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Letters from Nadya Lopatina (Nadezhda Lopatina)


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To: Dave Mummery
Sent: Sunday, December 18, 2005 12:04 PM
Subject: Hello dear Dave

Hi Dave. How are you? Once again i got your wonderful letter.Its pleasure to know that you thinking about me always,

and writing me even when must go to sleep,thank you thank you!!!!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts,its very good to know that you really very serious about strong

relationship.Because i do want to be sure in man i to be with.i see that you have charming beauty.At first time its

important a bit,but also i can see that your inner world,your character

while reading your letters,and i like it also! I just want to find

right man for me,and be sure in next day,that he will love

me,because im going to give a lot of love to my husband.And want the

same from his side.And be sure that he willnt gone with another young

girl he will fall in love with.And i very glad to see what you wrote about your plans.Thank you!

I am very happy because i see we start our conversation and it works....

And it means, that you are interesting in me. I want that you know i am interesting in you,

but i don't know what will next and what will be in the future.

I am optimist and I believe that most beautifull things are waiting us in future.

I want to tell you about my interests, hobbies and dreams…

And certainly it would be very-very great for me to get to know about your interests, preferences,

to get to know what do you like to do in a free time. I hope you will write me about that.

Ok, what about me, I like to go to cinema, because I like to watch movies.

You know ,Dave ,I can say that I like all kinds of cinema, it is difficult to choose only one kind,

because I like “good movies” and certainly as a lot of women I prefer romantic movies:

at heart certainly I would like to be on the place of one of heroines of these stories.

The most favourite films are "The Lord of the Rings", "The Day after Tomorrow", "The Armagedon".

And certainly all the comedies with Jim Kerry in the main part. Also I like J Chan. I adore the films with his acting.

Though I done`t like insurgents, the films with this actor I watch with great pleasure.I`d like to say that prefer


I think such films are about love, about real love. So now you know about my preferences in the films, if you would like to

invite me to the cinema.

And as for music I prefer to listen to classical music I suppose that this music makes us more pure and improves our soul.

And what music do you like,Dave ? And also I like to visit museums of art. I admire of products of world art.

I think that the language of art is general for all nations of the world, because the language of soul is clear for


My favorite writers are Russian classics such as L.Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.

Well, the most famous books by Lev Tolstoy are "War and peace" and "Anna

Karenina". And by Dostoevsky is "Crime and punishment".

I like swim and i went to the aquapark, here i am... Good swimmer... I like it. Do you have aquapark in your city?

I like to watch tv, most of all i like to watch such programm us "Discovery" i like this channel most of all.... Do you know


Well, because i had never leave my country and i want to see world and this channel help me in my dream..

I watch about countries and about different people... It is so interesting.... I think that i am traveler, i like it and i

want it.

I want to see much thing. First of all, i had never see Ocean, i like it, it is so strong and large.

I want to see New Zealand because i sow nature of this country in movies "Lord of the ring", i like it so much.... There are

no place in the world, what i don't want to see....

What about you? What do you like to listen to? Or what movies do your prefer... I want to know what do you like and what


Hope you will give me this answer....

Bye for now...


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From: <>
To: "Dave Mummery"
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2005 10:12 AM
Subject: Hello my dear Dave!

Dave, hello. How was your day? I hope all was good. Thank you for
your letter and Thank you for all what you wrote me about your preferences.And about
who you are.Your letters becoming a big part of my life,and i enjoy
it so much.thank you!And,yes,you are only man,i corresponding with,i
need noone else,because i love your letters,and i like who you are.and
have no need someone another..
Step by step we know about each other more and more and more.
I like it, i want that in each our letter we tried to tell something
new and something what will be intersting for us.
This is good, we write each other and we answer each other.
I make it with great pleasure, i want that you know all about it me,
i will help you in it. But i cann't write you long letters,
because i use internet during my work time and i don't have much
time for it.
I have no computer at home. I would use the Internet of cafe for writing
you. But it is too expensive for me
It is necessary for me to pay each time when I receive or I accept from
you the letter of 90 roubles, It is 3 $.
But if I send the photo to you i need to pay for this service 4 $.
In Russia only some people have computer at apartment and may use
internet at home.
Most people use Internet cafe. In Internet cafe use computer with
internet for connecting with people and learned
some information. Where are you use computer and internet? In our
city many people have not phone at home,
I also have no phone at my home. I want to have conversation with
you. Of course you can think, wow she know me few days and she begin
talking about money.... Incredibly...
Please don't think wrong...
I just want to explain you Dave, why i cann't write you long letters
at work and i hope that i did it and you understand me.....
Well, what about my job... Mmm...
First of all, i finished university, like a teacher Preschool classes
or teacher The beginnings of Russian language and the literature,
i receive very good diploma and i started work like a teacher.
Yes, i am a teacher. I think it is a very interesting, difficult and
noble profession.
Every day I go to the centre to give lessons of Russian to little
children. Sometimes it is very difficult to work with them because
they can be noisy, inattentive.
The other day children don`t want to work and I understand that
everything depends on
their mood. I am proud when they are successful in something
and I try to help them in any case. Several times a week I have
individual classes with pupils or grown-ups. Sometimes I am very
tired and cann't do anything about the house. But I like my job and
can`t give it up.
I like kids, i like all my pupils like my kids... It is very
interesting to teach,
first time they cann't understand you and they need your helps.
But after some month they can all and all what i need it is make
their lesson most interesting,
find another interesting game for teaching...
This is very interesting jobs...
But of course i have some difficulties when my pupil can do something...
And i must stay after job and work with him in individual.
But there is not much such pupils in my classies.
What about my collaborators, all of them are girls. Our teaching
staff is not big. All of them like this work very much. And we give all
our strength and knowledge to the children. We proud our job, because
we bear knowledge in heads of children and we expand their outlook
Very often we gather together and go somewhere for example to the
restaurant or for a picnic. We all are young that is why we easily
come in contact with each other.
I can tell you a lot of funny stories which sometimes happen at my
work. For example there is a young woman who looks a little girl.
And very often parents of our children
ask her to call a teacher when she tries to explain them something.
And the parents are always very surprised when they have learned
that she herself is a teacher.
Well, it is all what i can tell you about my work. What do you do?
What is your job?
Do you work for yourself or you work in factory or something else....
Please Dave tell me about place where are you work....
By the way, if you want to know how much money my sallary 120 usd per
And my work time 8 hour a day and 6 day in a week...
I will see what i can about phone,I know,that our school's phone is
not allow to call even in ather city.And i dont have my own at home.
May be i can call you oneday from post office. I will check
about it,ok?It would be nice,im sure!!and i very would like to talk with you oneday soon.

Most pictures i already send you,are from my girlfriends flat. He got
digit camera from friends,and we photographed each other for very glad that you love them!
Best wishes.

My address:Russian federation.Tatarstan Republic,Kazan city. 600000
Oktaborskaya 28-11
Lopatina Nadezhda.

Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 15:34:45 +0300
To: "Dave Mummery"
Subject: I LOVE YOU!

Hello my sweetheart,its so painful to know how much you missing me,Im
so sorry my Davie!If i just could write you from home,then you and i
never miss each others letters. My temperature today is 38,6 and i
feel so bad. But its nice to know that soon i will be under care of my
lovest man,in warm weather, where some days raining.. its so
wonderful Dave,you even cant imagine that rain can be thing you are
dreaming about. We even dont have snowfall because of such terrible
colds.Today is -29C,and in the evening will be more then -32.
I was had to stay at home last days and wasnt able to go to school on
lessons.But today,i was must to go on lessons,because last days my
kids wasnt had "my" lessons,because there wasnt any free teacher who
could change me.And im glad that i did it,becuase after lessons i was
HAVE to go write you,i felt so terrible that you again not hear from
Thank you for doing that things for me-learning russian lenguage.THANK
YOU A LOT!!Im sure you even dont know that you are perfect man for
me,and for many many many other girls on a earth.But You are mine.ANd
iM HAPPY!! Thank you!
Please sorry that i forgot to write my ring size,i always triing to
remember all things you asking me,but when writing you a reply often
forgeting about it.Please SORRY ME!! My ring size is about 16,5 but im
not sure if you using the same sizes as in Russia.Probably different.
But i hope you can understand how much is 16,5.haha.
Plesase say big hello to Jessica and Kayla,ofcourse it will be
pleasure for me to be on her games.I feel that they are my girls also,
and each parent would be happy to see how kids plaing sport.
Say my congratulations to Jessica about her wons.She really COOL girl.
Its amazing that Kayla so active in so young age.She really was at
boxing?Its amazing. But its sad to hear that she was hurted in it.
Dont you think that hockey also very strong sport,not for little girl?
Someone can hurt her there,dont you think so? But probably if i will
see her games by my eyes,i will change my mind.
As for letter to canadian embassy,i guess you have no need to write
there. As,i wrote you about what i got know from travel company.
we are not doing sponsorship visa. If Canadian embassy will know that
you are like my sponsor in my coming to you, they willnt allow me to
come to you so easy,and will force me and you do a lot of paperwork
for it. I wrote you already in previous letters,that you have no need
to write there,it can only make my coming to you much harder.
we will contack with imigration service and your goverment when we
will be together already,and it will be easier for us to do on your
side to make me family visa or creen card oneday.
I see that Olga wrote you,i will say her big thanks when will see her
again. I wasnt able to write you, and when Olga came to me to look how
i am in sicking,i asked her to go to internet cafe and write you from
my email.ANd im glad that she wrote you,and you understood what with
So,i better go home in terrible cold,and better will heal
myself before our meeting.Dont want you see me sicking...hahaha.
ah,you also asked about 1200,im sure it will be enough for ticket,
i repeating that to reserve cheap ticket,it would be better to do
Have a good days my sweetheart,and always know that Im here missing
you the same as you miss me.Because YA TEBYA LUBLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tvoia Nadya !

From: <>
To: "Dave Mummery"
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 10:18 AM
Subject: Hello my dear Davie

Hi my friend and how do you do?
I hope that all was fine and you was glad to receive my letter. Me
I see that you had decided our future for both of i
know why,but i
absolutely sure that our meeting will happen.Something inside me
me to believe in each your word. But at first you must
im not such kind of woman who Need gold and diamonds.Women's beauty
in her.Her looks,and her inner word.I know that i will be absolutely
beautiful for my man,and i dont need any jewelry to prove it.Not that
im beautiful,I do not need my man prove me his love by buing me
jewelry.Much better,if he will present me beautiful flowers on some
holidays,its simple thing can be much better,and looks more romantic
and sweet.
I guess i told you my Davie,that our school's phone not allow to call
even in another region of Russia,because to call there it need to
code of region,and also cost money.Because of it its impossible to
call or receive calls from another city,or especially country,because
who will pay for that calls,school?smile.. I will necessarily call to
you my Davie,i wrote your phone number,and i will call you when i
find way.OK?
It is very good Dave that we have friends, because without it
our life will be difficult. Who can help us in difficult time or how
come when we will need helps.
Of course just true friends. That's why i value my friends and I hope
you too.
It is very good when you can walk and talk about all. Visit park and
down under trees.
Yes, it is very good... As you know i have best girl friend and her
name is Natalya.
We walked much time last time, we spoke about you... I told her that
wrote each other interesting letters and that i started to know you
letter by letter. I like it... We walk and talk. Street by street,
crossroads by crossroads. We walked and i looked at building, trees
neon signboards.
It was so nice. And after it, i decided to write you about my city. I
that you know about place where are i live. I hope that you will
write me
about your town too....
Well, let's start.
As you know my town called Kazan, i wrote you about it in my first
Kazan is a city on the left coast of Volga, located approximately in
middle between Nizhni Novgorod and
Distance up to Moscow - 797 km.
Kazan is a capital of Republic Tatarstan.
The population of Kazan - 1,105 million person.
Now the city occupies 408,9 sq. km. The areas.
On the arms of Kazan it is represented Zilant - the stylized dragon,
patron and the defender of city.
Kazan is a city where there is an East and the West.
At excavation in territory of the Kazan Kremlin the rests of the
which age about 1000 have been found.
In Kazan many unique buildings.
So, tower Suumbike is the highest falling tower in Europe (it on 3 m.
above known Pizanskay towers).
The Kazan Kremlin, was build by Ivan Groznym in the middle of XVI
century - it in 1552 is very beautiful also.
In general, the historical city centre is simply unique, and not only
monuments of architecture, but also
modern structures, and involves many tourists.
The Kazan university, the third in Russia, has been based in 1804.
The main building has been constructed at Lobachevsky.
In general, Kazan is also a large centre of science not only in
but also in the world.
So, Kazan is the native land of organic chemistry, such part of
as orthopedy.
Except for a science, in Kazan also ÷ňóň and culture.
In city it is a lot of theatres, some concert halls, it is a lot of
monuments to people which have glorified
Kazan... In total in Kazan more than 500 monuments of architecture..
In Kazan there is unique in the Volga region and the oldest in Europe
zoo largest in Europe an aquapark.
The history of city also can be interesting.
The big pride of capital of Tatarstan are also sports teams.
I hope Dave, it was interesting for you. And i wrote you much
thing about my town.
I think the town there you live in is also famous in some way and
as well. I respect other countries and towns. I think there are no
towns, there are bad people, who don't pay any attention on the place
where are they live, who don't appreciate all beauty of their towns.
Well, that's all... I hope it was interesting for you, to know about
the place where are i live. I think that after this story about
Kazan, it
for you more native.
Write me about your town, about place where you live.
I hope that you will write me a story too. Make for me small
about interesting places of your city.
Go forward, my friend, in interesting places of your city, I wait it
Ah,you also asked for westernunion. I guess i know what it is,to send
or receive money,yes? I dont know where we have it in Kazan,but im
sure that we have,because i saw advertising on TV. Why you want to
send money to me Dave? I said you that i love to write you,and read
your wonderful letter,and i dont regret that i have to pay a lot for
it. Your letters,and feeling mean for me much more then money i spend
on receiving your or writing you letters.
As for cards,i guess i deleted I checked that it is not
letter from you and deleted it.Administrator teach me that i dont
unknown emails,he call it span,or something like it.
Im so sorry Davie.
And somehow your words about love,not scare me. If i didnt had so
sincere lettersfrom you,then i would not believe in words like love
from man i even dont know. BUt i know who you are,and what you
feel,and i believe in each of your words. Thank you for it.
And else one reason why i believe,because i feel the same way to
Your truely
> sending some pictures to you,in my appartment,hope you will
like it

