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Scam Artist Anna from Yoshkar-Ola


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Note that these pictures show a famous Russian singer Inna Malikova, she is a daughter of a famous Russian composer and her brother Dmitry Malikov is a talented singer. Here is her website:


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2008-10-03, 07:30:55
anonymous from Brazil  
Hello my new friend Luis !!!

I was very glad to receive from you the letter! I have not the house of a computer, and on it at once to you I wish to tell

On the future, it is probable I cannot to you, every day write...... If certainly

All of you will still remain, interested to ours acquaintance:-),

Just as promised, I shall tell about me directly: In the given stage of a life I am lonely. I have no that unique love,

From which dreamed constantly. The destiny has developed so, that on my way of the man which have encountered little bit later, have proved to be not so well. Then divisions followed. But as turn, I meeting it!!! The most loved! I can already find it. Children not, but very much to reach, as I very much as they. When I come to my girlfriend Nejtash constantly, I sit with its son Antonomom. But I do not doubt, that children in me will be, you see, that I am still young. Good with common sense of humour, on it I have many friends. In free from operating time I it is frequent with them at cinema or we leave on walk on our beautiful city. I work in a beauty salon as the hairdresser. I love, when the person cares of occurrence, and I occurrence am direct as a rule observe. I like to play sports meets, a sports hall my loved place.

I live in Russia in the city of Cheboksary. It is very beautiful city.

You know, I more spiritual person. I very much want

To find such person who could be with me to relatives more spiritually.

Certainly and sex for me means much;-). But however I search for the person with whom it is possible

Should speak about all and not be afraid to speak superfluous. Understanding and mutual

Love which I search. You know, me, the intuition actually never deceived.......

Also I think, that it me did not move and now. Though still very much early to speak, about what it

Similar, but I want, that you would know it.

Eyes in me brown, hair too brown.

My growth of 170 centimeters, weight of 51 kg. (I do not know, whether you will understand these units of the sizes).

I was born on April, 4, 1980.

I shall finish the letter,

That you could receive it more quickly. Though I also could not write everything, it wanted and

That it would be for certain interesting. My time of use comes to an end with a computer

And I am compelled to speak to you good-bye. I to you shall tell about me directly in the following

The letter, if it still interestingly and clearly.......

I wish you to learn more where you work, whether to like you this work.

You like children. I very much wish to have the child or even two.

I with impatience shall wait for your letter.

Sincerely yours to you

And pleasure of acquaintance,

My full name Anna

2008-10-03, 07:32:51
anonymous from Brazil  
Hello !!

I am happy to have again an opportunity to write to you!!! And first of all I want to thank

You for your answer to me. It was very interesting! It is very new to me and is awful

Interestingly. I hope, that we with you

We can develop our friendship? You know, my work takes away

At me it is a lot of time and I have not always time to be engaged in other things interesting me.

And in general I at heart the person having various hobbies. I shall begin that very much

I like to carry out the free time behind reading of interesting books. Probably

The love to the literature also has induced me in due time to act to study in

Institute which more recently I have finished perfectly.

I began to study the English language at school.

In institute I with the gareat pleasure visited lectures on the English language.

Unfortunately by him it has been allocated not so a lot of time as it would be desirable.

I practically understand all, about what you to me write. It was very interesting. Only

With a spelling I still have small problems and on this to me to have

Sometimes to use dictionaries. So I can tell more full to you about myself and about

The life. I as should practise in practice of dialogue still. But I think,

That we with you can understand each other.

Still I am interested in a history and very much

Wanted find out more from you about a history of your native land. As I already wrote very much I love sports. And how you concern to sports?

As I very much like to be engaged in navigation and to run in the mornings. Still I very much like

To travel. I went in many cities of Russia. This trip has made on me the big impression.

I live with the parents. Still I have younger sister whom call Lena. With it we as girlfriends I can entrust everything, everything. To me

Well, I think that for today I shall stop

This letter in hope that has not had time to bother you yet. I think,

That it will help you to combine about me more full image. With impatience I shall wait for that

The moment when I can receive a mail from you. Do svidaniya (it in Russian good-bye).

