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Dating scammer Joe Woodman


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Name: Joe Woodman


P.O.BOX AT 1456

Joe Woodman

Other Comments:
I meet Joe Woodman on Oasis Active, he contacted me on the 2nd June and from the start he seemed like a nice man but way to good looking to be looking for some one on Oasis Active.
We chatted for about a week until he told me that he loved me and wanted me to cancel my account on the dating site which I did, I had no idea about internet dating/romance scams, I was just a lonely woman on a dating site trying to find someone and this is where they saw that I was vulnerable.
First he told me he was in Blackburn UK, he started calling me and I didnt even realise at the time that I was already dialing a Ghana phone number.
He told me he worked with gold and that he was overseas looking for some items his late father had and was also looking for his late fathers business partners.About a month into talking he told me he was invited to Ghana to purchase some gold because this is where the best gold came from.
He was involved with a man called Mr Felix I do not have any contact details for him.
Joe was constantly in business meetings and telling me all was going well and would be home within a week or so and I believed him.
Then it all started

He started feeling unwell and telling me he was feeling like he had a cold and then he finally got so sick that he needed to go the hospital the Edmund the hotel manager where he was staying called me telling me he might have maleria or dipthiria, I was so worried and upset about the whole thing and they knew I would be so they played on this and told me he needed about $650.00 to pay for the medical fees and they would not treat him unless I payed this as he could not access his accounts and they did not accept credit cards. I struggled with this and then Joe got on the phone and started to beg me in his sick voice so what else could I do I am a nice person with a heart unfortunaly.

Then he needed more money for medication and then more doctors fees, so by now I have given him close to a $2000.00,I had no idea this kind of thing happened.
And then the next step was he needed money for his shipping of the gold he purchased which he needed another $3500.00 in which I said to him no I will not and needed some proof of Id because I needed to borrow the money from my parents who are elderly on a pension in which this didnt seem to phase him but he keeped saying to me if you love me you will help me or his other trick he would say to me you dont love me and dont want me to come home so we can be together and he would cry on the phone saying how he was desperate to get this all this sorted so we can be together and I am sure the tears where real so he is a great actor ( I would give him an academy award for his performance) so he did send me ID which was a copy of his so called Australian passport, again I didnt think he would cheat me and I believed his passport was real I didnt think he would do this to me, I should of checked all this with the Australian passport office before sending the money but no I thought he was for real and so I sent him the money via Western Union.
One thing I didnt understand with all the western union transfers I did he never wanted me to put the money in his name he asked me to put in the Hotel managers name which I have added below with all the other details I have.

Another 3 months went by and he was still there and by now I was getting very angry with him and suspicious of him and so he finally told me he was coming home so he sent me a copy of his ticket just to shut me up and stop asking him when he was returning home.

I was so excited about him coming home that I never checked the ticket for myself ( I was travel agent for 10years) and should of seen the mistakes on the ticket until I thought that Joe had left Ghana and should be in the Uk by now as he was flying British airways so when I couldnt get through to his phone all day I got a little worried and more suspicious than normal and then finally that night around 1.00am I got a call from a man calling himself Jerry saying he was from the Customs office or some securities office of Ghana and that Joe had not left the country he had been detained at the airport for not paying his taxes on the gold he had bought and would be detained until the taxes where paid which was $2500.00 which I refused to pay and I would get calls from Joe saying to me that he didnt know what he was going to do and was crying asking me to help him and that he didnt know what had happened and I asked him about the fake ticket and denied know anything about this, that this is what was given to him to use to leave the country with.

I didnt hear from Joe for about 9 days where in this time I was so heart broken and shattered for what he had done to me and basically was in a state of shock and felt betrayed and couldnt work for a week due to this so then I lost more money because I couldnt work.

Then after 9 days I got a call from Joe which really shocked me at the time because I didnt think I would hear from him again, saying he was sorry for what he had put me through and that is when I asked him to tell me the truth and to tell me that he had scammed me and I have said to him to this day I still accuse him of being a scammer and call him the most horrible names and threaten to put him and all his friends on the internet as scammers but he still denies it.