From: <>
To: "Dave Mummery"
Sent: Monday, December 26, 2005 9:13 AM
Subject: Hello my dear!

Hi...Davie,sorry for made you worry about where i am,i told you that
have too a lot of work,and probably willnt have time to write you
often,yesterday my classes celebrated new year in our school,its was
so wonderful.Each year i love to watch how they plaing and having fun
with Ded Moroz,and Snegurochka. you have Santa Claus,but we Ded,you probably know it.. So from today,im absolutely
free,because holidays came,and i willnt work untill middle of
I`d like to say that you are a very talanted narrator.
After your letters about your city i was so happy,because i had never
leave my country and
now reading your letter i make excursion in your town. It is very
interesting for me.
Thank you Dave very much for it.I think that you love your town and
proud it. I am sure,and im sure it would be wonderful home for both
us,if we will be together oneday.
But i know that much people cann't tell much words about their towns,
because they cann't see all beauties of town. But we are not like
them, we
did it.. Hahahaha
I hope that allways we will tell each other not only some words, but
will be large and interesting letters. Our words helps us to know us
explaine each other about place where are
we live or place where are we work.. Or about what we like and
dislike... Thats' great.... Go on....And Don't stop in it..I love
your letter you had send to me,and i love each your picture. but to
tell the truth i expected more pictures of you since you got camera.
Dont be shy my Dave,i really love to see your photos,and exciting to
see more from you,and about you.
I think that, home is not the place where are you was born, but the
you like, where you feel yourself happy.
If you could know how beautiful forest in the winter` in outside of
when being all in snow. It's so white and seems to be like a fur of a
box. And when it's a frosty sunny day, the snow is blinking like a
I really love this place very much..
Of courese i love my country and i love my town, but i am traveler,
mean that i travel in my dreams.
And i want to see another countries, i want to meet another people,
see how they live and what they to do for living and for fun.
That's why Dave, would like tell to you about my dreams. About a
where are I want to
trip. I hope, that it will be interesting to you....
I would like to visit Asia, Japan, China, India, Europa, Australia,
Zeland, America and Rio...
It 's the most interesting countries for me...
Asian people - so interesting for me. It is surprising, as
they can live
with new technologies and at the same time they do not forget
of their ancestors.
I would wish to visit Japan in the spring, when
saccura blossoming. I have see it many times, this beautiful image,
on TV.
Flowering a garden of these trees.
I want to visit China, because there are the big Wall, i want to see
touch the Great Chinese Wall. And i want to see monasteries of Shao
Or may be I want to go to the New Zealand and visit that places where
shooting of the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings"
took place as you know this film is my favorite and I watched it
times and I find it wonderful.
And i want to visit Rio. I saw carnival in Rio, and after it i have a
dream to see it in real time....
It's so beautiful, many people, much colour dress and dance, dance
I always dreamed about it that sometime I shall see other countries
famous capitals of the world. It will be
interesting for me to visit and see the famous historical monuments
of the
world. For
example, Egypt and its pyramids. I want to come to the USA or Canada
because of its huge modern buildings and the skyscrapers.
In Australia I `d like to see the kangaroos.
But most of all i want to see OCEAN... It is my the largest dream....
dream of seeing it with my own eyes, to feel
the power of its waves with my legs, to look at its huge and
surface. Can you imagine how I want to see it!
But unfortunately now my dream comes true only with the help of
magazines, newspapers and TV programmes.
But I hope, I really hope that it will happen not only in my dreams.
And I
can see all the beautiful places with my own eyes.
And what about you? In what countries and cities have you been? Do
like travelling?
I want to know everything in detail. I hope that it was great placies
you had a great time....
You know Dave it's so pity when you are so young, you have not
money for dreams come true, but when
The youth is far behind, you have enough money, but dreams - not the
Well, i will be waiting for your interesting letter....

Have a good day....

P.S. the photo,where i with picture.. This picture wrote my
father...when he was alive. Im 14 years old on it... hope you like

From: <>
To: "Dave Mummery"
Sent: Monday, December 26, 2005 12:57 PM
Subject: Hello dear Davie again!

Wow, i see Dave, that you like a Christopher Columb. I am so happy
for you
and I a little envy you.
smile..It is great when people can afford to travel.You can learn the
world better when you see it with
your own eyes. It is better than to sit at home and watch TV
different countries or read about them in the newspapers and
magazines.Each Your letterwas very interesting and exciting. I saw
card's you send me,and its so warm my heart,thank you Davie!i guess
both falling in deep uncontrollable feelings,even without seeing each
other in person. But anyway,i like it a lot!And want get more and
more about you!
You know I think that if you were in different countries you should
the dishes
of its cuisines. In each country, people cook something special. For
example Italy
is famous for its pizza, the eastern countries are famous for the
of seafood,
Russia is famous for its porrige and pancakes.
I like to cook very much.And I have a lot of culinary books at home.
always think
that the cooking is women`s duty. But somebody think that the best
are men.
I do not agree with it. May be sometime you will be able to estimaty
culinary abilities.
I would like to ask you Dave, what you prefer more: to have supper at
with your loving
woman or to go to the restaurant.I choose the supper at home when I
myself when I enclose all my warmness and love in the food.Oh, it is
You know I am sure that my future husband will never be hungry. What
be better
for the woman except watching when the man of her dream eat her
with great pleasure.
My motto is no microwaves no semifinished food, only fresh and useful
I like Japanese cuisine as well, it's very healthy.
I think that people must eat only healthy food, that's why much
people of
the west live so much years.
I don't understand peoples who eat only products from microwave...
not healthy food...
And if you still eat from microwave, i promise that you never will
eat it
because if the God will want that our meeting take place, you will
only healthy food, which i cook by myself
Well..... And now is your turn. What do you like to eat ? do you
with my motto?
What are your prefernces in food? write to me your culinary wishes.
do you like
to taste? And telling the truth can you cook?
Write me soon...


From: <>
To: "Dave Mummery"
Sent: Tuesday, December 27, 2005 3:10 AM
Subject: Hello MY DAVE!

I like it. Each your letter, Dave, makes me a little closer to you...
Incredibly, i know much things about you. I know your name, i know
are you live,
later you wrote me what do you like and what dislike, we spoke about
family and friends.
And now i know what do you prefer to eat. I like it, each your
opened me your internal world. I am happy.And I want to be open book
before you.
I want to tell you some important things. About man of my dream and
the most important in people.
At first, I have no any doubts about the age. It makes no difference
me. I think that
the age is an nonexistent parametre. The main thing is to be young
in your soul.
i thiink that for the loving people there is no any difference in the
Secondly, I would like very much that our preferences in food, music,
books, films and
TV programmes will be alike.
I also think that one of the main qualities of the person is a skill
concede. But you
should understand me right I don`t mean that a man is to concede
constantly. No, the
woman should concede either. And I am ready to concede and you....?
Than I don`t like when the men tell us how much money they spend for
woman. For
example: "Oh, Darling, Your clothes is so expensive..." It is not
pleasant for
every woman. But some girls deserve it because they are sitting at
do nothing
and live only with the help of their husbands.
You should understand that In Russia both the wife and the husband
because the
family is not only husband but a wife too. And she also can earn
money for
the family.
I am not afraid to work that is I would like my future husband to be
against of it.
Then I don`t like when the men smoke in the bed. It is awful. There
are a
lot of other
places to smoke.
Then I want very much to find in the man the respect, understanding
love.And I
think the worth thing is the treachery. I hope very much that such
will never
happen in my life. I hope that my husband will not betray me and he
never have
another woman. I think it was not very pleasant for men to know that
their women have
the lovers.
Another thing is how a man can take care of himself.
Man`s clothes and shoes can tell a lot about the person. As for me I
dirty shoes and clothes.
They have no taste. And they can come to the restaurant in some sport
Then a good sence of humour. Such people are very interesting to talk
They are not boring at all.
They can find the way out of any situation.
Then I want my husband, i mean, my future husband don't ask me much
in the
bed for the first
time because I am a virgin. Yes, it is true and i think that it is
most important thing in girl.
I think that it is the greatest present for men. Do you agree with me
My first time will be very important for me. My first man should
become a
for me. I hope there will be no changes in our relations because of
the virginity
will be my present to my man. I think it is very inportant.I hope you
don`t think that
it is strange. It is normal for the russian girl.
Lots of men want only sex. They don't need any feelings. They are
interested only in one
night relations. that is why I don`t find my soulmate among the
men. and I
hope that for you my soul is more interesting than my body.
This is what i wanted to share with you..
In the end,i want to say,that for now,i can say that you are the most
perfect person i ever met,and i guess i willnever meet such
kind,sincere and really romantic man like you.. im not against if you
call me "my Nadya" because i really feel that you are My Dave,my in
heart,in soul,in everything you are special to me.
Best wishes my Dave......... Your

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From: <>
To: "Dave Mummery"
Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2005 8:53 AM
Subject: Re: I am blessed

Hi, my dear Dave...
I so love letters you had send me last time,thank you a lot!I waited
them with impatience and worryness. I was affraid what you will
say,after you will know that i had no men in my world before.. I was
in love with guys before,but it brought only pain to me..But now i
cant believe that i really found man who can be so perfect to me,its
seems like a dream,wonderful dream whitch will never come true.. but i
know that you are real,and each your word have meaning,but not just a
empty words,as most of man saiing..
You know Dave, I love to read your letters and always i reread them.
You're so nice.
You are a very kind man and you have get a lots of wonderful
features. I like you and i wish to see you somewhen.
and in dreams i wish you be always with me. I absolutely believe that
you are that man,i looked for,and dreamed about.
I hope that if we meet somewhen we'll continue knowing each other
better and better.And oneday we will have the happiest family.i know
that with you I will be able to be happy,and oneday I will,if we will
be together.
Do you know how much letter we wrote each other or how much time we
each other? Now i think that i know you so much time.
I think about you and about you and me and all what i understand,is
that i need to meet you,my heart so want to feel you close,hear each
your wonderful words,and say to you my feelings. i think that the
millions of letters can`t replace a meeting.
Just thought I'd write you a short note to tell you how much I
enjoyed to meet you.
Its amazing what happening with me..and with you also.Each your
letter bring me so much of joy.So much happiness,and after reading
your leter,i cant think about anything,only about what you wrote me.
your charming personality and your good-looks.made me crazy
I truly want to give our friendship a chance to grow.
Your last letter,about what you love,proved me that we are the most
common person in the world. Each "paragraph of I love" is common to
me, EACH!! You know why?I know! Only person with a lot of love inside
can enjoy such simply things like sunset,looking on nature,how
wonderful when animals plaing,or just doing things whitch makes their
life. How wonderful looks smile of unknown kid.YOu never saw him,and
will never see him again, but its so wonderful to see how he(or
she)smiling. Very often when i taking bus to school,i looking on my
with her kid,and it so warming my heart.. I so much want to have my
own oneday. And i think that you it will make you also happy to have
OUR own kids.
SOrry me Davie,i have so much thoughts,so love,after your last
letter,but my english dont allow me to explain all of them..
But i can say that its amazing what you wrote in last letter.I
that only i on whole plannet enjoing each beautiful thing in
others dont see beauty in them. Thank you Davie.
And last thing what i want to write here in this letter... I went to
my mother few days ago to the village and I told her everything
about you, your letters. And my mother told me
that I love the narrator of this letters because I talked about you
so warmly. She was
very glad and she said that I love you so much as she loved my
father. And she though my
father is also happy because I found you and we will be together.
Im going to school right now,i must get my salary today,and probably
some extra money because of holidays.
Bye.. my Dear Davie! I LOVE YOU!
you Nadya...

