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Dating scammer jessica santos


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Name: jessica santos



Other Comments:
Ok everyone, thank you for posting the latest updates on this. It seems this person is now a Jessica Santos, who was on as easylifefloo. This account was no longer available after I contacted them via email. They want you to e-mail them on emailed back a few times, quite lengthy, but really all conversational and nothing private. Things did not add up and at this point I haven't been asked for money. However, the description given here is similar: I am a' Leo'; I was born in the month of August on the 2nd day. Hair: Light Brown, Height: 5'7' , Eyes: Blue, Bust: 34', Dress: 6, Waist: 27',Shoe: 7.5 - 8, Hips: 35

This description is only a difference of a few minor changes from what a previous jessica michaels posted that people reported. Besides, it is too coincidental with everything else this person has posted.

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2013-11-04, 12:42:36
Tooth and smile are not same to Bax.

Do you remember this one ?

2013-11-19, 06:39:06
anonymous from Rochester, United States  
I recieved an email from 'Jessica Santos' through Requesting me email her directly as she has not set up a payable account yet.
I went ahead and emailed her back and simple said thanks for the intrest in my profile. Could you send me some photos. two weeks later i recieved the following.

Jessica Santos
3:58 AM (2 hours ago)

to me

Just got to see that u emailed me. As you can see I've not subscribed yet on the dating-site, that's why i kept my contact and give it a try on my profile. It's good hearing from you and of which thank you for been interested and going through my profile. Where are you from? However I hope you are not like other men on, cos they do ask for sex and also one night stand. So tell me what you have achieve this year and what goal you have reached and of which tell me about yourself.....along side send me some more pics.
2013-11-20, 21:02:41
~Bax! from United States  
2013-11-19, 06:39:06 anonymous friend Rochester,

This is another much used script. This line is very memorable.
not like other men on (any site), cos they do ask...

The 4th grade grammar also leaves much to be desired.

I hope that you will repost and update this report with all of the
material which you have been given by your scammers.

Remember... Never release personal info or cash to strangers online!

2013-11-20, 21:43:14
Bax from United States  
LOL, Malek!

Do you remember this one ?

Who can forget?
I found myself to be condescendingly over worked.
Exhausted from anxiousness and surprisingly offended!

I'm having a good laugh right now! Bad part is...
I gave-up searching those wenches.
Still uncertain who they are! LOL!
(they look funny anyhow)

2013-11-21, 17:50:56   (updated: 2013-11-21, 17:51:42)
Nice to hear making your mood Bax.

Some picture are from real profiles on dating sites, Facebook and twitter etc. You couldn't find them online, we have to wait until someone be member of this mentioned sites. En will discover about this pix that been used before as scam.

2014-02-07, 16:22:34
anonymous from United States  
Hi. Glad I found your site!

Got a hit by this same Jifnh at y who

She's also seeking/scamming lesbians (moi).
As she posts that her politics are conservative, she's going to be hitting some strike outs!

Has anyone sourced this to Match?
2014-02-07, 18:40:33
anonymous from United States  
Dont you know. When women get to 26 thay stay that way the rest of there life. My sister was 26 for 50 years. Thats what she told me. HA HA
2014-05-24, 21:18:41
anonymous from United States  
I was contacted by jesswestsoft today. I've only been back on sight for a couple days and she contacted me. What should I do about it? I did not give her any information that wasn't already on my profile..
2014-05-25, 04:34:49
Jess West is a lesbian pornstar >> Lesbian 'Jess West' | Redtube Free Lesbian ...

2014-06-01, 21:33:49
2015-01-03, 18:25:07
anonymous from United States  
Thought I would search the name Jessica Santos as she winked me on match. Had her cryptic email as She sent back a novel email asking for more info about me. Said she lost just about everything in her last relationship. Then goes on to say that she is in South Africa buying gold and large volume general items to sell in the US. Gave her description similar to what has been posted before only noting black hair. She attached photos, one of which was posted here but captioned it 'last week babe' funny that the pics she sent and you guys have posted here are of a blond. I guess she got her hair done last week in Africa while buying gold. She also posted that she is currently living at 13745 Martin Rd. In Brandywine, Md. Which is an address of a property for rent as of December 1, 2014. She shared a ton of information, I'm guessing to try and create a comfort level about sharing. She posts a fake address in hopes of getting yours. No thanks!
2015-01-03, 20:40:09   (updated: 2015-01-03, 20:52:30)
DAILY MAIL.COM - PUBLISHED: 12:59 EST, 12 August 2014 UPDATED: 23:53 EST, 12 August 2014

Father-to-be jailed after he plotted to hire thugs to kill his pregnant mistress' unborn baby in knife and crowbar attack. Jamie Smith, plotted to have mistress Jessica Santos attacked. Smith came up with scheme after Miss Santos refused to abort his baby. He paid Steven Blades and a third man to attack her in a remote park. Assault with knife and crowbar designed to make Miss Santos miscarry. Plot foiled after third man refused to be involved and alerted police. Smith has been jailed for seven years and Blades jailed for 12 months.

2015-01-04, 16:59:12
anonymous from United States  
2015-01-03, 20:40:09 Your post is about somebody in the world who has the same name.
Scammers make-up names for fake profiles and money pick-ups, so they won't be caught.
So, snow-balls chance in hell that a real Jessica story is tied to anonymous scammers.
2015-01-04, 17:18:28
Miss Marple from United States  
2015-01-04, 16:59:12
anonymous from United States

Have to agree on this one.
2015-08-17, 13:52:25
anonymous from United States  
Who ever Jessica Santos is, the person is alive and well. Lengthy emails between each other, after I got suspicious, when showed her living at Chambersburg, Pa. then in an email said she is living at Union Station, Ohio. Even has an Ohio number (419) 610-2468. Long story short, after leading her on for awhile, she finally did ask for money to get her things back from Italy. I was insistent, that I wanted to talk first. After a lot of resistance, and, the Ohio number never answers. Who ever it is thought they had me, and screwed up and called me. Of course, not much was said, and got cut off. Guess what people? They did not block call. The number was from India!! 091 748-6780. These people are quite clever. Beware!!! Here is the new look for Jessica Santos. Hope this helps others. Law enforcement should become involved in these scams.

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