I asked him to come on webcam so I could see him and he did but the link keeped dropping out so I could not speak to him and to this day I am still not sure who I saw and he says it was him.

But I have to say that I think that most of the last couple of months have been my fault I could have let this go because Joe was not contacting me anymore and was not coming online much either because he knew that he could not get anynore money from me so now I have decided that it is time to explose this man for who he really is and give all you ladies out there all the info I have and all the phone numbers address and email address I have on this man and he band of black brothers.

I thought that once they scammed you they went away and left you alone but he still answers his phone and still calls me honey when he answers but I think he does this because he is not sure what woman is calling him so he covers his arse by saying honey so he doesnt get the name wrong.

And I always said to him when we chat that is is cruel to let me thing that he is coming home when he never is and he kept promising me that he was, ALL LIES AND GOD IS LOOKING DOWN ON DISTAIN AND HURT THAT HE SAID THAT GOD WAS HELPING HIM WITH ALL THIS, I THINK THAT ALL THESE MEN ARE FROM THE DEVIL SPORN AND TRUST ME IF YOU EVER BELIEVE IN KARMA THEY WILL GET THEIRS IN TIME.

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2012-03-16, 17:31:05
whyme2012 from Australia  
I have to say I feel so much better now that I have posted my scammer on here and know that I am not the only woman or man in the world going through all this.
I have now gone past the crying and emotional side of all this and now I am into the anger side of it and all I want to do is torment him now.
And you know what I realised is that they will not stop answer the phone if they still think they are still going to get something from you, they have no shame at all.
I am going to harrass this man until he is forced to disconnect his phone, I know that they are use to this but it gives me great pleasure doing this and helps me to move on from the pain and suffering.
I know that I have not lost a lot compared to some of you out there but it is more the shame and humiliation of the whole thing.
God bless everyone out there who has gone through this and there is light at the end of the tunnel, we cannot let them defeat us and we need to get the word out so not so many of us are affected by these scum bags.
2012-03-17, 10:13:33
Miss Marple from United States  

I do not advice you to do this as you are this scammers victim ,i do not advice any scam victims to stay in contact with the scammers they have met as the emotional part is involved also it can actually harm even more.You need to heal from this ! But baiting scammers can be an good thing when things has settled down a bit. I just tell you this to protect you from get scammed even more by this scumbag.Scammers can threat and be very nasty to theire victims and that can be very hurtful as well ,so please drop this scammer now for your own protection .If you are baiting scammers do never use information that can lead to you that can harm your privacy . I am talking from my own experience and knowledge.

