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Dating scammer Alfred laurent wayne


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Name: Alfred laurent wayne


not known

Other Comments:
I have been in contact with this man for a few weeks, It was clear from the start that he was a scammer. He contradicted himself several times, is sloppy in his emails, sending out generic replys and answering personal questions at the end, however not mine! Yes he does oozze charm, but he is transparent. I was going along for the entertainment, whoever I can see what harm and upset these people cause, so i will step away.


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2012-11-01, 18:55:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2012-11-01, 18:55:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2012-11-01, 18:55:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2012-11-01, 18:55:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2012-11-02, 07:43:16
Miss Marple from United States  
please add more information on this scam ,as phone number if given and some of the mails ,the mails gives clues to victims who do researches online and can find them here.
yes these scammers harms people mentally and financially ...yes just cease all contact with the scammer ...thanks for posting this information here..

All kind regards //Miss Marple//
2012-11-08, 09:33:31
I have been in contact with this individual also. My question to you, though, is: Are you putting him out there as a scammer because he wanted nothing to do with you? Or did he scam you? You have not proven any scam through the information that you have provided. All you have is an email address and a few pictures. I would like to know what, exactly, he did so I don't fall into the same trap that you did. I'm an extremely street smart woman. I do not give out personal information: bank information, social security number, ect.... Are you still in contact with him? Are you two working together to scam people? I am curious as to what kind of scam this man pulled on you. Thank you.
2012-11-08, 11:18:27
Miss Marple from United States  
Real ID :Stephen Cresenti

2012-11-08, 11:36:55
Miss Marple from United States  

Are you two working together to scam people?

No smart people would comment like you do ! And it is proven also that people with a thinking you have often gets scammed too! no matter gender, age,ethnicity,social status anyone are potential victims in the scammers eyes...scammers do not only operate on the dating sites ,they are on Facebook all social networksites you can find online,,,scammers can have different scam scenarios also ...

So tell me now how did this Alfred laurent wayne succeeded to contact you when you are so smart?

2012-11-08, 18:23:51
anonymous from United States  
I meet this man from London name Brent Austin in September 2011 and we hit off and suppoosedly fell in love . He is a businessman from London dealing with crude oil. In November 2011 he travel to Nigeria to buy crude oil then he start asking for money that he didnt bring enough money and he needs my help to pay the tax for his goods ( crude oil) so he can go back to London and get paid. I didnt have the money to give him or help him but he start asking me for food money and hotel money coz he said he got robbed of all his credit cards and he lost all his contact numbers in London. I even went to Philippines to try to borrow money for $11,000.00 so he can pay his supposedley tax for the crude oil. It continues from $1,000.00 to $500 and on and on . In a year span he I send it him total of $65,000.00 to pay for his bail coz he supposed to got arrested for drugs coz he was wrongully accused . And then when he got out he lost his passport and I keep borrowing money to help him out . And then when I send him money suddenly he got robbed . He is very patient and with me and dont talk back and pretend to be kind and patient. Lately this October I managed to borrow $2o,ooo.oo from friends to help him pay his tax that he said to pay to pay the tax on his $million pounds in the bank. As soon as he got the money he start being idle and never return my text and calls and emails. He completely disapper and now I cant get hold of him. He also open multiple facebook account using a very elegant and good looking picture of a man naming him Brent Austin. I really fell in love with the person and believe him coz he is so convincing. Even leave messages on my voicemail crying telling me he loves me so much. Beware of this man he is on the prowl I dont want you go through what I been through lately. Im in so much debt I have to work three jobs now to pay the loan he made me do to help him out so we can have money for our future when he get paid by his office in London. Im even suicidal and my head hurts I dont know how to pay this debts for $20,000.00 . I hope he rot in hell and die a miserable death whoever he is? Liar and a scum of the earth!

2012-11-08, 19:14:26   (updated: 2012-11-08, 19:14:52)
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:Brent Austin

Commercial Alias Name: Brent Smith
Real Name: Brent Smith
Nationality: American
Date of Birth: March 12, 1969 (Age 42)

Brent Smith is a life coach , author & speaker whose expertise includes self-development, lifestyle, business, and dating & relationships just to name a few.
Scams with pictures on Brent Smith

2012-11-08, 19:26:19
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:Brent Smith

I am sorry that you are scammed in this terrible way,i have put some information on this real mans ID and you can find some information on scams with Brent Smiths photos if you have not already seen it before there is an link you can check on .

please report this scam to the police and to FBI if you have not done so yet,i will put couple of links where you find information on these kind of scams and what to do .

I know your situation is terrible and living under pressure like you do with your financial situation do not make it easier either,do you have anyone you can talk with ,friends family??

Please post information on this scam too,the best thing would be to open up an thread where you can post photos ,mails and other information that is valuable for other victims that might be out there searching for information on this scam too.

