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Dating scammer Patricia Haight


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Name: Patricia Haight



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On Sat, Jul 13, 2013 at 6:40 AM, haight patricia wrote:

Thanks for your response..I'm so glad to hear from you and I'm happy to be in contact with a male also happy cause i now have someone to mingle with when i return back to town.. actually,I find my life kind of lonely... this is why i want to find a male partner.. And you should know i'm only here on the forum to look for a companion,future husband,friends and soul mate... so if you're interested in any of my relationship's gonna be my greatest pleasure to mingle with you.. but first, i would like to know more details about you here... so that your personality won't look strange to me when we meet.. Between,i'm still a stranger in the town cause i migrated to the country Early April and i have stayed for only 1month and few weeks before i came down here to West Africa for some claimer.i would be coming back in a couple of days. so it's gonna be fun and pleasure if we could meet for lunch or coffee when i return....And yes i do like older guys, someone with a heart of maturity, that knows what is right from what is not....
i'm alone here in Nigeria due to what i am here for...i have no family or friend... but luckily you're just my first contact from the country.. so i would be so
pleased to induce a lot of my attention to get to know you...perhaps, chatting here first would help us to get more acquainted before we meet in person...
Just a little about me..
Patricia Haight is my real name, I'm age 30...I'm a Christian...i was born in the United State but i was brought up in spain...i'm self employed.. i'm honest, intelligent, social and likable type character. I don't play games and I don't tell fibs...i prefer character to beauty and Age to me is also a number and I don't judge people by their appearance...the Heart is only what matters to me...I am always interested in peoples ideas and also to respect human right to an opinion. I am also far too trusting and I probably will never change.But personality and attitude are most important to me.. i have attached my photo for you to see.hope you like what you see, and that reminds me i do have some tatts on me...How i wish we could connect also on phone...but unfortunately my phone was stolen a week after i came to Nigeria...And i can''t buy a new phone until i come home... so please bear with me here to chat here...
i wait your reply

On Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 3:45 AM, haight patricia wrote:

Hi Dear,
Thanks for your reply. I feel so Glad to hear that you're not into one night stand but also looking for the same relationship interest with me this really means you're the kind of man i've been looking for i like your personality But we do not need to rush yet...we need to get to know ourselves better first cause every Good relationship must begin with friendship...and if the chemistry matches between us I'm sure we can take it from Between..i think there is also going to be a good connection between us since we're both in the same country.
Actually,I'm new to the internet forum but i have been there for 3days now and I've come across few men on the site but none is responsible... only you seems to be Genuine ... so i can rest assure you that i'm real and ready to build up a true/real relationship with you even though its short or long term relationship...and also everything i tell you here about myself here is the real of me... although I'm not intense to keep contact with people on internet...i prefer to meet ppl face to face and talk in person but i do believe one thing that it's possible to find special and good people here on internet forum so this is why i haven't given it a let go. Perhaps,it's just a few couple of days i have to chat here with you before i'll tend to meet you in person...
I hope you don't mind,I would like to ask you some questions
1,What is the most annoying thing that someone could do for you?
2,What do you like to do for fun?
3,What do you look for in a girl?
4,what is your orientation about sex?
5 How long have you been on adultfriendfinder
will wait for your answers before i tell you more about myself..
I have to go now,I'll be waiting for your reply,I will also give answers to the same questions i asked you
Bye for now

On Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 8:49 PM, haight patricia wrote:

Am getting to like you!you sound so gentle,responsible and caring..and for Sure..i would like to meet you for a meal or coffee when i get back.
and i would be so Glad to share my laughs, good times and bad times with someone like you cuz i have a feeling that i will enjoy spending time with you..
But there is no need to rush.I think we can start with friendship...and if chemistry matches between us...i'm sure we can take it up from there... I will give you answers to those questions i asked you in my previous mail just for you to know the kind of girl you want to role with....
what i like to do for Fun.........i like the outdoors...i love the tune of Music and love to go out for Meal/drink or dinner in a
restaurant to hear the tune of music ..i also like to go to cinemas to watch movie,or walk alone with my partner in the beach and rub minds
when there is nobody there and i also fancy window shopping...About my Family and Background.. i was born into a small but lovely Family,which conssit
of Me,my Mother,Father and my Granny. I'm the only child of my late parent...i have no siblings..i have lost my parent since my age
eighteen and was brought up by my grandma who later died of cancer few years ago..Now I'm alone and i need a partner to keep me away from loneliness
My Job..I'm very hardworking and i hate to depend on a man tosurvive...i also don't like people getting to know about my
problem...what i do for a living is a Gold business..i buy Gold bars and melt them and design to form quality pieces of jewelries..i.e
rings,pendant,necklace, earrings..etc.
About my Languages and ascent...i have a Spanish ascent mother tongue and i
speak two languages after English..which is...Spanish and french..
lastly what i look for in a man......well,i don't judge men
generally by their age, appearance or manner..what matter most to is a
Good heart and maturity..i also like it when a man is romantic and caring..
my sex orientation...Sex for me has to be mutual with emotional
feelings and also adventurous from both parties
how i wish i could meet you for lunch,dinner or coffee today...but unfortunately, i won't be in the country until Wednesday..
so..hopefully you can wait for me to come back...
Ooops..this is all i can write for now, Would like to know if you can pick me up at the Airport on my arrival since i don't have anyone to pick me up
Waiting for your reply

On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 8:46 AM, haight patricia wrote:

Hi dear
thanks for sharing so much of you and for giving answers to my really did provide me a Good understanding of who you
are....And your answers indeed sound so peaceful and at ease which is really wonderful...

well,I can assure you that i'm perfectly the kind of girl you're looking for...cuz i have a Good soul and sense of humor...and i'm also cute! and i will perhaps bring out something in you that you can never imagine to know I could do... like challenging you at times to think differently.
i can as well tell you a good story and not the same story over and over. And Most important i'm someone you can trust with your heart that will never fail or hurt
And just to let you know, i have stop keeping contact with people on
the internet since i found you and i wish you could concentrate on
only me too so you won't waste your time experience with unserious
and fake girls on the site ...
well,I wish i could also answer back the questions i asked you but unfortunately,i don't have much time to stay on the computer because i need to go to the airport to Book a seat for my flight against tomorrow ...
moreover,i don't even have someone to pick from airport when my plane lands on tuesday...please dear, can you help to pick me from airport??
here is my flight details if you can meet up!
Take-off Tue 11:30pm LOS Lagos, Nigeria
Landing wed 4:35pm Abbotsford - Abbotsford (YXX)
i hope my arrival time is at your convinient time???
Perhaps,after we leave the airport i would like us to go first to my
apartment to drop my luggage before we later go out to a restaurant
for dinner and talk...And after dinner i would like us to spend the
night or weekend together...either at my place or yours...
if we will stay at my place...i will make you feel comfortable..i live
alone in my apartment and you can feel free to stay as long as you
care to stay....And in the morning when you wake up i will serve you my favourite food..a Suchi, chicken stew with cream salad in a Breakfast tray if you
for more recognition...i would be dress on a blue top with a black
jean so you can easily recognise me at the airport...
sincerely..i can't just wait to meet you cuz i have a kind of strong
confident in you that you will surely treat me right when i get to
your arms...
well,On the right side i think i should have no hidden secret.. it's
necessary you should know about my mission here in Nigeria so it can
ring to your ear about my career pursue and mission in Nigeria..
well,when i was still at teen before i lost my father use
to work with a westafrica security oil company based in Nigeria and
he own buildings and properties here during his service at work...But
after he died the property was left abandoned for 10yrs without being
August 23rd 2010 the property was sold by the Nigeria government and
the money was deposited in a bank...
At my age 25 before my grandma died of cancer... she told me about the
abandoned property with the Original proof of ownership document ..
Oct 30 2011..i made my trip here to Nigeria to claim the property
loot in the bank as a next of kin to my father...
Actually my mission was just to come here and spend some few
days..thinking it's gonna be easy and not a waste of time to get the
loot in the bank since i have with me the proof of ownership and the certificate as next of Kin
to my father..
Unfortunately,when i got to Nigeria things changed! when i went to the bank where the fund was deposited...the manager refuse to release the loot...he transferred me to the Board of Inland revenue service to make a confirmation of all the Proof document of the property and this took about 2weeks
before i was declared as the true Next of Kin....
After 2 weeks i was declared as the true next of Kin...i went back to Bank (DiamondBank of Nigeria).... But unfortunately again... the bank manager insisted that they haven't gotten an
Authorization from the probate to handover the inheritance Loot ...
And after 3days i went to the probate registry to ask about the
Authorization... they implored me to be patient and stop perambulating the Bank, saying that they're still
Authenticating on the Assets .
Then,they requested for my email address in which they can contact me as soon as they have Authorize the Bank to release my Inherited fund to me...
Ever since then i have been waiting here for the Probate to Authorize the Bank to release my fund and but no news from them yet and unfortunately I'm almost exhausted here and even my return ticket back home will expire on Monday
so this is why i have decided to come back home today to continue my
business and wait for the Authorization...
And immediately i get a confirmation letter from the Bank i will return back
here to Nigeria to get the fund or i persuade them to transfer the loot into my Banking account if that is possible..
i have to go now....
please keep in touch cuz i will still need to send you my flight number as soon as i
get to the airport to book a seat..

On Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 8:52 AM, haight patricia wrote:

Please where are you??i'm in a big mess!!! My passport and return ticket has been seized by the hotel management here in Nigeria because i overstayed for 2weeks and couldn't pay for the bill..right now... i can't leave for airport to catch my flight since the hotel has seized my passport and ticket....
please dear, get back to me as fast as you can cuz I can't help myself here alone...

And unfortunately....the money i have here in my wallet is not enough to clear the bill...all i got here is just 300USD and it's 1,000USD i need to pay...
please how can you help me???Meanwhile, i already did persuade the hotel management last 3days that I'm
exhausted and wouldn't be able to pay for my 2weeks overstay until i get
back home... but suddenly today when i was checking out of the hotel room to leave for airport...the manager of the hotel came to double cross my way insisting that i cannot leave
their country without paying for the two weeks i overstayed...and he seized my passport and ticket from me....I just don't know what to do again..I'm so confuse...i feel like the walls
should fall on me...In Between the time, i have tried all my best to find a way out but nothing work out for me..i also contacted my embassy for help but they gave up on me saying that they do not give loan or cash to solve any problem that citizens might incur.Please you're all i got... only you can just save me out of this mess cuz i have no
relative or friend i could call for help! please i need you to loan me 750USD and i will surely reimburse the money back to you as soon as i get back home..I have loads of Gold jewelries worth of thousands of USD in my apartment at home that i intend to do for business......And i'll definitely reimburse back your money to you as soon as i make profit from my business.So please try as much as possible to help me send the fund as soon as you can because i need to fly back home today before my return ticket
will expire...Perhaps, i know you might want to blame me for my overstay in the hotel but it's not really my fault...i overstayed because i was stupidly waiting for the Probate to Authorize the bank holding my Inheritance fund to hand it over to me ...and i actually thought i would pay for my overstay in the hotel after i get my inheritance fund..So please try to be understanding...

You can help me send the fund through western union because this is the only way i can receive money here...all i will need to receive the money is an Identity card...and fortunately i have my business identity card here that i can use since the hotel has my passport..
here is the information you'll need to send the money...
receiver's name..Patricia Haight
text question...Colour
please reply as soon as you get my message... Cuz i persuaded the management to be patient with me to contact my Boyfriend..before i could be able to use the internet....
And soon as i receive the money i will pay the hotel debt and rush to the airport ..And i will send you my flight details and number so as to know what time you will need to pick me up...

Your Love, Patricia.


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