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Dating scammer Graham James


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Name: Graham James


address unknown, claims to live in Ottawa, Ontario on Everlasting Cresent in a house which does not exist. Claims to be detained because of work in Texas, Vancouver. He claims to have a son by the name of Charles

Other Comments:
My sister became romantically involved with this individual named Graham James in October 2012. He made alot of promises that they would be together but to this day has never made a phone call to her or has not come to meet her. Their contact has been strictly email and text messaging. He convinced her that he was being detained due to medical clearance. He claims to work for DynCorp International. He told her on three differant occasions that he would be flying home to meet her and then something would detain him such as medical clearance issues and money problems. He told her that he wanted to make her his next of kin and she said a lawyer had contacted her. My other sister and I performed an intervention with our sister during which she broke down and cried and we convinced her to let us take her bank to secure her accounts. This confirmed our suspicions that she had already sent this individual money and other personal information. Even after she took these precautions we believe she is still involved with him and has expressed hope that he is being honest with her. He has still not met or called her.

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2013-06-29, 15:07:28   (updated: 2013-06-29, 15:18:14)
anonymous from Canada  
Here is another one of his stupid emails, sent on june 26/2013,Now I can see how stupid you are,you know me from nowhere,I reside in Africa if you must know,I never hid my identity from any,you can ask anyone,am legitimate business owner,I await your authorities,you will be on your knees soon when the truth shall be revealed,you this scammer,you think you will gain favor from? in sickness and death of your love ones will you spend all you fortunes.
Another short one, I laugh at your ignorance, go live with your curse.
Another one, When you will come seeking forgivness for your mistakes, that is when you will know if I am black or white. I don't tell cheap lies like you , at least I still have my dignity as a man.
Wait will befall you soon.
beginning to sound like a witch dr! This is another one sent the same day. You sent me money? do I know you from anywhere? I have prayed to the godI serve you will see the repercussion of all your sins, your forged payment details and email address you sent is just to discredit my reputations , everywhere you go your image shall be rubbished ,your seed shall continue to suffer until you confess the truth,you might have money but you will find no peace, you hacked into my privacy and spoilt my friendship, you will not find peace, your death will be horrible,even in your death,your generations shall suffer the same fate In Jesus Name,unless if I don't serve a living God,if I collected money from you, that is when my prayers won't be answered.
My god he's crazy this guy!So nuts, off another planet he is!
2013-06-29, 16:16:33   (updated: 2013-06-29, 16:17:24)
anonymous from Canada  
Another crazy email from him,
What was your achievement after al this lies? God will punish you and the curses of pasalm 35 will be upon you and your family. It shall never be well with you, you shall no no peace, your generations to generations shall never know peace. For going as far as lying against a innocent man, nobody will ever stand for the truth for you.
2013-07-10, 06:05:48
It is common knowledge that scammers steal photos from online dating sites etc. Think about it! if they lie about who they are why would they use their own pictures??? Of course they won't use their own pictures. Like bank robbers who hide behind masks, scammers hide behind the photos of others. They use pictures mostly of American's or caucasian's (white's) because we are their targets. I've read some of the letters these people send victims and for the life of me I don't understand why people get taken in by it.
2013-07-10, 06:15:45
Great!!! post that the police are closing in, warn them!!! not too bright, think about what you post!
2013-07-10, 14:19:46   (updated: 2013-07-10, 14:21:36)
Well until it happens to you,you will never understand!These kind of people are very very good at what they do,tricking people into falling inlove with them,so don't say anything until you have walked a mile in somebody's shoes!
2013-07-12, 18:41:33
won't be wearing those shoes
2013-07-12, 19:46:45

I wouldn't be wearing those shoes either. Some people don't stop to think that if we know about the sites that are set up to expose them, isn't it obvious that they too would know ???? It doesn't need the brain of a rocket scientist to work this out...THINK BEFORE YOU POST...These people are criminals & if they can stay a step ahead of the law, what chance do we have of trying to catch them out ???? There is one very suspicious person who tries to pretend that she/he is a victim, but in all reality I have done a little research & everything points to the fact that a scammer has infiltrated this site...Do some homework & you too will find the same thing...
2013-08-10, 01:01:14
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Yes this one is at it again as Mcclean Martin.. I queried the fact he insisted his first name was Mcclean.. using as of 10/8/13 claiming to work on secret assignment in Syria for Astruim EADs
working on some kind of telecoms thing.. like others commented, constantly ignores questions ( probably cant look translation up quick enough.. haha)
Still keeps emailing, even though told him to get lost.. have reported to yahoo and the dating site 'mature dating', did not get round to asking for money and wouldn't have got any from me.. but be aware.
He is still using those pictures and saying the pic of russian girl is his son Charles who is attending Radley College no less.. in Oxfordshire. This college is over £10,000 per term! haha So would have been interesting how he was going to suggest he could fund what life trauma was going to arise!!
Scum of the earth, use google find image as first check on potential daters would be my suggestion.. worked for me, good luck..
2013-08-10, 07:49:00
anonymous from Australia  

RE: GRAHAM....OR WHATEVER NAME HE IS USING NOW.. The son must have recovered very quickly, last time I heard from him he wanted $10,000.00 for an operation on his son's heart, it had RUPTURED...must have got better very smartly if he's at school.. Strange that he is still at school considering the fact that he is supposed to be 22 years of age..
Seems like the story stretches each time it's told. LADIES KEEP YOUR DISTANCE... He is from Africa & we all know what they are famous for...ENDING UP ON THIS PAGE....Does this look familiar.???? It is supposed to be the son, also named Charles ????

2013-08-20, 13:54:08
So they are still at it I see.Another story with the same tune.When will it stop?
2013-08-20, 16:30:46
anonymous from Australia  
It won't stop until they are caught. The only thing we can do is be vigilant & warn other's so they fall into the same trap..
2013-09-21, 14:57:22
anonymous from Canada  
This is not graham james,but a gang working in capetown south africa,The head of this gang is thomas mendes.He has stolen alot of money from me.14 thousand dollars to be exact.The man in the pictures is really peter beavis,his image is stolen from this gang.
2013-12-08, 10:22:57
anonymous from Canada  
People please believe me when I tell you there is no graham james,this is a gang in south africa who stole an image to decieve people to make money,our hard earned money.They will lie ,cheat,steal and trick us into sending funds to the uk, and anywhere else were they have their gang.Please donot fall for this,I lost alot of money because I was tricked.A thomas mends is the leader of this corrupt gang.
2014-03-25, 23:11:29
anonymous from Australia  
please delete peter beavendavis someone is using my picture andname its identity theft!!!!!!!!!!!
2014-07-24, 18:05:19
I have been emailing a guy on a web site who was listed as Pritchard whovemsil me with the name David Scott.on one occasion he called him self Aaron...when l picked him up on this he ssid it was the name his grandmother gsve him.
I felt through his emails and yahoo messenger that he was foreign but he managef to convince me he was from the usa.
His wife had died and left him with a son called terry.He says hw is working in Syria for Dyno corp international.
He says he has no acess to funds and can l top his phone up.which l have done twice now this week.
Tonight he says to me l need to buy my leave home and l have to apply and pay for the administration cost because once again he has no funds.He reply to most of my questions as ...yes dear....or david cares.
I wanted to hear his voice so went on skype and guess what his end did not work.
I feel like im being scammed

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