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Dating scammer Shanks Mogan


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Name: Shanks Mogan


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Claiming to be from UK, IP checked, He is from Nigeria. Contacted me 2 months ago. Claiming to have a daughter 25 years old who is a student at Cembridge and he has no money to pay for her now because he just left for the contract of his life in Nigeria but the company Coca Cola will pay him after 3 months. I sent him 500 US $ and now the started talking how much he still needs to pay for his daughter's education and medical treatment. She is loving in Liverpool and not working and has no bank account so the money were supposed to be sent to him in Nigeria.
He Writes all love letters and constantly asking for my trust. Promised to marry me in the 2nd week.
I am sure that he is not real now and will want to tell the other ladies about him.

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2013-02-24, 10:49:05
Miss Marple from United States  
I am sorry that you are scammed,please consider report this scam to the police or FBI,could you post more information as current emailaddress,photos,mails sent to you from this scammer,the real man on the photos has nothing to do with scams,scammers from Nigeria has stolen his ID who i believe is originally from Norway.

2013-03-18, 21:21:21
Oh my GOD, I went to prison over being scammed by this garbing bag tat is hiding behind the pictures. I did not have the resources at the time to prove my innocence or that I was being scammed. I am still being scammed. At least this time I am smart enough to know not to send him money or buy him the things he wants me to buy and send to his coworkers 'friend' in Lagos, Nigeria. I am smart enough this time to not allow him to western union me money or to western union him any. However I am not strong enough to block him or stop talking to him. I don't believe him or his words of love but the friendship, no matter how fake it is, is all I have right now. he is not the same the guy who scammed me two yrs ago and he knows everything because I told him. I have called him out several times on him being a scammer and he still proclaims his innocence and that he is not a scammer. He swears he is a real person and exactly who he claims to be yet can not send me pictures, won't call me or let me call him. He is seeing someone else and that lady has sent him money for him to go see her but he won't go. If I question him or ask about messages posted on his facebook wall Im punished for it. he won't talk to me. Shuts me totally out. Threatens to leave and never talk to me again. I have shed many tears over his abuse of my friendship. Am I lonely, yes very much so.
My health is very bad and I was just in ICU. I collapsed due to not being able to breathe. I was hooked to machines for most of the day. That was all that was keeping me alive. I caught a virus in my lungs and a severe infection. He only wants to know when I am going to buy him an iphone. He is mad because I have not bought this yet. I never promised to and never said I would. I can't even buy food to feed myself and he thinks I can buy a 2 to 3 hundred dollar phone for him.
I know I need to block him and ignore him. I know all this.

I just wish I was stronger and could just let him go.
2013-03-19, 09:42:17   (updated: 2013-03-19, 09:50:21)
Bax from United States  

2013-03-30, 19:06:11
This individual contacted me through At that time I was in a weak emotional condition and he got me right away.
He said he is John Mogan from Birmingham Al and an engineer. In endless hours on yahoo talk he told me he has to go to a contract bidding to Lagos, right before we were supposed to meet. So, of course he won the bidding, but didn’t have enough money to pay the lawyer to sign the contract. Red Flags!!!! I was questioning over and over again, and doubting, but this one was unbelievable goo till I found out more and more lies. But for the money I sent to him it is already too late. I filed a claim with the IC3 The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center NW3C. And I am going to report tomorrow to my local police department. He is still in contact with me through the whatsapp application on the phone his Lagos number is supposedly 22966291363 and he used for the first contacts an Alabama number 2052165419.
I asked him several questions and at least he gave me some info’s, of course faulty ones, but doesn’t want to give specific information about himself. He is using a home address and the name of this person what is not correct and victimizing therefore, also the real person who lives there. I have send to him money per money gram 9 times, 3 times under his name and 6 times under the name of the supposedly hotel manager, Ramon Afuape, who is helping him to get the contract done there, cause he is the whole day too busy to pick the money. I couldn’t find the Hotel in Cotonou on Google. But I found out the first email he sent to me was already from Lagos Hotel Marina club. So he never was in the States from the beginning. Last week he wanted me to wire some money to his daughter Alice Mogan to UK, she study’s there in Oxford London and is in need of money, cause he cant right now send her some, but didn’t have her ID so he was asking to wire to a friend name Zuzana Bognar.
Moneygram and WesternUnion denied both transactions after verification and detected this as scam. So I got the money back, but was stupid enough to wire it directly to him to Lagos. He said he stay in a hotel Adjousse Hotel and Suites Lot 52 Haie Vive Cotonou, Lagos for business purpose and would come back in the CW 16 around April 17th. I have of all conversations record, through yahoo chat, and right now he is in contact with me through the whatsapp application on the cell phone. He uses a blackberry torch 9310 right now with the phone number provided earlier.
He also used in the beginning email address moganj906@. .. and with his daughter Alice Mogan used for chat and email alicemogan53@ ... He also gave me her address in London and birth date May 17th 1993. Purley Way Crescent Croydon, London CR0 3JS. But there is no daughter, cause I found out he send the email I got from her by himself from Lagos.
2013-03-30, 21:34:02
Bax from United States  

