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Dating scammer Jon


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Name: Jon

Email: Wilson


Other Comments:
This scammer has used this photo and been reported by another member as Arthur Wood but the id has been stolen from a man called John Mageau from Canada.
I found this scammer on Oasis Active, I have spotted him twice on there now and this time he is using profile jonwilson435.

Also I have added the links to his profile on this site.

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2014-03-21, 07:37:51
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I was nearly scammed by this man he went as Clifford Harold. But my friend found him on scammers. He e.mailed me 6 months but never asked me for money, So I think I had a lucky escape. He said he found me on a dating site but I dont use them so where he had my e.mail from I dont know,
2014-03-21, 12:13:05
Miss Marple from United States  
2014-03-21, 07:37:51
anonymous from United Kingdom

Scammers uses email address harvesters online . Have you posted your emailaddress some where in public? Other alternative could be some one has hacked a account where your emailaddress has been listed on .

Even if scammers do not ask for money for an while it do not mean it is not a scammer .Scammers can be very patient and groom the victim for an long time and then starts to ask for money . Yes I have to say you are lucky ,please block the scammer from your email and FB . Post emailaddress,photos ,documents you have received from the scammer .
2014-05-03, 03:05:23
anonymous from Argentina  
si me estafo este señor James evans o jones andersson 50.000 euros. le mande a accra ghana mirian.
2014-05-03, 03:17:37
anonymous from Argentina  
si me estafo este señor James evans o jones andersson 50.000 euros. le mande a accra ghana mirian.
2014-07-25, 16:38:32
anonymous from Brazil  
ele se apresentou a min como General Ronald Stobries dos Estados Unidos ,que atualmente esta numa missao de paz na siria ,viuvo,tem um filho adolescente
e quer formar uma familia feliz ,quandoo se aposentar ,o que falta pouco,entao ele vem ao meu encontro .
2014-07-25, 17:01:56
anonymous from Brazil  
ele se apresentou a min como General Ronald Stobries dos Estados Unidos,viuvo,com um filho adolescente de 12 anos,o qual vivi com um tutor .
atualmente esta numa missao de paz na siria ,
ja nus correspondemos por um bom tempo ,ele nunca me pediu dinheiro,desconfiei
quando procurei informaçoes sobre este general e tudo o que eu obtive foi um relato sobre um canadense que quis dar o golpe em um barco,
ai esta um email que ele me enviou

Muito obrigado por seu amor e cuidado, não foi fácil aqui meu amor, muita matança.
Por favor, sempre orar por mim e aos meus homens, eu tenho estado muito ocupado aqui com os meus homens e é por isso que eu respondi, ultimamente,
Querida, você sabe que em breve vou acompanhá-lo e gostaria de descobrir certas coisas de você antes de eu acompanhá-lo.
Como você vive o meu amor, em sua própria casa ou em um apartamento alugado? Como espaçoso é a sua casa, ele vai nos acomodar confortavelmente?
Por favor, escreva e deixe-me saber como eu tenho o plano de investir em gestão imobiliária, a compra de casas modernas e vendê-los para fazer ganhos quando eu acompanhá-lo,
Eu vou estar ansioso para ouvir de você,
Sempre seu, Roland

2014-07-26, 07:35:20
OJAS from United States  
2014-08-24, 21:12:18
anonymous from United States  
He is also on Topface dating site
2014-08-24, 21:13:23
anonymous from United States  
He is also on Topface dating site
2014-10-04, 16:57:03
anonymous from Georgia  
In this picture of himself DANIELGODSON94 @ YAHOO, but it turned out to be SCAMMERS. Is there any man, and if so how can I find it?
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Jon

2014-10-04, 16:57:07
anonymous from Georgia  
In this picture of himself DANIELGODSON94 @ YAHOO, but it turned out to be SCAMMERS. Is there any man, and if so how can I find it?
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Jon

2015-08-23, 11:04:04
anonymous from Madrid, Spain  
hola.queri comentar ,que en este año la imagenes de.Jhon Mageus estan en facebook con el nombre de Randall West ,supuesto coronel prestando servicio en Afganistan ,tiene un hijo que esta en reino unido en el internado ,se va a jubilar el proximo año.y busca mujer española para casarse y.vivir con ella cuando el se juvile ,bueno para
la trama es.que el quiere que cobre su juvilacion aqui ,envio correo electronico para contactar coon sus empleadores. contacte para yo cobrar su juvilacion tengo que pagar algunas cuotas de inscriccion de 650 euros cada una,y esa es la.historia me enamore de la imagen de este hombre pero ya esta superado ahora me rio .pero cuantas mujeres caeran pir ahi a mi al final no pudo engañarme y esta es mi historia se que es imposible que algun dia Jhon. me envie un saludo ,yo denuncie en Facebook y ademas le adverti a muchas mujeres que el tenia agregadas en su lista de amigos algunas pensaron que era una loca otras me crelleron.un saludo a este lundo personajeal de las imagenes Jhon mageus.

2015-08-23, 11:24:44 from Spain  
Hola envio otras de las imagenes de Jhon Mageus,que estan en facebook como Randall Wuest .