With heat in heart and

The big respect for you.

Yours Anna.

2008-10-03, 07:34:32
anonymous from Brazil  
Hi close to my heart!

I am very happy, that at me today have appeared a few time

On what to write to you. It is awfully a pity to me, that I cannot devote

It is a lot of time to this letter. At me at the disposal of half of hour

And I cannot be verbose today. I wish to express you deep gratitude

And gratitude for your attention to me. I think of you much.

It is very interesting to me what weather now at you?

Now at us warmly the sun also shines.

Today I had many clients on work and I am tired.

I shall try to write to you tomorrow if I will have time.

Thanks you big that you at me is. To me it is very good.

I think that you very good person and I wish to correspond and learn further about you more.

What at you love color. At me it is a lot of love colors, I like bright colors, such as yellow, orange.

Everything, my time has expired also I should say goodbye to you already.

I shall wait for your letter with impatience!!!

With greater respect and heat in heart.

The whole...

Yours Anna

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2008-10-03, 07:36:07
anonymous from Brazil  
Hello my darling !

It was awfully pleasant to me to receive from you news. You know,

For me everyone become more surprising how I start to concern to you. I and

Could not think, that you, being very far can so to please me

The messages. To me and really very alone happens here. When there is no with you

A number of that person which could understand and warm you heat of the heart.

It warmly I more increasing and I start to test in relation to you more. For mine

Lives such attention, as yours, very important. I not time represented that, as though we could

To kiss each other. Certainly I understand, that it very much not modest ideas. But I want

To notice, that I with you sincerely and do not wish to hide from you the dreams.

I as now you have appeared on horizon of my life. I very much, that at me

Now there is a person with which I a pier to share the ideas. I do not know, how will develop

Our attitudes. But I very much would want, that they could grow only. Anyway

I sincerely would wish to do all for them, that only in my forces. I more increasing and more

I like to you trust and I think, that it not bad preconditions for the further

Developments of our friendship.

In you I see sincere and fair

The person capable of sincere attitudes, also I suspect pure love. For me this feeling

It is sacred also to me very much it would would be desirable, that you could have it. I perceive love, as gift

From above. And I know, that all are capable it.

And, by the way, about music.... What to you most of all to like to listen?

I very much love Brayn Adams, Chris de Burgh, Elton John, Queen. How you concern to these executors?

As we could descend with you at cinema. You know, has very much liked recently seen

Film 'Patriot' with my love actor Mel Gibson. You looked this film?

I Am afraid, that to me

Already it is time to finish the letter. I think, that your representation about my person has increased

After reading this letter. I as wished to know about you more. Write to me, if certainly yours

Time and desires allow to do it.

With the warmest embraces

And a gentle kiss.

Yours Anna

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2008-10-03, 07:38:18
anonymous from Brazil  
Hey my penalty!!!!

It can to you and will seem not absolute yours faithfully, but to trust me, that my words

Go from heart, and me with you it is sincere as with any. I wish to speak with you,

All it this time while I could not to you, writes, that I very much concerning you thought and is very urgent

The transferred. Yes, I am very long, and with huge impatience waited during this moment, when

Again I can read to mail from you and write. My work has been compressed, but as I have written to you and

Earlier, there will be a speed in me a lot of time. But as though all was not, I very much as to work and

It is devoted it. And on it I provide very much for the sake of it. My life and I are very happy, could choose

They - ways by lives. Throughout the letter I wish to say to you words concerning a huge gratitude for the warm

Words by which your letter is filled. It was very interesting to me to have news

Concerning you and to study concerning your life which it is more. But I in heart, very inquisitive and

I would like to study conceraning you ever more and more. You for me a steel, become isolated

To interests the person and I to you are very grateful with that end in view, as to absolute recently

Friendship which has arisen between us. My soul in admiration, that we

We come more close ever more and more. My heart falls out of limits new emotions and I

Dialogue with you urgently concerns. I have again a sensation of spiritual affinity

With the person, while who takes place while from me. Earlier

I have checked up to you usual liking. Now you enter into my soul ever more and

I more also I wish to be divided with you into many ideas. I could present, as

Our friendship could rise in the big love. I do not wish to accelerate event, but

I would like to you concerning it to speak. You for me have started to mean already very much, and I think,

That I can speak I with you freely concerning such things. I understand, it and I, and you we have

Lacks. But you see them there is any living on this basis. And if people can

To similar the friend the friend on a gift, in these relations will not be accessible any negative place

To features. To see blessing and all light in the person, it is the big talent which obeys

Love. I see in you the easy and sincere person who could sate my soul

Positive emotions.

