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Dating scammer Graham James


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Name: Graham James


address unknown, claims to live in Ottawa, Ontario on Everlasting Cresent in a house which does not exist. Claims to be detained because of work in Texas, Vancouver. He claims to have a son by the name of Charles

Other Comments:
My sister became romantically involved with this individual named Graham James in October 2012. He made alot of promises that they would be together but to this day has never made a phone call to her or has not come to meet her. Their contact has been strictly email and text messaging. He convinced her that he was being detained due to medical clearance. He claims to work for DynCorp International. He told her on three differant occasions that he would be flying home to meet her and then something would detain him such as medical clearance issues and money problems. He told her that he wanted to make her his next of kin and she said a lawyer had contacted her. My other sister and I performed an intervention with our sister during which she broke down and cried and we convinced her to let us take her bank to secure her accounts. This confirmed our suspicions that she had already sent this individual money and other personal information. Even after she took these precautions we believe she is still involved with him and has expressed hope that he is being honest with her. He has still not met or called her.

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2013-06-16, 17:43:34
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2013-06-16, 17:18:37

the picture I posted is a true picture of graham,no other

I am sorry to inform you but scammers do not use their real identities to scam people online with .This is a Nigeria based scams and only stolen photos are used to scam women and men with. Scammers creates fake names and steels photos from innocent people that had uploaded their photos on Facebook or at a dating site .So the man on the photo is not probably even aware that a scammer has stolen his photos and scams with them .

This is so called a ID theft and lots of people have encountered their photos to be online and used in scams.Scammers steels photos from old victims,from models,from celebrities it can happen to anyone ....

Please be informed how online scammers operates ,go into my created thread and read my article how the scams work out !

How you recognize male scammers:


For your own sake and sanity you need to understand this as I believe you can not heal or go further in your own process that you have been scammed by these thieves and criminals from Nigeria .unless you have all the facts first.You have not been scammed by the man on the photos !

If you wonder about anything at all please be not afraid to ask ! I am my self a victim on scam once and I know how it feels to be lured and cheated and you are not alone here ....

2013-06-18, 09:08:53
Am sure all the photos are stolen pics of other people. The guy doing this is probably as black as coal and Nigerian for sure. They pretend to be this or that all lies. This guy took me for a lot of money. Some people will call you a fool for falling for this kind of thing but some of these scammers are very good at what they do and thats how you get trapped into it and start believing their lies and you end up loosing thousands of dollars to them. Beware of this kind of person !!!!
2013-06-20, 08:52:49
anonymous from Peakhurst, Australia  

RE: 'Charles Graham', 'Mark Graham', 'Barry Moore' & I found another connection. He is also using a phone number which has a connection to Thomas Mends +27 73 444 3703 I did Google him & knew he was using the identity of Peter Beavis-Davis, but I wasn't sure if I was supposed to put that here, as he obviously was the victim of identity theft & I didn't want to cause any embarrassment. He thought I was sending him the money on Monday & when it didn't arrive, he phoned me Monday evening. I said I couldn't hear him & asked if he could send a message, so I could get the number. I sent a message back saying the name of the person he had asked me to send the money to was named as an invalid recipient & I would have to send it to his name...I HAVEN'T HEARD FROM HIM SINCE....ENOUGH SAID.....
2013-06-21, 04:40:32
another pic of this fraud

2013-06-21, 15:38:38
And yet another

2013-06-22, 22:06:43
another pic of this scammer
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Graham James