2015-12-12, 12:08:02   (updated: 2015-12-12, 12:28:54)
Hello, I have met this man on Facebook as Romano Paolo Egidio who has a son named Kelvyn. I am someone who tried to operate with good sense in my life. One evening, I was on Facebook and he literally 'dropped in and said 'hello'. I said 'hello'. Then he said, 'how are you?' and I said 'fine'. I thought it was pretty cheeky of anyone to accost someone like this but I still own that I bought into it. I didn't take it past that until I accepted a 'friend request' by him. I noticed that there were two women I knew in my region who were friends on FB of his and thought he might be okay. Then, I noticed that he was no longer their FB friend. It was during a time when my husband had health problems and I was bored and needed some escape. I should now the signs of this as I am a therapist. However, I am not infallible. He would check in periodically and say hello and ask me how my husband was doing. Then, he started his ploy. He said I was the kind of woman he'd always wanted to be with, which turned into, I LOVE YOU..I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU'. It became really kind of weird. He wanted me to be available morning, noon, and night. That can start a habit. I knew something was up so I asked my brother, a former real military veteran to have him checked out. He was not in the military data base and that a friend verified this. My brother works for the Dept of Veterans' Affairs. I confronted 'Romano' about this and he said that with what he was doing, he would not be in the military data base. He also told me how many nice things he had told his son 'Kelvie' about me. He also talked to me about cooking and how he wanted me to cook for him someday and Kelvie,too, and that we could all be a happy family and live outside of Chicago. I was taken aback. He said that Kelvie had a birthday coming up. A teacher outside of Chicago was his supposed caregiver. He said he had no access to a bank where he was stationed. He went so far as to tell me about the earthquake killing men that he knew. He said that he was on a peace keeping mission and a lot of similar information to what I have read from others here. He said Kelvie needed a birthday gift and could I front him money for a plane ticket. I told him I thought that was inappropriate for him to even ask. Then he asked for money to buy him a phone. I noticed that he had had me tracked as to where I lived, where I could wire him money from western union. and knew my street address. he became angry and verbally aggressive about the money and called me,' Madam'. It was often as if several people had communicated with me It felt really creepy and I felt like I was being stalked. I told him that if he was a scammer, he deserved to be caught and arrested. I had also contacted Military and Army against scammers' websites. 'Romano' said that Kelvie had surprised him by coming to Ghana with his teacher to visit Aunt Docie. He was also going to get out of the army soon and this was his last mission. He claimed that he had money and showed me pictured of 'pinterest' gardens I had pinned. He painted some 'happily ever after' picture and I told him I was not interested in doing that or in leaving my husband. He claimed to be Italian and who knows..he may have been. I said,'who takes a child to Ghana on a vacation?'. He became irrate with me several times about not sending him money and then texted my phone with a picture of himself. I was sure at that time he was a fake. This was verified by the scammer police and three others similar kinds of websites that he was indeed a scammer and this man' picture is all over the world with large number of alias's. I tried to contact whom I thought the 'real John Mageau' was in Canada. He was not interested in being FB friends which is fine. I did tell him about all the people I had found where his picture was being used to impersonate, being a sailor on an oil rig in Turkey, drs, military, etc. He wrote me a message saying that he could do nothing about it, that he was all over the world, and was writing a book about this experience. I also told him that the man I spoke with could hardly speak appropriate English for one claiming to be an American soldier. They say that he is a victim. I kiddingly told him I kind of liked him as an Italian man until he became creepy and demanding. I wonder if the real man is on a lot of dating sites and if he was so frequent that people began to photo shop him. I wonder if this was an astronomical ploy by the real man to meet women and also bilk them. Most of the alias's appear to have the intention or reeling in a woman and then getting money. This add offers a 'wide range' of attention to many women. I have worked with women who've gotten their hearts broken and been bilked for thousands of dollars. Many of the scammers seem to come from Ghana and Malaysia. I think Mr. Mageau is nice looking but not enough to get hooked in by and go to such extremes over. I really don't get that. It just reminds me that we ALL need to be careful with our hearts, our identity, our lives, who we impact, who we allow to impact us. If something seems too good to be true, it usually is. If you have a bad feeling about something, listen to your instincts. I hope you all take care to not allow anyone to con you in this way even if it can sort of feel good temporarily. It's nice to have male attention if you are lonely or vulnerable but if you are too vulnerable, others can take advantage. I'd check your local communities where there are churches, yoga classes, book clubs, etc., where you can meet real people who don't have an angle and aren't going to spout off a lot of super sociopathic BS to rob you of your money, dignity, and self worth. Women are scammers,too. I am saying this all to myself,too. If Mr. Mageau is truly innocent, I am very sorry. Thank you, Marge
2016-02-10, 13:34:52
anonymous from Latvia  
Hello! I know these people. He contacted me via skype. He told me that he was a US Army captain. He is currently in Libya peacekeeping mission. His name is Mark Martin. We corresponded for 2 weeks. I from the very beginning I realized that he is an imposter. I noticed that one of his photos is Fotoshop. Then I found all of his photos on the Internet under other people's names. I expected - what he really needs. He told me about 1.5 million dollars, which he had now a bag with him. This money he won during the war in Libya. Also, other US soldiers had been part of their money. He asked me to open an account through the Internet Bank of Ghana, sent a questionnaire to be completed and I along with my passport be surrendered to the Bank in Ghana, as well as to send money account opening 690 USD. It has done so in his colleagues' wives. I refused to do so. He was still a few times with me contacted, sent me a photo bags with money. I am told that he is mentally ill and that he should be treated. Then he disappeared and more did not try to contact me.
Sorry, I write Latvian and using Google Translate!
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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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