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Dating scammer Marvin Eugene Anderson


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Name: Marvin Eugene Anderson



Other Comments:
He says he's working off the coast if Nigeria on the oil rig Pearl Qatar. He's from Germany, wife died of ovarian cancer, has a daughter Cathetine. He has a house in Paris and southern England. Referred to friends Nelson and Bishop. After reading different treads I think the same scammer has gone by McKelvin Brown - that story sounds very familiar. We emailed for less than a week and high way over the top emails jumped to 'my darling I have fallen in live with you' in 3 days- ridiculous


2013-02-14, 10:26:47   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2013-02-14, 10:26:47   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2013-02-18, 17:29:48
My friend was also in conversations with 'Marvin'. They had connected through He asked for money from her after about 1 month. The stories/scenario are identical to what has already been posted on these boards (including his pictures). Please be careful everyone.
2013-07-05, 09:42:59
!,, ladies,, don't let him fool u,, and don't let him tell u that I wanted him, and for sure don't send money and yes he is a great talker and writer....... don't b sucked in by him

2013-07-06, 15:18:49
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-07-05, 09:42:59

Do you have more photos on this scammer?Emailaddress,phone number ? I am doing some researches on this scammer ,found couple of links with reports on scam with the name Marvin Anderson ,I am not sure yet if the same one ...

2013-08-06, 14:55:38
anonymous from Poland  

Reported by Polish Girl

Information and contact good as of: 06 August 2013
Guy named: Marvin Anderson
His Nigerian phone# 2348131826794
His UK phone# 447012983322
His email address:
He contacted me via:
I was in contact with him for: 6 weeks
... after asking for help to contact his bank in his name to transfer money I started to be more suspicious and I'm glad I checked and googled his name b/c it looks like the story matches with SCAM.

He told me that He:
- has a 9 yrs. old son that lives in the UK
- Works for Chevron Oil Co.
- is an engineer of the coast in Nigeria
- told me he has fallen in love with me with in first week

Here is one of the emails:
hello baby how are you doing dear....i miss you so much are your kids?
i miss you all day and i cant wait to be with you my dear........
i don't like is not beautiful. poland the best and i love poland.....and i want to spend my rest of my life with you there...
my work is to extract crude oil from the sea,,. and transfer to another country....and transport of fuel to another ship on the sea also...
very stressful but i like my job and it gives me much money.,,,,
baby i just want to tell you something........
my job is a good job and it gives me so much money ok,......
i just want to be open to you and i dont want to hide anything from you because i dont like to hide anything from my lady....
i have this job in africa and they have paid me 50,000 USD and they are going to pay me another 50,000 USD after i complet my the job ok..
i just give you my heart and my give you my words and i just want to put my life in your hands and show you that i am a real man and i will take care and show you love forever .......
dear please tell me about your much do you receive when you work and when i come do you wish to work ...
but i will love you to stay at home and have good rest because i am the man and i need to work as the head of the house ok dear....
my vision is i dont want to loss you and i want to have a good life with you forever....
i want to hold you every morning before going to work and give you a sweet kiss and make you warm like an angel.and also give you all the sweet things of life ok angel.....
i just want to tell you that you can trust me and i will also trust you and will give you my words forever..
in africa i live in benin city(EDO STATE) and it is very hot and something times it has to rain so hard everyday and i have flu and bad for my health ok but i am fine dear....
in nigeria they have poor network and poor internet...very had for me and i am so sad....please dear i want you to always call me everyday as i wish to talk to you ok...
in nigeria the credit card does not work because of the poor development of the country,,,,
i have to be very fast about this job and i will because i miss you so much and i can no longer wait to hold you in my arms....
please write me more and anything you wish to know i miss you so much dear.....................

2014-11-02, 09:15:55
anonymous from Dallas, United States  
This guy is on '' right now! Thank God this posting is on here, or I wouldn't have known he's a scammer. I just copied and pasted his photo and this scammer alert came up. Watch out, ladies, he's on the hunt!
2015-05-31, 10:53:12   (updated: 2015-05-31, 10:54:55)
anonymous from United States  

2015-06-01, 18:56:52   (updated: 2015-06-01, 18:59:03)
anonymous from United States  
He is going by George Orsen Wilson now, but same basic story. Profile posted in says he is 50, born March 30, 1965 in Dresden, Germany. Has a daughter named Catherine and his mothers name is Christine, they live in England. He will call you, and his voice does not have a German accent. He says he is working in Port Harcourt, Nigeria building an oil rig with Nelson and Bishop. He has not asked me for money yet, but I ended it with him after finding this.

2015-06-01, 19:39:41
Miss Marple from United States  
2015-06-01, 18:56:52 (updated: 2015-06-01, 18:59:03)
anonymous from United States

I am glad you ended the connection do not waste your time and energy on a scammer that will eventually give you problems if you do not. Post all the information you have on the scammer as email address, phone number and the mails he sent you, it will help victims online that are doing researches and can find them posted online and can be saved . Btw post his username also as it can be traced to online accounts on other sites that the scammer is using as well. Any white profiles with connection Nigeria is a total scam.

All kind regards //Miss Marple//
2015-06-03, 02:37:22
anonymous from United States  
June 2, 2015
Yes, this guy is now going by George Orsen Wilson, 50. He's on Says he comes from Bremen, Germany. His daughter is Catherine and she lives in London. He's working at Port Harcourt in Nigeria.
He's a very smooth talker and knows how to manipulate VERY well. I don't want think how much money he has taken from the women who have fallen under his spell.
2015-06-03, 07:30:45
OJAS from United States  
Port Harcourt in Nigeria is a crime ridden area, full of scammers.

You know they send stolen photos of innocent people.



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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