Hope you love pictures i sending to you!The last photo with picture
of me and beautiful flower is my gift for mother on New Year Eve.One my
familiar paint it.I gave him my photo,and he wrote that wonderfur picture.
hope you love it also
Your Nadya

rom: <>
To: "Dave Mummery"
Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2005 11:16 AM
Subject: Im in trouble.

Hello my Davie.Im so sad right now,because i have to ask you for
All teachers in our school expected money today for salary,and even
extra money.but when i came to receive them,bookkeeper said that they
still didnt receive money from bank,and because of holidays money
come only after new year eve.. but today i got specially a lot of
pictures,time to write you a letter,because i knew that later i will
receive salary. But in true im almost without time you
helped me with money,but i gave them to my mom,because her pension's
money always paing late. If you can do anything please do it ok?I
know how i will celebrate New Year eve,and how buy gifts to
friends,and something to mom except of pictureI affraid to
ask for my friends because most of them my co workers,and also didnt
got paid today.I promiss i will return them to you,when will have a
chance!OK,i need to calm down a bit.
Since i come here,i want to write you something about my life...
ah,soon will come a lot of holidays,New Year i will
about Russians holidays.I think that in your country people celebrate
holiday and i want to talk about it
As you know we have Christmas, New Year, Women's day, The day of
in Great War (1941-1945).
So mostly all more or less traditional holidays is the reason to have
small celebration. In Russia there are several holidays.
New Year - night 31 of december, Christmass (7 january), and Old New
(13 january),
Women's Day (8 of March) and The day of Victory in Great War (9 of
May) so
here is at least five holidays to celebrate these times.
Of course we trying to obey most rituals during celebrating these
like Christmass tree and Santa-Claus. Or in 9 of May we make present
our Old men
who won in this war, present their flowers and make concert for this
In Women's Day all men make present to their,doughter,wife..and in this day women
have a rest but our men make dinner and all home jobs,Everything what
in usual life must do a woman.. I like this holiday most of all...
But the main important holiday for me is MY BIRTHDAY, 27 of But each this holiday i become older and older.Of
course i wrote you not all holidays we are celebrate here...
Most of them you didn't hear. For example, The Day of Driver, every
because next two days are weekends and they don't work and can
It is not joke, this holidays make russian men who like drink...
Or The Bath day, of course just for drink in sauna.. I have much such
When the cold weather become and much driver have a risk to make
this day called The Day of Car Mechanician.
We have Police,Teacher,Doctor Days..To tell the truth each
have holiday in a year.But must of them is unknown for
Hope you enjoy that holidays.. Oneday we will celebrate holiday of
both culture.
I hope you will be albe to help me in my situation. Before that year
we never had such bad attitude to us. If we willnt got paid by day
they promissed us today,then im sure a lot of schools will declare
strike. Hope to hear from you soon.

Your Nadezhda

From: <>
To: "Dave Mummery"
Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2005 6:06 PM
Subject: I love you!

Dave,i cant sleep,all day,and now night i Thought up about you,and
relationship,i still was damned my self that i asked money from you,i
should do it from friends,who working not in school...but i was
Shocked after news that salary didnt come,i was so upseted,and only
man,i wanted to share my sadness,and asked for help was only
you..after i
calm downed i wrote you that if you cant then dont do it..but anyway
i very glad that you did and even called me your wife.Thank you for
it,and this is what i wanted to talk about... About our relationship.
But let finish about money,can you borrow me a bit more..i expected
extra money on this salary,and had a lot of plans on them,to buy
to friends to mother,to myself of,and i planned to
invite single girlfriends friends who dont have husband on new year
and make girls party and will have expenses on food,my mom will come
to me
also and
will be with us,all my girfriends know her,and she like good friend
for everyone,and this is very good i think..
because of it i wanted to make special dishes for them.
Sorry for asking you,but since i have a husband,i hope you willnt joking,just i know that for all my friends and
it will be hard because of holidays.
By the way please explain me what you meen "and trust in your heart
for as
you are
probably aware that there are many scams that exist between women
Russia trying
to get to Canada or the United States"
I guess i understood what you are talking about,few months ago,when i
hadnt met you, i saw programm on TV about russian brides that comed
america,i didnt hear about canada there,to mens who,they
they.But after few month of living together,that mens became
different,they forceing that Russian (already)wife do different
bad things,and be with her like owner and slave..
On interview that "Russian wifes" told about how that "husbands"
beated them,and much much was really awfull.
but in the end where showed happy families ,to let know that happy
stories happening also.
I remember that journalist said.. You with american boyfriend you in
love at,you can be happy together,but also can happen that you can be
like slave,in worse case as prostitute in local brothel...
It was terrible.. but i forgot about it,when decided to try my
happiness in internet.. but few days ago i recolected that
information.and glad that you triing to prove that you have not the
same,and will protect me in anyway... and this is whati wanted to
talked about today at night,and because of what i cant sleep today.
But i just notice ,it strange that you wrote in begining,that you
and "using us for different things" like that Russian bride using
" husbands" "for different things" ?i dont understand..
But if there is something i dont know please expain me,i need to know
it!!! ah,you also wrote "I do not feel in my heart that this is what
are doing"
how i missed it before..because of late time probably..
Its mean that you affraid that i can do something bad? hahaha!!How
it be? I promiss you I willnt "use you for for different thing", if
our dreams about each other are true,then we will be that happy
family,i already said about.. So this is that what i wanted to
that we have a chance for our relationship...As you know,I spoke with
mom and i told her about
you,i showed her your pictures and we spoke about your
know about it,but I also,asked her to help me, i don't know what will
happened with me...
She told me that may be it is first feelings between us...
I expained that each our letter makes our hearts closer and closer..
And since not long time ago i understood that i need to meet that
man (you Davie),because i feel that i love him,i feel that he is the
wonderful man i had ever met in my life,and will never meet..i feel
it,and i need to see him in real life.And if its all true,but not a
dream and our feelings to each other are true,then i will the
girl in whole world..I know
it mom,because i love him,and because of it i need to see him...
That UNDERSTAND our relationship...And for it i dont affraid of any
risk,life worse nothing if i cant be with man who seems perfect for
me,and if its true,then I know he really love me,and will always
bewith me,because YOU cant betray me.I sure!
I asked her and hwta we must to do... Don't know - she answered me...
Mom, i need you help please don't say - don't know....
And she gave me her answer
"Well, fly to him leave all what you have here, your jobs and frieds,
leave it and fly, it is not so important now, you can come back alone
or with your Dave to visit us, but you don't have wings and you don't
have ticket and all what you need for it... I see that he is good man
and i don't want that he have a risk with coming to you, it iwll be
dangerous for him, i on't like this situation here with foreing
poeple. With terrorism and explotions. it is very dangerous...
what can i say to you, wait, wait time and it will show you what we
must to do... I love you and i want good future for you and your
and our dad want it too...God Save...i see how you d, i had never see
eyes like now"
Dave, i want to try, to spend some
week or months or probably the rest of my life with you, wake up
together, walk together, make a food
together, i am sure that it will change all our letters and all
letters what we will write each other, but it will be expensive for
us. Don't worry, i don't afraid any type of hard work and if it will
be neccesary i will do it, but with my sallary, it will takes very
very much time....... Oh, i hate it, when money become between two
people... Money, money, money, it is all what stay between us, not a
distance, just money... And i don't know how much, but i think that
not too much for me... If it wil be right, i wil pay all my sallary
what i
will get at the begining of
jenuary and will try to come to you, i dont know what will wait me in
Canada,but i know that first man i really in love with,living
there..and i dont affraid of any risk which can happen,because i love
you,and trust you. I really DO my Davie,and im so much happy because
i absolutely sure that you feel the same for me Dave!
I have to go back, i wrote that letter very very long time,and it
became really late,i affraid to return home a bit. but please dont
worry about,im sure everything will be ok, anyway,i very happy that i
came tonight,and wrote you what i have in mind.. i love you..
and thank you a lot Dave,for helping me.dont know what would be this
New Year Eve without Thank you!

Your wife Nadezhda

----- Original Message -----
From: <>
To: "Dave Mummery"
Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2005 10:08 AM
Subject: Hello Davie1

Hello my lovest,you cant imagine how happy i am to hear from you
today Dave.i cannot search,no want to search for anyone else at
all,you are my Man i searched for. you make me feel wanted,and took the time to know me,and to find out,about me
as a person.I so much want to appear with you right now! hoping to
hold you....and cry in
arms,because im feel myself happy when thinking about you,and cant
imagine what i will feel when finnaly will meet you.i feel myself
like little girl. want like little kids run through meadows..jump in lakes
together , play
in mud...haha....make mud pies, smile, walk under moon & stars....but
for now i very sick,and anyway cant do,but oneday i wish
you be with me always.I will wish
under star tonite that you are happy far away...and send kiss to you
in sky... May be you will feel my kisses on your lips.
I read your letter and it made me so happy.You are My Man and my life
is worth nothing if I can't have you.We love each other and
nothing can prevent us to be together..i think so.
I asked from familars what best travel company we have,andi will goto
there and check how much it will cost for me to travel to you aftern
I dont want you pay for me,i want do it by myself.. just hope it
willnt cost a
I will wait to hear from you soon my love!And I will dream about you
tonight.unfortunately i feel myself very bad,and cant invite
girlfriends to me,my mother came in the morning and got very worry
that im sick,and she looked after me,and helped me to feel myself a
bit better.
I will keep this letter short,but i very much hope my love that you
will understand why.I feel myself very bad,and feel that soon i can
fall,and willnt be able to stand up....
But anyway,i came to you,to say you that I LOVE YOU My Prince Davie!
You are whole my life,and now,i dont know what would i do,if i hadnt
met you...probably i would be doomed on unhappines for the rest of
life... But i met you,and only after it,i understood what is real
LOVE. I feel with whole my soul how deep i in your heart,and how deep
you came to my heart also. I love you so much my Davie,and i
absolutely sure that you can say the same to me,and this is
I wish you to be happy for the rest of your life.I wish you happiness
in everything,in your job,in your family,in your love,In whole your
LIFE! Oneday soon we will be together,and i will DO my best to be the
best wife,I PROMISS!and
i KNOW that you will do the same for me,because i am sure in our
love,and in our hearts...Heart never lie.
I wish you perfect wife for you,because I wish to be perfect for YOU.
I wish big STRONG health for you and your daughters,Say them happy
new year from me. One day you will meet my mother and she will give us
her blessing. Im sure that
you will be very good friends,my mom is very kind,everyone love
her, especially who know her well,and im sure that i can say the same
about you
I must go home Devie, i starting to feel myself worse .

