IP checked, He is from Nigeria. Contacted me 2 months ago. Claiming to have a daughter 25 years old who is a student at Cembridge and he has no money to pay for her now because he just left for the contract of his life in Nigeria but the company Coca Cola will pay him after 3 months. I sent him 500 US $ and now the started talking how much he still needs to pay for his daughter's education and medical treatment. She is loving in Liverpool and not working and has no bank account so the money were supposed to be sent to him in Nigeria.
He Writes all love letters and constantly asking for my trust. Promised to marry me in the 2nd week.
I am sure that he is not real now and will want to tell the other ladies about him.

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2012-07-02, 14:01:58   (updated: 2012-07-02, 14:04:13)
Hello Miss Marple,
I agree with you that the man who is in the pictures is not any of the names used to scam me and other ladies and he, the real man from Norway has no idea about all of this. He cannot really do anything because the scammers from Nigeria who are using his picture are hard to locate. When I googled the pictures I found at lease 6 profiles with the pictures of the same man and in one of the Facebook accounts there are 2 by the same name one with the picture of this poor Norwegian man and the other to a guy from Nigeria.
I was a victim and will advise every woman to run away from this tips of romance and if they want to find a partner to look locally and never to give money to someone claiming falling in love through the webcam and the messengers.
I have all the accounts but I am not sure if I can post them here. Your advice is appreciated
Best regards
2012-07-03, 09:24:40
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2012-07-02, 14:01:58 (updated: 2012-07-02, 14:04:13)
please post the links here so people can make researches is an very good advice to people as scammers knows how to get closer to victims by chatting and webcam sessions...

//Miss Marple//
2012-07-11, 22:33:33   (updated: 2012-07-11, 22:44:13)

Hello ladies,
Please find bellow all the sites that are used by the scammer who is claiming to be the man from the picture.
-Eric Eldword on facebook
-Eldword 001 on mingle2
-eldword001 on
-Philip Brobbey
-Julius Femi
what a coincidence, a man from nigeria!
-William Adam
-William Pauls
-Richardson Peter
Non of those accounts is legitimate or real. only the one from the nigerian guy and the site of the real man on the picture who I did not attach because he is a victim as all of us. Research before hopping in a relationship because our money are the target and not our feelings.
2012-07-15, 15:21:29
I began to communicate with Shanks Mogan with the understanding that I am married and expectation of anything between us. He agreed but as we continue communicating, my feelings for him had developed. He moved too fast in saying he loves me and he will make me his queen. He supposedly lived in Manchester, England, a civil engineer, with 2 boys and his wife passed away 4 years ago from a car accident. He sent me love letters, poems and songs from YouTube. We talked for hours at night - first on NetLog then he moved us in YahooMessenger. He was supposedly waiting for a contact he bid on to do a construction in India and another one in Africa. These contracts would change a lot for us. After a few days, he got the contract in India. I brought luck in his life.(Yaaa Right) I asked about his boys - he claimed to have a housemade that looks after his boys while he is gone. I thought that was strange to leave your children with a housemade. He made me feel special and needed and like an idiot, I fell for it. I am a very independent and smart person - how could I have fallen to this scam? To make a long story short, he flew to Nigeria and continued our conversations on the phone and on YahooMessenger. A couple of days after, I got a message from him saying his hotel was robbed and they stole most of his money and his passport and although he was not badly hurt, his 3 workers fought the robbers and are now in the hospital. He said he would not ask me if it was not for this but he needed $2300. He got to me so I sent him $2500. Then another $1500 and then another $500. In the meantime, he keeps telling me that he will fly here in 2 weeks to meet me. Then after his contract, he would fly met to England and start our life. That part I know is not going to happen because I told him I don't want to move. He said that once I meet him and get to know him, I will. Forward to the day I found out this was all a scam...He needed 800 pounds sent to his lawyer in Manchester so he can obtain a new passport so he can come and see me. I wired the money through Western Union. Gave him the info but apparently, there was something wrong because his lawyer cannot access the account. He told me to go and check with Western Union the next day and see what the problem is. On 4/12/2012, I was awaken with a phone call from Western Union. The lady said that she needed to interview me first before the funds could be released. Her questions were very personal so I told her so. Then she explained to me that my situation sounds like a romantic scam going on. Like the dummy that I was, I told her that everything is okay and they should go ahead and release the funds. She told me they cannot and that I should go and pick up my money. I called Shanks right away and told him what was going on. I went on line and read a few messaged from a site about romance scam. I still did not believe that my situation is a scam so I told him that I want to talk to his housemade and his 2 boys. He said okay so I spoke to his housemade and I could not talk to the boys since they are napping. I finally confronted him over the phone and he finally admitted that he is not the guy in the picture and that he is from Nigeria. My first thought was I pitied the guys in the picture being used this way. I tried to get as information about the guy in the picture to see if I can help him because we are both victims of this guy's scam. He told me he was sorry and that he really loved me and just did not know how to tell me that the picture on NetLog is not him. I wised up and started playing with his questions. He asked me for another chance. I told him I would give him another chance if he starts being honest. I told him he needs to come clean and tell me the name and where the guy in the picture is from. He tried to change the subject a few times and then It hit me that he will never tell me who the guy in the picture is. I told him he is wasting my time and if he really wants us to heal and move forward, he knows what he needs to do. The night after this all happened, I received 15 phone calls from him - all of which I did not answer. He called me the following day and I told him that unless he tells me where to find the guy in the picture, I don't want to talk to him again. I have not heard from him since then.

