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Dating scammer james timothy mccall


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Name: james timothy mccall

Email: jtmccall07@yahoo

Unknown. Says he's stationed in Iraq.

Other Comments:
Wanted to chat on Yahoo messenger right away. Claims he's a widower , Major General in the U.S. Army, has a 10 yr. old son living in Africa with grandmother. Told me he's retiring in Nov. of this year. Would marry me soon after. Claimed to be from PA but then said NJ. In less than a week told me it was his son's birthday and would I purchase a laptop and a Playstation 3 and ship it to Africa for an 'uncle' to pick up and give to the kid for his birthday. Yeah, right. How 'bout I get two of each! Very bad grammer and spelling. Wrote like English is a second language.

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2012-10-27, 20:13:31
Here is a facebook profile with the name he is using!!!

2012-10-28, 19:30:11
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:Charles Sarpong/james timothy mccall

I am sorry that you are scammed! Please report your lost money to your local police or FBI ,i will put some links for you below that you can check on ...i always advice people to change emailaddress after they have been in contact with an scammer online as often when people have sent scammers money the scammers comes back later in other shapes/names and tries to scam victims again..the guys pictures you reported here are posted here on a different thread but under different names ,but still the very same scams ,scammers operates out of gangs and use that for multiple names and emailaddresses..

This Charles Frimpong picture you posted here is also used and reported as scam i have some links you can check on also below..

All kind regrads //Miss Marple//

Dating scammer Charles Frimpong:

Dating scammer james timothy mccall:
File report online scams:
2012-11-17, 20:42:23
I have also, been scammed by this man called James t mccall and friend charles sarpong. in the sum of 1500.00 what a big surprise to see his address posted on here along with his friend charles sarpong same celll# number and all and have spoken to charles sarpong on the phone. People like this need to be stop, very sweet words and also, promised me my money back when he cames to the states. Miltary General Commander in the us army and he also, send me that picture of this sons head along with other picture of his son. Ladies be very careful of these two. I 'm a widow myself and funny how he would use that word. Don't fall for his sweet words and don't let him win.he also, wanted to marry me and I was his love of his life. Small amount start to addd up before you no it you have sent hundreds of dollar. I hope he will get what he has coming to him and in my heart I no God will take care of him. Most of his money was used for his son hospital bills or his hotel bills that he rack up on coming home to me that never happened. Please, ladies I no I will never see my money at all but would like to save someone from losing everything they have. Don't be stupid to fall for his lies and they really don't care if they hurt you at all because they will just find another victim on here so, be carful by his words and promise that beleive me will never come truth. A victim of love........ James mccall/ charspong b11/33 Kwahieman-Accra West africa-ghana zip code 0023 is his adrress and charles sarpong cell # is 23348677978 that he would use to get the mtcn# after i was foolish enough to send him money western union be careful ladies.
2013-02-03, 19:14:58   (updated: 2013-02-03, 19:17:06)
I was a new member on i was approaced by
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer terry walker james
Dating scammer james timothy mccall
who called himself christopher liam welborn. stated he was in afghanistan and was madly in love with me by the end of a week of chating. he asked me to send him some home baked cookies, sweatshirts, and a bottle of booze. But heres the thing, he askd me to send to ghana. he stated some guy by the name of evans morgan would fly it over to him. he then asked me to marry him online, and stated he had to get a generals daughter from being kidnapped. once he did that they gave him 3,000,000 in cash. he asked me if he could send the money to me in a box. he asked me to contact someone at to give them my address. i noted that his spelling and sentence structure was very poor. i looked up and it is a known scam website. I also told the person at the website that he must be crazy if he thinks i am going to give him 3500 to bring a box to me when he could get it from the millionaire sender.
to date, this christopher l welborn is still trying to test me on the website even though i have told him i know he is a scammer. be cautious everyone. I was not scammed by this person and knew it was a scam. I was able to let him know on more than one occasion. not sure why people are still trying to scam me with the same pictures. it would be nice to know though if this person in the picture is actually in the millitary.
2013-05-27, 13:02:49
Han påstår att han är stationerad i Afganistan och heter Allen James Blau, vill skicka paket till en med gåva mm, hans vän som skall komma hetet Jeffery Cody. sonen som bor i USA heter Curtis Kades och blau, vännen är i Ghana med paketet
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Allen James blau

2013-05-28, 19:40:46
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-05-27, 13:02:49

vad du än gör ge inte ut din hemaddress till bedragare på nätet.Det är bara ett trick att mjuka upp dig så du fastnar för bedragaren och att han kan sedan fråga efter pengar .bedragare samlar på folks addresser som de kan använda sig utav i andra bedrägerier.Skicka inga pengar till folk som du aldrig har träffat i verkligheten . Lägg in mejl address ,telefon nummer om du har fått det och gärna mejl som han skickat till dig .
2013-06-11, 14:19:39
allen james blau använder denna
Hans sons email.
vännen som skall leverera paket till mig.
2013-08-13, 08:50:26
anonymous from United States  
i know this man in person and i don't think this is a scam..
2013-08-13, 20:35:55
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-08-13, 08:50:26
anonymous from United States

yes you are right the real person on the photos is not a scammer! Scammers from Ghana use his photos to scam women with.
2013-08-15, 08:14:09
anonymous from United States  
Is this man still married has anyone asked or is he still station in Afghanistan?
2013-08-15, 21:21:01
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-08-15, 08:14:09
anonymous from United States

I have no information whether the real man is single or not or if he is in service or not.All we know this soldiers photos are badly abused by African scammers to scam women with.If you are in contact with anyone claiming to be this soldier ,i am quite sure you are dealing with a scammer ,not the real guy .
2013-09-24, 11:04:35
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I joined (in the UK) and came into contact with this character who called himself James Stuart. He sent me pictures of himself( supposedly ) three of which are the same as featured above. To begin with his command of the English language was fine but it gradually became a little less fluent/ gramatically incorrect. He talked a lot about God and called me 'my dear', and very soon was using inappropriate personal references about us sleeping together. He claimed he was working with the UN, based in Afghanistan, widowed with one son. He had a home in Birminghan (UK) not Alabama.

Eventually he did telephone me, claiming to be back in the UK for a brief visit before going to West Africa. His voice did not match his profile at all and I immediately became alarmed. I was horrified to discover the truth after I did some detective work and found this website. When he asked me to telephone him on his international mobile, I refused and have not heard another word since !!!!!

Ladies, please beware.....what a con artist. Thank goodness I did not get involved any further and I am so sorry for those of you that have been scammed by him and probably countless others.

I have reported this character to
2014-02-04, 02:16:12
anonymous from United States  

2014-02-04, 02:19:11
anonymous from United States  

2014-02-04, 02:24:53
[hidden] from United States  
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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