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Dating scammer Andy James Mends


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Name: Andy James Mends

Email: andyjamesmends@yahoocom

Flat 14 Mountfield
Court hither
Green London
SE13 6 RR

e-mail address Diplomat Felix Koranteng:
e-mail address Doctor Anthonio:
e-mail address Nanny Theodora:
e-mail address Son named 'Felix':
e-mail address Secretary:
e-mail address Senior Stuff (i think he meant staff) Senyo Brown Accra/Ghana.

Phone number 'General Alex': 001 209 694 6190

Other Comments:
Hello everybody,

hope you can help me with this!
I am talking to this guy since 12th July. I met him at Icony dating line.
He said he is an US Soldier based in Kabul. He joined Military School with 16 and was in Iraq and Afghanistan (second time now)
Had a bad relationship and has one son Felix, 15 years old
Started with asking me to send some stuffs like shirts, shorts, chocolate etc. Shame on me I sent him a package! Delivery address was in Ghana where his Diplomat has his business. As he wanted to pick up the package I had to pay another 100 Euro duty fee! What I finally did because I wanted him to get the package! After that his son living in UK had a bad accident and needed a surgery. First he wanted me to fly to London! Then he asked me if I could help him with the bills cos his son is not an citizen of uk and they wouldnt help before getting the bills payed! But I couldnt help what I finally told him. So he found an other way to 'help' his son!! The next attack was that he wanted to send some valuable things to Germany. And no wonder, guess what happened: the customs wanted 4.500 Euro for getting the valuable things out - and he asked me for 2.500 to help! Again I gave him a negative answer!
Now the last try was that he had to go to a 'risky' mission between dead and alive! After talking to his General he needed 1000 Euro to replace his name from the list!
I promised him to give him the money in the next 10 days, but didnt pay! He tried to contact me the day before I wanted to do the payment but I ignored him! 2 days later hes General called me and left a message, that I will never see him again cos I didnt made the payment! Since then he didnt contacted me again!
But the strangest thing was: I saw him two times on cam and it was a white person looking like the guy from the pics he sent me!!!!
So is this a damned scammer or not?

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2012-09-16, 16:07:15
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2012-09-16, 11:29:16
Thank you joining the discussion here,i know there are many women out there who are or have been in contact with these very same scammers,provide also photos and material to this thread to help out others who seeks for information..
2012-09-16, 16:35:40
Miss Marple from United States  
Thank you so much for your mails as you can see there are others who have received the very same mails it is an big help for other women out there who suspects that they are having contact with an scammer and not an real person.I advice people to report scams to the police even if you will not get your money back it is good to report the crime as there are lot of people out there who never report these scammers and we will never know how many victims on scam there are for real.There are many scam victims who never even talks to anyone that they have been scammed and suffers in the silence instead.I have met victims here that have lost everything and more,people have filed bankruptcy because the scammers has ruined them ,but it is not always the money part that is the biggest issue among the scam victims ,the emotional trauma can cause such greater disturbance and harm for people for an long time,the feeling that someone has fooled them and made them to fall in love and suddenly realized it was no real person behind the mails and photos, just an thief that wanted money.When you are so into in the scam you do not see clear ,scammers are very good into manipulate and brainwash people and that is there when the scammers hits the victims with asking for money,scammers wants people to fall in love so they can ask for money.Scammers that are doing this to people are often very young boys from Ghana or Nigeria often university students so thats for their very good skills in compute ring. many of these scammers are also involved in criminality and money laundry .So the romantic and loving caring God fearing man you thought you met the reality is very different .
2012-09-20, 16:22:36
anonymous from Germany  
Hi together,
I just wanted to let you know, that I decided to give all the stuff I have to the police. Maybe there is a little chance to get one of these damned scambugs!
I will contact the german and also the us police!
Will keep you informed what happens!

