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Elena from Slobodskoi


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This is a placeholder for marriage scammer Elena from Slobodskoi, Russia.

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2006-10-17, 07:52:17
anonymous from United States  
This person is now using the address

2006-10-19, 07:46:21 from United States  
Above I showed pictures of the passport and ticket sent to me by Irina Sudaltsova. She was originally supposed to come over on a given date. Her mother got gravely ill and her departure was delayed, she said. Her departure was scheduled for two weeks later, and of course she now needed money because she had to spend hers on her mother's operation. I have not heard from her for two months now, even though I write just to see if something is still alive there. Clearly, she was a very clever scammer. Probably involved in the medical field somehow. She ever gave me some contact information (a medical placement agency) to call in New York, but when I did it was someone's private number, not a medical placementm agency. This was the most clever scammer I have met. Her letters were not stylized like so many, she did not instantly fall in love, and she told a very plausible story about her being a dentist, even using medical terms in all of her letters. Several things to consider:

1. it is so easy to doctor up pictures using computer tools today so a false passport is easy to create on-line. If the passport has a gorgeous portrait picture, then you know it is a phoney. Most real passport pictures make you look like hell.
2. airline tickets no longer look like this (see above ticket).
3. whenever the lady has a mother, father, grandparent or friend who just suddenly got gravely ill or injured, then this is a sure tip-off that she is a scammer. I have been in communication with more than a dozen ladies who turned out to be scammers, and everyone has some person close to them who suddenly got ill, and they need the money to help them. One even told me she got mugged and beaten and needs the money for her hospital bills.
4. if a lady contacts you through a dating site, and asks you to contact her through her personal email, she most likely is a scammer.
5. if the lady says she is from one place (like Schenectady NY) but turns out to be from some place like Kazan, she is definitely a scammer.

All in all, I am saying that sometimes they can be very clever. Don't be fooled.

AND don't ever send money to someone whom you have never met, no matter what guilt trip they put you on.

2006-10-21, 23:55:08
anonymous from United States  
This is Olga,met her on carefull!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Vicktoriya ( from Russia

2006-11-03, 22:49:08
anonymous from United States  
Hmm. I've been getting similar letters as these form someone by the name of Mariya. Nothing crazy as of yet, but I'm keeping my eyes open and keeping this site bookmarked.
2006-11-09, 06:48:44
anonymous from United States  
Dear Blair
Many thanks for your new letter as I was simply happy to
receive it from you and me certainly as always it was very interesting
to read all that you write to me. I wished to tell to you concerning
that that I attentively to read your letter and to understand
completely all that you to wish to tell to me. Dear and I can tell to
you concerning it that I really was simply happy to hear from you that
you also very much to wish to see me and to think of me also much.
I really very much wished to use this chance as as in my opinion it
will be really a unique opportunity that we could find out each other
more close and to understand as we to concern to each other.
I at once that it will not think love. As my opinion concerning it
such, we shall see each other, more time will spend together, will
think much of the future and then I shall think that we without
problems to understand that is necessary for us.
I to think that when we shall see each other, it will give us good
chance, chance to do the future, and it really is important for me. I
wish to be near to the person who really wished to give me the care.
Dear I also shall promise you that I very much to try to do all for us
as you also to understand that to me it very important.
I today wished to order tickets to you, and there to me have told very
unpleasant news. I till now cannot understand why to me before it did
not speak. I passed interview in the Russian service of emigration and
to me have told to take off to you to me it is necessary to have at
myself the sum of money 1700 $ on residing at your country. This sum
was considered for a living wage in your country for one month of
residing while I shall not earn own money.
I understood, that for me will be necessary money, but I did not know
that so much now I have only nearby 200 $, I have told him that this
money will not be necessary to me, I have told about you and that that
you will provide me with habitation and food, whether but they have
told that business volume is at me someone abroad or not.
Business in how to me have explained that there is a law on emigration
from Russia in other countries and it provides this position.
I simply did not think that will be so much and consequently
very strongly was upset. Without this sum they have no right me to let
out from the country. Because the Russian citizens should not leaving
to require in other country there something if their plans connected
with this trip do not go right. This law already for a long time
exists in Russia, but I have learned about it just now. It very badly
sounds for us I am very afflicted that earlier
not who did not speak me about it and that that have told it just now.
At me very bad mood now all the day long. I had a just fine
mood and for me it was simple a shock. After that that to me have told
at me there were tears and it is very very bad. Whether I tried it is
possible to learn once again as that to do without this law, but to me
have again told that it is the law of Russia and it not how to not
avoid. Only in that case if at me will at itself this money I can
arrive easy to you. In me even started a little hurt heart for
excitement. I seriously do not know, that to me to do.
I do not understand why in the world everyone solve money, and two
hearts I can not meet simply.
I do not know where to me them to take and who with it will help me.
And I am compelled to ask you about some the help if you have an
opportunity and desire to help me, if you really seriously treat to me
and trust me. I understand, that probably I should not ask you, but I
am really compelled to make it. I shall understand, if I shall not
receive the answer from you. But I believe, that probably our future
and I hope for your understanding. We are familiar not enough time,
but it seems that we understand each other and we trust in an
opportunity of our common future. Do not throw me when our dream was
almost carried out. We needed to make last step, you can find this
I need to be shown them only at customs and when I to you shall arrive
I I shall return them to you. I hope that when we shall meet we shall
spend all free time together to have an opportunity completely to find
out each other and to understand on how many it really interestingly
to find out each other more close. I want that this desire really to
become a reality and we could be together. Dear already it is a lot of
time, and I need to solve the problem concerning my trip to you. I
shall go to do it, and I to ask you that you I shall remember that I
to think of you and with greater impatience to wait your new letter
much. Always only yours and with love also only for you
Kiss Vicoriya