I wish you a lot of joy this New Year,know that your wife is Love
you! And want you enjoying your holiday.

From: <>
To: "Dave Mummery"
Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2006 9:52 AM
Subject: I love you and i need your reply soon!

Hello my sweetheart!! I finnaly able to write to you,and it made me
feel better,i was very worry about how are you,i was sure that you
are very worry and crazy because of my silence,and it made me sad all
time. Internet cafe was closed all holidays,untill today -5
jenuary,and i wasnt able to write you because of it. I even didnt know when it
will be finnaly open,because when i came to write you on 1st of january
it was closed and there wasnt any news on a door about when it will
work. And because of it i had to visit internet cafe each day to check
do it working or not,with each day i feel worry more and more because
i was sure that you are missing me,and going crazy because of im not
writing.. Forgive me,i forgot to warn you that we have holidays untill
10 of January,because i felt myself very bad when i wrote you letter
on 31 dec. But im glad that cafe opened today,but not on 10 january.
And i can write you and say that i LOVE YOU,and WILL always LOVE!!!!
I hope your New Year eve was great,and you had a lot of fun,its a pity
that we wasnt together on this wonderful holiday.It would be really
great,because i love this holiday a lot,and i would wish to spend it
with man i love most of all on a Earth,I mean with YOU... but my New
year wasnt great this year,because i felt myself very bad,and my
sweetheart was very very far,i missed you so much,so i had to lay
on a bed and watch new year programs,and dream about YOU.. my mom
was with me,she looked after me, She saing big Hello to you,and when
time comes to 00:00 1st of january she wished me to meet you as soon
as I want it,and always be happy with you,because she see how deep
i love you. I feel much better,probably only because my mom helped
me,and really glad because finnaly have chance to let you know
AND VERY VERY VERY LOVE YOU!!!! knowledge that you love me the same
deep as i LOVE YOU,and miss me at the same time when i missing you is the
most important things for me Davie.When we will be
together i sure we will be the happiest family from all our friends
families,because it is a MIracle that two SUCH common persons,two
parts of one happy heart,was found each other in two different
countries.we both wasnt "very happy" in our lifes,and we both
searched for "special" man/woman for us,and i believe that it is a miracle
that WE -this special persons for each other- was found each other in so
big world... Thanks god,and thanks to Santa Claus!(smile) that he
gave us hope on New Year,and helped us to meet each other..
As for our meeting, this is the most desired thing for me right now.
my soul got tired without you,entire "ME" cant be
without you anymore,its seems that i waited for it whole my life,and
now i cant keep patience to be with you.But i have bad news,and i
have to ask you for help. I went to travel company on 31 of dec,
as i promissed to you,i was glad that it worked,and i didnt go
there in vain,because i felt myself bad.
I asked there how can i move to man i love in canada.
They gave me answers:
1. They accept cash only, therefore I should pay for the ticket and
necessary documents by myself...
2.I should sign the contract with agency on granting to me of
services connected with this travel...
Under the contract they make for me, all documents (visa,
medical certifacate, foreing passport and insurance) and find for me
the cheapest ticket...
I should pay these documents and ticket.and cried at new year eve
when mom got sleep,because of costs.. I didnt said to her about
cost,because it really immense sum for us.
They will start to prepare it from the moment of payment...
They need 1-2 week for it....
When it will be ready i must go to the embassy on interview with ambassador
All what i must to pay it is 450 usd for all necessary documents and
about 850-1200 usd for ticket.
Depends of date,and some factors they said.
I also wrote approximate flight to Windsor on anyone day,just to know
how it will be, and now i want to write it to you.

from Moscow (MOW) - to Windsor (YQG) i didnt asked what meen this YQG,
because i know that you will explain me.

1 ticket cost 1261.01 + gathering of the airports
i will write flights in a frame that it would be easier for you to
Airline: SWISS Flight: LX1325
Departure: On January, 11, 07:09, Domodedovo arpt
Arrival: On January, 11, 08:50, Zurich Airport

City of change: Zurich

Airline: Air Canada Flight: AC879
Departure: On January, 11, 09:35, Zurich Airport
Arrival: On January, 11, 12:45, Lester B Pearson Intl

City of change: Toronto

Airline: Air Canada Flight: AC7747
Departure: On January, 11, 14:00, Lester B Pearson Intl
Arrival: On January, 11, 15:14, Windsor Intl Arpt

Time in a way: 16 h. 5 m.

You should understnad that its too a lot for me,
I have to ask you can you help me with that money? It
is inconvenient for me to speak about it,im not that person who like
to"ask" but I have to. Its too a lot for me with my salary.forgive
me for it.
I only hope that you able to do it,because if no,then our dreams
will be broken
Well, write me please, what you think about it...
I`m really trust that our meeting is possible,because i know that you
will never leave me please, write me that it is really right...
and our dreams will come true soon,i need to know it Davie,or another
way i better kill myself,if my sincere dreams cant come true.
I absolutely sure that you will help me with my arrival to you,
but i need you confirm it! If you can do it,then i have to start move
some home things and clothes to my mom in a village,i will take all necessary things
with me to you,but general part,whitch i cant take with me,i will have to leave in moms
I VERY VERY VERY hope that in the middle or end of this month we will
be ready for our meeting,because my pay for rent ending in this
month,and i will have to pay again in the end of january,but if you can to
bring me to you,then dont see reasons why i need to pay for

My hopes with you my Davie, please let me know your answer soon,i cant
wait to know your thoughts, oneway i will be the most happiest girl in
the world, or another i will be the most unhappiest maiden lady on a
Earth.. I love you Davie,and hope that our dreams can come true!

Your Nadya

From: <>
To: "Dave Mummery"
Sent: Friday, January 06, 2006 11:06 AM
Subject: Re: Please forgive me

Hello Davie.
I cant write much to you,i planned to only check letters from you,and
read what you will say,and unfortunately didnt take money on long
writing time.
Dave,you right, you absolutely right in everything.One of the most
important things between two people is understanding and ability to
forgive. You have no reason to ask me for forgiveness,because you are
not guilty before me. im guilty before you!
Please sorry me for my rage yesterday.. I just was so happy that
finnaly have chance to write you,and let you know details about our
meeting,and when i got a reply from you i was sooo soso much
after i read it,its really broke my heart.
I never heared about that terrible information you wrote me about,
and it was bad surprise for me,that you affraid that i am not who i
am,adn that you cant trust me.
I felt so much love and dreams about you,and that letters broke
everything inside of me.
Now i understand that you was scared that i can brake your heart.
And that you just was let me know your fear.Sorry for my rage,i just
didnt expect such terrible things in your letter,and thought that you
accuse me in that bad things.
Please say BIG BIG Thanks to your daughter Jessica,her letter was
first which i read today,and she opened my eyes,and after it my love
to you became even stronger. Please forgive me my Davie. I love you.
I REALLY LOVE YOU!And never NEVER wanted to hurt you!
I have to go Davie. Please forgive me! I know that you are the most
sincere man i ever met in my life,and i just want you be sure that
I always was, and will be sincere with you, because i love you,and
if i would lost you,then i would never be happy.BEcause you are too
deep in my heart,and i cant just throw out my feelings to you,to my
perfect man.
Administrators already angry that i using computer more time then i
Please Forgiveme! I LOVE YOU!!!

From: <>
To: "Dave Mummery"
Sent: Monday, January 09, 2006 9:06 AM
Subject: Re: A long wait

Hello my dear,wonderful Prince. I killing myself after i had read your
letters. Davie,please dont hurt yourself so much,You know IM HERE FOR
YOU!! And nothing can happen with me,AND ESPecially with my feelings to
you Davie!!!! I know that you cant look inside of me,and see this
strong wonderful feelings deep in my heart,which connect our hearts.
But you can look in your heart, and BE SURE,if you could,you would see
the same in mine!! Because i know how deep I LOVE YOU,and im sure that
your feelings to me are the same strong. Please dont say that you love
me stronger then i do love,its not true.Its just LOVE is only a word
which tring to describe IMMENSE Feeling between two people. Can you
describe your feelings to me?,your warmness in your heart,your feelings
when you reading my letters,your joy when we will be close,feeling
each others breath,our
happiness inside our hearts when we just will hug each other.Im sure
that noone can give absolutely explanation of this feeling which
conecting two hearts.Its too IMMENSE feeling.. But everyone know that
this feeling is LOVE, noone know what it is,but everyone understand
when it come in heart.... Unfortunately my english for now dont allow
me to explain you everything,what in my mind,and in my heart but i
hope you understand
I love you Davie I know it, and i know that you also have a lot of
love to me. And please dont suffer so much,oneday soon we will be
together for eternity, it seems that we have looked for each other
for whole life,of course since we found each other,and cant be so far
this few weeks will hurt both us,but I always know that in the end of
way, i will hug you in airport, when i getting very miss you,and
suffer because you are not close,but very far,i just dreaming about
that wonderful day, when i will see you first time in reality,and i
feel how happy i will be, im sure you we feel the same when imagine
each other,so you will understand me.
Im very glad that you like photoes i made for you and girls.But you
said something,that you feel very bad because you erased my letter,it
mean that you had lost that pictures?Please let me know,and if you
did,i can resend them to you. Davie, you said that you did send me
some photoes, but unfortunately i have no pictures from you,if its
possible please resend them to me,ok? I hope they also consist of some
photoes of your girls.I VERY VERY HOPE SO!!! It so sad to hear about
Michelle,she probably very hurted,if so,thenyou must help her to
overcome that time.But im sure you would,without myopinion.
You said that you a little envious to my I would feel
the same if you said me that you had girlfriend visited you, i can say
that i would burn of jealousy,even if would be sure that she is just We are sofar,but so close in my hearts .And it is very
hard i know,i so much want to see you always.feel you near.ahhh..
And we can only dream about our soonest meeting, how it will be,and a
bit smile,because we already know that it will be happiest moment for
You asking me what opinion have my friends. I guess i told you that
everyone already know about the most perfect man in the world. Im sure
that some of my girlfriends envy me a bit,but anyway,i know that all
my friends happy for me. I wasnt happy in my life,and now everyone
saiing me that i looks a lot different,like i was born again,with a
lot of happiness inside. And it is only because of you Davie.
Ah,i always forgetting, my girlfriends Natalya,Olga,Sveta,Nadya send
you Hello long time ago. and each time when we meeting each other they
saiing hello to you, but each time when i coming to write you,i
getting so excited after you letters,and always forgeting to say you
Hello from them. so this time i didnt. smile. They really happy for us.
On this week i will start to move some things to village,which not
nessecary for living, and when we will precisely know on what date
our meeting willhappen,i will move last things to her.
I will have to ask friends who have car to help me,so it will be much
easier if i would do it using traing or Ah,i remembered
that you and Jessica asked me about drive license,no i dont have
it,i never had a car,so i never needed license.
As for school,it starts from 16 of january monday, but i cant go back
to work,because i will move to you in soon time. I will have to work
week or a bit more untill school will find another teacher for my
class, and for another lessons to change me. I know that some of my
girls(pupils) will cry when will get know that im leaving them.And it
will hurt me,and im sure that i will want to stay with them.. But i
know that i cant do it. I need you too much, and i want you most of
all.. Im not first and not last teacher for them, so anyway,oneday we
will have to say good bye to each other.this thoughts will help me to
say good bye to them.

Davie,please dont say that "We can survive somehow until we find a
bigger place" Whole my life i lived in small flat, and big part
of families here live in one room flat,like we -i,mom and dad,
Home, must be full of love and care, and its absolutely dont matter
for me how large it is.. Before i met you i thought that i also will
live in 1-2 room flat with my future family. So, dont affraid,that
somehow it can scare But from another side,i know that
you have 3 girls, and each need a room when they with you.. Its
little different then we have here.
I just want to let you know that i can be happy with you whereever
we will live,in small flat or in bigger one.