Girls keep away from these guys! Don't make the same mistake I did! Beware yourself from getting disappointed!
The best thing you can do is....don't even answer them!!!
2012-10-22, 10:34:33
2012-10-23, 13:23:25
This man is a scammer!! He was involved with my best friend and broke her heart and lied and deceived her...DO NOT TRUST OR HAVE CONTACT WITH THIS MAN!! He is a smooth talking con artist out for whatever he can get out of you!! all the pictures he sent her match the ones on this site!! COMPLETE SCAMMER!!!
2012-10-23, 13:44:31
I have been Scamed by A man calling hiom self general Jsmes Brown from accara ghana I have photos of him that natch Andy James Mends even sent me photos of his so called Son Emmanuel that he yold me October washis Ssons Birthday I even sent him cards and a phone to this address Prince Armah PO Box 1361 Accra Ghana 00233 phon Number 233543460464. I have photos of him and his son Miss Ward

2012-10-23, 15:33:04
anonymous from United States  
I have been scammed by this man who called himself General James Brown. He stated he was an E6 Sergeant noncommissioned officer in Iraq and that his hometown was Accra Ghana. He even spoke of his son named Emmanuel that was being raised by his brother due to his military placement.
After several months of ongoing engaging emails we began to share personal information and he began professing his love for me. So believing he had a son I went as far as to send this supposed son cards and even a cell phone to address Prince Arnah PO Box GP1361 Accra, Ghana 00233. The attached phone number was (233) 543-460464 which was his brothers supposed phone number.
This man was very convincing and had me believing he wanted to come visit and spend time getting to know me better. He even went as far as to ask to send me money… at this point that gave me a red flag to really look into who this James Brown character really was. To my astonishment I found an astronomical amount of scammer and warnings about this man. All the pictures on these websites matched the ones he sent to me. Please be warned that he is a real SCAMMER and only out to get whatever he can out of any venerable female. I stopped and did my research so I am exposing him and everything I know so there are no future VICTIMS as I was. PLEASE DO NOT HAVE CONTACT WITH THIS MAN HE IS DANGEROUS!!!!!

2012-10-27, 20:19:18
Here is a facebook profile!

2012-10-27, 20:44:17
anonymous from United States  
Just had experience with this guy!going by!he is showing picture of a bald headed man with dark eyes and partial beard!on!put douglasville!ga. As his area he lives in but then when he started texting me said he was stationed in Kabul as a soldier!so I started asking questions and got enough info to track him down on this site!he is using story about being born in Germany and coming here 25 years ago!he is also using story about having son 15 yrs old!so when I told him I was on to his trying to scam me!he started sending very nasty texts and leaving ugly voice mails!so if you ladies go on be very careful because he is not the first one I have come across!there was another one going by James Hudson from Virginia beach!he was going to meet me at the airport but my best friend googled his name and found out he is a big time scammer from Ghana !totally different from pictures he is using!he is using dead mans picture!will have to get my phone number changed now!deborah
2013-07-04, 07:01:21
anonymous from Georgia  
he asked me to send this letter
I am ---------------, Brig. Gen.
James L. Lance spouse.

I am writing to apply for a Military Vacation Certificate for him who is
presently in Afghanistan for peacekeeping mission.
I want him to come and visit me here
in Georgia. This is very urgent and serious. I promise that he will be safe
in return, and I'm praying that my request be given consideration so that he can
be permitted to visit me. I am ready to incurred any charges/requirement that
may cause your office to grant Brig. Gen. James L. Lance the vacation

Best Regards,
2013-08-09, 12:16:28
anonymous from Bulgaria  
the same man scammed me as a general MARTHINS PATRICK who is for a mission in Syria,wanted me to aply an apligation for vacation.Of course to send money in Ghana for this-745p.
2013-08-09, 12:16:29
anonymous from Bulgaria  
the same man scammed me as a general MARTHINS PATRICK who is for a mission in Syria,wanted me to aply an apligation for vacation.Of course to send money in Ghana for this-745p.
2013-08-09, 20:20:15
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-08-09, 12:16:29
anonymous from Bulgaria
Sorry that you are scammed,do you have more information on this scammer as emailaddress? please post it here.Please stop communicating with the scammer as scammers never stop asking for money.
2013-08-10, 06:38:55
anonymous from Bulgaria  
rating is the email,martins.patrick59 was the skype name of him.
2013-08-30, 13:53:49
anonymous from United States  
So this guy has been scamming me as James Anselmo with a son, Jerry. He's supposedly in Afghanistan and looking to retire from the Army. Sigh...
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