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Dating scammer Brian Bowen Jordan


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Name: Brian Bowen Jordan



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2013-05-23, 23:08:43
anonymous from United States  
I was scammed by the scammer using this identity last year. For some reason, the scammer gave me a picture of who he says he is and his name. He lives in Nigeria. His name is Okunade Bolaji. I am also sending the picture I have of the scammer. I hopes this helps give some relief to the women he scammed. I'm sorry that this has affected real people.

2013-05-24, 06:59:36
~Bax! from United States  
This profile as advertised professionally worldwide leads me to believe
that this person's photos have also been stolen to use as scam-bait. I
have not included the full results. I can't defnd this person because
we are not personal aquintances. I can say that for someone to truly
establish themselves internationally it must be done forthrightly.
A more detailed working relationship would have to be established
in order to verify if this is the scammer or victim of identity theft.
Thank you for this fine entry!

Okunade Bolaji Agbaje
Owner at Ado-EKiti

Okunade Bolaji Agbaje's Overview
Current HeldCafé Engineer / Network Operator at 2006ENGINEERING CYBER CAFÉ
HeldComputer Operator at The Business Centre
Computer Operator at BALIK COMPUTER CENTRE

Education 2004- 2009 UNIVERSITY OF ADO
Second Class Lower
Senior Secondary School
Connections 0 connections
Okunade Bolaji Agbaje's Summary
I am an intelligent and hardworking man and i worked with strenght to achieve any company's goal and objective, I also worked as if the company is my own just to achieve the company's objective.

2013-08-20, 17:43:40
Brian Bowen Jordan. I do hope PR is genuinely in love with the real man. So I met him under the name of Lloyd Jordan Moore (Captain) in the US Military in Kabul - two children Sam and Susan. Email from sister Lisa Kate who lives in London and looks after his children while he is away - misses them so much. Sends flowers, emails, General Brown emails with fees for cost of leave. Alarm bells ringing. He has an account on Zoosk and Match Affinity and about 6 various names on Facebook all of which I have blocked, reported as Fake ID. I work in the legal world so was cautious. Do hope the people behind this scam get caught.
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2013-08-21, 20:01:51
anonymous from Australia  

Your so-called friend has many different names he uses to try to scam money out of women. Just check it out for yourself. Go to pig busters & see all the different names he uses. Big Daddy ??? He was communicating with me the same time he was trying to woo you, but he wasn't using the name Jordan, ask him about David Randall & ask how his two children are !!!! Strange how so many people know all about him & the different names he uses, while you are so sure he is such a wonderful person. He certainly has you fooled. I too am an Aussie & tough as old boots, to tough for this creep to get anything from, even though it didn't stop him from BEGGING for money, for all types of reasons. Even to come to Australia & get married...Put your glasses on & see what is going on, if you don't have glasses, see an Optician ASAP...
2013-08-23, 13:16:46
anonymous from United Kingdom  
So just how many woman can one man scam. They fall in love so quickly, write poetry to you, requite undying love - all around the world woman need to be aware of he scams that are going on. Well apparently as high as 90% of people - men and women can be fake on dating sites. What about the genuine ones out there. So back to good old fashioned waiting to see whose round the corner for me.
2013-08-23, 13:16:46
anonymous from United Kingdom  
So just how many woman can one man scam. They fall in love so quickly, write poetry to you, requite undying love - all around the world woman need to be aware of he scams that are going on. Well apparently as high as 90% of people - men and women can be fake on dating sites. What about the genuine ones out there. So back to good old fashioned waiting to see whose round the corner for me.
2013-08-23, 17:20:36
Miss Marple from United States  

So just how many woman can one man scam

It is not only one mans work ,scammers operates in gangs,thats why they can have so many profiles online in the same time.It is very hard to meet real and honest people online today ,safest option is to meet a person in real life ,where you can see what you are dealing with instead,but there are many lonely people in this world who do not have the option to meet in real life for many reasons.The only thing is that people needs to be aware how scams are working out and first of all NOT send money to strangers that are asking for it .
2013-09-07, 19:34:20
anonymous from United States  
I am currently being scammed with the same pictures, this is just making me sick, I have not dated in forever because of men and finally decide it is time to find someone, I can not believe this has happened,

2013-09-07, 20:59:32
Miss Marple from United States  
I am sorry that you are scammed ,if you have sent money to the scammer block the emailaddress and do not answer on the phone.Scammers never stops asking for money !
Scammers online knows what they are doing to people ,they know also how to abuse peoples weak sides .It is very common that people who are new to dating often gets scammed also as people are generally more open minded and do not think about scammers in the first place just want to meet someone .