As for that ticket price i wrote you, i said that it was just
approximate price to Windsor. but if my flight will be in 8 a.m or
earlier or later , i will go to moscow in anyway beforehand.It is very
long way from Kazan to Moscow, so anyway,i will have to go there
I guess you not imagine how it will be,smile. I will start paperwork
immediately after i will find money on it,i cant wait to be with
you,and as soon i will pay for papera as soon we will be together.
You said that approximately by 02 february you can send ticket money.
For now i dont know will i have documents ready by that time or not.
But if i will,then i will get on soonest flight and will go to you.
You see,it depends on when i will pay for documents,and when my
interview in embassy will be. it would be better if i will go to
embassy in moscow with ticket,because in embassy i will receive
visa,and if my ticket will be on hands,i will be able to move to you
without leaving moscow.
I PROMISS YOU my DAVIE, that I will come to you as soon as its
possible. I want to come to you RiGHT NBOW,i want it with all my
but you know that its impossbile, and we have to try keep our
patience. and wait, wait wait.. But as soon as it will be possible, i
will wait you in airport with some gifts to you and our girls from
Russia. Im sure they will be happy,because they never saw Russia.
Ah, i have to go Davie. its amazing. im looking on clock,and see that
i had spend more then 2 hours on writing you, but its seems that i
start to write you a letter only few minutes ago..
I love you Davie. PLEASE,dont hurt yourself,you hurting me also when
feel pain in heart. We love each other Davie.And in anyway we will be
together, because it is what we both want, and it is our destiny.
I LOVE YOU,but i have to end this letter.
Ah, say to Jessica big Hello from me, and kiss her from me.
I so much want to see her and Kayla, very interesting name
And not sure that i pronounce it correct, but she will teach me,im
sure, and to Michelle ofcourse too. Im not sure how old they are.
because i guess you never told me before. but may be i forgot.
I know that Michelle is oldest,Kayla is youngest and beautiful
is my best friend
Please send me photos of them, more more more potoes.Ok?

Your Nadya

Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 17:47:00 +0300
To: "Dave Mummery"
Subject: cheap

i forgot to say,that my interview in embassy will be aproximately in the end of next
week or probably sooner,i will get know it in few days froom travel
company, and my visa will be ready in the same time,as you can understand..So
if i will have ticket on Sunday 29 jan, or at least on Monday,i will be
albe to come to you in that day. Please dont worry,that i can lost that much
money, im very serious person, and since i will have so much money on hands,i
will go in western union with girfriends,and will ask them to take their
boyfriends to protect me untill i willnt come home.
i already thought about it,and im sure that if any bad man could know that
such weak girl will have so much money on hands,im sure i will be dead
in few minutes after i will leave western union,because of it,i already talked
with girlfriends,and asked them to take their boyfriends... Do you see
that im very serious, and dont have wind in head. hahahaha
So,i want you to write me when it will be possible for me to reserve
ticket on that days. but sooner is better,that i could
reserve ticket beforehand,and could find most cheepest one..
If i will reserve ticket not beforehand,it probably will be expansive
tickets left only,because if i will pay for
ticket on lets say friday and my flight will be on sunday,we will have
to choose from tickets whitch left only,and probably they will be all
very explansive,i saw many tickets with
REALLY ASTRONOMICA Costs,and i Do not want you to spend so much money
on it.because of it i want to reserve cheap ticket before hand.
as you told,if there will be anymoney left after ticket,i will give
them to my mom,she will be need them more then me,since i willnt be able to be
with her always.
I love you.
Your loveling Nadya

Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 18:09:23 +0300 (MSK)
From: "flower1310" <>
Subject: nadia is ill

Hello Dave,
My name is Olga,im friend of Lopatina Nadejda,she ask me write you
that she is sick because the wether here was -30 C and her dress was
not warm
She can not go from home because wether is stil very cold and she will
sick stronger if she will go on a street. I hope you can understand me
because my england very bad.
Also,i and all friends of Nadia want say -we are happy for you and
her,and thank you for made our Nadia so happy.And we hope to see you some
She say that she will write you very soon, after she will feel a little
Best wishes to you and she.

Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 23:52:15 +0300
To: "Dave Mummery"
Subject: do not worry my love, you are my LOVE!

Hello my sweetheart!Im glad that can write you today,i feel myself a
bit better,and had told that soon weather will be better, today
already about -24 ,and soon must be -16, and it is very very good.
I have a lot of letters from you,so i will read your letters,and give
you answers if will see any question,ok? But first of all I LOVE
Thank you for so care my sweetheart,i can say that i did as you said I didnt went anywhere unnecessarly,i only was able to be at
home all days, really didnt expext that it will be such great colds
here. And hadnt SUUUCH warm clothes.
Yes,my kids already informed that i will leave them soon.I told them
on previous week when was fine.Everyone was upseted,but few girls even
cried when heared that they will have another teacher but me.
It was hard for me to say to them,and its even harder to see how they
upseted.But i knew that i must do it,i need to do it,everyting is
decided between us,and nothing can prevent me to be with you!!!

Dave,you,i love you so much, incredible. only few month ago,i thought
that only woman can be so romantic,so kind and sincere.I thought that
no man can have so much love in heart as I and all woman do.I of
course i never thought that oneday i will meet really PERFECT man,who
will love me.who will understand me,and really will have the same
heart and soul as i have.We are so common in our hearts, in our
of life, Of LOVE. I even dont have such english words to describe YOU.
Ah,Davie, each time when i reading your letters,i fall in love more
and more, and each time,i feel that im going crazy of love.
ANd still cant understand how it happened with me,that we found each
other.. so casually, so unexpectful.But iT HAPPEN!!!
and soon we will be together FOREVER!!I WILL NEVER LET YOU GO,
And i will DO MY BEST to be PERFECT WIFE for YOU,and perfect MOTHER.
NO words can explain my feelings,and im sure your also. I LOVE YOU!!

How i will get to Moscow? On a train i guess, road will take a bit
less then 20 hours,or may be a bit more,im not sure.
No,i never was there before, and little affraid.I know that moscow
much bigger then Kazan,so it will be very hard for me to find anything.
But im sure everything will be fine,because you are always in my
heart,and it helps me to be strong.
I always keep in mind your WONDERFUL poems,i writing each your poem in
notebook and rereading them when im alone,when feel bad, when very
very missing you. Its really helped me wheni was sick.
will you read me that poems when we will be together?So much want to
hear how you reading them,your pronounce, your feelings on face??
Anyway,i will always keep them in heart,because each your word from
heart is happiness for me.THANK YOU!
why do you asking me that things Davie?
"is does it not bother you to be coming half around the world to a man
you only know through the computer"?
FIrst of all,we both was decided that this step necessary for us,we
both FEEL IT!Dont you??
And you are not man,i only know throught computer,YOU ARE MY MAN!
My DAVE,MY HUSBAND! I feel that i know you,like i know myself.
Because i reading your letters, and I each time found that I have the
same words in heart,i have the same thoughts in mind,
we really absolutely common persons,and because of it,you are not
"some" man, YOU ARE MY MAN,DAVIE!Dont you know it?I guessi told much
time about it to you!!!
I know that you suffered while not heared from me,and that you could
have much bad thoughts,or just thougth that i dont want to write
you,but its NOT TRUE!! I was said you that i get cold in this terrible
weather, and i was had to stay at home all days,please forgive me for
it! I just didnt want to get hard illness, because soon,i will have to
go to moscow on interview,and soon i will fly to you.How you imagine
it, if on our first meeting, you immediately take me at home beacuse
of fever,or something worse?I would never forgive myself if did upset
you so much, iknow that you have a lot of surprises for me on our
first day, and i CANT be SICK!!Hope you understand.
I reading your letter with "Destiny" theme, and its seems that oneday
i wrote you the same, like word to word, or approximately the same,
dont I?? May be im wrong, but i guess im right, or probably we really
so common that have the same thoughts in mind,and even writing the

You absolutely right my Prince, Its very hard for me to be so long
away from my wonderful family which wait me very very far.
With all my soul i feel you,and your girls as really my FAMILY!And its
so wonderful, long time ago ago, i was in big depression,because i felt
myself so thrown,so lonely, I have friends,have my mom,mean i have
people who need me and i need them the same way, but my heart was so
lonely. I was even thought that never will find anyspecial for me,and
will be alone whole life,or at least with some man,who will be good.
nice,kind,may be beautiful ,but he will never "Prince" for me.
And when we started corresponding, i did it like for fun.
It was interesting to get know someone who very far.. No.. i wanted to
try relationship with you, but deep in heart,i knew that nothing will
work, may be you are "usual man", or just having fun with me..
But after few letters i found so much interesting things in you.
I found that you have absolutely same "heart", full of love,the same
lonely, and SOOO ROMANTIC! I was amazed, but also was scared to fall
in love with you,because you are far,and i dont know "YOU",may be you
have wife, or willnt want me in your life. because of it i was scared
to fall in love. But after some time,i had found myself, always
thinking about you, that you never leave my thoughts. And in each your
letter, i felt so much sincere feelings to me, and remember you always
told me, "dear,when you will be ready to be with me?" smile,and
oneday,i had no choice but to say,that I LOVE YOU SOOSOSOSOSOSO DEEEP!
Because i understood that YOU ARE really who you saiing you are.
Really like wonderful Prince from dreams.And i couldnt be without you
anymore. And now, we both planing for our "first meeting" in person.
I absolutely dont affraid,im sure in YOU,and Im sure in ME.
Im sure in our feelings,and that this is NOT A DREAM,as you saiing in
next poem,NOT A DREAM, this is OUR LIFE,our destiny at least.
Please sorry me for brining you so much of pain.I DO NOT WANT TO HURT
ITs NOT TRUE! And it CANT HAPPEN,i love you TOOOOOOOO MUCH to leave
you.ANd you will never lost me Dave..... untill you say "good bye
Nadya,i dont need you" .. only in this case, I will lost you.
I afraid it.... but im believe that it will never happen.
oh, i need to go my davie. its very late already,because took very
long time to write you this letter. I LOVE YOU!Always remember IT!!!!

Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 17:14:22 +0300
To: "Dave Mummery"
Subject: Ya Tebia L'UBL'U !!!!!!!

Hello my LOVEST!!!!I KNOW that you will never say me "leave me Nadya",
I know it, but you was thought that I leaved you since not writing
you,and it Was NoT TRUE!!Iwill never leave you my my DAVIE,because you
are my PRINCE,and my life worth nothing if i cant have you close
always. I will never hurt you,and i absolutely sure that you Will
never do something to hurt me,im just KNOW IT, because I KNOW YOUR
HEART! Its amazing that you have so warm winter, its really WARM!
Our winter temperature is never be higher then -10 -8, only in the
middle of autumn we have warmer temperature.As you said, im warm
blooded, because i cant be in such colds,and always triing to wear
warm clothes even when not very cold temperature. But this colds came
so fast.One day we had -15, and then -25, then - 30++, it really was
unexpectful.and i got sick again.
Probably when i will fly to you,i will have to change my clothes in
airplane or in your airport,because we have really big difference in
weather. Im glad that soon we will directly know when we will be
together.I burn of impatience,seemed that we have been waited for this
"first" meeting too long time, and now we both cant wait when it
finnaly happen.Soon soon soon. It will happen soon! its great!
As for my work,i still on my place,but school already found another
teacher on my place,so it will be my last week in school, kids really
upseted,and each day praing me that i stay with them,and not allow to
another teacher take my place. They are wonderfully naive,and its very
hard for me to explain, that I HAVE TO leave them.. and its very
painfull,because i see that they took offence on me,because i leaving
them.Its really hard Davie, but i "need" to leave them,because i need
to be
with you,for now they cant understand me,and mad at me.BUt with years
(if my kids stil will remember me) they will understand why i was had
to leave Russia.
Yesterday 3 girls came to me after our lesson,and asked me, "why your
husband cant come to Russia,and live here with me,why you need to
leave us,and be so far?" ,its so hard to exlpain that life here and in
your country very different, that you have a big wonderful family there
and that i would never forgive myself if forced you to leave
everything you have in Canada and live with me in Russia.This life
be unhappy for you here. I couldnt explain it to them. ANd just
said,that "he is my Prince,he is my husband, oneday when you all will
older, you will meet your Princes,and will understand that You can do
Everything to be wiht him, even to leave homeland and be thousands
killometers far from it. Because only day,you will know what is true
Love" I dont think that they understood me correct, they are 9 years
old. But may be oneday,they will remember my words,and think "she was
absolutely RIGHT".
After my talk with them,i was so happy, really happy.because i
know,that not often girl meeting their "PRiNCES" , and im so thanksful
to god,that he helped us to find each other. And im so THANKSFULL TO
YOU because you showed me TRUE FEELINGS, YOu toughts me to see deep in
heart,and not affraid to dream. I love you soo Much Davie, and i still
sure that you cant imagine how deep.But when we wil be together you
understand... YOu will see my full of love eyes, you will see my
happiness on face when you are near.
You dont see my smile when i reading your SWEEEEET WONDERFUL
LETTERS,your beautiful poems, no,im not smiling(laughing), i just feel
myself SOO HAPPY,and because of it smiling.
Ok,i will go to home now, must check works of my pupis.
SO,now you know that this is last week im on work. And i also want to
get to you as soon as possible, So as soon as you will know on what
date me must make plans,please immediately let me know,ok?

Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 15:47:03 +0300
To: "Dave Mummery"
Subject: Re: Je t'aime! (FRENCH) for "I LOVE Y0U"

Hello my LOVEST!! Im soo surprised that you decided to come to me
after this months of waiting. And i guess its not good way to
do,because that way
first: you will spend so much money on your tickets here, then back
,and also for ticket to me, and i cant allow you to do this, you just
very excited Dave,i know it, because i feell the same, since very soon
we will see each other face to face after so long time of wait.
And i also already very confused, since we even didnt had such kind of
money on my ticket to you,and now you going to spend so a lot on your
round ticket,and on my also. ,No, you really going crazy AND I LOVE YOU FOR THIS, also. that you not affraid for
doing something crazy !! but anyway, i cant allow you to do this
Dave,its too a lot of money, and also this way we will have to wait
additional time when You will get visa to Me, but my visa almost done.
I will go to embassy next week.And,better that i could have ticket
already, that dont waste time and money on returning back to Kazan.
And could fly to you from Moscow, directly after will get visa.
As for medical certifacate, i already gave it to travel company in few
days after i paid for obtaining visa.I guess one of the reasong why i
need medical for visa to Canada, is probably because of bird's flu
whitch take place in all countries. We dont have it in Kazan or other
big cities,but i guess its for "just to be sure" .
But may be im wrong, i didnt asked why i need medical, i just sure
that its necessary for moving to another country.
I rearead you poem now, its it made me soo terrible regret that i cant
be with you right now. I feel my fault that you are so broken. But
Davie, you know that very very soon, i will be always with you, just
keep in mind, that your Nadya is always love,and will always LOVE YOU!
Only few days left before your Nadya will always be near.. Im so sad
that cant hug you and tender kiss right now when you are sleeping.
Please dont get crazy Dave, very soon we will be together, and you
have no need to get crazy and spend so much money on coming here.
WE will be together IN ANYWAY,i prommiss you. Of course oneday we will
visit all my friends,and my mom, if for that time she still willnt be
with us in Canada, probably even will visit my kids in school (i still
that they will remember me). but at fist time we need to be always
together. even can say alone.
WE have so much to learn about each other, so much to share with each
Im sure you think the same, that our feelings already overflow us
we need to be together soon to share our feelings to each other. And
finnaly be happy of knowing that finnaly we together.
We was far from each other so long time, and i cant wait when finnaly
our hearts will be together. i know that soon my airfare will be paid.
And its brining gladdness in heart that everything will be DONE.And
nothing can prevent me to be with you. You also need to say me when it
will be possible for you to meet me in Windsor in next week. With all
our excitness i forget to ask you about your work.its seems that you
are not working right now? So you can meet me in anyday,anytime?
Or i better reserve ticket where arrival will be on evening? or on
morning? Please let me know!!!!!
Also dont worry about me in Moscow, you worry about me so much,that
even feel yourself in bad health. I asked my girlfriends to go with me
in moscow, i also think that if i will already have ticket on say
next day after interview in embassy,then i willnt go back to Kazan and
will fly
to you on next day.And my girlfriends will be with me all that
time,because they very want to see me off,but even if i will have
ticket on later days,then Olga and Lena will go with me anyway.
They said that it will be interesting to visit
Ok,i will go now. Hope you will have better day today my Davie. Just
always remember THAT I LOVE YOU!! And very sooon we will be TOGETHER
i love you!!!!
Your Nadya

Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 01:04:38 +0300 (MSK)
From: "flower1310" <>
Subject: Je t'aime!

Hello my sweetheart, i came today at night becausei was sure that you
wrote me already,and impatientely wanted to see what it, but i
guess you are very busy. Please let me know about your work, do you
working or may be you on vacations! And also you need to let me know when
it will be better for me to arrive toyou, in the morning or evening or
day, or its dotn matter!? I wanted to go to my mom tomorrow morning,
but then remembered that you was going to western union on that day, so i
will come tomorrow morning to check information about it,and then after
travel agency,and internet cafe will go to her with very good news,that
very very soon I finnaly will be FINNALY HAPPY!! Smile. I love you
Davie,i know that you know it, but iwill never get tired to repeat,that I
LOVE YOU! Probably you went on sports with Jessica or Kayla,please say
big helloto them from me.Soon we will finnaly see each other in person.
I know that we will be best friends,so , i willnt say that i "Hope"
that we will be best friends with Say to them, that i miss
them a lot.but soon we will get know each other better. By the way, do
they understand that i will be their mother in a law? i know that Kayla
mostly living with her mother, but as i know Jessica is always with you,
do she "know" that i will be her mother in a law? But as for me, i
will be happy even to be her best friend, even if she willnt call me mom..
because each mother must be best friend to her kids at first.. ok,i
will go home then... its little sad, that i have no letters from you, but
i know that you are busy.. I LOVe YOU

Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 00:50:12 +0300 (MSK)
From: "flower1310" <>
Subject: Re: Obicham te! (Bulgarian) for " I LOVE YOU"

Hello my sweetheart!!! i just read your last two letters,and see that i
have a lot of to read Please dont worry about me, i
already had back,i came on last train and i was immediately went to
internet cafe,but it was fully occupied,and i had to come here later, but now
i finnaly can write you,and let you know that im OK my dear, its 0:35
very late,but weather today is much better then was few days ago,and its
pleasure just to walk down a streets and think about you.
Please dont worry,im OK, my mother saing big warm hello to you and your
wonderful daughters,i had copied your girl's pictureses and gave them
to my mom... When i leaved her home, we both cried,because it was last
time when we had so long time together, she will come to me in
Kazan,when will be going to moscow,to see me off,and spend last hours together.
She very love you already Davie, because
she see how deep you in my heart,and she really believe(just like i do)
that you are only one man on whole earth for me, she said that she is
very happy to know that her lovely daughter had found so wonderful
man,and that we will be together soon...
She said that she absolutelydont regret about my leaving,because
knowing that im in safe,and with very good man,made her happiest momin the
world/.. But deep in heart,i know that she a sad in heart,that im
leaving, but i promissed her,that she will be with us there,as soon as it will
be possible, and also,oneday we both(you and me)will come to visit her.
smile..she asked me, that in anycase ,she want to be on our
wedding,wherever it will be,in your side or in my ,but i said
"mom, you will be on our wedding in ANYWAY, because you will live with
US by that time" She little affraid to leave Russia and live in
Canada,because she never was ther,just like me,and know noone there, and she
even dont know english..
but i know that she will get know english as i did it,and also,its
good that she will live with us, because Canada have much better climate
and much better medical care, and i very very glad that she will be with
So, Davie,i will read your letters, and then will write you.
But at first i want you to say one important thing:
I LOVE YOU MORE then my life!!! And our meeting is really became
general purpose in my life. I LOVE YOU DAVIE!!!!!

Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 02:50:09 +0300 (MSK)
From: "flower1310" <>
Subject: Nadya Mummery

You asked my mothers first name, but i sure that i wrote it to you in
one of our first letters, but i guess you already forgot about it.Her
name is Olga! Ogla Lopatina, and she live in village called:
Russkoe Nikolskoe (may be better say for you Russian Nikolskoe?)
Davie, i see that you was going to go to western union today, and was
going to send that number after it, but i guess you was very upseted
that didnt hear from me,and decided to wait untill my letter.. I see that
you are again very upseted that didnt hear from me sooner. .but
Davie,you know that this was really last time,when I and my mother can spend
whole days together, and we tried to enjoied each moment together. And i
told you that we both cried when i leaved her, we are not regret about
anything, just.. all people cry when close man leaving... I love you
Davie, and i absolutely have no regrets, you know it. I love you, and its
NECESSARY for me to be with you.. and also ,i know that my mom will be
with me oneday..sooner or later, and i know that she will feel herself
much better in Canada, then in Russia, and its also very warm my heart.
As for nights when im not sleeping... in last months i always hard to
sleep, my happiness came so unexpectful, and SO exciting.
But I never thought anothing bad,i never regret... what about i can
regret? I LOVE YOU DAVE, thats all.. I cant regret, Im HAPPY,that i found
you, that we found each other... at nights i dream about our future,
what i will do,(im plaing to be a teacher there,may be i could be
interpreter Russian-English,or i can teach Canadian kids Russian language and
russian grammar.. but im sure,iwill have to study at first,to have
Canadian diploma),i also often think how strong i want to have my OWN kid
from you,or may be two or more,if you will also want the same, and
thought how to call him,or her...but really dont know, because we have
different names in Russia then in Canada,i guess... but i love name
Vironika(for girl),and Alexanr for boy, but i decided that i will think about
it with you,when we will be ready for it. Its really too a lot of things
went throught my mind at nights.... and only few "sad" thoughts was,
"what if i didnt met you", but im not concerned about it anymore,I MET
YOU,and IM HAPPY!!!!! AND I NEVER regret that MET YOU!!! I LOVE YOU
DAVIE, and ITS IMPOSSIBLE to regret about it in the meaning,
I love you Davie!!! Please write me as soon as its possible,ok?
I hope you will be glad to receive letters from me,
Sorry if i didnt answered on whole your questions, its very late
already : 2:44 .and i just "must" go
Please, if you have any special questions for me,just write me a
letter,with that questions,and i will answer on all of them with big
pleasure, and that way,i 100% willnt miss anything.
Ok,i will go home.. write me soon....
And if you have that western union number already, write me it in m
morning,that i could reserve ticket tomorrow,and write you details.
And wish you great days, untill we meet, then i will take care about
your life, I really impatientely wait to take care about you, with
Russian careness (smile)
Nadya Mummery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 23:54:24 +0300 (MSK)
From: "flower1310" <>
Subject: Re: You will get all the sleep that you need whe you get here

Hello my sweetheart, i olny have one new for you, that i didnt receive
airfare money today, I went to Lena, and we waited for her husband, but
he came too late,but i talked with him, and he will go to western union
tomorrow with me, so dont worry, nothing happened with me and nothing
with money,they in safe in western union...

ah, Davie, i do know that its very long time left since i went to pick
up moeny, but at first i went to Lena,because we talked and she said
that her husband will go with us to proteck us... but he was late in
work, and because of it, i didnt went to western today. I would never
forgive myself if something could happen with your money, if anyone could
stole them, because of it im triing to be 100% protected from it!!!I
know that you understand!!

Davie, you said in one letter, that will write questions in the end of
letter,buti didnt found them... Probably you forgot??????? Write me
soon, i will come in internet at night again, when here is not a lot of
peaople,and you will also online by that time,i guess.. ask me whatever
you want,and iwill do mybest to answer on all your thoughts.. I LOVE
YOU! And please dont worry anymore, nothing did happened, we(i and Lena)
just thought that her husband wil come sooner, but job made him late...
Dont worry,tomorrow he will meet me close to western union office,and
then will go with me to travel company,.. dont worry my Prince!
I will wait your letter!

Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 00:06:28 +0300 (MSK)
From: "flower1310" <>
Subject: Re: My Dearest Nadya

i dont have much money with me to sit here for a long time... and also
i triing to saving as much as possible, because of my soonest trip to
moscow, i absolutely dont know how much iwill have to spend there
because probably i will have to rent room in hotel... But,i will come
later, to see your wonderful letters,
Your Nadya

Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 16:41:55 +0300 (MSK)
From: "flower1310" <>
Subject: Re: No one answering the phone

ah,finnaly i heared from you.. Its so sad,that western still dont open
in your side, i became nervous already.. Please write me as soon as you
can, you said that you will be here by 7-15 my time,its 40 min left,
ok,i will be here too.. I guess bby that time your offices will be open
already. it will be about 9 a.m.
I love you! Write me soon, and please dont ask for sorry, you had no
fault befor me,
i know that you are very exciting abotu our meeting, as i do, and just
made mistake, that all, dont feel fault! I LOVE YOU!

Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 22:50:12 +0300 (MSK)
From: "flower1310" <>
Subject: You are my Everything!! (like you said to me)

Hello, my sweetheart, i just read your last letter about phone call
from western union, and i very confused why they called you, they accuse
me in that thing?That you sending me money on our meeting? I guess its
just big mistake, they just dont know, how we feel to each other, and
that we do really want to be together... ITs not my fault that i dont
earn so much money on my own way to you, its NOT MY FAULT!!! goverment
pay us the salary, and i even can say that its their fault! As for money,
i still didnt receive them, you wrote me too late, but i was hurry to
meet Lena's husband, but i found him in hour only, and when we come to
western union, it was already closed. Im sorry Davie..
But i thought that you will write me sooner, but anyway, Dave, you
know, that i still didnt receive money.
i very glad to hear your answer to that men from western union, I
absolutely believe in you, and if that damn call could change your mind, i
would already go on a bringe, and die... really... i just thought
that anyhow you can leave me, im too sensetive person, and that thing
whould broke everything in me... i just know it... because i love you with
all my heart... and if you will say, "go away", because someone not
sure in US, it will kill me.... Please, when anyone will say you, that
"that Nadya will deserve you: say him F^&k off, from ME!!!.. please
sorry for me words, but i cant understand why someones dont want me to
come to you... But please say it, or something like that(i know only that
"bad" word in english),to anyone who will accuse me in bad things.. and
when i will be on your side, i will immediately come to that man,and
will repeat the same!!!!! Im strong when its necessary to be strong!!!

I Love you, you even cant imagine, how glad i am to know,that you
absolutely trust me..
I know that you will believe that its everything is real, only when we
will be together, but in heart you know (im sure) that I LOVE YOU,and
that it cant be just a dream, I love you TOOOO TO TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
MUCH!!!! Please NEVER Doubt in me,it killing me!! that you can think
anything bad about me,, i did nothing bad, i just LOVE YOU,and think that
you are ONLY MAN FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what wrong in this????
Ah, Davie, i better go, i need to calm down, and think.... i really
amazed by that call...

in the end, i want to add... your money still in western union... and
if you dont want me receive them, you can take them back... just
letting you know....


Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 20:14:12 +0300
To: "Dave Mummery"

Hello my sweetheart, just came back from travel agency, sorry that so
late, i will immediately write you my flight,that you could know it,
and remember, firstly he found most cheap tiket to Windsor witch costs
around 1100d,but i refused it, i will write you that price, that you
could understand why..
it also on 15 of February - Wednesday
Departure would be 2:40 p.m. (my time)from Moscow Sheremetyevo airport
Then airrive to will Toronto 5:00 p.m.(your time) Canada
fligt in way - 10 hours 20 min,.. really never thought that it can be
so long on a plane.
Then i will have to spend 5 hours 10 min in Toronto, and only in
10:10p.m. will fly to Windsor,and would be there by 11:26 p.m.

I remember that you told me that Toronto few hours from your city, and
i guess it would be better for me if you could come to Toronto,and
take me from there, then i wait in Toronto 5 hours,and only then would
come to Windsor,where you waiting me.. And because of it, i decided
to check flights to Toronto, and he found directly flight from Moscow
to Toronto, i paied for it 923 dollars, and im glad that i did
it,because it even cheaper then if i would reserve to Windsor,
the flight is the same, departure from Moscow 2:39pm ,and arrive to
Toronto on 5 p.m. with Aeroflot.Flight is SU303 ,SO you must be
!!!!!!!!!!! in Toronto by 5 P.M. !!!!!! remember it!!
Its a pity.. i wanted to reserve flight on the earlier morning ,that
could arrive to you in day, but that cheap flight is on 2:39 p.m.
He found anothers flights of course, with 2 stops throught USA, but
they cost a lot more , and because of it i stoped on that flight..
Ah, im going to embassy on Tuesday, because of it i took flight on
wednesday... WEEE!!! Really cant wait to share my happienss with my
girlfriends and mom... Do you exciting Davie as i AM???? I cant wit to
finnaly see you!!!!!!!! Ah.... its finnaly going to be happen, thank
you!!!! I love you so much. i will go to mom's village today-
tomorrow, she asked me to do that, when i directly will know dates..
she will come with me to kazan,and will spend last days here with
me..So please DONT go Crazy if willnt hear from me in a day or two!!!!
But anyway,i will say you directly before my moving to her! so you
will know when you shouldnt go crazy because of my silence!!
DAVIEEEE Fillny soon we will be together, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??i still
so amazed, so HAPPY!!! I hope you will return from Toronto with
Jessica soon, i just didnt understand why she going there? Or you will
leave her there,and will return alone? Why then?? I would be GREAT, if
she will be in toronto till wednesday, that when i will arrive we
could visit her and take her with us? Or she could come to meet me in
airport with you, it would be really COOL!!!!
Ok,i will write you latly, really cant sit on place, so happy, so
exciting, and really need to share my happiness with friends... If i
will decide to move to mom today, i will write about it...
hmm, no ,i better will go to her tomorrow morning.. Anyway, write me
soon, I LOVE YOU!
Your Nadya

Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 20:25:26 +0300
To: "Dave Mummery"
Subject: i guess i did mistake!

I guess i did mistake in my letter, may be not, i guess i wrote
wednesday 15 february??If so,then i really too exciting and need to
calm down..haha. of course 8 february!!!!
lets again, that you remember correctly!
Flight SU303 8 february,wednesday, Aeroflot from Sheremetyevo Moscow
14:39 p.m, to
Lester B. Pearson airport,Toronto in 17:00, now its right, Remember

Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 00:14:56 +0300 (MSK)
From: "flower1310" <>
Subject: Hello Dave

Hello Dave Mummery,
im Lena, friend of Nadya,she ask me to write you she is sorry,she want
to write you yesterday and today,but always innternet service was
full,but she was need go on train,
she will back tomorrow with mother and will write you!
From all our friends i saing we very happy she is coming to you, we
wish you happy, and very hope oneday you all will meet us here.
Best wishes to you and Nadya,

Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 21:40:02 +0300 (MSK)
From: "flower1310" <>
Subject: Re: LyubOv' moyA, pridI ka mnE

Hello Dave Mummery,
This is Lena again, Nadya call in shool today from hospital, i dont
know details, but something happen with her mother, she ask me to write
you and let you know that her mother is very bad, probably she will need
operation, and that she must be with her now, she say that will write
you when will have a chance. And she say me to say you that she love you
very very much , but now she must be with mom.


Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 18:02:23 +0300
To: "Dave Mummery"
Subject: im sorry!

Hi my lovely Davie...
I had found internet cafe for writing you. I have bad news from my mum.
She is very bad...
She is also a farm-worker, she have cow and much animals... And it is
very hard for her. but she like it so much...
Much time ago doctor told her that she must be very careful with her
because she had Illness of heart and if it will come back again she
will be very bad...
As you know on sunday i went on train to village,and when i came in
village casually met mothers neighbour,she said that my mum is very
bad,and cant walk,that her heart is
very bad...I made me crazy,i runed to my moms house,and saw her,laing
on bad, she was without mind,like .....dead.... I didn`t know that it
will come back, and that so soon she will be so bad.
I had so wonderful dreams about all of us, i was so happy,that when
she will be with us, she will be absolutely healthy, and all days that
i spend with her, she was so happy, so sunshine.. but now...
I love her and i don't want to lose her.... When we come to the
hospital, doctors didnt allow me to be with her first hours, but i
was under door, i felt that if i will leave hospital, my heart will
exlode.. i don't have right words for explanation what i felt and saw
there when i saw her....
There are much unknown for me devices. I cried, i cann't saw it... She
was like a robot.
Her face was unlive, i kissed her, but she didn't move...
I asked our God help her, please help her.... I love her very much. I
cann't lose her,
i lost my dad, now i don't want that You take my mum, Please don't do
It was the worse days in my life.. When it was first time, she was not
so bad, it was a little easy.
But now i understand that it is very bad and we must do something with
I spoke with her doctor and he told me:" We have not much chance to
help her in our hospital.
We need to going to another more better clinic, which situated in the
Moscow, but it will be cost for us much money...
All what we can now, in our clinic, it is to support her heart working,
but it will be not for a long time...
I am sorry." its was shock for me.i was dead in heart...i cant believe
in it!!!
I asked him if we will find money for it, how much chance we will have
after this operation, is she will be all right?
He told me that:
"Of course we have a risk to lose her, but we must to try save her and
if you need it..." Damn, of COURSE i need it!!!
All what we need now for it,we take her into moscow, in that clilic, i
was had to spend all money that you did send me last time, on road,
and on that days in clinic.. only yesterday, i returned in life,and
understand that i need to do something, all days i was in shock and
dont remember what happened, i just sited before mother and look on
I had asked doctors for what i will pay so much money.And
Now i have information about it...
Operation cost 2200 usd, one day in this clinic with course of
reabilitation 75.25 usd im translating in dollars that you it could be
better for you,she will be there 3 days before operation and at least
week after it...
And about 2 weeks she will be in the center of reabilitation.... each
day is 15,67 dollars..
He told me that all medical preparations and food will be free...
I love her and i am sure that you understand my feeling how it is hard
for me to lose mum.
Please tell me, tell me that you will help me.. I will be working in
your country for it and i promise you that
i will give you this money back.. I cann't be happy with you, when i
will know that my mom bad... YOu know Davie, that I LOVE YOU most of
all, and i love my mom!! I CANT LOST HER!!!!! Please help HER....
I dont know what will be later, i only concerned about my mom life. I
NEED to know your answer, i NEED IT DAVIE!!! Please write me soon.. I
cant read your letters, because i hurry back to clinic, and i just
cant focus mind about anything, But you know that i love you,Dave,
you know it! Please sorry me, for brought so much unhappiness to you,
but i cant leave mother right now... she need me! I NEED HER!!!!!!!!
But you know,that i NEED you also , please dont leave me,even when you
are far, i feel your love, i feel that im not alone in that terribe
days.. I NEED you Davie! DOnt leave me, i pray YOU!!!!!
I love you! butneed to go!,
Your wife Nadya

Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 18:09:06 +0300
To: "Dave Mummery"
Subject: Re: Another day passes

i just read your last letter... sorry that i cant read all of yours..
when everything will be better, i will, i prommiss!!
Dave.. Please, I love you!! You know it, im sure! I know that you
doubt, or confused, but i really do love you . you said right thing,
my place with mom, I need to be with her... Oneday, we all will be
together, she will play with Kayla and Jessica, she very joyful woman,
and very love kids... oneday, she will see our own kids, and this
willl be happiest moments in her life. i just know it... I know that
she very very want to see her grandkids, OUR kids.. this is her
dreams... and NOONE will prevent us to make them happen... i cant
believe that she will gone.. .AND SHE WILLNT!!!!!!!!!
im sorry Davie.. im craing.. i better go... i want be with her now..
I will come here tomorrow, or may be today if will feel myself better.
But please, know that I LOVE YOU, and only thoughts that you are
here..with me.. in my heart, making be feel better a bit..
Please dont leave me!

Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 15:56:54 +0300
To: "Dave Mummery"
Subject: my Davie,please enjoy our love Holiday!