2006-11-09, 06:50:46
anonymous from United States  
Here is another one

2006-11-09, 06:51:33
anonymous from United States  
Ok, OK, One more, lol

Keywords: dark hair black jeans black top window
2006-11-20, 16:32:06
[hidden] from United States  
Hi, can I ask everyones advice, Im new to this and am trying to be careful. I have received contact by direct email from a Tatyana From Kazan email address is at I have read the advice here and have searched around the best i can and i cannot find any reference to this girl. i have also looked at and found the following info - % This is the RIPE Whois query server #1.
% The objects are in RPSL format.
% Note: the default output of the RIPE Whois server
% is changed. Your tools may need to be adjusted. See
% for more details.
% Rights restricted by copyright.
% See

% Note: This output has been filtered.
% To receive output for a database update, use the '-B' flag.

% Information related to ' -'

inetnum: -
descr: IP pool for limited VPN service
country: RU
admin-c: EVE7-RIPE
tech-c: LKV2000-RIPE
status: ASSIGNED PA 'status:' definitions
mnt-lower: SATGATE-MNT
mnt-routes: SATGATE-MNT
source: RIPE # Filtered

person: Elena V Egorova
address: 942 Windemere Dr. NW
address: OR 82001 Salem
address: USA
remarks: phone: +7 0112 573 073
phone: +7 4012 573 073
remarks: fax-no: +7 0112 573 071
fax-no: +7 4012 573 071
nic-hdl: EVE7-RIPE
source: RIPE # Filtered
remarks: modified for Russian phone area changes

person: Kirill V Lupandin
address: SatGate LLC
address: 942 Windemere Dr. NW
address: OR 82001 Salem
address: USA
remarks: phone: +7 0112 573 073
phone: +7 4012 573 073
remarks: fax-no: +7 0112 573 071
fax-no: +7 4012 573 071
nic-hdl: LKV2000-RIPE
source: RIPE # Filtered
remarks: modified for Russian phone area changes

% Information related to ''

origin: AS21166
mnt-routes: SATGATE-MNT
source: RIPE # Filtered

% Information related to ''

