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Dating scammer Godhasbeenfaithful


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Name: Godhasbeenfaithful



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Searched his email address after he contacted me, and saw the identical pictures he is using on Zoosk posted on an anti-scamming site. I have determined not to reply to him, after also seeing on your site that this same email address was used in 2012 with the title SmilingJohnny on someone else. He is posting as being from Crystal City, MO as a Catholic Christian.

Here is his message: Godhasbeenfaithful: Hello charming ! Neat profile you have got all up on here , actually am a newbie on here and was just doing a little survey about how this works when i stumbled upon your page . I really would love to learn more about you if you would kindly grant my request . Maybe a little chit chat ? Here is my email address , you can reach me via Johnny_rodney (at) y/a/h/o/o (dot) (com) i hope to hear from you soon .

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2014-03-01, 05:56:29
HAS ANOTHER NEW BOOK OUT TODAY............... 'Oz' on Amazon.
2014-05-23, 11:43:22
The 'REAL PSYCHOPATH' behind EVERY BIT OF THIS is Nick Hubbard, Nottingham, UK/Jonathan Nicholas, Nottingham, UK. Also under John Nicholas, Weslace, TX on Facebook. You can find all names/aliases on twitter or his accounts on facebook. You may also google Godhasbeenfaithful dating scammer, Jonathan Nicholas, author, UK or Jonathan Nicholas dating scammer. The name Jonathan Nicholas comes in to play because Nick Hubbard has two grown sons named Jonathan and Nicholas. If you are a 'legitimate' author with nothing to hide, why would you go by two names??? All pics are different but all names and aliases have been verified by the Interpol. He has three books on Amazon as stated in above comments. He goes by Jonathan Nicholas, author as well as Nick Hubbard, author. Amazon and his 'publishing company' have been notified by the FBI/Interpol. The 'BIG Joke' he is a recently retired police officer from the UK. Who better to know how to work the system of corruption and international boundaries. FBI has been on him for over a year and the story continues to grow. VERY SICK PSYCHO, SCUM BAG........................ KARMA WILL CATCH UP AND THERE IS A 'SPECIAL PLACE' for these MORONS. LEADER OF A HUGE ONGOING SCAM RING!!!!!!!!!!
2014-07-01, 01:22:20
anonymous from United States  
This scammer goes by the names, Sparks Konvicted, Ishmael Odenkey Abbey, Ishmael Abbey. He also uses pics of a white guy on fake pages in the name Sparks Abbey. He asks for money for orphan kids.

2014-07-01, 16:31:22
Bax from United States  
Almost ALL authors use a PSEUDONYM!
ARE YOU STUPID? I think so!
2014-07-01, 18:41:47
Miss Marple from United States  
Hehehe LMAO

2014-07-02, 15:53:16
FYI........ a comment was quoted yesterday from the 10/28/13 posting on this site from the actual scammer to one of the three men mentioned on this site on the 5/23/14 posting. This was done by A LEGAL AUTHORITY yesterday. In return, he (the scammer or someone affiliated) has turned around and posted the pic above yesterday (7/1/14) of 'Sparks Konvicted'. ALL THREE MEN LISTED IN 5/23/14 posting had MUTUAL INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS FROM NIGERIA, ROMANIA, SLOVAKIA, NETHERLANDS, GERMANY, MALAYSIA............... on facebook at one point. I would think that legal authorities KNOW what they are dealing with here. A PSYCHOPATH!!!!!!!! Bax....... yes, authors have pseudonyms!!!!
2014-07-02, 17:33:48
2014-07-02, 18:18:20
anonymous from United States  
Guys, You are doing this all wrong.
You were asked before to stop all of the anonymous posting.
Maybe by now Miss Marple or OJAS can differentiate between you.
I have not kept up with this report because,
it seems to have no serious effort to an end.

I spoke again because when you had my interest before...
I also researched deeply into the U.K. Author's life.
I saw nothing out of place to implicate him or his.

Although each individual is responsible for their own input here,
there is much going-on with DelphiFAQ behind the scenes.
Worldwide, viewers of all genre watch and discuss our forums.
The only negatives I've encountered are by scammers who attempt to
deceive others into rallying, into closing this site.

I must apologize for my rude comment now and request that you
accept and support the evidence which you have been given.
Multiple replies have confirmed the true origin of scam!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Kathy Williams from South Africa
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection
Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)
Dating scammer Gen. John Miller

2014-07-02, 19:04:25
anonymous from United States  
This is what the most recent photo reminds me of.
Although I have not verified anything.
I will, if you require it.


2013-10-06, 11:38:31 Bax from United States

2013-10-06, 10:08:13 anonymous

The first photo is not real, it is an oil painting.

2014-07-02, 20:39:03
Bax! from United States  
LOL Miss Marple

Cover everything below the green line.
She has a dog, a Black Lab. in her hair!

2014-07-03, 18:33:32
Hi Bax couldn't find my helicopter, I guess it landed on her head now.


2014-07-03, 21:35:35
Bax! from United States  
Hi Malek,

Please set a link to Interview With a scammer.
I have difficulty finding your manuscripts.
They connect and encompass everything here.
I wanted to set one last night but got tired.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer pretty
Dating scammer pretty

2014-07-04, 07:44:18
OJAS from United States  

Is it this? http://www.delphifa..550.shtml

delphians, have a Great Long Weekend!
2014-07-04, 09:25:06
anonymous from United States  
Thank You OJAS,

Yes! This is it. I've been searching also and just found it too.

For anyone who simply yearns to find-out as much as possible about West African scammers
as quickly as possible, in one compact format. This is your source.

If you don't want to speak but have deep curiosity and are fond of reading.
This is a superb compilation of facts, which thus far totals eight pages.
Here you will learn about the real people that lie and send pretty photos
so to charge the emotions, gain your trust and get into your pocket-book.

Two links are provided so that all pages are available to you.
(This one was a monster, so I hope the crawler taps it)
Interview with a scammer, pg# 08

(and), Comments:
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2012-02-06, 17:10:47 Malek

The pages are difficult to find. See it whyle it's here.

2014-07-29, 12:01:14
anonymous from United States  
The Sparks Konvicted is still scamming. He has multiple pages on facebook, instagram, twitter and dating sites. He continues to try to contact my sister even after she blocked him. She had to change her number and delete all her social media accounts. She reported him to the authorities and they are suppossed to be looking into it. A friend that works with the authorities told us the problem is women who get scammed continue to talk to the scammer either because they think it getting some sort of revenge or because they to caught up in thinking the scammer will change and be honest with them. These people need to realize the scammer doesnt care about them no matter how friendly and convincing he sounds. You are only making it harder to stop these people. The authorities cant go after the scammer and stop them if the person that was being scammed is still telling the scammer they love him and want to be with him. Report them to the authorities, stop communication with the scammer and let them handle it. I dont understand why someone would want to keep talking to someone that did nothing but lie and steal from them anyway.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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