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Dating scammer alessandro marcus martino


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Name: alessandro marcus martino


elomaz hotel ikeja, lagos, nigeria (room # 417 ) ph. 234 08023182295

Other Comments:
address given in Italy-via aristide de togni 12,,, 20123 Milan, Italy (he even scan to me his passport (dob 25 march 1945 in Milan, italy (he told me that he is in Nigeria on business and have a hard time to cash a check?) we meat on a dating site feb.20 2013--hesayd that he want to come to meet me that he bought me a ring and want to marry me. I am confident he is a scammer--- hope you get him...we are still e-mailing to each otter I need to see how long he can keep up...

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2013-05-08, 17:50:12
anonymous from United States  
The man with a white hair , has a same email as the man above him,, both are using the email of alessandro4477 I think that they are both scammers..
2013-05-10, 09:45:47
anonymous from United States  
Yes, the man with the white hair has tried to scam me too. Phone number he gave me is 917*768-6748 and email address is Watch out for him----he is smooth.
2013-05-10, 12:30:32
anonymous from United States  
The man's name is Ibrahim Lamorde from Africa. Big scammer
2013-05-11, 13:28:11
anonymous from United States  
The last photo of the man with white/gray hair pretend to be alessandro4477, he is a scammer, the photos above his is the victim. Be careful ladies out there !
2013-05-11, 13:48:18   (updated: 2013-05-11, 13:56:34)
anonymous from United States  
The first 4 photos of the man has been stolen -- he is a VICTIM not a scammer, -- the last photo , the man with white/gray hair is also using email address: he is a SCAMMER big time !
2013-05-11, 19:29:20
DOC from United States  
anonymous from United States,

If you think the white man with the grey hair is the actual face of the scammer your sadly mistaken!

African scammers look like this..... http://www.romances..s4real.htm

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2013-05-12, 13:53:19
anonymous from United States  
Ibrahim Lamorde -- is NOT a scammer,, his photos were stolen by a scammer.. and the phone # 917-768-6748 that he has giving you is the one of the actual scammer . trust me on that.. Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde was scammed by a punk that will soon be cut- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MR. IBRAHIM LAMORDE DOB DEC 20, 1962, FROM NIGERIA, WAS A RESPECTED NIGERIA POLICE OFFICER, ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER AND NOW MR LAMORDE IS A NEW CHAIRMAN OF THE ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIMES COMMISSIONER OF NIGERIA.. You can find all info. on:,,,, www.efcc or anywhere on the web.. He has been a victim of a stolen photos by the real scammer an is quite upset about it, it wont be long before the punk will be cut as I believe that the same scammer has stolen the identity of the real Alessandro Marcus Martino ( an Italian born), as well of the man with a gray hair.. He is not very bright as he uses the same email: alessandro4477 . The real scammer is : a 'ace of spade' , you know what I mean.. who makes a tone of mistakes.. I will personally see that he is cut as I was scammed by him as well. He is hiding in New York City, N.Y. I will personally contact Mr. Lamorde as well as the N.Y.C authorities.. I like to believe that the days are numbered for this dirty SCAMMER !
2013-05-14, 16:21:09
anonymous from United States  
I certainly hope you can put an end to his scamming. I was also scammed by him (pictures sent were of the man with the white hair). He even sent me flowers and claims to be in Manchester, UK on a business contract installing medical equipment to hospitals. He is a scum bag!!!
2013-05-15, 03:52:13
anonymous from Philippines  
2013-05-15, 06:37:01
~Bax! from United States  
Scammer Information UK phone or fax numbers, +4470 or +4487

If the given phone or fax number starts with +4470 it is a link number what connects you with anywhere in the world, but not to a real UK supplier !
The same you can expect when the phone or fax starts with +4487, that is a computer service provider or National link number with equal effect !
All following Modifications like +44070, +44087 or 70..., 070, 87..., 087 without Country Code for connections to the UK are same,
this numbers are mostly used by fraudsters to hide their Place of residence, you can be 100% shure that it is a fraud !

Generally all Geographic landlines in the United Kingdom incl.Northern Ireland start from abroad with +441 or +442 and will be followed by 8/9 digits !
All mobile phone numbers and other combinations of numbers are not comprehensibly if they are used by a fraudster, no real company will only provide a mobile number !
Until now there is no legal company known, who advertise on Alibaba, using one of the first mentioned numbers or only a mobile number !

2013-05-28, 18:50:28
anonymous from United States  
to,, Please can you tell me how I could get in touch with the lady that posted comment about Alessandro4477 (white hair man) she posted on May 14/2013 at 16:21hr (4:21pm)-- both of us have been scammed by the same alessandro4477,, only the photos are not the one of the scammer.. Love to be in touch with her as I have few questions for her as the same thing happing to me.. perhaps we can joint forses and try to catch this DOG,, also I would like to know,, after anyone post comments or photos of the scammers-- WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT THAT.. IF ANYTHING,, ??? The photos or comments on your ===, just help the scammers to change their e-mail and continue to take advantage of so many ladies-- or perhaps even vanish for a min. and return,, so I would like to know,, what such co. as yours doing about it-- as I have not seen any advise to anyone from you yet??... Would like to know- so pls. reply, and if there is an e-mail that I could reach your company without any risks of my own- pls. advise... Thank you !!!
2013-05-28, 19:56:48
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2013-05-28, 18:50:28
anonymous from United States
The lady has posted as anonymous so it is hard to know who is behind the posting,we only can hope she will come back to this forum ,please others who posts here,provide all your information on this scam as it is always helpful for other victims who do researches can find the information on this scam.

RE:2013-05-15, 03:52:13
anonymous from Philippines
You find the phone number used in scams so please block the scammer from your email and phone .


2013-05-29, 23:43:12
anonymous from United States  
Miss Marple or who ever you are ?,, the e-mail from May 28 at 18:50hr (6:50pm) was sent to ADELPHI,, who ever you are Miss Marple , you must be kidding, rite?,, do you really think that anyone will give their actual info. I think that all of that is a scam incl. you, also incl. Adelphi.. I will take all this info. tomorrow to the Attorney General and will come to the bottom of it all.. I ask :: what ADELPHI is doing about it ?? NO reply was given, perhaps now I will come after you!!! You better give me an explanation of what ADELPHI is doing about this scammers,, and like to know who you are Miss Marple ??? GOT IT ??? WHERE IS THE ADELPHI ACTUAL E-MAL ADDRESS THAT I REQUESTED ??
2013-05-30, 01:10:58
Domi from Poland  
This is arrogance! Please, respect for the Miss Marple
Miss Marple helps a lot of people. This she not your a private detective!
Your quote: perhaps now I will come after you!.... This insolent words!
You go to the prosecutor and preferably by the same God!
If you're so an important a person, but rather presumptuous ....
2013-05-30, 07:08:12
~Bax! from United States  
Anonymous, 13-05-28 @ 6:50pm

Drawing the attention of this forum to the excllence of Miss Marples position here,
mis-diagnosing the administrators follow-up procedures and your repulsive show of bile.
Make evident that you are far too intelligen to need our help! Yet you arrive asking
and demanding. Miss Marple gave you a perfect answer and also exposed your malevolence!
If you had done your homework you would see, this site has been here roughly 10 years!
Miss Marple has seen your kind repeatedly come and go! We warn the world against your
kind! I firmly believe you have here displayed the same hate which you live by.

This photo returns to you what you give the world, only in a nicer package!

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer patience kemeh

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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