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Dating scammer Steve Bartlett or Tony Thomas


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Name: Steve Bartlett or Tony Thomas


14509 jasmine flushing New York or 87 grypari str kallithea Athens Greece

Other Comments:
He states he is widowed and says his son hurts himelsf while in greece and they get their money stolen while in the hosptail , hethen wants you to give him your banking info so he can wire you money into your account so you can send it to him.

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2013-06-23, 14:44:25
anonymous from United States  
2013-07-13, 19:49:53
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Definitely is a scammer, he came through facebook in Dec 2012 and chatted to me until May 2013 and declared his love to me in less than a week. If I didn't love him back he threatened to kill himself, posted lots of stuff on my fb page about his love for me. Asked me for money wanted me to set up bank accounts so he could transfer money to my account for his business. Even asked me for money for a lifesaving operation he was going to have cos was going to die. He also declared he was wealthy which was a cover up and wanted me to transfer some money to his agent in uk before he put money in account. I gave him £2,000. Has a son of college age Kelvin in Scotland. Skyped him and spoke to him and declared he wanted us to start a new life in America. Wanted to find a mum for his son and the love of his life. His picture was different all the time. I got a text from a woman I had never met through facebook messenger saying he was a scammer and had asked all his fb friends for money for his operation as without the money would die !! Not as smooth as Patrick Morrison on here but was goodlooking, sweet, romantic but when didn't get his own way became insecure, unsteady, crazy and hassled me a lot . Be warned.
2013-08-28, 13:40:51
Bugs Bunny from Germany  
It is not funny for me to read the same story which happened to me from July to October 2012 again and again. I recognize the most which is written here. I found something new: It was the photo of the guy named Patrick Morrison with his 'son' christopher and the pic of himself half naked.
Also new was, that this guy wants to came out of Greece without paying his hotel bill and that he get his son out of there.
But most of the other things happened to me aswell.

At least: As I recognize that he scammed me, I got him out of my life.
I told him that I go into a TV show and/or write myself to the embassy.
But he don't want to be on a TV show - we all knew why! And the embassy would not help him, he told me.
Now I knew better.
I asked a friend of mine - and I know that the american embassy would have given him a loan for the Hospital bill and for the Hotel bill that he could have paid back when he is back in the States.
But unfortunately he is not an american guy so he didn't have the chance to ask for money there.

Then I became sick - not really - but I told him - and so it ends.

The last time we had a conversation in October 2012 - and again he loved me that much and so on. And he asked for money again.

I stopped it - and then it was over.

After that I get in contact with several guys also on skype. All of them in the Army - and all of them sammers.

It was like: Hi how are doing - and I was sitting in front of my Laptop and searching informations :-)

I'm sad that those guys get money of us all. And for sure they have to be stopped, but I think there is no chance to get the money back, that we send.

P.S.: To complete the photos I knew of Patrick Morrison, I found one that is not yet posted here and I try to add this to my comment. (hopefully it works)

And be careful - don't answer to an Email he send to you!
2013-08-28, 14:19:29
Bugs Bunny from Germany  
I wanna you out to him you are mine

2013-10-08, 05:29:26
[hidden] from Finland  

This man 'Patrick Morrison' is very smart and theese story he tells everywhere is not true!!!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Steve Bartlett or Tony Thomas

2013-10-08, 05:33:29   (updated: 2013-10-08, 05:37:44)
[hidden] from Finland  

I like to hear more about this 'Patrick Morrison' Flushing, New York, USA, please send me email!!!

2013-10-08, 05:52:56
[hidden] from Finland  

Please, tell me everything you know about 'Patrick Morrison'!!!!