Till two days ago, I was a mess and so I bagan looking all over the internet for help and I found this site. It was such a relief to find you guys. It is sad that there are so many people who fall for this scam. I kept blaming myself for being weak and lonely. I feel so betrayed and hopeless as Shanks was going to be my way out and my savior. Now, there is a bigger void that somehow I have to fill in order to live a somewhat normal life. Any encouragement or kind words will be grately appreciated. I am lost. I know we heal with time but how long? I have to have some faith that there is hope...
2012-07-17, 12:21:36
hey to all of you. i got romance scammed too by Richardson Peter and same and other pictures were sent to me. At first i didnt want to tell anyone because i felt sooooooo stupid....... 8 yrs of college...... professional... yet i totally fell for his words hook lines. I poured my heart out to him and he always said jus the right words..... or soooo i thought........ u know...... i revieved our talks... over 2000 mesgs over 2 monts....... and i see now he wasnt such a great talker......... i did the talking..... the pouring of my soul out on line and his words were mostly the same..... i am yours... i am real.... he told me that when i told him i was afraid because he seemed too good to be true........ and he said a lot of ' am ye... am here baby.... i love u soooooooo much baby......... i never wana lose u baby?' but he said little else except sending stolen poems etc.. but whenever i said i want to know everything bout u baby.... he would get very evasive... or change subject and he never really told me anything about him except both parents died in car crash when he was little and uncle raised him,,, and he was engineer in uk who had to go to nigeria for his uk company.... and he loved me and loves to play snooker... and has to go to cafe to talk to me... and it was hard 4 him to call me from nigeria and i needed to send him a phone that calls internationally and he pressured me to call him.... lost 500 that way.... and he said he was coming to see me in 2 months when contract was over........ and yes baby... i love you with all of my heart baby.... and i never wana lose you baby... you are my life baby..... i cant live without you baby.... God tells me to make you happy baby. His wife and son died in car crash too...... so he said he couldn't talk bout his life because it hurt too much.... and wants new life with me.... etc over 11 phone calls a day and hrs of texting and then he went to nigeria and oops he lost his wallet.... stranded in forign country.... gona die if i dont send money.... i told him i couldn't.... then he said you lied to me.. you said you love me... now you will let me die here... then he said ' Im gonna off myself' cant live without money
He said he had 1 million dolllars in uk but couldn't get his money and had his lawyer on it.... needed tempoary help... would pay me back.. i said i couldn't.... then he said dont call me anymore.... you dont love me.... so i didn't and now he has called me bout 50 times and i wnt answer his calls... now he leaves mesgs saying are you ok hun........ i cant stop worrying bout you.... i cant stop loving you...... i love you soooooo much......... ive ben crying baby........... i need you... remember when i told you i was always gonna love you and will be there 4 you.... well i still am......... and i love you and i jus cant stop and i need you soooooooooooo much.
Thanks to your support I can now see that this lier was after my money and he really can't live with ought the income coming from me and other poor women who are lonely and looking for real love.
2012-07-19, 23:50:05
I too fell victim to this scammer and am now bankrupt but more wise. I met him on FB and he was using the name of Philip Brobbey. Was a gems dealer, so he said, and had to travel to China and then Ghana, Africa to buy gold for his client. About 2 weeks into his travels he supposedly ran into problem after problem and that is when he started asking for money. Of course he had charmed me with his words of love and yes, I was naive and believed every word he told me and I sent him 31,000 totally from loans and income tax refund. I am a widow and had recently got on the FB site to fill the empty void in my life. It took 2 months of wiring all this money before I realized I had been scammed. My daughter had tried to warn me but I was in denial. It took finding a picture of the guy with that name on Facebook and other sites that all of a sudden popped up to realize it and of course pictures didnt match. When questioned, he denied that was him but would not produce any recent pictures or couldnt produce a copy of drivers license because he had left that in the states. This left me devastated and took some pills to 'end it all' in which I knew was a mistake. I spent 2 days locked up on a psychiatric unit and now am going through therapy. I wish I knew of this site earlier, but now, even though I am going through bankruptcy, I know that I will get through this and I will be a stronger person because of this.