I look into your earlier postings here and you are mentioning that you have received an passport that he uses in the scam ,please post it here and also send the copy of the passport to the embassy or police as it is stolen from someone innocent .
All kind regards,
//Miss Marple//
2012-03-27, 06:03:48   (updated: 2012-03-27, 06:08:15)
anonymous from Australia  
I have just found out Edmund's full name which is
MR.EDMUND BAAH ANSAH, so if you speak to anyone by this name is he a part of this gang.
2012-04-19, 04:33:49
whyme2012 from Australia  
Ok things are starting to get really wierd now, My scammer is now asking me to buy them food from a place called and he is now asking me to go there, because he is having trouble coming back to Australia he is very insistant I make my way to Ghana for us to meet.
I have no intentions of doing this but what I want to know is why does he want me to go there is this the normal procedures for a scammer, what would happen if I went there, can someone please tell me?
2012-04-19, 18:02:00
Miss Marple from United States  
There are scammers that asks their victims to come to Ghana or Nigeria and bad things have unfortunately happened as kidnaps,rapes even murders so i do not advice anyone to go .But in this case the scammer wants just to prolong the scam and try to convince you in every way so you soften up for him,scammers never ever stop asking for money or whatever they need..
2012-04-19, 18:30:10   (updated: 2012-04-19, 18:31:43)
anonymous from United States  
@ whyme2012
Did you go to the site? I have a feeling the entire thing is a scam, they probably set up the site themselves. Because, think about it, as soon as you 'make a purchase' they have all your credit card information. If this is a market in Ghana why is the site in English? I dunno, sounds pretty fishy to me.
Regarding a trip to see 'him' - that's just creepy-scary! Unless, since they know you can't afford it, they figure it's okay to keep asking you to come see 'him'. To build your trust and suck you back in.
I was scamming my scammers back and pissed them off, but ever since we 'broke up' I get scam emails from fake USPS regarding massive amount of money due on alleged packages I ordered. yeah, right, ya jerks, like I'm gonna open your zip file and get a virus or worse - no way! My only regret is sending him a photo of me (the first week we met before I googled his name and found this site), but I figure I'm not pretty enough for them to use it on a female scammer's dating profile. But it still creeps me out a little.
Let me know if you change your mind about that trip. I'd love to hunt down 'my Dommie' just to see what kind of operation they really have going on down there. Hey, maybe we should tell Oprah! I bet SHE would go!!!
2012-04-20, 04:03:54   (updated: 2012-04-20, 04:08:11)
OJAS from United States  
I want to know is why does he want me to go there
Pl. listen to Miss Marple, and do your homework
2012-04-20, 09:27:17
OJAS from United States  
An Aussie had a detective vetted by your Embassy / High Commission in Accra, then setup a sting operation to arrest his scammer.

If you like, request the detective contact info, from Miss Marple, send her an internal mail by clicking on the ‚úČ after signing on. I also have the Aussie contact info I can send her, you can discuss with him in emails.

For obvious reasons, some info cannot be posted on public domains.

2012-04-20, 13:26:46   (updated: 2012-04-20, 13:29:08)
OJAS from United States  
2012-04-20, 16:34:55
whyme2012 from Australia  
I have been in contact with a couple of Lance Corporal's at the Australian High Commission and they have told me that it is very hard to catch these men, I have given them all the information I have but they themselves do not call the scammers so there is not much I can do there, I think I just have to move past this and accept the fact that I have been scammed and will never see my money again.
Thanks anyway for all the advise.
2012-05-10, 02:33:17   (updated: 2012-05-10, 02:36:43)
anonymous from Australia  
Hello Ladies and Gents,
I have made some headway with my scammer which is above.
If you hound them enough with questions they do make mistakes, for instance my scammer told me that he was leaving Ghana to go UK to meet up with some of his buyers so I questioned him on who he was flying with and where he was flying into.
Could not tell me the name of the airline he didnt know this he was told that he would be told when he arrived at the airport that night and that his flight left at midnight (bullshit).
Also he told me he was flying to London and then getting the train to England, he did not understand that England is a country and not a city, they think we are complete idiots and will just accept their lies(which in the beginning we did).
Bombard them with questions and never let them beat you, this man has stolen a whole year from me and I want him to pay for what he has done to me.
I said to him good luck finding a train that goes from London to England.
And if Miss Marple gives you advise on here at all listen to her she knows what she is talking about and we must thank her for the time and effort she puts into this site and for helping us all at times of needs and if anytime anyone wants to talk please send me an email to, and scammers do not use this email adress to try and scam me I am a lot wiser now.
2012-06-08, 22:52:46
[hidden] from Australia  
I cannot believe I was was going through some past comments on scammers I have across lately and found a link to my scammer Joe Woodman who has also in the past gone by the name Richard Brown.


I have never found proof of this but now I have absolute proof, and let me tell you when I confronted him with all this he was not happy at all, a big big YEAH.
2012-06-09, 07:55:24
anonymous from United States  
2012-06-09, 20:52:31   (updated: 2012-06-09, 20:54:34)
whyme2012 from Sydney, Australia  
This is my scammer and I have never had any proof of him except for the money I have sent him but recently I came across him on here as Richard Brown.
2012-06-10, 09:16:27
I didnt know you could own a scammer..
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