I know this is hurtful and you are chocked over this thing ,and yes you will not trust people in the same way as you did before encountering this scammer ..but you have come to this site and you will probably get more updated what scammers are for future preferences ..

Please post photos ,mails the scammer sent you ,email address ,full name the scammer used to scam you with .It will help other women who are out there online as well to discover the scam.
2013-09-07, 23:47:06
~Bax! from United States  
@ 2013-09-07, 19:34:20
anonymous from United States

Anonymous friend, U.S.A.,

Please do not be deterred from following your dreams because of these haenous people.
I share your sorrow in that my solitude has lasted for six years. Two years ago,
I also chose this easy way to meet people and encountered what I consider to be
doppelgangers. We all have met those black-hearted people when we saw goodness.
When we were innocent to their ways, they introduced more hate into the Earth.

I continue to tell myself that my special one is searching for me as I am for her.
I can not fail her, for she needs me equally as I need her. May this also be your
inspiration. The scam activity is so immense that every innocent person is now
vulnerable. We battle this every day and it continues every day. Now, only
time will take you past this event. You will be wiser, don't be deterred.

Whatever your present goals may be, we here at Delphi are your new friends, ok.

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2013-09-21, 17:04:19
anonymous from Australia  
This piece of crap started communicating with me when I was given a 3 day trial on a dating site WAYN. We spoke a few times on messenger & I soon found out about all his lies & tales. I immediately blocked him on messenger & deactivated my e-mail account & the WAYN dating site.. Now some 6 months later, he somehow found out about my new e-mail account & started communicating with me again. I am playing it cool just to see what the creep has to say. Second day he asked me to get a satellite phone!!!!! to communicate easier, AT THE COST OF THREE HUNDRED & EIGHTY DOLLARS !!!!YOU MUST BE JOKING.
Sending the same old e-mails that have been copied & pasted. I did delete all photographs & haven't asked for any more, but his photo is posted here, but the one he sent to me he was wearing army clothing. Still claims to have 2 children, 1 boy ages 10 & a girl aged 8 yrs old. Is now supposed to be in Libya, peace keeping !! WHAT A JOKE AGAIN. Previously I did find his original photo at the Gallery on Romance Scams & he is a young skinny black nigerian....I just had a notification that he has sent me a message, so I will continue this later....
2013-09-21, 21:16:10   (updated: 2013-09-21, 21:16:33)
Miss Marple from United States  
Thanks ! Remember that you are dealing with a scammer so do not give any private information to the scammer as phone number or home address ...
2013-09-22, 14:03:58
Frank Richard
Dear Pola
I just moved to the UK from the States(New Orleans to be precise).I
decided to move here because of the Trauma I have been facing since I
lost My wife due to the tragic Incident that shook our
community(Hurricane Katrina).
I have been married before and had a Son...I was so
lucky to have escaped death because I was away to Malaysia then on
Business Engagements.
I am into Oil Exploration & Services....but am thinking of dabbling into Real Estate
Management due to the loss I suffered before.....
I enjoy going to the Cinema as well...walking in the Parks,travelling and
also dinning....
What are you looking for in a Relationship??? when was your last
relationship???What are you hobbies??
I send my pics and hope you like it...i will like to see yours...if you dont
You can translate the message or write in your language and i will translate it....
Looking forward to hearing from you...
Have a nice and wonderful night rest.

.. scammer uses stolen photos of model: http://www.donnabal..asp?ID=269 [/Quote]

2013-09-22, 14:06:04   (updated: 2013-09-22, 14:11:04)
2013-09-22, 16:33:08   (updated: 2013-09-22, 16:34:59)
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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