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Dating scammer Elizabeth Dogbe


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Name: Elizabeth Dogbe


Country - Ghana
City - Greater Accra
Zip - 00233
District - Accra Metropolis

Other Comments:
Uses the phone number 233266921649
Said she moved back to Ghana to care for her sick mother who later died and now lives with her grandmother and is studying to be a nurse. She also claims she does not have an up to date state ID so she wants money sent in her bothers name....David.
She uses the name Andriana and has a website that is now down called 'Pretty Marie'. Oh this one got me good but at least I only lost $400.
Oh well live and learn

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2014-07-21, 18:23:29
anonymous from United States  
Some where along the line she got a college degree but yet a couple of emails earlier she was just starting college....Poor girl got herself confused.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Susan Edwards

2014-07-21, 18:26:04
anonymous from United States  
I am posting these photo's in the order in which I received them. Notice how her physical age seems to go up and down. Guys we need to keep our dicks in our pants and open up our eyes and use the thick stuff between our ears.

2014-07-21, 18:27:24
anonymous from United States  
Once again how can you be poor and own a hot tub? Gee wish I was poor!

2014-07-21, 18:32:34
anonymous from United States  
I don't know if I can say this on this site without getting into trouble but here it goes. If you are in doubt about the person you are talking to and you don't see them on this site I would recommend using WYMOO INTERNATIONAL. They are a P.I. firm with agents all over the world. I used them to uncover Elizabeth and it only cost me $275 and the information was VERY detailed and the investigation took only 4 days. Just send them photo's and all the info you can collect on the person and let them do the work and give you peace of mind. Just my opinion.
2014-07-21, 21:18:32   (updated: 2014-07-21, 21:22:01)
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2014-07-21, 18:32:34
anonymous from United States
People can be their own detectives as doing image search online is totally free. I will add links below . Doing researches on anti scam sites are also free . Asking someone on a forum like this is also free . People should start doing researches and do their home work what scams online actually are.Do researches very early on the person you are communicating with ,learn how to spot scams ,learn how to see the signs of scam .

There are some certain rules people could follow to minimize scams FOR FREE,NO COST .

1) Never send money to strangers that asks for money ! Period . Whatever the reason is never open up the wallet . Scammers knows how to manipulate people in all kind of ways and you are scammed faster than you blink your eyes . DO NOT SEND MONEY!!

2.Check for grammar ,scammers are bad in english . Scammers uses templates copy and pasted online. Scammers do not answer questions. Use google to find used letters in other scams.

3. Scammers wants the victims very quickly off the dating sites and wants to have email address to isolate the victims .

3 Image search photos online . Female scammers uses often nudity and known porn stars photos to scam men with .

4. Check email address the scammer uses .Use google here too. Scammers uses often 4you or 2be or similar and are Yahoo users .

5. Scammers uses my angel ,babe ,sweetie instead of names in their mails.

6. Scammers always has dead relatives ,the death ratio is very high in their scenarios. Sickness is very common as cancer .

7. There are no white girls in Ghana or Nigeria that are dating western or American men !

8. DO NOT SEND MONEY !!!!!!!!

2014-07-22, 09:43:45
Pictures of Pretty Marie naked in a hot tub - Coed Cherry

2014-09-02, 00:02:48
anonymous from United States  
My dad was just a victim of this 'Elizabeth Dogbe' person's scam. She told him almost the exact same story&they have been talking for 6-8 months already! She says that her mom passed away in a car accident, so her&her brother David were raised by their grandmother&uncle. She says she has no money bcuz she just finished nursing school&now has to do her internship before she can get paid to do what she does. He sent her money too; luckily not much. He had proposed to her&made plans to start saving money to get her here next year! She said she was 33. She also uses the email address

2014-09-02, 00:19:34
anonymous from United States  
She sent this picture to my dad also, along with several of the other pictures already posted on this forum. She referred to my dad as 'her sweetheart', used very bad grammar when I emailed her&told my dad that she couldn't email me back just yet bcuz the power is always going out where she lives (2-3 times a week!) bcuz the power station is very old&outdated. What a joke! I'm glad I was able to find this&show him before it went any further!! Men need to protect themselves&do their research before 'falling in love', especially with a woman they've never met that claims to be in Africa?! Give me a break!

2014-09-02, 01:55:58
anonymous from United States  
This guy (I found out months later) is a big time professional scammer, very savvy and knows how to spin your head. He will pretend to be rich pipeline entrepreneur that inherited his business from his late father. He said he was sent to Manchester University to study Business degree then came back to the US to take over his late father's pipeline business and that his firm is a supplier to Penn Virginia Corporation. BUT actually I found out later he was calling from Nigeria.

I meet him online on OKC -- and I had to shamelessly admit I got scammed $$$$ by this freak and I want to warn you all do not let this freak fool you. He was very convincing telling me he had payroll issues and asked to borrow money short term. He emailed me a copy of a Bank of America check with an amount of $752,000 and promised that he will pay me back once his check cleared. It turned out to be a fake check, but that was another story how I found out. I know I could never get my money back but I can still do something -- so I am posting his scamming tactics all over the internet so everyone is warned.

