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Dating scammer aliviya araka


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Name: aliviya araka


Beneficiary: Ivanova Aliviya Vitalevna.
My address: 606042, Nizhny Novgorod region, village Gorbatovka. Street
Pervomajskaja, house14.
Account number / IBAN: 40817978615531000160.
Pay through: Bank VTB24 (JSC)
Bank address: Moscow, Myasnickaya 35
Zip Code: 101000.

Other Comments:
New Scammer..Must Be Stopped

Already lost some money on this...


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2013-08-14, 11:12:42   (updated: )
[hidden] from Netherlands  

2013-08-14, 11:12:42   (updated: )
[hidden] from Netherlands  

2013-08-14, 20:52:23
Miss Marple from United States  
Thank you Netherlands,sorry that you are scammed ,where did you met this scammer? Do you have any mails saved ? I am not sure on the real ID on this girl,some kind of model,gives hits on several VK accounts with her photos with different names .


2013-08-15, 04:05:26   (updated: 2013-08-15, 04:06:10)
Here she is. She tried to scam me recently...

aliviya araka : Gorbatovka, Nizhny Novgorod : WhoScammedYou‎
Scam: #16466. Scam Alert. Person. aliviya araka. Gorbatovka, Nizhny Novgorod, 101000. NEW DUTCH SCAM Severity: 10. MissinG. Submitted: 08/01/2013.

2013-08-22, 02:53:53
anonymous from Netherlands  
@Miss Marple

I meet this bitch on (dating site)

And i've got a lot of email saved...There are all in dutch..

But not this one:

Hello my love XXX!
How are you today? Dear, I have some news. Now I want to explain to you everything that I have learnt in the Embassy today.
XXX, this morning I went to the Embassy for a visa interview. I didn't have to stand in a queue. First, in the interview I was told laws and rules established in the Netherlands. I should know some of the rules and laws of your country, not to violate them. Then the representative of the Embassy gave me an official document, which highlighted the customs clearance rules and obtaining a visa. They told me that I should give them a Bank statement about my salary for the last 3 months. Representative of the Embassy of carefully leaned over and told me to read one paragraph of the rules of obtaining visa. I carefully looked through this document and read this paragraph. I asked the representative of the Embassy, so he explained to me the more. He told me that my salary for the last 3 months is very low, and with such a salary he can't issue a visa. Because, seeing my salary for the last 3 months he sees that I can not provide myself with housing and food in Holland. After that, the representative of the Embassy asked me to show him that I have the cash, which will ensure that I will not stay without food and housing in the Netherlands. But I told him that I will arrive in Holland as a tourist to visit my beloved man, who will provide me with shelter and food. When he heard this, he immediately removed my visa from my eyes. And then by that action, I realized that he did not want me to grant a visa. I tried to explain to him that when I arrive in Holland, I will live with you, my love. And you will provide me with food and shelter. But the representative of the Embassy told me that it plays no role. According to the law, you can't be my sponsor, because you won't be my close relative. According to the rules I must have cash money, because I'm going to your country as a tourist on tourist visa. The representative of the Embassy told me that everything should be done according to the rules and the law. We cannot break the rules set by the government. XXX, representative of the Embassy told me that I should show him these cash. Only then he will give me a visa. Without this money, I will not be allowed at the customs in Russia, and will not be allowed in the Netherlands. XXX, the law, on these money is established by the government of all countries. For Russia, at the departure from the country to another, the amount of cash money is 4500 euro. Cute, then I asked the representative of the Embassy to explain to me why I should have so much money. He told me that I will arrive in Holland 90 days and my visa is issued for this period of time. Therefore, the amount of cash money is 4500 euro. According to the rules, the daily rate of cash, I need to stay in the Netherlands is 4500 euro. Therefore, the representative of the Embassy of the calculation made: 50 euro multiplied by 90 days = 4500 euro. That is why I must show the Embassy that I have 4500 euro for their stay in the Netherlands. I should not have to pay this money, I should just show the money to the Embassy. To prove that I'm able to live in your country. I said to the representative of the Embassy, that I am not such a large sum of cash. Then he asked me why I designed a visa for 90 days, if I don't have the cash. I told him that I was going on vacation to see my beloved man. In my response, he simply remained silent. So I asked why nobody told me about the money in advance. He told me that these rules are told to only interview with obtaining visas. Then I began to cuss and scream, because I think that they are not properly inform the people. The representative of the Embassy asked me to calm down. But I could not rest because I had already in the morning went to the airport and changed my older tickets. Now I have tickets on 2 August. I must come to you on August 2, that is on Friday! I already bought the ticket in the Netherlands on 2 August! Cute, representative of the Embassy refused me the visa. I must show to the Embassy that I have the cash. A cursed bureaucracy. In the Embassy sit only some bureaucrats. They don't believe me, that when I come to thee, I will not be wanting. Without this money, the Embassy will not issue me a visa. Darling, I begged the Embassy to issue me a visa. Because you wait for me, and I shall come to you on 2 August! I promised you 100% that I will travel to you at the appointed date. I already bought tickets! I begged them to give me the visa, because I really want to keep my promise to you. But the Embassy said to me that they can't go against the law and rules, because they can be because of this problem. The representative of the Embassy told me that he will give me a visa only when I show him these 4500 euro. Cute, I must show this money to customs at the airport in Russia, and then at the customs in Holland. This precautionary measure was introduced to the people who have arrived in another country, not stay there without shelter and without food. I hope you understand what I mean. The representative of the Embassy explained to me that before, when visa is issued without these cash. There were a lot of cases that Russian women are leaving for other countries and then not being able to rent a room in a hotel for a night. They ate cheap junk food. And some, to earn money for a return ticket to the Motherland even went to work as prostitutes. Therefore, the Russian government has introduced such rules. To the Russian people and especially women do not fall into the complex situation. To reduce prostitution. So how in the world it is a lot of Russian women who are prostitutes because such situations. Cute, after these explanations I understood why the government introduced such rules for obtaining visa. XXX, I don't know what to do now, so how can I get a visa only showing these cash Embassy. I must certify that I have the money at the customs at the airport before boarding the plane. Now I am one in Moscow and have no idea what to do. Here in Moscow I don't have anyone of my friends or loved ones. I not one to turn to but you. Honey, I'm scared now. I'm afraid that our meeting may not occur on August 2, because now I don't have so much cash. This is the most terrible thing that can happen for me. I believe that when we're together, we will stand with you the happiest couple in the world. Cute, I could not live in this world if you're not next to me. Understand that my heart belongs only to you. And if we are not together, then my heart will be broken. My love, I ask you to help me in this difficult situation. I not one to turn to but you. XXX, you can send me the money? Understand the main thing, that I should not have to pay this money, I should just show the Embassy. I will not spend the money on anything. As soon as I arrive to you, and once you meet me at the airport Schiphol, immediately I will bring you back your money. Dear, please understand that I only need to show this cash to get a visa. Because without this money, the Embassy will not issue me a visa and I will not be allowed on the plane at the customs. XXX, I pray you tell me exactly and specifically, you can send me these 4500 euro??? I promise you I'll give you this cash as soon as you meet me at the airport on 2 August. You have to show me the money to the Embassy as soon as possible, because I must fly to you on Friday. Therefore, you have to send me money to August 2, so I managed to get them and show the Embassy and customs.
My love, I want to be close to you. You cannot even imagine how I strongly wish to be in your hands. This is my greatest desire that I have right now. As I am sure that in your hands I will well and I am in complete safety. Dear, I am very sad that this happened. I really didn't know that I should have so much money, because Embassy says about these rules only at the interview. I now very sad, because I'm absolutely alone in Moscow.
XXX, I worry that because of these damn money our meeting may otlojitsa indefinitely. I am very afraid of this. XXX, I hope that in the moment you have 4500 euro and you can send me these cash. Darling, I ask you to do it, because it affects our meeting on 2 August! XXX, try to find the money as soon as possible, I must have time to show them to the Embassy. I promise you, I will not spend a single cent.
Understand that this is not my fault. I learned all about the visa application process. But these cash only speak the interview in the Embassy. So I didn't could know that I'll have the cash. Honey, I hate the rules of this Embassy. Because I think that they should inform people in advance.
I love you very much and can't wait any minute - I really want to be close to you. For me, the only person with whom I want to be around right now. My love, I ask you to understand the whole situation. For me the most terrible lose you. Darling, I want to be beside you right now I forget all the terrible things! I believe that we are created for each other. I will do my best to not lose you and be with you. I am sure that we will find a way to overcome all these obstacles on our way. We harden our love and we will be together! All my life I have searched for this sincere man like you. And now I found you and I am ready on all for the sake of being with you.
Dear, I beg you to answer me as soon as possible. Because I'm waiting for your answer. I hope that you will answer me soon.
I'll wait for the email from you. Forgive me the bad news.
With love, yours forever Aliviya.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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