2013-06-23, 04:35:15
anonymous from Australia  

I read on page 3, the lady said the photograph on the previous page was the real thing, SORRY, BUT IT IS DEFINITELY NOT.. BAX ALSO CHECKED THE PHOTOGRAPH I POSTED & CONFIRMED THE PHOTOGRAPH WAS STOLEN. Go to Google & check the photograph & you will find it is stolen. I thought I wouldn't hear from him again, I blocked him from my e-mail address & deleted him from messenger, but somehow he managed to still send an e-mail to me yesterday 22.6.13 saying he was flying to the UK to-morrow to be with his son & because I had so much trouble trying to send money to a bank account could I send it via Western Union to Charles Graham London UK. He had given me 2 previous names, Sam's General Clothing & Okumber Samuel Osemeke, First National Bank of South Africa, A/c Number 62148484413, 82 Adderley Street, Cape Town, West Cape 8000 Country South Africa. I also noticed that when you look at the conversation history, often there is nothing there & also they can be Offline & yet still manage to chat on messenger. There is a program called YIM WHERE YOU CAN CHECK IF A PERSON IS ONLINE, I found that at Romance & at times they are definitely offline when they are chatting, I have wondered how this can be so. Are they using another e-mail address to chat ??? when they show Offline but are still chatting to you ?? I do know that are masters at using all the tricks of the trade when it comes to computers, but this is one I haven't been able to work out.I know he is using many different identities, the latest one being Henry Martins, which I found when I Googled the telephone number & all the names & various telephone numbers always lead back to Thomas Mends, the first number he gave me was +233 26 993 8656 which showed Thomas Mends & saying as of early March he was using a Diplomat named Prince Asuman-Adu to collect his money in Accra, Ghana. I did asked him about this number & he said someone was trying to steal his identity & he would get a new SIM card & number & when he gave me the second number it still showed links to Thomas Mends & Prince Adu. I didn't tell him I Googled the numbers, I told him when I tried to call him, the person who answered said he was Thomas Mends & I said I may have got the wrong number. There are just so many people in this scam, I just deleted the e-mail & blocked him again. It will be interesting to see if he can still get an e-mail through again. He will be expecting the money again this week, he tried to tell me that the Dr said if the money was sent direct to him he would have to wait 3 days for it to be cleared & his son's life would be at risk, no Dr refuses to operate on a patient until the money is paid first. That's why he wants me to send the money via Western Union direct to him. The son is named Charles as well.
2013-06-23, 06:21:55
anonymous from Australia  
RE; CHARLES GRAHAM, HENRYMARTINS, THOMAS MENDS, JAMES GRAHAM, BARRY MOORE.......Or any of the names he uses. I did post a comment earlier, but I didn't log in, I read further e-mail & had another from Delphie regarding this scum bag & I tried to log in to post another comment, but my password & e-mail didn't match. Someone tried signing into my e-mail account & yahoo told me to change my password, which I did. Do I have to register again with the new password ?? My e-mail is & I have had comments sent to me from here that's why I clicked on the e-mail to come back & read the further comments. I received an e-mail supposedly from the FBI which I stupidly deleted, I should have copied it & posted it here. FROM WHAT I REMEMBER THE MAIL SAID 'THERE WAS A WARRANT OUT FOR MY ARREST FOR MY ASSOCIATION WITH NIGERIAN SCAMMERS,OKAY & DON'T TRY TO PLAY ANY FUNNY GAMES AS iT WOULD GET ME iNTO FURTHER TROUBLE, OKAY. iF I SENT MY NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, DOB, & THE SUM OF & 15,000$ the warrant would be taken off the list OKAY & I would receive ten million, five hundred thousand dollars which was the sum of money that was in the consignment box that the Nigerians were negotiating to send to me OKAY' I had never heard of anything about any consignment box & knew this was a scam. There was no Official letterhead from the FBI & it wasn't even addressed to me, just to recipient. But this just shows the trouble they will go to to try to get money from you. Send $15,000,00 to get millions, how stupid do they think people are. They also use the dollar sign after the amount of money, not before as it normally is used. Only the ultra rich ever have millions of dollars, any normal working class person would never make that amount of money in a lifetime, do they think that using millions of dollars dazzles people into believing they are in contact with a billionaire ?? when in fact they are poor black Nigerians sitting in Internet Cafe's scrolling the Internet trying to find someone naive enough to fall for what they tell you. I assume that it was GRAHAM who tried signing into my e-mail a/c & also he who sent the mail supposedly from the FBI....I hope the FBI are onto him & throw his black a.. into jail & throw away the key...
2013-06-23, 10:23:27
anonymous from Canada  
I was romanced by a man named David Alexander. The relationship moved extremely fast and I tought I had found the man of my dreams. He had sent me flowers, his undying love a a dream that I had been dreaming my whole life. He claimed to be a diamond dealer and was very busy traveling, so could not meet me. He then had to go to Africa and had his laptop stolen from a restaurant. I got suspicious when he then asked me to send him a Mac Air and an IPhone, items totalling well over $3000. When I told him that I could not, he then turned it on me and told me he could no longer continue a relationship with someone that did not trust him. After all the love and how blessed he felt to find him, and how I was his Angel,the tap turned off instantly. Ieventried to work it out by saying that I thought he loved me, then he said then 'show me that you love me back'. I was not ou money, but I could have been. However I was out time and I was emotionally, deeply hurt.