I am happy, that we have started to correspond! It encourages me when I can read your letters!

I hope in you now all well! What did you do today?

I will stop to write to you tomorrow.

I should go tomorrow for work early because keys from an interior remained with me, and I should arrive the first

What to open a door.

I with impatience will wait for yours after the letter!


Yours Anna

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2008-10-03, 07:41:27
anonymous from Brazil  
Hi my dear !!!!

I today with impatience waited for your letter and I now can read it.

It does me today very joyful!

Today I on work had many clients and I had not a rest almost, only in a lunch break.

I so am happy, that we could find each other. You know,

I in heart can love that. If I could grow loving one person, it is probable on always.

All my friends consider me devoted. I know, that if to whom or from my end and friends

Be necessary my help, I shall do all from me directly possible what to help them. I so

It is assured, that if to me, to be necessary their help, also they will always do all for me.

It is the prominent aspect of existing attitudes; the love it, or friendship does not depend on it.

So know, my fine friend, that on me you can expect, if to you to be necessary

The help. I shall do everything, that only in my forces. I know, that in the world there are many ill-intentioned people,

Which use it., which similarly to has repeatedly encountered me such people

Seem to you existing friends but when I have appeared in trouble, they have simply disappeared.

I do not wish to have anything with such people. And though in my life also such has been hardened

Cases, but I all the same sincerely trust in the existing and devoted friends. I very much would like,

It in our attitudes such friendship would prosper. With such feelings and ideas

To anothers lives to become much more joyfully and more pleasantly. You know, for me

The private world of the person is important. The age, occurrence, a nationality, etc. for me does not play

Greater role. It is all external factors with which I do not give the big attention.

I always would like to have attitudes with the person who as drew it is more

Private world of the person, more likely than it outside of. To me would like to have yours

Opinion in this case?

Yes, I have a little bit more photo for you. How it to you?

It is a pity, that I cannot send you while more. But I think, that it gives you even greater representation

Concerning me. You know, as though I life was it is sated work With which I give back time, I however felt before occurrence you very lonely.

You have brought by my life many the joyful moments. Though I also like to have rest, but for

Last time it is possible not and is frequent. I very much like to enter into campaigns on character

And to spend the active image of a life. I am not especially involved, in which people idly

Waste time behind of use of alcoholic spirits. Certainly I sometimes leave in similar

Establishments with friends, but never I use many alcoholic spirits. Except for that I do not smoke.

My fine friend, for today it has come to finish already time me the letter. I shall try

To write All of you even more often. I with impatience shall wait during the moment, with which

I can use and enter into the Internet what to receive the letter from already close to me

The person.

With sincere feelings and a warm kiss,

Yours Anna.

2008-10-03, 07:44:14
anonymous from Brazil  
Hello my love Luis !!!!

I so am glad to say these words again and again!!!

How passes your day? Write to me, than you have been occupied today?

I had today very difficult day. On work there were many clients, and I am very tired.

I almost all time think of you, I for it speak you THANKS!

My life is blase by new sense and all it owing to you. You the remarkable person and

I not stopping destiny of gratitude which it does not stop to like desirable gifts.

Your letters for me, as a freshening drink of a drink in gloomy desert of my feelings. You are filled

My life new dreams and hopes. Yes, it is a word, really capable to find remarkable

The person to whom you are presented in my opinion. In my imagination it is constantly delayed

The validity of our future meeting. Through my feelings fly love and tenderness to you.