2012-07-20, 23:04:43
What a stronghold those people have on us... I too feel so sick and I just want nothing more than to be able to open my email and find another loving, kind and wonderful email from this guy... but I KNOW he was not real and it will never happen!!! I fell in love with a ghost!!! Nothing in the world will ever make it true or come back or anything... it was a huge lie!!!!!
How could I have been so blind???!
2012-07-20, 23:08:13
They are trained, professional con men. Sociopaths who do not feel remorse for their crimes. They don't care one iota what happens to their victims. Most feel that we get what we have coming to us and that they deserve their earnings because they are clever and witty. They even have a name for their victims. 'Mugu'. Translated, it means 'internet crime victim. White fool'.
2012-08-22, 03:37:37   (updated: 2012-08-22, 03:40:27)
i have finally deleted, blocked, ignored the 2 confirmed emails from Lagos, Nigeria from the man Dr_Way_bill who presented himself as the man from the picture. Am finding my way as best I can, trying to figure out what the best course of action is for me while I prepare documents for the bankruptcy.
Pathetic I have to pay $1700 to an atty. to avoid having to pay 18,000 in 24 payday loans, all of which went to the scammer. My heart is broken, my life is broken, my spirit is mending--or it is most of the time. I'm a nice-looking, talented, fun person who works hard for a living enjoys a good relationship with her ex-husband, children and extended family...none of whom can know about what is happening to me...I couldn't take their profound disappointment in the choices I made and how sad I really am. I'm planning to do the IC3 form. I'm resigned to never seeing the money, meet the man of my dreams that picked me out on and created the illusion of love with me. I'm resigned to the idea that there is no way to catch the people involved in what I allowed to happen to me. If any of them had faith or a conscience, I wouldn't be here. They are to be pitied in how they live their lives and how such monsters were created and live among us. More than the loss of self-respect, an average and modest life being trashed, and the long road I face---is the shattered and now invisible dream that I enveloped myself with these past 5 months. I can be fine one minute, crying the next. I just keep reading the diaries and see others like you who all suffered from this scum. I'm so sad tonite...I want the handsome man I fell for, I want to hear the sexy voice that whispered intimate things to me on the phone, I want the life the scammer offered to me and know I'll never have. I pity myself, I am sad for myself as well as all of you that are hurting and trying to find your way back to normal. Thanks for reading/relating...and blessings, God keep you all.
2012-08-25, 03:54:25
After the scam, sometimes we will say or hear a word that will trigger our thoughts and emotions. Remember, scammers had us under a hynotic or mesmerized state, psychologically trained us to keep us under their control. After the scam we have to re-program our minds, hearts and emotions, to not react to trigger words or subject cues that would make us feel we are missing the scammer. We will all get past the emotional roller-coaster ride we are on and we become strong again, rejecting those trigger words. I had the problem also to associate certain words and pictures that worked as a subject cue to trigger my emotions and thought regarding my feelings for the scammer. We do erase those negative feelings with time; it works at everyone's own pace; of each victim. Hope that helps to understand what victims go through? You are not alone, many of us felt that way and many new victims feel that urge also. Sometimes when I am out in public I hear a certain accent and it brings up the scammer, but I learned not to allow it to affect my emotions. Working my personal healing process helped tremendously to allow me to let go of the scam experience as a whole.
2012-08-25, 04:03:11
A letter from the man who is using the picture but the name is William Adam.
He is trying to make me think that my brother is bad effluence for our relationship. Of course, he wanted to play with my feelings and to manipulate my actions only to send him the money I worked so hard earning.

