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Dating scammer michael armstrong


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Name: michael armstrong


Albany, NY
Tel 0015187036415

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LADIES BEWARE!!!! OMG I have recently been scammed by Michael Armstrong aka Azudiugwu Chijioke from Nigeria. I now know the man in the pic is an innocent victim whose identity was stolen.
I met Michael on fb in April. He charmed the socks off me or should I say pants! I spent endless, countless hours chatting to him in the evening, middle of the night or early in the morning. He was perfect, too perfect. He will fall for you, tell you that you are his angel sent fm god. He will miss you, love you til eternity and want to spend the rest of his life with you... Even love your kids or as he put it, our kids! He will give you a pet name too and tell you his favourite song, which I would play before i went to sleep, omg so dumb! Anyway Michael is an environmental engineer born California. His dad (scottish) died when he was 12, mum (italian) lives in California wit his daughter Sandy and granddaughter Rebecca (5) . His wife was a victim of lung cancer. He lands a multi million contract in Texas with the help and support of Gary his best friend and attorney. Gary goes to China to buy materials but prices have increased and he I was asked for money but said no cos money was tight. I didnt hear from him for a few days cos he was so stressed....(bless) anyhow I nearly buckled with all the sob story. The crunch came when I was still at work and he called me. He was not a hapoy bunny and my oh my his african accent shined through ( i had initially had a phone conversation with him and thought he sounded kinda of american with a twang - voice didnt fit the pic). Anyway he left me message on fb apologising for using a hard voice lol and to send money urgently to Azudiugwu Chijioke, Nigeria. My alarm bells went off and when i questioned him on fb he lost it!! He said that i hurt him with my words....however i sent a few messages saying sorry (idiot)) and hoping i wS wrong. He forgave me and told me it was ok, he forgave me and he so much.
He rang me 3/4 more times that evening, normally i called him running up a.massive phone bill. I ignored his call then he left me.a.message saying 'i hate you, dont you ever contact me, i dont want anything to do with you and f*** you!' ..i was so upset NOT i just laughed!

Ladies.. i fell hook, line and sinker for the man in the pic. His so called words were kind loving and sincere. Perfect.... But no... The poor man in the pic is innocent and i woukd dearly love to speak to him and tell him his identity was stolen. Michael was coming to uk to marry me and to be with my kids. How foolish one coukd be..but it happens. I have read lots of messages on here and find it upsetting that ladies have parted with hundred and thousands of pounds/dollars. These guys are serial scammers and professional! They prey on vulnerable women looking for love just like myself. He even sent my daughter 21st birthday message. I might have been scammed emotionally and out of pocket from my mobile calls but thankfully no cash sent. These scammers need STOPPING!!! THEY ARE SCUMBAGS!! The oil company used in the contract exists and i have contacted them. I have also met another lady here who wS scammed by the same person aka George Cohen and we are now friends. If you want to contact me! Us women have to stick together and stop these scammers!!!

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2013-05-29, 01:09:55   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
2013-05-29, 01:09:55   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
2013-05-29, 01:09:55   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

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Dating scammer George Cohen
Dating scammer George Cohen

2013-05-29, 01:09:55   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
2013-05-29, 01:09:55   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer George Cohen

2013-05-29, 01:09:55   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2014-04-18, 18:45:08
I have had the same experience with a man named Michael Paul Doran. Almost the identical story as above. Always spoke to a man who had a southern accent tinged with a bit of Italian…never sounded African and we spoke a lot over the past 2 months. Anyway, the story details are identical. I was vulnerable enough to send him a lot of money. It was sent to a 'shipping agent', TingTing Chen in Guangzhou China via Western Union.
I was sent the same contract from the same Legal Firm in Houston, Texas and Michael had secured a contract for $3 million USD with Seadrill America to contain an oilspill.

I met him on but I have learned he is also active on Facebook, occupied, etc.