Shakespeares Sonnets # 129
Th' expense of spirit in a waste of shame
Is lust in action, and till action, lust
Is perjured, murd'rous, bloody full of blame,
Savage, extreme, rude, cruel, not to trust,
Enjoyed no sooner but despised straight,
Past reason hunted, and no sooner had
Past reason hated as a swallowed bait,
On purpose laid to make the taker mad.
Mad in pursuit and in possession so,
Had, having, and in quest, to have extreme,
A bliss in proof and proved, a very woe,
Before a joy proposed behind a dream.
All this the world well knows yet none knows well,
To shun the heaven that leads men to this hell.

2013-04-01, 07:04:08
The scammer using this pictures and using the name Eric Eldword massaged me on fb and when I needed it most..dealing with 2 very sick parents, daughter graduating and empty nest syndrome, and the two untimely deaths of very dear and close friends..when the ASS WIPE came it was as if destiny had brought us together and he often said that what we had was an unconventional, non-traditional relationship. ..hahahaha HOW TRUE THIS TURNED out to be.....I had a person who I cou;ld confide in and that was what I needed at the time...the money part came only after a good 2 + months ..and after all his 'daughter' ; was hit by a car ..who could NOT help right????? I sent money then he was in the clinic and needed money then needed money for his project. It never stopped. Only then I started to look for answers to such demands till I came here after I googled the pictures he sent me. I blocked and deleted and will move on and will never look back. I know my money are gone forever but he will never take away my dignity.
Stay strong and don't look back.
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Dating scammer Shanks Mogan

2013-04-22, 17:56:38
He presented himself to be an oil rig engineer who was coming to Denver on feb 13. I went to the airport and he never got off the plane. The next day I got a call from a dr in London requesting 4k for medical bills, meanwhile in London medical bills are paid for by the government. This was a scam. I lost 8k trying to help him fix his oil rig machine and on air fare because he was working on his last ever project. The project that will make us rich and we will not think about lack of money to the end of our lives. I found a Myspace page of the scam bag and took a screen shots sent them to him. He said that he knew that and someone else put that on there for him but they managed to put the wrong birth date. I am SO STRESSED out over this I don't think I will ever go online for dating again from people like the one who s hiding behind the pictures of this man.
2013-05-08, 12:32:21
My name is Chris and I found your site from doing a search for internet dating scams. I am so glad you are here. I haven't had a lot of time to look through the website here, as I want to ask for help with my mom and the new love of her life. After I post this, I will spend more time looking through posts and at the rest of this group to find more info that might help me.

I am very worried about my 74 year old mother at the moment. She met a man online at about 4-6 weeks ago. When she told me about him, it immediately reeked of an internet scam. I told her back then to be very wary and careful of this man. I warned her that he was going to ask for money and that no good could come from this relationship. She made the decision to keep talking to him. They email every day, and have been talking on the phone as well. Last Friday I got a phone call from her asking me how much money she had in the bank. He had asked her for a $10K loan. I immediately told her never to talk to him again. Don't answer his emails or phone calls. I did a search on internet dating scams and sent her several links to pages that describe scams in detail that matched exactly what had been happening in her relationship with Eric Eldword (Her as Shanks Mogan and the pictures are the same). I told her I was going to inform the FBI about him. She did not want to believe what I was saying. I went as far as to transfer all of her extra money from her acct to mine so that she could not send him anything. Well, I found out yesterday when I was looking at her bank acct that she had taken out a $3000 loan and wired him the proceeds. Also, figured out that she had bought an i Pad and sent it to him about a week ago. So in a week's time, she has spent $3600 on him - and is now on the hook for $135 a month which she does not have.

Evidently, I am not the only person who has mentioned to her that this guy is bad news. Several of her friends, as well as her brother have told her to stay away from him. But, she is in love, and cant see what is going on. She lives in Tx and I in VA, so I cant just run over to her house and talk to her, or show her things that will prove that this is just a way to con her out of her money.

Can anyone out there offer me any help and/or suggestions as to how to get her to understand what is happening here? Also, what should I do as far as reporting him and his activities? I know that there is probably not much that can be done about this. I do have all of the addresses/phone numbers, acct numbers of where the $3K was sent as well as the iPad. Any help that will point me in the right direction with all of this would be most appreciated.