Hello my sweetheart, no i didnt leaved my mom yesterday anymore, i
always was near her, and i sure that you know why....
Yes,Davie,i already gave my ticket back, i asked Lena when she came to
village (when i and mom was still there )to go to travel agency, and
give it back to them,i wrote sanction(dont know how it
call on english) on paper,with my passport details,and Andrey assure
it as a lawyer, her husband-Andrey is advokate (i guess lawyer on your
english), i said that i cant come to travel company by myself,and Lena
have my power of attorney.. She took your money back,and brought them
to me, i guess i wrote you yesterday that i already paid that money
for first time of being my mom in clinic... but i dont have
money on operation at all... We already contackted with all of our
family friends by post mail ,but for now,i have only few answers from
them.. Two moms girlfriends had send about 3500 and 2300 rubley,They
are pensioners,and i know that
they had send all money they have... and im very thanksful to
them.. they wrote that will come in clinic in few days.. ahh..
its about 125 and 81 us dollars.. i aproximately know rate rubl' - us
dollar, but never saw in canadian dollars..sorry please!!!
I know Davie, that you will help us with everything you can, and i
pray you to do it, because im not sure how much else i can find.. i
went to banks to pray them give me money in credit, but they ALL damn
mans! and never help if there is no benefit.. and damn, i already
unemployed, and by rules they cant give me anymoey... I PRAY YOU TO Do
best!!!!!PLEASE!!! I pray YOU!! Doctors saiing that with each day,we
loosing her,and if we will not do operation now, later can be too
late, and she can not overcome operation.. That damn doctors cant
work without money... now they doing best to support her life ,because
paid for that, but they damn willnt do anything more untill money will
be in their hands... before that days, i loved russia.. but now i saw
another side of it.... Please DAVIE! Write me as soon as you can!!!
I came to internet cafe only because personnel of clinic forced me to
leave her room, because of cleaning.. and then necessary procedures..
And i couldnt be alone there, i came to see you...
Davie .. .i have one request to you... its very important for me...
Please send beautiful photoes of your kids and you.. 10 or more..
I speaking with mother.. im sure she hear me.. and i want to show a
lot of wonderful photoes of our future family... She dreamed to see
you in real,and all our family.. and you know her most sincere dream
was to see her grandkids... I will show her, her grandkids in a law,
will show how wonderful our life will be when we all will be
together... and will show that we alll need her in our life. She just
CANT leave us. Im sure, it will help her to be stronger...
I'll come to you today again, in the evening,when i will have to leave
her again.. Please write me by that time!!!
And please,right now,you can help me with anything,do it, iwill try to
convince to make operation as soon as possible, for money i will have
by that time,and i will promiss that other part will be paid in few
days or so... I just see that we cant wait.. my mother cant wait...
and its killing me.....
Please write me today! i need to hear the same words from you again,
like under your wonderful card.. Thank you Davie!Thank you for beling
with me always.... you dont know,how you helping me.. you really dont
know!!! I love YOU my wonderful prince!!! ah.. i just read your
card,and only now understood that today is Valentines Day..
Im so sorry Dave... i really soo sorry that in that holiday you are
alone.. i dreamed about 14 of february a lot, about that wonderful
holiday to two loving hearts, and it came..... but we are alone, far,
and I really cant be happy today... you know why... deep in hear, i
happy that you are always with me, i very glad that i have you in my
life, that we found each other.. I would wish to be with you right now,
to enjoy each second of being near you, to enjoy each your touch,each
your kiss.. I love you Davie more then anyone can love, but today i
cant enjoy anything... only one thing i want most of anything, is if
my mother waked up, and said, hello my Nadechka, sorry that i slept so
long.. when it will happen,(AND it WILL happen )i will cry from
happiness... for now, i also cry Davie, and very very very want you
could be
with me right now... it would help me a lot.. but i know that it will
take lot of time.. and of course money... and right now, we need that
money for our mother,and cant spend on anything else...

I LOVE YOU DAVIE!!!! And will wait to hear from you today evening!!

your cring Nadya

ah, i also have one deep wish to you!And please do it for me! Please
enjoy todays Day!Enjoy Valentines day. YOU know that I LOVE YOU.And we
was born to be together,and its really wonderful ! Dont cry like i do
it, i cant allow you to cry! Please be happy today for both of


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2006-04-26, 10:20:23
anonymous from United States  
I have letters from this Nadezhda Lopatina. Not exactly the same as yours, but THERE ARE many points that I share with yours, all in all, it is the same.. Deceit. Her very first letter indicated she did not wish to play games. I was impressed by the strong statement and I told her that neither was I. By the way, SHE contacted me first, not the other way around. I wasn't even looking for Russian women. I was searching for American women. I didn't even have my photo set up yet but these European women just showed from out of nowhere. I found that very odd but I kind of ignored my internal warnings and unwisely believed. Anyway, I do not need to see what photos you have of Nadezhda Lopatina. I am sure it is the one and same person. I just wish for all those men and women who are genuinely seeking their soul mate would not drop their guard entirely and use a little bit of common sense. Actually, use a lot. I am tired of visiting Russian.detective. Not an activity I want to spend any time at. Life's too short. It is enough to know that the revelation that these overseas nonsense activities is occuring. I would also like to add, that there was a 'Svetlana Prorok' of Ukraine who I corresponded with. The photo of the person who has taken this name is not the same likeness as the photos sent to me of this person. Despite what Svetlana Prorok has done to me, I will not submit her photos to this site. Just will only say, instead, that is not Svetlana Prorok, well, not the photos that I have. I will not send Nadezhda Lopatina's photos either. It is enough to know that letters from these women were sent not to just one person.
2006-04-26, 11:03:09
anonymous from United States  
Just one last comment before I leave completely. have daughters?? They spoke with Nadezhda? Wow. Talk about having absolutely no qualms or compunction. Nadezhda says she loves 'The Lord of the Rings' movie. I'm not a fan of the movie, but I am a long time devoted reader of J.R.R. Tolkiens' works. And in TLOTR there is Galadriel, one of the original Noldorin elves who disobeyed and followed Feanor and stayed on Middle Earth instead of going to the Undying lands, their true home to recover the Silmarils stolen by Melkor now Morgoth. Anyway, there is a test of Frodo and it is this she asks, not verbatim: Merely because she is beautiful and fair she cannot be evil and the foul looking cannot be good? I hope I got that right. Your daughters would be talking to a stranger, I think. I hate to speak like this of someone, but after what I been through and many others may have it can be seen now that there is no restriction and moral or ethical boundaries whatsoever. Which is disturbing to me to witness. I have tried more than once with Nadezhda for her to choose another man who could provide for her but she kept insisting that I was her only 'Prince'.
2006-05-15, 11:45:54
anonymous from United States  
Returned again....Nadezhda doesn't even bother changing her name at all when engaged in contact with me, you, and who esle. Nadezhda Lopatina aka Katya aka Katya87 on American.Singles aka Nadezhda200555867C81(probably got a number or two wrong but that is it) on American.Singles....Sigh....she is looking more and more a conniver and a jiver. Nadezhda was removed from many other on-line dating services especially reported on her on Even practices the art of the thespian as a repatoire. A preqequisite and useful tool in presenting a ruse. Unemployed? I would have continued to provide succor for Nadezhda Lopatina and was about to send her $300.00 on her birthday of this year on March 27th (I'll check the date) but that is because there was over a 14 day abscence of hers where she said there was a communication failure of some kind and I received no notification within that period, I thought for sure she had abandon me and during that period I made confessions to her. Not of cheating but to clear my own conscience and to demonstrate my loyalty and devotion to her I told her about another who was corresponding with me. It's very complicated but in both instances I was not being unfaithful to either of them. One was gone for over 14 days and when I thought for sure that was it, I received an email (this would be Nadezhda) and thought about it, do I want to go through this again? Gave it a chance anyway. Gradually grew to admire and adore Nadezhda Lopatina. I see that must be the idea....The other reappeared again and so my dilemma. The other disappeared abruptly after I sent $250.00 for unknown reasons( I would like to believe due to conscience)
2006-05-15, 11:57:40
anonymous from United States  
And the $300.00 dollars I would have immediately sent as a birthday gift and of my love for her, Nadezhda Lopatina, on March of 2006 had it not been for the odd reply that she gave me when I needed desperately her response in regards to my confessions. I should post that particular letter. All that she simply had to do was state her feelings about it and her standpoint....instead, I received something equivalent to 'talking in circles' or 'talking but not directly to the question'. She went on and on about how we'll go walking together and being this point I'm bewildered, dismayed, hysterical( in a stunned, silently dumbstruck, dumbfounded, dumbed kind of way) I'M DESPERATELY INQUIRING WHAT DOES SHE THINK OF MY CONFESSIONS TO HER AND SHE'S TALKING ABOUT 'WE'LL GO FOR A WALK, WE'LL HAVE GOOD TIME TOGETHER.' THAT IS THE SOLE, PRIMARY AND SINGLE REASON WHY I NEVER SENT THIS EASY $300.00 US Dollars to her, FOR HER. And then I reluctantly did a name search and behold.....surprises, of the most dismaying and distressing kind. David Mummery I was already in love with her and sending money to her. She especially approved of me in the aspect THAT I NEVER LIED TO HER. Yes, I never lied to her, but she certainly has, very apparently. David Mummery I certainly wish you would provide an explanatory reason as to what compelled you to submit these letters. If you want my email address all you have to do is ask. I'm not intrusive. I do not know if your suffering traumatized feelings as the last letter from your Nadezhda is still fairly recent.
2006-05-15, 12:07:01
[hidden] from United States  
I have nothing to hide and am not here on any kind of false pretense. So....your personal life, I'm not interested in, Mr. David Mummery, but should you get over that issue and not let it be a qualm, it would certainly be helpful for the both of us in comparing notes regarding Nadezhda Lopatina then a truth will be discovered and confirmed.
2006-05-15, 12:20:08
[hidden] from United States  

How could she miss another money gift of $300.00 solely for her only. A) She must not have been reading the messages but sending form answers which is odd, because Nadezhda Lopatina it's so unmistakble but her replies were directly in answer to my questions and she missed this easy money and let it pass by? The moneygift was in all descriptions; GUARANTEED HERS. I can't imagine now why she let this one slip by her.
2006-06-03, 15:48:58
anonymous from United Kingdom  
You should post 'her' photos and letters on as many antis-scam sites as you can.



2006-06-04, 01:28:50
anonymous from United States  
I've tried (with the time that I had to me to send my evidences over to romancescam, HOWEVER, there is no page. It's COMPLETELY BLANK. Romancescam seems to be a very good site devoted to purely putting up photos by which the perpetrator/mailer/sender utilize their deceit by. Work related obligations is preoccupying my time but I vow to send these photos and letters to ALL sites that are anti-scam. I do not want others to suffer like I did by this LIAR.
2006-06-04, 01:33:01
anonymous from United States  

I can only wonder if this liar has already deceived another unknowing person.
2006-06-04, 16:35:56 from Canada  
Dear Anonymous,
I would be glad to compare notes with you in regards to Nadezhda Lopatina if indeed that is her real name. I have gone as far as the gentleman from Australia and reported her to Pesidents Putin's office, the Russian Tax Police, the Russian Embassy here in Canada and in Moscow and the Canadian Embassy in Moscow .Oh by the way, I did get over her eventually and now have a honest, very sincere lady in Siberia thats why it has taken me a while in getting back to you. Feel free to write me, am enclosing one of her many differrent pics as I know she is a scam, no doubt about it. Yes she also conversed with my daughters, that's the main reason that I'm pursuing this issue as far as I can go,she can count on it!

Keywords: brunette fake love you sign
2006-06-05, 00:14:47
anonymous from United States  
I don't give a damn about who knows, I've got nothing to hide (never have), my name, my birth name as given to me by my mother is MICHAEL...... This just keeps getting worse and worse. DM, this Tuesday of June 6th, I must take a work related exam, I promise you this, when I am free from this obligation I will personally send all photos and letters sent to me by a 'Nadezhda Lopatina'. This has got to be stopped somehow. THIS HAS GOT TO BE STOPPED. I'm devestated again. IT'S GOT TO STOP! managed to overcome???? My GODDAMN HEART STILL CALLS OUT TO HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GODDAMN THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!
2006-06-05, 00:27:37
MICHAEL from United States  

I don't mean that about damning people, I'm very bitter and sullen right now (and I don't give a damn who knows). I do not look forward to our eventual 'meeting' but this must happen....
2006-06-05, 08:07:41
anonymous from United Kingdom  
To Michael ( Anonymous), you can e-mail your letters and photos as an attachment to Marisa .

This is the contact page

2006-06-10, 02:57:15
anonymous from United States  
The contact page is blank.
2006-06-11, 00:35:13
anonymous from United Kingdom  
It is not blank when I follow the link.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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