2013-10-08, 08:26:46
OJAS from United States  

Risky to post email address in public domains. Set up an account in http://www.delphifa..644_0.htm

Click on the envelope next to Miss Marple, use internal mail. You can write to her in Suomi.
2013-10-08, 10:46:24
anonymous from Finland  

I know 'Patrick Morrison' very well!!! He think he is smart, but not enough. I have been busy to have informations about him. And we will catch him!!! I lied to him a lot all the time, because i knew, this can`t be true. I have money, but i told him i am not working and i only sent him little. I can do everything i want to catch him!!! I hope he read this also....
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Steve Bartlett or Tony Thomas

2013-10-08, 13:42:10
OJAS from United States  
@Suomi, post

1) Scammer email address, skype yahoo chat address, etc.
2) Sender IP, trace from headers
3) X-Mailer
4) Sites where your scammer operates, links to his profiles
5) Scammer money letter

If you need help, let us know. Like I said, Miss Marple can also help you in Finnish. It will even be better, because scammers will have difficulty in your language.
2013-10-08, 22:22:35
Miss Marple from United States  
Olen pahoillani, että olet tavannut huijarin netillä!
Neuvon vaan että älä laita sinun sähköpostiosoite tälle sivulle, koska todennäköisesti vaara on että hujarit saavat sun osoitteen ja alkavat lähettämään sulle kaikenlaisia roska postia ja voivat kanssa lähetää tietokone viruksen .

Laita ne tiedot jotka Ojas kysyy sulta :sähköposti osoite ,puhelin numero,millä sivulla tavasit huijarin ,kirjeitä esimerkiksi se kirje huijari kysyy sinulta rahaa . Oisin hirveän kiinostunut tietää kanssa mistä päin tämä huijari lähettää nää kirjeet .Voitko laittaa IP osoitteen ....älä kerro huijarille mitä tiedät ,ja älä kerro missään nimessä tässtä sivulta ..ole varovainen koska huijarit uhkaavat kanssa.

Saat tietää IP-osoitteen avaamalla ko. ihmisen lähettämän sähköpostin sekä valitsemalla 'vastaa', tällöin tulee esiin pudotusvalikko, josta valitset 'Näytä viestin lähde'. Lähdetiedoissa pitäisi lukea 'X-originating-IP' tai 'X-Sender-Ip', jonka perässä sitten lukee IP-osoite esim.
X-originating-IP: []. Näin siis jos oma sähköpostisikin on Hotmail. Seuraavasta linkistä selviää englanniksi miten ip osoitteen saa tietää mistä tahansa sähköposti-osoitteesta
2013-10-26, 08:31:30
anonymous from Finland  

Miss Marple! Miten saan poistettua email-osoitteeni tältä sivulta??? Auta minua, kiitos!!! Vai voitko sinä poistaa sen??
2013-10-26, 13:35:37
OJAS from United States  

Take a look at

For any further help, Miss Marple will check this thread.

2015-05-25, 22:30:34
I found information from his email box when he was indeed in trouble, and as he had trusted me and I checked up on him, so after I was rejected through fault of my own I went a little overboard, ok I know a lot. When he needed me I turned my back on him because I believed he had found someone else after turning me down. He was using an alias for protection until we met, and the pictures I wrongly pasted the pictures of the man shown. I realize that I have made a great mess of things and I am trying to correct it any way I can. I really wish I could take all back. There is more to the story that I am too embarrassed to admit and it is far too personal as well. I am pleading for forgiveness of all the persons involved and will continue to try to make things right. Please forgive me and please remove all any any information related to Steve Bartlett and everyone else as well as the pictures of the man, as he has nothing to do with any of this nor does any of the information I posted. I just want to fix this however I can, I realize he is in a relationship as I am not in his life and I may have caused more trouble to many. I sincerely apologize and regret everything. I include myself & initial my note, hope you know I am trying to fix this, I am so sorry... D

2015-05-25, 22:31:48
My 23 year-old daughter just text me asking what I am up to. I told her I am struggling to describe myself in words for the lady I just met through the online dating. She said, 'just tell her you are awesome and that your daughter loves you, that will go a long way. There you have it. I'm all about home and heart. My daughter and family are my treasure. Her name is Suzanne. My heart is very full. I have so much to share with that woman who wants to share her love with me. She is very special even if she doesn't really think so. I will see it and bring it out. We will help each other reach our greatest potentials as individuals and two big hearts growing into one safe home.

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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