Hello Sweetie,

What is going on? You refused to talk to me since you put your brother
btw us. I cant help thinking. Are you saying you don't need my help no
longer in the money issue? I swear if i can see 900 usd from you right now
and i didn't get money out in 5 days then you should know all I've been
telling you from the beginning is all not true. Sweet pie please give me the
chance to prove your brother wrong. You cant just have me thrown away
without a proof. How can you put our relationship in jeopardy. I'm down to
my knees please help me to make things right for the last time. Tell me how
many days you were been given to get the money. I know you are piss off
right now but give me the chance to proof your brother wrong. I love you so
much and i can't stop loving you.
2012-08-25, 04:10:09
Oh my God! I was communication with this Shanks Mogan. He has not asked for money, but says his daughter is with her grandmother in Africa, and needs upkeep money of $200.00. He said his wife was killed in a car accident. He said he has two children. A daughter who is 14 and a son that is 12 and that they are in boarding school in Illinois. I have received an e-mail from the daughter asking for money and calling me mother, but I did not send any. The son texted me the other night claiming to be the daughter. I have checked the number out. It shows up as a land line in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
What a story.
Thank you for this posting, it helped me to understand that I was dealig with a thief and saved me from loosing my savings.
Take care all.
2012-08-26, 06:26:48
hi i think i have had a scamer by the name of micheal mooris sent me roses and then ask me to do something for him i decline but he is still on line
2012-08-30, 03:10:23
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This email never do any deal with man his a Scammer he ripped my friend some money for a deal here is his site and this the way he start covesation

Firsts Able I will need payment made to my LR U5916666
Payment inc,I will also need the details such as full name ,city/town where you want the WU to be sent to .

send me a screenshot when the LR been sent ,screenshot when it was it was successfully and your WU can be done in the next 1:30 minutes . Away your reply .

Regards BOSSO
2012-09-15, 15:29:07
My husband died a little over 3 years ago. I then decided to find love on the internet. I fell head over heels in love with this beautiful man. I was happy again for the first time in a long time. I was beaming all of the time. He sent me flowers like no one else ever had and was sooo attentive. 24 hours a day he was with me. Only problem was, he didn't exist. Yes, he was here on the internet, emails, texts, phone calls but then one night he told me he had to tell me something. He then told me that it was all a lie. He was actually a scammer from Nigeria.
I had sent him over $5000 at different times and an expensive laptop. He even had called my son and told him that he loved me and would never hurt me.
I was numb, shocked, in disbelief! I am a smart woman how could this happen to me????? Me, always the level headed woman. The scammer apologized while he was asking for more minutes for his phone. I had run out of money, but he knew I would always be good for $40 a clip for minutes. I also sent him minutes at $40. at least over 40 times. I kept hoping that someday he would tell me it was a joke. That he really was 'Eric' and this was just a test of my love. That never came.
I decided one night that I couldn't go on. I decided to take my car up the interstate and hit a bridge. I got in the car and while driving began to think. I would be out of the pain, but the pain that my family would have gone through would be just beginning. Would they blame themselves? Yes, probably. My friends, if they had known could they have done something? Of course, they would forever blame themselves for not taking closer attention to 'my new love'.
> BUT at the time, no one could tell me it was a romance scam. No, not me. I'm too smart to take the advice so it was my problem to deal with and I decided to turn back and to stop the communication with this scam bag forever.
Please do as I did before it is too late.
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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