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Scam Artist Anna from Yoshkar-Ola


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Note that these pictures show a famous Russian singer Inna Malikova, she is a daughter of a famous Russian composer and her brother Dmitry Malikov is a talented singer. Here is her website:

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2008-07-29, 16:13:45
This is Ellen Olefirenko. She uses many aliases like Hellen, Ellen, Olena and many more. I suspect she is a major scam artist. I have heard she is banned from a dating agency in Kiev called - use extreme caution.

2008-08-06, 21:48:50   (updated: 2008-08-06, 21:51:02)
Vera Klimenko
e-mail :
City : Schastje

NOTE: This picture shows a famous Russian singer Inna Malikova
Photos stolen by scammers

2008-08-24, 22:00:11
anonymous from Argentina  
2008/8/24 Ekaterina <>

Moй road
I have received from you the letter and at me it became bad!
I have seen the photos! Whence you took these photos?
I did not expect, that my photos on the Internet!
I am very upset, someone has arrived with me badly and took my photos!!!
My photos were in the computer on work and I do not think, that my colleagues looked these photos!
I think, that someone from my colleagues took my photos and began to correspond with someone, using my photos!
I will go to militia and I want, that the militia has caught these villains!
To me very badly my dear, now someone can look my naked photos.
I showed nobody the naked photos and now they are in the Internet!!!
You are upset in this occasion my dear Favio?
Next week to me will make the visa and you will see me!!!
I now very badly feel myself also to me your support is necessary. Only near to you I can forget this history! I hope, you will support me, when we will be together with you?
I very much miss on you my dear and very strongly you I love!!!
Your love Ekaterina!!!

2008-08-24, 22:08:28
anonymous from Argentina  

Evgeniya vasileva

Icq :
E-mail :

Scamming scenario : travel scam
First Name: Evgeniya
Location: Russia, Other
Age: 29
Birth Date: 01-01-1979

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Letter 1
My Honey Kerry so it would be desirable to trust in a
> miracle of our meeting.
> I hope to you it is not absolutely indifferent, that
> somewhere away the in love girl
> Wants only one - that about her recollected!!!! Even
> sometimes. My God if
> Though somebody knew as I love you!!!!!!!!!! I did not
> think that so it happens.
> I always lived not reflecting about it. Yet you always
> have not appeared. While I have not understood
> That the world without you is not meaningful. At times
> I hate myself for that that is ready to throw all and
> To arrive to you for ever.
> And if you think that I cannot make you happy, find
> that which can. And I
> I shall tell to her thanks. Sincerely and in all
> sincerity, because for me there is nothing more
> important
> Your smile and your happiness. I am grateful to you
> for that that you have learned me to love, blindly and
> recklessly.
> We with you breathe same air, though and for hundreds
> kilometers from each other.
> We with you look in the same sky and we see the
> identical moon.
> Let me to trust in that that sometime we shall be
> To look at this moon together, having joined hands.
> I do not ask much, simply let me to dream accept from
> me for memory
> My soul, as a souvenir. Put her on a shelf and if to
> you it becomes sad, look at her.
> And she suddenly will tell: ' All will be good,
> because I love you '.
> And all will be valid well.
> Because the true love is able to work wonders.
> Evgeniya

My love, already the late evening and I want to wish
> you good night! Tomorrow I shall go
> to agency and I shall pay the half of necessary money
> that began process of registration.
> I love you, and I want to be with you! I am ready to
> do all for our meeting. I very much
> regret, that I should ask you about money, I do not
> love money as it makes dependent from
> them the person, but it is necessary to do it for the
> sake of our happy future, for the
> sake of our joint happiness. You are probably
> disappointed by that I ask you of money,
> simply I understand, that it is necessary for Both of
> us, our love without are valuable,
> now it is necessary to do only a small step, a step to
> our happiness!
> About I now thought! It - very big step! But I am
> ready to do it!
> I love you and you my happiness! I do not want to lose
> you! I love you!
> Yours for ever Evgeniya!

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2008-08-24, 22:09:57
anonymous from Argentina  
Hello . I am very glad, that you have answered me and have not left mewithout the answer. My name is Ekaterina. To me of 29 years. I wasborn in the city of Ioshkar Ola, it in republic Mary El, in 1979 onApril, 5th. My growth of 172 sm, my weight of 57 kg, I harmonous. I donot use spirits and I do not use tobacco products. I very carefullywatch over the health. To me to like to go in for sports, therefore Ivisit a fitness hall. Well I as well as any girl watch the figure andI am it in shape. I never was married also I have no children, but Ivery much dream, that I would have children. I on the character veryquiet girl so I have not got used to pay attention to any trifles. Butall the same I very sensitive and I perceive all seriously. I not sorespect the noisy companies. I very much like to have a rest on thenature, on fresh air. Still I visit pool, I very much like to float. Ilive one, in one-room apartment. I the orphan, at me was not presentparents. I was brought up in children's home, that is in a shelter. Ihave finished medical college with the red diploma. My trade medicalsister, that is easier speaking to the nurse. I studied in a currentof 5 years and I have received the a trade about which else dreamt inthe childhood. After the termination of college I have gone to work bythe trade. I very much like my work. As I studied some languages: itis English and French languages. These languages to me very strongly Ihelp at work with the computer. I wish to tell at once to you, that Ihave no computer house, I visit the cafe Internet. Still I wish totell, that in the cafe Internet it is forbidden to use MSN becauseeach time when you come to the cafe Internet, you sit down differentcomputers. I write at once to you, that I cannot answer your lettersat once. How are you? What today at you mood? I hope at you all well.At us now good weather also shines the sun. But as the big wind blowsnot. What can you tell to me about yourselves ? It will be verypleasant to me to learn, that be about you. I hope, that we willcontinue ours with you dialogue. I think to you it was pleasant tolearn about me. I hope for your answer. Your girlfriend from RussiaEkaterina.

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