Tips: He will start by calling persistently and then sending you fruit baskets and flowers... then he will text and call you non-stop day in and day out like he is so madly in love he can't breath without hearing your voice at least for a day. Then suddenly something happen -- he will ask for emergency money (in my case he had payroll issues and must pay his workers) and he has this thing where he gets persistent and gets mad... if you ignore him... scary monster.

2014-09-02, 02:14:53
anonymous from United States  
Hi, please beware this guy is a professional scammer. He will pretend to be rich but actually he is calling from Nigeria. I meet him online on OKC -- d**n I got scammed $$$$ by this freak and I want to warn you all do not let this freak fool you. I am posting his scamming tactics all over the internet so everyone is warned.

He will start by sending you fruit baskets and flowers... then will call you non-stop day in and day out like he is so madly in love he can't breath without hearing your voice at least for a day. Then suddenly something happen -- he will ask for emergency money and he has this thing where he gets persistent and gets mad... if you ignore him... scary monster.
I swear I could not believe I got scammed. Good thing I got away with it as soon as I smell something fishy. Please be careful pass this along to anyone you think might be scammed by this leech.
Read more at http://www.callerce..RpFI6ta.99

2014-10-06, 05:16:55
anonymous from Montélimar, France ou cynthia cynthia


J'ai bien reçu votre message qui ma fait plaisir.Je viens en ce message comme promis pour vous envoyer quelques unes de mes photos pour faire plus ample connaissance avec vous. Aussi, je me tourne vers vous à travers cette petite note pour vous demander aide et assistance en vous expliquant un peu le but de ma demande.Je m'appelle CYNTHIA LEMAIRE fille du défunt de feu DR.RICHARD LEMAIRE. Mon père était un marchand et négociant très riche d' Or et diamant à Freetown, la capital économique de la sierra Leone. Mon père est décédé des suites d'un empoisonnement après une réunion avec ces associés en complicité avec mon oncle (son propre frère de sang ) Notre mère est morte quand j'avais 15 ans et depuis lors nous avons toujours vécu avec notre père.Avant la mort de mon père l'année dernière en date du 2 Mars 2013, dans un hôpital privé à Freetown, il m'a secrètement révélé l'existence d'un dépôt en dollars (18 000 000 Millions Dollars Américains)dans une compagnie de sécurité en cote d'ivoire cette somme se trouve dans une boîte métallique déposé non comme de l'argent mais en tant un bien patrimoine.dans la révélation de mon père il ma fait savoir sur son lit d’hôpital que c'est la jalousie et l'envie du gain facile qui ont amené ces associés en collaboration avec son propre frère (mon oncle) à l'empoisonné.

Lors du dépôt, il a déclaré «BIEN FAMILIAUX POUR PARTENAIRE ETRANGER» C'est-à-dire seul un partenaire étranger on le droit de récupérer la valise pour que nous puissions avoir accès de ce trésor. Donc, je vous demande de l'aide pour récupérer cette caisse en tant que partenaire étranger et bénéficiaire. Si vous êtes d'accord moi et mes frères avons à l'esprit de vous donné 10% de toute la somme.

Nous avons donc décidé de faire un essai avec vous, nous sommes arrivés ici (ABIDJAN) dans un pays voisin ,le 15 du mois dernier vue la menace de mort proféré par notre oncle car il a confisqué toutes nos propriétés biens matériels, compte bancaire . Il a alors rassembler tous les biens de mon père a son profit , seulement cet argent dans cette compagnie de sécurité est notre seul bien qu'il ignore .

Vue l'importance du contenu de la mallette pour nous, j'ai fais une requête auprès de la compagnie comme quoi je souhaite que la valise soit livrée au partenaire étranger de mon père avec la plus grande sécurité sans que nous perdons la seul chose que papa nous a laisser. C'est ainsi que le Directeur des opérations de la société de gardiennage m'a fait comprendre qu'il dispose d'un service diplomatique au sein de leur entreprise. Donc la mallette va être livrée par voie diplomatique et sous couvert diplomatique à son bénéficiaire. Aussi je lui ai demander au cas si je trouve un partenaire inconnu pour récupérer cette mallette quel conséquence cela en cours pour nous pour ne pas que ce dernier récupère la mallette sans donner suite. Il m'a dit lorsque le partenaire étrange que j’ai choisi se manifestera pour récupérer la mallette ils feront tout pour que j’aille ensemble avec le diplomate qui sera chargé de la livraison de la mallette pour que je sois pesante sans être trahi par une personne inconnu. Je penses que cette voie est la mieux indiqué pour ne pas qu’ont perdent cette valise qui contient un tel bien et aussi pour que la caisse ne subisse de contrôle.

J'attends de vos nouvelles.
Mlle Cynthia Lemaire
2015-02-10, 22:19:49
anonymous from Canada  
She s abitch,,and real scammer ,,stay away from her ???? It cost me 150,,,expensive for a bitch

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