2014-04-19, 03:45:03
We met online on dating buzz, he immediately gave me his IM address to communicate with him from. We talked for hours a day for a week, with him professing his undying love to me, that we were together because God had intended it to be that way. Everything was wonderful (or so I thought) until he asked me to buy him a data bundle for R1000, when I said no, he became angry and offended saying that I did not love him. He asked me for a data bundle 3 times more, and finally asked me to bring him an iPhone, at this point I became extremely suspicious and terminated any further communication with the prick.
2014-07-24, 08:35:56   (updated: 2014-07-24, 08:38:00)
This time the guy said his name was James Dalton and he was a mine engineer in London doing business in China, asked me to send money to him since the international wiretransfer was taking longer than expected, he asked me to send the money to TingTing Chen in Guangzhou via western union. I looked him up and found this site, glad I did as I did not send him anything. I live in the USA, we communicated for long time and posted himself as self suficient person, smart and a good man.
2015-11-07, 13:53:07
anonymous from United States  
Philip armstrong.. maylasa petronas oil.. need 2500 to get his check... for clearence

2015-11-17, 11:45:12
I met this same guy on Tinder. This was my first so I fell totally in love, hook, line and sinker!!! I was so impressed with him and thus far on this site I haven't read anything about him or any of his words in the same sequencing he writes so I will put several of his 'get to know' emails on here so you all can be the judge! I pray no one has been burned by him BUT I suspect he has been monumentally successful. To be on Tinder, you first have to be a member of FaceBook. He got on FB in 2013 and hasn't been back to his site since then so this tells me he hasn't ever really been interested in FB for a social platform except perhaps to get onto Tinder. Also, he told me he forgot his password haha. Anyway, none of his pictures came up on Tineye which I thought was odd because he did SCAM me after nearly 3 months of VERY loving communication and attention morning, noon, and night. He was actually quite a gentleman for 5 weeks never mentioning sex at all in any way...which thoroughly impressed me. I will separate emails with ========== lines. Also, this guy is a case of stolen identity. I ran a background check on him, found all his family members on FB, and they even have pictures of the man Mark J. Hammerstein, who is a different looking man than this Mark. Also, on the bg check, it had driver's license info with his height and eye color among other things, both of which my Mark said were different from what was on the bg check so that was my first clue he was a bogus guy. He WAS stealing this poor man's identity. BUT he did verify his address and phone number of the house as the same one that was on the bg check so he clearly was stealing the identity of the correct and rightful owner of said address. Please let me know if you have heard from him.

Here are a couple of his emails:

'You Look Attractive

Oh gosh you are such a beautiful young lady. I love your pictures. I cant believe how beautiful and young you look. Who is the guy beside you? You both look good and i cant believe you were still single until now. I would have thought that a sweet lady like you wouldnt be but maybe that was for a reason.
I wouldnt have met someone like you if you were already taken.
Gosh your smiles are the cutest in the whole of the states.
You look amazing and i cant help but amaze and wonder at your personality.
Hope you had a good time at your shows and that you are taking good care of yourself from all the stress you are going through.
Try to eat well and rest well too.
Have a good night rest and hold your pillows tight for me.
Your Fri,


'25'25 Questions (His answers)

I found a 25 question thing online and I thought it was a good way to answer the things that you don’t get asked on the dating site. I tried answering them for you. I would like to know the same answers from you if you have the time.

25 Questions

1. Are you divorced,separated,widowed or never married.Do you have kids?....I am widowed. I lost my wife to the cancer of the lungs 5 years ago. I have a daughter who lives away from me but we do get together every weekends.

2. Do you work or retired?.....I used to work with Eastland Energy Group Inc. but i quit from working because i thought i needed some time on my own to take care of myself but i think i was wrong because i have been so lonely being on my own so i made the decision to get back to work and keep myself busy. Its like an opportunity to fulfill my long life dream from my youth. Loneliness is really something you know.

3. Do you exercise regularly?....Well i do like to exercise and i think it has helped me in so many ways health wise. Am hardly sick. I either go for a walk or go out jogging.I also go biking like three times a week, i rarely go for gym.

4. Are you considerate and thoughtful of others?...Well elaborating might have to show myself as bragging about it but i take pleasure in looking out on other people. We all need one another in life from time to time.

5. Do you treat others as you would like to be treated? Oh thats the Golden rule. I respect it a lot. I do treat people nice and i do hope to get back what i give out in return.

6. How often do you lose your temper?. Rarely

7. What do you do when you are alone?....I do a lot of cleaning, washing, reading, play on the computer, watch movies and most of all there is always a background music to help me while doing any of them. I am not a TV person but get to watch the news.

8. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?...I think i would really want to live in a beautiful and warm environment. Its pretty cold in Ohio and might have to move to a warmer environment someday. Its always freezing here in winter and its not fun.

9. What are your three favorite states?...CA (Los Angeles). NV (Las Vegas). and Florida. Well i believe there are a lot of nice places but i think am carried away by the feeling i got in these places. I think i like NC and MO as well.

10.Do you have any pets?..Yes i have two Lab dogs(Murphy and Jack).I also like cats but never had one for myself. In summary am a lover of animals.