My despair owing to you has stopped to oppress and dry up my lonely soul. You know,

Many have started to notice in me changes. It so is fine to feel, that you are expensive to whom it and

That you are ready to meet pleasure. My life superficially remains to the same. I the same as

And before I am occupied in those things which do my life. But my private world, which

Remains for the partners not accessible, has exchanged considerably. And to it I am grateful to you. You have established in

Me, that remarkable feeling which fills up every day, increasing and big

Heat to you.

I, to which Christian also trust the God and I am ready

To help you, just as to all close people. My very religious family and I am very grateful

To parents who could lift me such who I. They live with me.

With a huge melancholy and dreams of you.

I am compelled for today to finish the letter. As it is a pity, that I did not have time to write to you more. I so wanted it!!!

About love and fidelity,


2008-10-03, 07:47:12
anonymous from Brazil  
My most remarkable person on the basis!!!!!!! My fine Luis !!!!

I could reach the computer and it now for me the happiest

Minutes!!! I so violently waited, when I can write you again words

The big love which already I constantly think!!! Yes, it can seem

Full madness.... Yes actually so it is probable also!!!!!!!! I have fallen in love with you

Completely and completely. My heart is again filled love and passion to a deposit

To the tender and the gentle person. You have presented me an existing fairy tale, about which

I could dream already during long time. Though we yet were not together, but I and without it could

To find in your soul those remarkable qualities really fine person.

As it is a pity, that all of us still while separately.

I have started to spend time behind ideas very much

And dreams of you and of how we will be together. I lay down to sleep and often hours was not present

I can fall asleep. You have grasped my ideas and carry away me in dreams on most of all

Fine clouds of pleasure. I still could not trust until recently, it

The feeling of love again could sate mine during long time a suffering soul.

I represent it

Remarkable minute when we can meet each other and embrace. I

Demanded you to kiss only. I can be represented you too passionate.... But I something

I cannot make with me directly...

Loving you would like it, I have arrived to you?? Vienna with you? Would agree for work?

Loving you in the person? Kissed you?

Would bring every morning in you coffee in a bed?

I such, what. Me have grasped, again flew

Remarkable feelings of love also I wish to share with them... It is a pity, it while only on

Words. I never hurried time, as now. But it as

On harm as though starts, to go even more slowly. Yes, you were filled in my head

Ideas concerning you, and my sensitive love. And I AM happy!!!!!!!!!! My fine friend and the beloved.

Write to me about everything, that to you on heart. I with huge impatience will wait during that moment,

When I can have the Internet and receive from you mail. And now I wish to give to you most of all

Passionate kiss and to speak good-bye! (The last very reluctantly).

With easy love,

Yours Anna

2008-10-03, 07:49:48
anonymous from Brazil  
Hello my love Luis !!!

How are you?

At me all is good.

How weather at you?

At us weather today simply magic, because today at us in city very warmly,

And consequently such weather very much is pleasant to me.

I very much love warm weather because I like warm weather.

At us in city brightly the sun today shines, the warm wind blows.

And consequently it is very pleasant for me to feel a touch of a warm wind

On my person and on my body.

You are not present near to me, but I so would like to feel a touch

Your hands on my person.

I very much want, that ironed my hair, touched my hair,

Caressed my body, kissed my lips.

I very much would want, that we were with you together, my love!!!

You would like it?

I think, that my dreams will be carried out only at our meeting with you, my love.

What you think in this occasion?

I always think of our forthcoming meeting with you, my love.

I think that our meeting will be, as in a fairy tale.

You think as well as I whether or not?

I sometimes so would like you to embrace, kiss, touch your breast.

But you are not present near to me, and I so would like it!!!

I think that have found such person who is necessary for me.

Which me will understand, think always of me.

And this person - you!!!

I am grateful to destiny, that I have met you, my love!!!

I always asked when our meeting with you will be a reality.

And now I ask you, my love!

What you think of our meeting with you?

When our meeting becomes a reality?

Mine mum asked me that I transferred you

Big and ardent greetings, and also the most strong embraces.

Accept and from me my most sincere wishes, my most sincere

And passionate air kisses, and also my the hottest and ardent

Embraces from my loving heart.

You would like to feel my passionate kisses, and my passionate embraces from

My loving heart?

I dream of feeling your passionate kisses and hot embraces.