Report /open up a new thread:

Report scam FBI:
2012-11-09, 08:49:44
Response to Miss Marple.
You sound very bitter. I am a very intelligent individual that has taken action against the said: Alfred/Stephen. The email that you have on this person is incorrect. The email that he was sending mail to me from is: The phone number that I have for him that he is sending text messages from is: 347-345-3295. I do believe that he will get caught eventually at his game. I am contacting facebook also about the account that he has open. He is scamming on there as I write this. If there is anything else I can help with Miss Marple, please let me know. I have given you all the information that I have on him.

Thank you.
2012-11-09, 11:30:35
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2012-11-09, 08:49:44
Bitter ?? No,i just got really confused by your posting where you asked if the person who opened up the thread is a accomplice in the scam?? It sounds very odd,normally people who are reporting scams to this site are not scamming people,the ones who reports are often victims on scams ! The report here is very helpful for people who stays in contact with this scammer to recognize it is a scam ,please note the real person on the pictures is NOT the scammer him self,it is an African scammer from Nigeria or Ghana behind the scam.

Scammers can have multiple email addresses and changes them often ,so it do not mean the reported email address is incorrect .

Can you please post an mail along with an header the scammer has sent you ? (Introduction mail)
Do you know how to open up header in mail?If not instructions below,when you post material to this site edit out personal information as your email address.

How to find email header:

Apple Mail 2.x (Mac)

Select the message you want to view the headers of.
Press SHIFT-COMMAND-H to toggle full headers for the message. (Alternatively you can click VIEW in the menu bar, click MESSAGE, click LONG HEADERS.

Microsoft Outlook 2003 (Win)

Select the message you want to view the headers of.
Right click the mouse, select OPTIONS
Headers will be displayed within the 'Internet Headers' area of a pop-up window.

Mozilla Thunderbird 2.x (Win)

Select the message you want to view the headers of.
Press CTRL-U (or click VIEW from the menu bar, select MESSAGE SOURCE)
Headers will be displayed in a new window.

Google Mail (GMail)

Open the message you want to view the headers of.
Click the down arrow next to the 'Reply' link.
Select 'Show Original' to open a new window with the full headers

Windows Live Hotmail
(Full Version)

This does not work with Safari on Mac OS X
Right click on the message. (From the list of emails)
Select 'View Source'
A new window with the full headers and HTML source of the email will open

Yahoo Mail
'New' Version

Right click on the message.
Select 'View Full Headers'
A new window with the full headers will open

Yahoo Mail
'Classic' Version

Click on the message.
Click 'Full Headers' on the bottom right of the screen
2012-11-12, 05:08:19
coach001 from United States  
2012-12-10, 01:22:33   (updated: 2012-12-10, 02:15:42)
Dating scammer Alfred laurent wayne

I have also contacted by this man, Alfred Laurent, photos shown here is the same as the person who contacted me. This man told me that he was doing business in Dubai, his email address is;, mobile number is: +49-30-86437991, he told me that he came from Bremen-Germany, his father was from French, and his mother from Germany. He has a daughter who is 17 years old, his wife died of cancer.

The man was very sweet words, his words full of compliments, even harder to believe that these words came out of the guy that we just met on the site. But from the beginning I wondered, how could he said all this while we haven't met before? I think there must be something wrong here. Then I decided to follow his game, but I do not want to carried away, I just want to know what the real purpose of him.

After a month he continues to seduced me with his sweet words, He chats with me every day and said he wanted to marry me and wanted to come to my city to meet me directly, and millions of sweet promises, I eventually became convinced that he is a scammer.
He ever asked about my business and everything about my life, but I am not a stupid woman who should tell all about my life to a person who I haven't met before. I answered all his questions without having told him the truth.

One week ago, he told me that he had problems at work. He is building a hotel in dubai, and there was case of work accident, where there are two workers died and that was his responsibility, because they worked for him. He said that he had spent 80,000 Euros for insurance provided to the victims. Shortly after the accident, he still should expend substantial funds to pay taxes because he is a foreign contractor who worked there. he needs a lot of funds to complete the project. Then unabashedly he said that I have to help him. He wanted me to invest in his project, and he will share the profits with me. But I clearly said that I reject his idea. And it looks like it made him very angry.

I think this guy is really crazy. One thing he did not know that I've done the investigation against him. I was suspicious when I heard him on the phone, he did not have a German accent, but more to an American accent. I have family in Germany, and I asked them to investigate, and apparently by his cell phone number we know the location, he was not in bremen but berlin. Even my cousin tried to called him and spoke German language, and alfred laurent doesn't understand german.

I've posted his picture on my twitter, and some of my followers told me that these person is a cyber criminal and advised me not to believe of whatever he said. Now I have not wanted to deal with him anymore, I've had cut off access for him to contact me again.

I'm writing this just wanted to share with all the women who have been contacted by this person. If you are smart enough, so be careful, do not get carried away by the sweet words, do not believe what he said. The man has no shame, deliberately playing with the feelings of many women and tried to ask a lot of money.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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