11. Do you enjoy cooking?...Yes i do but with my woman. I really missed those days because i like helping with the cutting and washing of the dishes. I think i would enjoy having someone to cook again with after all these years. Its not fun cooking and eating alone.

12. Are you patient?....Well it depends on the context where the patience is needed because i might not be able to in certain circumstances but i can really be.

13. Are you romantic?..Ummmm am a very romantic person and it would be a bonus to have someone romantic. I do enjoy love stories, i cry over a good love stories and i never want them to end.

14. Do you love unconditionally?. Love with condition isnt true love. When i say ''i love'' i give it my all. That word means a whole lot to me. I dont love conditionally but i dont fall in love blindly, i tend to love after you have meet up with my expectations and conditions. Once am in love with a person or something, then at that point there is no more condition.

15. What's more important to you,Love or Money?....I think if i could ever fall in love again, it would seem to me that i have everything in the world. Love breeds happiness but money would never make you happy. I am not that rich but am not a pauper. I can have all that i want. I am not a person to be swayed by money. When you get older you would really know what matters most in your life. Love will give you all that you want in this life. So at this point i am seeking for a true love that is free of all kind of material attachments. I am not that kind of person that cares about what you earn and how much you have in your bank account, i just want love and care from my lady.

16. Have you ever been unfaithful to your mate?...Never. Am a one woman man and thanks to God i have really been lucky and blessed when it comes to faithful partners and i wouldnt settle for something less than that. I love honest and faithful women and i always fulfill my duty as her partner faithfully.

17. When you go anywhere are you usually on time?...Am always early.

18. How often do you like to go out?.I have been alone long enough that even going out usually doesnt quench my thirst for a company. Am either out shopping, visiting friends, going for a ride, eating out with friends or for an official reasons. Apart from that am always home either reading, cleaning, washing, listening to music or watching movie. I dont have a static schedule of my going out. I go out when i feel there is need for me to or have an appointment.

19. When dinning out what food do you enjoy?. I like having steak, chicken salad, BBQ, Mexican. Am not really too picky when it comes to eating but i maintain high hygiene. I like to keep clean and i dont eat out just anywhere.

20. How much do you enjoy a walk on the beach?..Its always fun to take a walk on the beach and the sight and sound of the wave are really nice. I think its best enjoyed with a company, especially someone so dear to you.

21. How much do you like reading?...I love to read all kinds of books but enjoy fiction stuffs the most and romantic books.

22. Have you ever dated anyone online before?....Never. I was only able to talk to very few of them. I have been skeptical about online dating. My daughter told me about the site and wanted to put me up against my will and i disagreed with her but i was finally convinced after a friend of a friend got married from the online dating last month and my attorney friend also got engaged there. So i wanted to give it a try and i think you will have to be the first woman am gonna date online. So far i think it has been nice meeting you and i want to believe that it was worth

23. How long have you been on the site?...My daughter recently helped me signed on to the site. I asked God to give me that special someone before joining the site. Am a one woman man and i love to give my all to a relationship but we are only friends but if it turns out good in the future i will have to give my all to our relationship and make you the happiest living woman.

24. Whats your favorite color?...Colors has to do with the material or substance involved. The color you like for a house might not have to be the same for a car and probably different from the clothes you wear. I like grey or ash color for a house. I like light green, pure dark red or black for a car. I like to wear any color of clothes depending on the event, time, weather, atmosphere and time of the year. I put on anything that feels appeasing to me with the current situation.

25. Favorite movies.....I enjoy more of romantic movies like The Beauty and the Beast, Nashville, Titanic and more. I also like action movie like Nikita, 24 hours, American Sniper and more.

Take care of yourself and hope you like my answers. I will be looking forward to your answers too. Good night.

Your Friend,

'Do you Believe in God?

Hi Dear,
I am so glad to have you talking to me now. And thank you for all the sweet things you do tell me. You wouldnt know how it makes me feel. I have grown to like you and feel much comfortable with you. I am used to you now and it has been nice talking to you. I feel so special and important again. Thank you for coming into my life. I now come to value my life so much. Just like you know, everyone needs someone in his or her life to make him or her feel good about themselves.....I think you are making me feel that a lot now and i bet am gonna enjoy spending times with you. As far as i have known you, you are an amazing woman. I like your company and i really want you as my BFF(Best Friend Forever).

You know every morning that i wake up i always do kneel down and prayed to God for a lovely day ahead and for his blessings upon me. This morning i asked him to bless the woman i have in my heart. I always begin my day calling on the Lord to bless it and bless the people am gonna meet through the day. I do believe that God can do all things.