Sometimes your kisses, both your passionate and strong embraces at night dream me,

But when I wake up you was not present near to me.

To me it becomes very sad!!!

I so want to be with you, my love!!!

You would like it, my charm?

And now my time has approached to the end, and it is time to me to leave,

But I leave with ideas on you, my love!!!

Remember, that I love you!!!

Yours Anna!!!

2008-10-03, 07:51:34
anonymous from Brazil  
My love Luis, I wish to explain All of you my feelings to you!!!!

To me it is very pleasant, that we converge with you with one opinion!

I also am very happy, that I could find you in this huge world.

For all time, how many we it is corresponded, I have very strongly grown fond of you.

And now in a head at me only one idea, I even can tell is dream little bit more precisely!

I wish to be with you and I wish to be your woman. I wish to be with you together!

I wish to divide with you happiness, and I want that you with me have divided my happiness.

But now all has changed in the best party. :) I HAVE found YOU my DARLING Luis!

You at once have liked me. I at once have understood, that you that the man which I search for all life.

Now I love you, and I want that we were together. Our love developed very quickly and openly.

During all time of our correspondence you loved me. And I too have very strongly grown fond of you.

Now you mine the man. I think, what you agree with it? You too love me?

You unique the man to which I tested such strong love.

I speak you it fairly, from all heart. I hope that you trust me?!

But for this purpose we should be together!

I have in view of, that for our future love we should be together, as soon as possible.

Today I have specially gone to travel agency.

And me a distance the exact and clear answer. To which I was very glad.

I should have the visa in your country, and the passport for travel abroad on my name.

Still to me have told, that without these things I cannot precisely get in your country.

And still I cannot live there without these things.

So them to do it is necessary. The visa costs 245 Euro.

The passport for travel abroad 239 Euro. The total sum leaves in 484 Euro.

It is So much money to me it is necessary to legalize these papers on my name.

My darling and as you understand from above written for that what to me to receive all necessary documents to me

it is necessary to pay 484 Euro.

I understand that it very much greater money but if you cannot help me with this sum that I I can not arrive.

you because I cannot collect this money and make to myself documents.

it would be desirable to know you will help me with this money or not.

It is So much money to me it is necessary to legalize these papers on my name.

you because I cannot collect this money and make to myself documents.

My darling I shall look forward to hearing from you and hope that you offer me that that, on this theme, and

it would be desirable to know you will help me with this money or not.

I with impatience look forward to hearing from you with love yours Anna.

2008-10-03, 07:53:36
anonymous from Brazil  
Hello my LOVE Luis !!!

Now I shall go for work. My love, girlfriend advised me as better to send money.

Money it

is better to send through system of remittances ' Western Union ' It

should be at you almost in each bank.

My data will be necessary to

you. Write them correctly.

Here my Address.

Pushkina, 37-1

Cheboksary - Russia

THE POST CODE: 428.000

Anna (this my full name)

Golovina (it is my surname)

Money I can receive in any bank in me directly in city. When you will send to me

Money. You should write to me of 10 confidential figures (MTCN) and still

Write to me the full name and the address where you really live.

It will be necessary to write for me it when I shall receive money. When I

Will receive money I, at once I shall go to travel agency, and I shall be

Began to legalize papers what to arrive to you.

To me have told, that documents will be ready within 1 week. And after that I only can fly to


Write to me please

As for a long time you would like it, I was with you. In the greatest possible degree I can

The visa within 6 months?

My dear till February very long to wait. It is very big term.

My darling I would like to arrive at first to you to Brazil and to get married there, and then we could go in February to Russia.

That that my dear is the best variant. It is the finest choice for me.

I very strongly love you.

Or it is possible so to make here. We with you will get married and in February we will go to Russia.

It will be ours with you wedding travel that is a honeymoon.

From your letter I have understood that you will send me 500 euros for my documents.

It is very good. I will do more soon documents for a trip to you my darling.

And we with you after wedding will go to Russia that you have got acquainted with my parents.

I mean till February at you I will live. And we with you a buoy to prepare for wedding.

To ours with you to great wedding. Which will connect our bonds of love.

