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Dating scammer Scott A. Coppen


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Name: Scott A. Coppen

Email: yahoo messenger


Other Comments:
This is a piggyback to the other person who has reported on Scott Coppen at this site, I am so thankful I found this site, I checked him out he said he was coppens corporation SF, oil rigs, checked out the address on Mason street and the phone number, both were bogus, thank you for putting this information up on him and all his different identities.

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2012-12-26, 04:54:43
To all who were deceived by these scammer ...

Unfortunately, I was also tricked by the scammer and learned nearly all their tricks ..
no matter what they write to you, promise the moon, gold, love, and I do not know everything they find on. Never trust someone you have not met in real life, these scambag on various dating sites, facebook, you get spam via email .. Be very cautious of them are cunning foxes. If they ask for money or other services BREAKING CONTACT immediately

Photos they send are stolen from model agencies, from others people Facebook, dating sites and so on.

Prompts if you know someone who got scammed or are about to be deceived try to help with nformation about this scammer site.

Thank you for your cooperation and best thanks to Miss Marpel and others involved
2012-12-31, 06:44:16
anonymous from United States  
Hi I am the original person who posted the information on Scott A. Coppen and put up four pictures that he was using on Match. Also, his bogus coppen website oil rigs in SF. I check this site everyday and I am very proud of the women who have been coming forward and running their own checks and following his next scams with more different names and more different photos of other victims. I want you to remember something, he will try and trick you and contact you thru like a yahoo messenger so he can isolate you away from a dating site etc. Immediately following after I put up the information and the pictures, I received a personal email in my yahoo address, and believe me I was quite surprised. He used a comcast email address, and he impersonated that it was his sister contacting me to have mercy on him and why did I post the bogus information on him? Obviously working on my sympathies and almost begging me to remove it. She or I should say He, went on about how they are polish and wear their hearts on their sleeves and how his mother was devastated. I first felt like OMG did I make a mistake? I then took my female emotions out of it and saw thru it, #1..He had ladies out there on hooks and juggling perhaps many and hoping that they do not find this site and #2.. It could of been a trick for me to respond to get my IP address. why? so he could get my IP address or IP location and know where I am emailing from. He could then take my email for legal reasons, pretend to threaten me with a lawsuit or for that matter try and stalk me in my location somewhere. Thank goodness I work in Law enforcement and have done so for the past 30 years, and once you have been around paperwork of prison criminals for that many years, let's just say your suspicions are very high, that is why within a few emails I figured that this guy was a scammer. I wasn't sure 100% at first but I had that intuition in my gut that Oprah always tells us to watch for as women and then of course my background in Law Enforcement. My advice to you, is if you ever get caught up with a yahoo messenger or another type of messenger and it all goes south, and suddenly the person starts now emailing you out of the clear blue? ask yourself why? Could be they now want your IP address for whatever reason. Remember something the person never, ever sent you a personal email in the communication before, why now suddenly is he doing this? do you know what that is? Because within an email are headers and you can check the properties and get the IP address on anyone and it will tell you where the Ip is bouncing from or leave your legal trail. That leaves a trail for the scammer, that is why they do that. Now you see what he did, he took a chance, impersonated that it was his sister contacting me and tried to work on my sympathies, but I absolutely did not buy it and did not fall for the bait, otherwise he would of got my IP address for whatever reason and he would have information on me, like my IP address, a court order ect. he could get your address from your ISP who you have internet service with. Remember this is a professional scammer, criminal and its messing up his operation, DON'T BE A VICTIM! Never, ever answer any emails like that. Just cut him off. Be safe out there! Also, Miss Marple thank you for everything and putting up this site.

2012-12-31, 07:03:45
anonymous from United States  
I just did a follow up on Scott coppen and I forgot to add that he deleted his oil rig blogspot coppen coorporation and he has moved it to now San diego, he also moved his Manta to San Diego, he still has his facebook active.

2012-12-31, 07:05:26
NoMoreScammers from United States  
Here is his facebook

2012-12-31, 12:13:23
Miss Marple from United States  

RE NoMoreScammers
Hi I am the original person who posted the information on Scott A. Coppen

Thank you for reporting this scam ! You have saved other women from this scam with your information and you will save more for the future to come.Your advice when it comes to meeting strangers online and how to avoid scammers are excellent! Our luggage with experiences from life can be a savior how to detect fraudsters and scammers .It is very easy still though to fall for scams as many women and men do not have the knowledge when it comes to love scams online.There are scammers that are exceptionally smart and manipulative and can scam anyone online,that is why we have to become better to recognize the tools scammers are using .

Thank you, all kind regards //Miss Marple//

Happy New year!
2013-06-25, 23:15:05   (updated: 2013-06-25, 23:18:27)
LoviePose5465 - 48 year old man
Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
Seeking women 45-61 within 50 miles
Same photo: http://pictures.mat..613Z.jpeg

He is back on Match in Los Angeles.
2013-11-25, 19:44:07
This person is still running the same scam, now claiming to be Chris Boucher of Thousand Oaks, California and CEO of a construction company. Also says he is from Italy and has a wife who died two years ago.

2013-11-25, 21:07:15
Chris Boucher - North Wilkesboro, North Carolina - same jerk !
2013-11-25, 21:07:15
Chris Boucher - North Wilkesboro, North Carolina - same jerk !
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