Did you make it to service yesterday?. How often do you pray or go to church?. I do go to church service almost every Sunday though i do not believe that you must go to church to be God fearing. I do not believe that you must be a church goer for the spirit of God to be in you. I do believe that we already know the will and commandments of God because they have been inscribed in our hearts.
I had gone to service yesterday with my sister and nieces and it brought back a whole lot of memories holding their hands as i walked into the church. I missed having someone close to hold while i walk into the church. It was a wonderful memory to me in the past when i usually hold my wofe and walk onto the church. I hope i can find another sweet lady to experience such things with.
I would like to know more on what your relationship with God looks like. I went to service yesterday and i prayed for you, my family, for my dreams and for our future(family friends, best friend or something better than!....i like to believe that we have a future together....I feel good talking to you and am always happy with your company. Even if we didnt continue with relationship, i would want to always be a best friend to you and also get involve in each other's life. I have known happiness talking to you.

I was born and brought up in Roman Catholic teaching. I wont say that am too religious but i will say that am more of spiritual. I believe in doing what is right and standing by it no matter what happens. Ever since i was born i have been under the guidance of my lovely mom who believes so much in what God can do. The Lord have been my strength. I cry to him when am in need and he comes to my aid. I pray to Him always and He've never left my side. He've been so good to me and my family, no matter what. Whenever am in a situation that seems to hold no hope for me, He always find a way to come to my aid. Whenever am being misjudged, He always find a way to vindicate me and put my enemies to shame. He've been my joy, courage, strength, help, savior, protector and so on....

I can never say enough of Him because He is a supernatural being. I feel that my faith has been tested many times, but through all this my faith has become stronger. I have a wonderful church family that is there to lift me up when I'm feeling down...and when my faith is low...they are enough to get me through, now the faith i have in Jesus Christ is even more precious. It is my personal expression of trust and dependency on Him, which transcends all human friendship. I know what He did for us was sufficient enough to pay the penalty for our earthly sins yet He goes a step further by offering us a helping hand on our perilous journey through life. In turn I give Him my faith because I feel confident He will never disappoint or let me down.

Whenever i remember this passage, i feel that God knows my problems and so i let them down to Him to take care of it. It is time for us to stop focusing on our problems but start building faith in Jesus Christ. In the gospel of St. Mark 4:35-40 it tells us a story of the disciples who forgot their faith when their boat came into trouble even while Jesus was with them. They forgot about the mighty power of the One who was right there in the boat with them. St. Mark reads ‘The disciples took Jesus along in a boat and other little boats were also with Him. A great windstorm arose, and the waves beat into the boat, so that it was already filling. But Jesus was in the stern, asleep on a pillow. And they awoke Him and said to Him,“Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?”. Then He arose and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Peace be still!” and the wind ceased and there was a great calm. Jesus Said “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?” If our Lord can get the wind and sea to obey Him as He did in the bible, how is it that we do not have faith in what He can do for us? Why are we fearful? Why are we afraid? Why worry for what he knows best? So knowing of all these things i fully believe He can do anything that we ask him to. We should also be wise, because we may not have all that we ask, but be lest assured that there is a reason behind any unanswered prayers. Well it looks like am trying to be a preacher here, but believe me i was just carried away because of my unwavering trust in Him. I also want you to worry less about any problem that you might be under-going because i have gotten that inspiration that i need to step up to what He will do and have been doing in my life. Its gonna be well my dear.
It has not been easy for me with my mom's situation but i know its all gonna be fine. He will never let us down.

I know you are not a christian and wasnt raised with any religious belief but you know that the universe is at least governed by some sort of force and power. Everything happens for a reason and there is always something behind anything happening. I do believe that we have right to worship. Having different religious believe isnt something that can stop us from being friends and more. I think it will even turn out to be fun to at least share your thoughts at every given time your take on any situation and we can compare our thoughts and belief on that. You are simply fun by nature and i know am gonna enjoy spending time with you.
I have nothing against your way of life and belief and i hope mine doesnt bother you as well. What matters is being a good citizen because Jesus told us to give to Caesar was was Caesar and to God what was God.

I do hope to read from you in the morning. Have a good night sleep tonight and try to take care of yourself.
Your Bestie,


MY Dreams and Aspirations

Hi babe, just as i had promised you to write you and tell you more about my inspirations, aspirations and dreams. Its so nice to read back from you and reading through your email means a lot to me. Like you had said each time we get to read from each other we definitely have something new to learn about each other. I will always tell you more about me and i hope to learn more about you too. Whatever you would like to get to know about me, you just have to ask and i will answer you.
Tell me do you have any dream as a youth? Have you ever felt the need to accomplish something? Tell me about your inspirations and aspirations and the things you dream to accomplish in life.