My dear to me now the most important thing it to make all documents.

I hope, that we very soon shall together!

I dream from our meeting every day! I awfully sleep at night because I think

From you!!! I shall wait for your letter with impatience!

Yours for ever Anna.

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2008-10-05, 07:59:11
anonymous from France  

j' ai une correspondance avec cette femme ?
2008-10-05, 08:00:58
anonymous from France  
j' ai une correspondance avec cette femme ?
/tatyanatoporolove/de la page 16
2008-10-11, 15:50:01
No,sean,cojudos from Peru  
Most of the scammers come from and
2008-10-12, 07:43:25   (updated: 2008-10-12, 08:25:53)
anonymous from Germany  
IP address:
Reverse DNS:
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Could be forged: hostname does not exist]
range connectivity: 0 Registrar (per ASN): Unknown Country (per IP registrar): RU [Russian Federation]
Country Currency: RUR [Russia Rubles]
Country IP Range: to
Country fraud profile: High City (per outside source): Yoshkar-Ola, Mariy-El
Country (per outside source): RU [Russian Federation]
Private (internal) IP? No IP address registrar:..........................
Known Proxy? No
location: 56.637 N, 47.871 E

Ich bin zu Ihrem Brief so froh, und ich frage Sie die Verzeihung, es machte so lange
Schreiben Sie Ihnen nicht. Ich lernte spater, um das Internet zu beeinflussen
Auch sind ubergegangen das Grundstuck nachlassig, wo Ihre Struktur gefunden hat. Ich - a
Die sehr bescheidene Frau, aber ich doch mutig Ihnen wie ich zu schreiben
Denken Sie, dass die Kommunikationen mit dem Menschen von anderem Land - sehr
Den Ungewohnlichen! Ich umging mich mit den Menschen von anderen Landern und meiner niemals
Einfach jenen, der Traum, um in Ihrem Menschen des Freundes zu finden, um dem es
Einfach interessant zu umgehen und die Neuheiten zu teilen! Sie erstes zu
Wen schreibe ich, und ich hoffe, dass wir die Korrespondenz den Vorteil haben werden
Den Anfang!
Jetzt schreibe ich diesen Brief fur Sie! Ich denke, die Zeit ist in angekommen
Lernen Sie kennen! Mich rufen Natalya. Ich lebe - aus Russland, mich in
In Orshanka, der ungefahr 890 km/s aus Moskau veranstaltet hat.
Zu mir 25 Jahre. Ich schicke Ihnen meine Fotografie, ich hoffe, dass es fur Sie angenehm ist.
Meine Nationalitat - das Russische. Meine Religion - der Christ. Auf dem Charakter
Ich bin ein lustiger Mensch: sehr lustig, gut, energisch und
Das bescheidene Ma?.! Wahrscheinlich wegen
Der Charakter, kann einfach zum Talent auch sein, ich glaube, es hat erreicht
Sehr in die Leben fur mein Alter. Mein Handel: die Bedienung des Managers
Das Business. Jetzt arbeite ich wie der Hauptkoch des Restaurants. Ich habe gern, die originellen und leckeren Platten, besonders vorzubereiten
Dass sich mit dem gereinigten Geschmack erinnern. Und da mich
Etwas besser als dann, wenn meine Besucher mich fur die fertigen Platten danken.
Ich mag meine Arbeit.
Ich habe auch gern, schnell durch die Bucher durchzulesen. Ich bin entsprechend den Buchern auch absorbiert.
Puschkin - die gro?en Dichter, berechtigt seiend, das schnell durch jeden gelesen sein wird.
Ich nehme das Vergnugen in der Lekture der Poeme, uber die ich etwas mehr sagen kann.
Mein Freund, es ist sehr angenehm, fur mich Sie kennenzulernen.
Fur mich ist es die schone Zeit, wenn ich mit dem Interessanten sagen kann
Der Mensch, der Mensch, der wunscht mich zu wissen. Ich wunsche, zu Ihnen mein Kleines zu offnen
Das Geheimnis. Ich denke an Sie. Aber, wissen Sie bitte, ich mache nicht
Der Wunsch, sich in unseren Beziehungen zu beeilen. Betreffs meiner die Beziehung mit
Der Mensch - - ist sehr ernst, und zu den Beziehungen betreffe ich sehr
Verantwortlich. Der Mensch, zu dem ich anvertrauen kann, ist notwendig fur mich. Ebenso will ich sagen dass das Alter die Bedeutung zwischen den Menschen die nicht hat lieben einander! Sie ist mit mir einverstanden? Und
Es scheint mir, dass Sie - dass der Mensch, der Mensch, zu dem ich anvertrauen kann.
Bitte, schreiben Sie mir uber Sie unmittelbar. Ich wunsche, Ihren zu wissen
Den vollen Titel! Ich bin zu Ihrem Brief so froh. Ich beende meinen Brief hier jetzt.
Ich bin froh, Ihnen schreiben! !!
-------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------
1. CHAOTEN BRIEF..................
Er ist schwer zu verstehen.