2013-05-08, 17:30:25
Bax from United States  
... Chris,

If Your mom has sent money to West Africa, please make her see that she
is not communicating with the man in the photos! The numerous scam prevention
sites on line have many hundreds of thousands of such internet romance
contacts and not a single one of them have ever, truly been who they claim to be.
Since you have recognized the same photos here and heard other's testimony,
You know that this is once again the truith!
I understand that when people are lonely, the smallest glympse of attention
and kindness bring joy to that one's heart but the pain and rejection of
learning the truith too late has caused many to lose their health along with
their life savings! The scammers have no remorse for their victims and will
drain the life from them! It is the game between and bragging-rights they vie.
I could say so much more about this and I know that others here will add to
your arguement to your mom. If you so choose, you may copy this plea and offer
to her for reason to protect herself immediately! The photo I show below is the
true image of the scammer at work in West Africa. They offer stolen photos!
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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana

2013-05-20, 17:28:31
he took advantage of my feelings knowing that I had recently lost my two children. The day after the 2nd anniversary of my son's death he had the gall to ask whether I would consider selling my home to help pay for the customs fees due. I had told him what the rate of exchange was and that the amount he expected from me was more than i owed on my home. They have no hearts and we have to put the picture they have put into your head away. He does not exist ...
2013-05-21, 22:16:41
Miss Marple from United States  
Nickname: shanksmogan
Is Anybody Up There?
Details about me:     Big heart and she must be unique, no faking
My Hobbies:     reading, riding speed boat, listening music, watching movies, dance when neccesary
My Preferred Movies:     Titanic, Romeo Must Die, Romeo And Juliet, Mark, Seeker
Location     Boystown, Nebraska, United States
Zodiac Sign     Pisces
My Profile
Age:     60     Ethnicity:     White
Height:     5' 6' - (168cm)     Body Type:     Larger than Average
Hair color:     Brown     Eye Color:     Brown
Smoke:     Non-Smoker     Drink:     Socially
Profession:     Architect     Education:     Masters
Children:     1 kid     Marital Status:     Separated

I am a     Man looking for Woman
My desired relation     Long-term Relationship
Hang Out
Talk / Chat / E-Mail
My Interests:     Arts / Music / Movies
Spoken Languages:     English
Religion:     Christian - Other


2013-05-21, 22:24:41
Miss Marple from United States  
Fake profiles:

Victor Enyinnaya

Victor Enyinnaya
I am Barrister Victor from United Kinkgdom, i am kind, lovely and sincere. i wil like to meet a good and lovely woman whom i will love and take good care of her, also she will love me with all her heart. kiss.


Donald Greenwald

Michael Sonu

Location: Austin United Arab Emirates
I am a: 48 year old man
seeking: woman between the ages of 30 and 71 for a long-term relationship
Height: 170 cm     Drinker: no
Hair Color: light brown     Smoker: no
Eye Color: blue     Education: doctorate
Figure: full figured     Marital Status: single
Fitness: occasionally     Have Children: no
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian     Want Children: no
Religion: Christian/Protestant     Languages:

I like:
I Like Pure Heart

I dislike:
I Dislike Lies

About me and who I would like to meet:
I am Handsome and Tall,so Handsome that you cannot resist knowing me.I am an adventurous person and i like to meet an adventeurous person who is hard working and above all caring,sincere,honest and lovely


2013-06-19, 12:32:41
It has been over a month since I stopped emailing with him. He has intermittently tried to call me. I have not fallen and will not fall for his 'call me! I miss you so much' voice mails. I am out 5K plus because of him. Oh he was good don't get me wrong. But, I am better than him. I am a stronger woman. He has thrown me backwards financially for awhile. I now have medical bills to look forward too as well as a truck payment. WHO HAS TIME to deal with these fantasy men! NOT ME!!!
Yes! I have been emotionally drained. But it is only temporary. I am dealing with more than this experience. I am dealing with my landlady having Breast Cancer, my mother having Melanoma, my own health problems, job challenges and then my truck broke down and I had just turned it in for a 2010 Explorer XLT...when I ended up having to be shuttled to the local hospital last week for an endoscopy. Choking is like no fun!
2013-06-19, 22:14:22
Bax from United States  
Very relieved to see your life, your strength and your humour returning to you!
2013-06-24, 14:24:06
Hi. I found out two days ago that the beautiful gentleman hiding behind the same pictures here and that I had been chatting with for a month was a scam. It was my first relationship after being divorced five years ago. I gave him my heart, and a little money (under $1000) before a friend suggested that it might be a scam. This is when I googled the pictures and found it all here. I am so mad at myself and so embarrassed that I fell for this. I miss the relationship that I thought I had. I had let it totally absorb my every thought for four weeks and now I realize that everything I shared with this man was a fake. I know I am lucky that I didn't get in further, but it still really, really hurts. I am too embarrassed to tell my friends or family that I actually sent the creep some money and I feel like I have to tell somebody.
Thank you for the good thing that you are doing and helping people like me who look for a real partner in life to learn about those garbage bags.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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