If anyone says to a woman, ' you deserve what you got', after a con like this, then I believe that they have not dreamt of finding a true romance in their lives. These guys are experts and truly know how to tap into someone's secret fantasies and dreams. I do not now that if I had the money that I would not have sent it.

Anyhow, this guy went by the name of David Alexander, had a Geman accent, loved jazz music, and asked me to ship the items to Accra, Ghanna. Sure...just hold your breath until the items get there honey, I'll get right on it!

2013-06-23, 10:30:59
anonymous from Canada  
The phone number that I was given was 233-203-753237 for David Alexander.
2013-06-23, 14:54:11   (updated: 2013-06-23, 15:34:07)
to the woman that posted from Australia,those are the true pics of graham, not stolen like you think. And the website you are talking about has been there along time, get with the program honey.Graham has hurt me so bad in the past 6 months, I couldn't begin to even tell you how much. I phoned DynCorp international, had a very long ta\lk with a woman there,they never heard of him.So many lies, he doesn't know what truth is any more.Why he is not in prison , I will never know.He steals and manipulates people, he can be so trusting one minute and then he blames you for the things that happen. He tried to drive a wedge between my sisters and me. Blamed my sisters for him being reported to DynCorp international, claimed he was being monitored by them, where not allowed to be on a dating site.I lost 14 thousand dollars to this creep !People wake up to his scamming, no man will ever do this to me again!The lies just keep growing!I can't believe the comments about him since my incournter with him. I cried for months and months,so hurt by the deceit of it all.I don't know if I will ever, ever forget this happening to me.I hate the male gender so bad now!He has ruined my faith in them.I hate that fucking bastard so much !
2013-06-23, 16:22:07
Miss Marple from United States  
REPLY TO:2013-06-23, 14:54:11 (updated: 2013-06-23, 15:34:07)

to the woman that posted from Australia,those are the true pics of graham, not stolen like you think

There is NO Graham it is only a fake fictional name created by the scammers ,the photos are stolen by scammers in Nigeria from this innocent man ...

Please read my previous posting !! You are in denial and do not want to face the truth ,but this is the truth that we are telling you now. And actually what does it matter who the real person on the photo is ? The main thing is that you understand the real facts and face the reality that you are scammed by a West-African scammer from Nigeria and they are black men even young boys who is doing this to people .The man on the photos is not the face of the scammer !!

I am sorry that you are scammed ,please let me help you in this ...

All kind regards //Miss Marple//
2013-06-23, 18:35:50
get lost miss what ever your name is, you don't know everything!
2013-06-23, 18:46:52
anonymous from Australia  

To the' LADY????? is she a lady????' who thinks the photo's are real, WAKE UP....THEY ARE NOT REAL... Google the photo & you will see that they are stolen..Follow Miss Marple's advice & face reality...
These comments are being made by a scammer, not by a victim...Miss Marple did say someone had edited the photo's & claimed they were real & she wasn't sure if it was a victim or a scammer who did it. I'm sure it is the SCAMMER. Do a little more research & you will find that it is. I'm not going to help him/her by saying I do know that it is the scammer writing these comments, 'but I do know for sure it is'....If you dig a little deeper you will find out for yourself. There are a lot of give away signs !!!!!!!!
2013-06-23, 19:08:10
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2013-06-23, 18:35:50

get lost miss what ever your name is, you don't know everything!

Only scammers are bothered by my presence here on this site ! I am solid and hard as rock and try to remove me is impossible...

So tell me now why you do not want me to post here ??? You know what, I can say with confidence that after spending 4 years with my contribution on this site, I know a lot about scammers .I do this to help people out as I am a victim on scam my self ,I do this because I feel empathy to all the victims who seeks for help here on this site and most of the victims have appreciated my help and my guidance ,to help them to understand what they are actually dealing with ....

So If you want to insult me and for my hard work I have put onto this site and for all victims you will get resistance ,believe me....

I do not think a real victim of scam would ever say to me : get lost !

So why dont you get lost instead ???
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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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