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Dating scammer Edmund Johnson Lawson


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Name: Edmund Johnson Lawson



Other Comments:
This guy contacted me on a dating website (Cherry Blossom). He claimed that he is an engineer from UK, and that he currently has a contract to build a bridge in Nigeria. We've been talking to each other via email and chat (no camera, just pictures) for almost 2 months. About a week or two of knowing each other, he confessed his love to me, and I was so stupid to believe that. He gained my love and trust. But last week, something happened. He told me that he was robbed by Nigerian people and they took all his money and documents. He is asking for help so that he can get out of country and get his money in UK and then come back to Nigeria to finish his project. He told me that he needs my help. He wanted to send him money so that he can buy plane ticket and that everything will be back to normal. He even told me that if I love him I will help him. By that time I started to smell that something is not right. I asked him to show himself on the camera so that I can verify him. He made excuses of why he cannot do that. Instead, he emailed me a scanned passport. He thought that the passport will convince me...he thought wrong. I did my research, found out that there is a romance scam out there, found many red flags. I found out that the passport he sent me is not real, and that everything he told me is not real. Although he got nothing from me, I just want to share my experience and let people know that the scammer is using this innocent person's photos and/or information. He will try to make you fall in love with him, make you think that he is a perfect guy for you, gain your trust, and later on gets your money and leave you heartbroken.


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2012-08-14, 14:19:08   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-08-14, 14:19:08   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-08-14, 15:34:57
Miss Marple from United States  
Thank you for your scam report,it is indeed an nigerian scammer you have met ,the passport is fake as the birth of date do not match.Please send the copy of the passport to police as it is stolen from someone innocent.I am glad you did your home work as it saved you from to get scammed financially.I know these scammers are very convincing and knows how to manipulate people.Please post his first mail and the asking for money letter as it is good to have for further researchers online and warn other women from this scammer.

All kind regards //Miss Marple//
2012-08-15, 15:11:05
Another picture that he used on his yahoo messenger avatar. Poor guy, he does not know his picture is being used by a scam artist.

2012-08-15, 23:20:34   (updated: 2012-08-15, 23:37:41)
8:54:47 AM
Lawson Edmund: but if I could move out of this country first then all will be settle

8:54:56 AM
Lawson Edmund: can you help me with the 150pounds

8:55:47 AM
ME: you need money for plane tickets, right?

8:55:54 AM
Lawson Edmund: yes

8:56:05 AM
ME: how much does it cost for a plane ticket?

8:57:04 AM
Lawson Edmund: it will cost just 1000pounds

8:57:16 AM
Lawson Edmund: and if you can render your little is still part of it

8:59:34 AM
Lawson Edmund: so if you can send me the 150pounds it reducing

8:59:49 AM
Lawson Edmund: i will give you back once I get back to United Kingdom

9:01:38 AM
ME: how do you want me to send it to you?

9:02:02 AM
Lawson Edmund: i will use one of my workers ID to get it

9:02:07 AM
Lawson Edmund: I trust him

9:02:36 AM
ME: you know what, if you do not have your ID with you, how can you travel back to UK?

9:02:52 AM
Lawson Edmund: I have my passport with me

9:03:32 AM
Lawson Edmund: fortunately that day I went to the bank to send my kid money before I got home all the remaining document have taking away by the robbers

9:04:06 AM
Lawson Edmund: but I will use of my workers ID

9:04:18 AM
Lawson Edmund: just let me know when you want to send it

9:04:49 AM
ME: why wont you use your passport instead so I iwll know that it is really you

9:05:57 AM
Lawson Edmund: I undertsnad but I must have bank account in Nigeria before I can receive any money

9:06:28 AM
Lawson Edmund: but since three days now I have been using my worker's ID to receieve help from people

9:06:34 AM
Lawson Edmund: hope you understand me

9:07:15 AM
ME: I understand you..who else is helping you wiht money?

9:07:43 AM
Lawson Edmund: one of my old client

9:08:05 AM
Lawson Edmund: but he's not financial bouyant so he sent me just 500pounds

9:08:43 AM
ME: ok, that will help...but what will happen to your contract if you leave the country?

9:09:13 AM
ME: when you leave the country does it mean you will not go back?

9:09:17 AM
Lawson Edmund: i will come back soon to finish it because I have invent my money on it

2012-08-15, 23:58:15
His email to me following our chat about the money.

Hello Angel,
How are you today? what is taking you reluctant to help me when am in deep shit... I have more than enough of my request in my country only to get out of this mess and be okay.... after been knowing to each other and now you are asking for impossible things........ I told you they stole my document and my laptop and you are asking for cam where I use only the hotel PC only to contact people for the main time and yo have promised to meet me up at 3pm in your country I waited for you up to this time you didn't show up. I just want to know if you are still going to help me or not?... let me know your mind.... I believe you that you have a good mind and you are just doubting yourself but I want you to understand that am with you forever...
2012-10-06, 20:21:56   (updated: 2012-10-06, 20:22:52)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
you carry on i will report you small timer from the Usa never to be trusted us uk men are far more proud than you keep out of it ok son boy sweet little sun shine you chav boy
2012-10-19, 13:07:00
OJAS from United States  
Mugus have accomplices in other countries, some examples:

1) About 70 arrested in the Netherlands
2) An arrest in Perth, Australia
3) Another in Malaysia

Add to this more insidious facts! Mugus get redirectable phone numbers, after +44 UK code, 70 redirects to Nigeria!

A Mugu once contacted me from a school email server in Illinois, passing through some defense department Server!

If a scammer collects money in the US, notify

They can be arrested http://signonsandie..8love.html
2012-10-21, 11:43:32
anonymous from United Kingdom  
anonymous from United States yes i did send the money to the USA NY Newburgh
2012-10-21, 11:59:35
anonymous from United Kingdom  
OJAS from United States thank you letting know about this. coz i did inform USA NY Newburgh police about this money that this woman had off of me. thay seid not to send her any more money....thay seid because she is taking advantage good natured man, them police in USA NY Newburgh are very nice and understanding and i do Respect them alot..
2013-01-07, 00:15:09
A Woman that Calls her self Cliffette longford From USA NY Newburgh i have seen this Google+ this must be a scammer useing a porn star pic???? link.... seem's strange..

2013-01-19, 21:13:54
anonymous from United Kingdom  
the woman that is useing this pic of a porn star. i will give you her yahoo address she is trying to scam money. but it dont work on me. id is. she calls her self Grace. please guys dont give her any money. hay guy's we liveing in the scam Hunter.....

2013-01-19, 21:29:51
Miss Marple from United States  
UK:Thank you !

stolen photos on porn girl Cumisha Jones used in scams

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana

2013-01-26, 08:25:03
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Miss Marple from United States..glad to be of some assistance..i really hate cyber online love scams.thank's to you all. the team on this site..i just feel sorry for the victims..but thay shod never send money..but if we all work together. online love scams we can crack it....take care...Thanks you too
2013-01-26, 09:42:57
OJAS from the usa.. check this out this woman calls her. self Dorothy Hale..seid that she is in south african she claims to be nursing her mom there. and she will be going back to the USA she tried to ask me for $500 dollars for a plane way.. but dorothy hale? she a actor that committed suicide in 1938..any way she tyied..and gave me a pic of her..and her email address is. the Hunter...hay dude i got some more pic of her aswell....

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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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