Dazwischen sind 2 Reihen mit Programmier-Code??


0001 //---------------------------------------------------- 0002 ...

06' \014\002\uffe9\004\uffe9\006\055\010\uffe9\021\uffe9\001\002002' + 0637 '\000 \014\002\uffeb\004\uffeb\006\055\010\uffeb\021\uffeb\001' + ...

Wenn dieser Brief kein dummer Scherz sein soll, ist es besser eine andere Sprache benutzen!

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEIN BRIEF:
Lieber antares_a_135,

Mail von: jkuykyulkuil

Datum: 11 Oktober 2008 - 15:03

Betreff: Salut!!! (Hallo)

25 Jahre

Catunele Gorj

Rumänien ???????????????????????????????????????????

Sprache : polnisch ????????????????????????????????????

Ihr idealer Partner: 20 bis 68 Jahre

meetic die Stelle, und mich - viele, um, Sie kennenzulernen, Sie ?bernehmen? Ich die einsame Frau geben Sie eben werden ich suchen, ich - bin bei meme der Partner und der zuk?nftige Mann, wie Ihren Namen? Sie stimmen mit mir zu, was age hatte, es gibt keinen Wert der Liebe? Ich tres gl?cklich, werde Sie gr?sser pres und auch kennenlernen, Ihren problemes privee das Leben zu studieren, ich h?rte ein wenig auf Ihrem Land und dass in Ihrem Land des Menschen mit gut ame zu und hat caractere, ich habe schnell in Ihrem interets in den Leben gelesen, und votres, etudes und mich auf, dass Sie in den Gute
'interets=Interessen (englisch)' 'votres, etudes=Verwaltung,Studium(franzoesisch)'
klein und ich echanger mit Ihnen die Fotografie und auch die Korrespondenz electronique gl?cklich sein
'echanger=austausch (franzoesisch)' 'electronique= elektronisch'
werde, was es Ist, ein n?heres Wissen (er G?LTIG, das Leben extrem wichtig zu machen, die Liebe Nicht
das Geld), den Fall, die Grube, hat, vergisst des Tr?gers, bevor Sie den Namen - %uFFCD%uFFFD%uFFE9%uFFF2%uFFE0%uFFEB%uFFE8%uFFFF und meinen age - 25 Jahre, meine Gr??e es ungef?hr 165 cm und das Gewicht in 55 kg, aber ich dass es probleme f?r unser Wissen denke, die ich gen?gend werde, dass, wenn Sie mehr ein Male aufkommen, bei mir, meinen die Korrespondenz seid, electronique: Und ich habe naitrai mehr ein Male mit dem Vergn?gen,
Ihre Korrespondenz, electronique und bei Ihnen, um, die Fotografie und mich, wenn Sie zu schicken, ich werde nicht ich, es gl?cklich sein, wenn Sie die Frau, die Sie gl?cklich sein werden, mich, espere auf Ihrer hoffen
schnellen Antwort %uFFCD%uFFFD%uFFE9%uFFF2%uFFE0%uFFEB%uFFE8%uFFbegegnen

Leider ist in Deinem Brief auch kein „NAME“!
Gruesse aus Deutschland.....Horst

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