My inspiration in life came from what i went through as a kid. Like i had told you i was born and brought up without the love and care of my father and only my mom was there taking care of us as we grew up. Its hard to be abandoned and as a child it had some emotional and psychological effects on me. Often as i was growing up i would hear other kids telling stories of their encounter with their father and things they did with their father but that was not for me. I never had any precious memory of my father. Sometimes some would mock me and i will cry in a corner. I often turn out to be violent because of the things they had told me and i would go into fight with them. Now knowing how i felt as a little child i tried to compare my experience with that of the orphans who have absolutely no mother nor father to take care of them.

Well having gone through a lot as a little child i wasnt built to break and i was so optimistic. I had this dream from my youth to be an independent Engineer. I wanted to establish a construction company that would be reliable and efficient. A company through which i can reach out to less privileged. I wanted to build an orphanage home where i can care for little children that has no one to take care of them. I wanted that so much but because of many difficulties and hardship i went through earlier in my life i couldnt see that dream come true. I really had a lot of hard times as a youth and i mean serious setbacks.

When i lost my wife i was so down and sad and had no zeal to live anymore. I felt like i have no reason for living on again. I lost the way and the will to continue living because of all i went through. I hope to tell you about that someday because sometimes i chose not to think or remember them. So after i lost my wife i took a leave from work because i couldnt concentrate most of the times. I later went back after mourning her but that was for a while. After some time, i felt like i needed to be on my own and have time for myself and rest up myself. I thought it was a good decision for me but at a point i became so lonely and bored because i had no one by my side to spend time with. My daughter got divorced with no kids. If i had grand kids it would have been better because i will have them come over to keep me company. I missed not having them so much because i love little kids. I only get to see and spend time with my daughter only on the weekends so i decided to get back to work again.

Thats how the inspiration to dust off my dreams came back to me. I started working on it and i didnt want to go back working under someone else anymore. I had worked with Telfer Oil Company back in California and with Eastland Energy Group Inc. hence i made the decision considering how uncomfortable it has been for me all those years. I made the resolve that i would achieve that for myself. I met with my attorney and we started working even though he had wanted to retire from his job i tried to convince him and he agreed to my plea. He has been a friend over the year and he agreed with me and told me my idea was good and that he was ready to help me achieve my dream. Through his help we were able to apply with many firms all over the country. Lately i have been waiting and hoping to hear from any of them for an interview.

I know that one would be wondering why i had to begin this quest at my age. Well i know am not getting any younger but i still feel like a boy. I am vibrant and strong and I believe that i can achieve whatever i make up my mind to do. I am young at heart and my body have never told me anything different so am still strong and i know i will be fine since i have the motivations from within my hearts.

Well i have always felt so bad for little kids who have no parents to look after them. Right from when i was growing up,i hated the fact that our dad didnt care about us and it was so hard growing up without a fathers love. It still pains me until now and sometimes when i imagine not having my mom around to take care of us and do those things she did for us,i used to imagine what it would have been like without her. And so i have come to realize the pain and suffering the orphan would be going through and if i could be able to help even one of them in that perilous situation then i would be happy that i did. I want to be able to set up a home for them where they can be taken care of and looked after.

Its not going to be easy but it has been the reason why i came out even stronger struggling to be successful so that i could do it for them even when it seems so hard and difficult. I have no grand kids and i missed that so much but yet i love little children and would be glad to be able to treat those orphans as mine. Well i hope you will get to understand more reading these now. I sincerely hope to have someone to assist me and help me realize my dream. I am hoping and praying that the woman i would fall in love with and live together with would have concern for the less privileged and care for the needy. I am hoping that she can support me to see my dreams realized in any way she can. You have shown me so far that you could make any man happy. I have realized that you make my heart stable and stronger with your words and company and i appreciate all your times with me. I cant thank you enough for coming into my life because you have made it so beautiful. I hope you take good care of yourself for me and be a good girl always.
Your Best Friend,

2015-11-17, 11:58:02
I got the same document along with others to convince me he would be a milionaire shortly.

2015-11-17, 11:58:51
page 2

2015-11-17, 12:03:32
more collateral documents to support his $3.2 million dollar contract hahaha

2015-11-17, 12:15:28
Romance Scammer Mark J Hammerstein, stolen identity




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