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Dating scammer Brian Bowen Jordan


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Name: Brian Bowen Jordan



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2013-09-22, 16:54:56   (updated: 2013-09-22, 16:58:37)
2013-09-26, 16:57:29
anonymous from Australia  
PR....He's got to you as well has he ?? What name is he using with you, Big Daddy, David Randall or maybe Jessie Abby Hopkins. He is both Male & Female depending on who he can get to talk to him & established the fact they have some money !!!!
He can be so smooth, talking about love, sending poetry-the trouble is, it's all copied & pasted from sites on the Internet. Just Google parts & you will see where they come from. Does he also want to marry you when he leaves the Army ??? His retirement date is long overdue so you better send a bit more money, but even then you won't set eyes on him, he will be involved in some horrific accident on the way to the airport & is now in hospital & you are the only one who can help. Did his Dr phone you regarding the charges for hospital & medication ?? If not, expect it soon, his Dr is also very generous that he has loaned him a laptop so he can write to you !!!! This idiot is so unbelievable, he contacts you twice using different names, but still is in the Army & the family story is still the same. Trying to work out which profile works best on you OR maybe a bit of competition...I hope every thing works out well for you, It sounds like you deserve each other & maybe it will keep him from trying to scam other women, but I doubt it, as you will never set eyes on him, despite all the promises...ENJOY..
2014-02-17, 20:50:30
Hi I was fooled my a guy calling himself Antonio Clarkson from BE2 website. I am seperated and attrative lady and thought I would try the website because a friend met someone on it and got married. But not my luck i started chatting with Antonio and got really close. But what got my attention is his romance poems and words.
He sent me a flight schedule and that he was coming to Toronto, that supposedly is boss sent to me.
Than he said he has no one to put as his beneifiary to come to Toronto, and he has two kids that are 5 and 7 and they are not adults so he cannot make them his beneifiary.
He mentioned to come he has to pay a fee for a Liberty Renewal fee but I looked into it no such thing.
He said he still loves me even if I did not help him. Than he said he needs more money for transfer and I said I could not help him he said if i really want him to come i would try anything like he would, he even said sell things. I do not think so.
Anyways i got my feelings hurt but did not feel right about it all. So please me careful out there sad to say trust no one.

2014-02-23, 11:41:28
This Guy is a scammer too.
He have an activ Facebook-Account with the name John Packson and an LinkedIN- Account with the name Michael Laurence.
Last year, May 2013, he had an Penpalworld acount with the name John Packson, over them he seeked for an woman.
He told that his first wife and mother of his 9 y.o. son was died by an car accident and right now he want to fall in love again.
Over the email he wrote me two weeks along, sending me some other photos of hisself and wrote me that he is the heir to his fathers things in Nigeria.
He wanted notify me as his wife and let an nigerian attorney send his fathers things in my adress.
Also he wrote me how much he would love me and he wanted making love to me all the nights long.
After two weeks love emails, his son the is living by Connecticut, is getting sick and would die, but he would stay in Texas and his customer don't let him leave to his son for take care of the kid.
He wanted me to send his neighbore in Connecticut 1000 Bugs to an Adress in Connecticut, who he gave me over email.
As I don't send his the money, he berate me and don't wrote me anymore.
This guy have now two activ acounts with two different names.

One Facebook account with the name John Packson and
One LinkedIn account with the name Michael Lawrence.

Girls, protect yourself

2014-06-02, 06:56:28
johnny jordan

2014-07-14, 07:53:26
anonymous from Australia  
The man pictured in the middle of the page, supposing to be Jordan Bowen, has been in contact with me using the same name as the Australian woman. David Randall aka so many different names it's hard to keep up with them all. I also met him on the dating site WAYN, he was supposed to be in the Army & did say he had 2 children, a boy, aged 10 & a girl aged 7. He didn't give me their names, but told me his Mother took care of the children while he was away in Libya. He was to finish his tour of duty this month, but cannot access his bank account until he arrives home to America, He needs money for the flight home & he promises to repay it as soon as he arrives home. Do these men think that all women are stupid ?? Who in their right mind would send money to a total stranger. Even if you have been communicating via e-mail, he is still a total stranger as you don't know if the story he tells you is the truth & how many other women he is asking the same thing. Judging by the many alias's he has, he is involved with many people & is probably asking all the other women he is involved with for similar amounts of money. I did read one of the letters sent to this site, that a woman had found out who he is for real, a young black skinny man she said. Most likely a Nigerian, as many of these scammers come from Nigeria. Good place to stay away from.
Thank you for such a really very good site that is very informative. I hope people find this site & check up on anyone they are not to sure about.
2016-01-22, 21:46:24
anonymous from United States
2016-01-22, 21:48:18

2016-01-22, 21:50:17
Scam scott

2016-04-14, 21:57:02
anonymous from United States  
uniform soldier website

2016-04-14, 21:58:06
anonymous from United States  
Uniform soldier website

2016-04-16, 12:08:51
anonymous from United States  
I would like to get more on capt brian jorban

2016-09-29, 04:58:08   (updated: 2016-09-29, 05:00:44)
anonymous from United States  
This guy scammed me of thousands of dollars. It has been going on since January ohh how I wished I had visited this site I was unaware of romance scams, I was not looking for romance. How is it that he can continue to do this I have the info of a women in New Jersey named Janet Opari who is his fake sixteen year old daughters' teacher in Kansas, the daughter is in the 6th or 7th grade she must have flunked big time. Should have known better how could he father a child without a Dick.Janet lives 40e 15st Bayonne New Jersey, her bank account with Bank of America account number 381007212840 routing number 021200339, and a Chase account ending in 8898, she is his passport to your money. He then gives your info to other people aka Lesley Ofari Ntow, he is a fake lawyer you should give him a call if he still has same number , 011233245414921, then there is Det, Jerry Idam from Interpol who calls and tells you he has been kidnapped, shit I wanted him dead. Then it is the Ghana Policeman Edward Simpson 233553605726. I can and do not torture myself I suffer from depression and was caught at a vunerable time. He tells you how he shaves his balls. But the biggest clue is the dialect. I knew he was lying, the home in Downey Ca. with a pool, turns out it is a trailor park owned by a Hispanic. He called and I said nothing and could hear him taking in a foreign language. Arguing with him in the A.M. begging for money and all of a sudden you get a email from his fake daughter who calls you 'Mom'( that really pissed me off) at the same time. Her emails are from him, he spells the same words incorrectly, cannot remember when his parents died because he cannot remember his lies. Is this guy black or white? His victims should get together and hunt him done like the dog he is and beat the ever loving shit out of him. I would go to prison to eradicate this Prick.
2016-11-29, 22:03:36
anonymous from Australia  
I have been in contact with the same guy although his current name is Alan Brunk... He is supposedly working at Pine Gap but lives in Coffs Harbour NSW.
Other names he is known by are
Alan Brunk (current name he is using with me)
Craig Jorg
Brian Bowen Jordan
Cooper White
Jordan Alvin
Charles Anderson
Amber Wolfgang
David Randall

Alan has a daughter Lisa 6 years old and his wife passed away a few years ago...

He wants to come to me at Christmas time even though he didn't have any time off at first... I'm guessing that he will want me to pay for his ticket or something once it gets to the meeting stage...

Interestingly enough I found a few pictures of other guys who have tried to scam me as well haha.. I usually keep chatting to them and waste their time. Often even in the beginning I tell them straight up I don't have money but it must be a challenge to them cause they think I can borrow it from family etc...

Lots of guys in the military or posing to be in the military..

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