descr: IP pool for limited VPN service
origin: AS30721
source: RIPE # Filtered

here is the 2nd email i received and the 3rd -

Greetings Mike. I am very glad, that you have answered me. For the
beginning I would like to tell about myself a little. I shall try to
answer all your questions!!! My name is Tanya, me of 27 years. I now
live in Russia, city Kazan (republic Tatarstan). I work as the manager
on sale In one firm!! I live in a two-room apartment with the sister.
This apartment has got to us from parents!!! I like to go in for
sports. I very much am pleasant like Fitness. I like to read books and
to prepare. I think that any girl should be able prepare well!!! Most
of all I like novels and melodramas. At leisure I like to look cinema
and sports on the TV. I write you from Internet - cafe which is near
to my house. I do not have house of own computer. I search for strong
and serious attitudes. Probably it is interesting to you, why I have
decided to search for the person from other state. Simply now Russian
men began me not that what are not pleasant, is simple them not
probably to understand, they from the woman want Only it seems to one
and more me of them interests nothing, and it is necessary for me that
it was interesting to communicate with the person, That it felt you
and understood!!! If such men in Russia it will be very poorly
possible in other countries of them much It is more! And the Internet
will help me with this search!!! Not for nothing in fact speak, that
who searches for that, that always finds!!! Can be and me Good luck
will accompany!!! If you will have any questions, ask me, I with
pleasure shall answer all! I shall wait for your letter. P.S: send to
me yours a photo please.

last received email -

Greetings, my friend. I was very glad to receive from you the new
letter. I very much like to correspond with such interesting person,
as you. I do not know on what you do not believe me, but I the real
girl. And my problem will be that I cannot find to myself the man with
which I could live all life. Each girl searches to itself for the man
kind, lovely. Unfortunately such men in Russia are not present, the
Russian men want only one. It seems to me that they rough. On this I
have addressed in the Internet to find to itself the man which would
love me and understood. Many men from Russia when will get drunk beat
the wives, I do not want it, on this I search for the man from other
country. I wanted to tell about myself a little more. I went to school
in my city. After school I have gone to study in institute. I have
finished institute with the red diploma. But unfortunately, it was at
that time difficult to find work with my trade. I very much want to
find the person who could grow fond of me. Probably it is very
interesting to you that I would like to see in the to the man? I do
not have ideal of the man, there are simply character traits which to
me are to be seen! I with pleasure shall write to you. I search such
for the person behind of which strong shoulders I could pass all
difficulties. Such on which I could rely in any situation. Which
carried me always on hands. I like self-assured and strong. But the
main thing, it that it had heart full of love. Gently would concern to
the woman. Understood me, in general main this mutual understanding,
If like do not understand each other as in general they can be
together!!! Certainly it should be to me true and never lie!!! I do
not love people which deceive and play on whose that feelings, it is
very severe!!! I hope, that in you there are these features. Lovely,
would write to me that you would like to see in the girl, to me it is
simple very interestingly!!!! There can be I shall read all this I
shall see with myself that that bad and I shall try it and to correct.
Now I any more have no parents. Both of them have died already about 2
years ago!!! It is very a pity to me of my parents. I am very strong
on them I miss. Now we with the sister 2 years live completely
independent life!!! I certainly have still relatives, but I think what
better to be in myself sure, To be sure in the next day and to be as
much as possible independent!!!. I have many friends and girlfriends.
Basically it is my former schoolmates and friends on study, fellow
workers. Lovely, tell to me too more in detail about the family. I
with impatience shall wait your letter. Tatyana.

HELP - Im stuck

2006-11-20, 16:34:11
anonymous from United States  
should have mentioned, the email appeared to come through the Salem USA address, but i dont know if thats to do with her, my or another isp

2006-11-20, 17:36:50
anonymous from United States  
hi again, looking further it appears that it a satalite seb service if that helps.

2006-11-21, 08:05:33 from United States  
Mike, it is hard to tell from a few letters. Sometimes you have to let it play out further. If someone else recognizes her photos, then the answer would be clear. If not, you need time to tell. There are some things you can do to test her. Ask her some specific questions. If she does not answer, or answers them in a Post Script (PS...), then she is a scammer. If she answers in a PS, it means she has a stock letter and doesn't want to disrupt it so she answers in a PS. Ask her if you should go there. If she protests strongly, it means she will eventually ask you for money to come here. I do not know how to read IP addresses, so cannot help there. Put some meaningless quotes in your letter and see her reaction. For one scammer, I successively sent her paragraphs from the Gettysburg Address and the Declaration of Independence and she didn't even seem to notice. Also, if she quickly falls in love especially if your letters are brief, then she is a scammer.

Consider these things. Ultimately, if she asks for money to travel here, she is a scammer. No respectable Russian woman would ask for money. They have too much dignity.

2006-11-21, 17:03:16
anonymous from United States  
Hi Sandy, thank you for your advice - all taken on board.

Well generally she seems to reply personally and does answer spacific questions, not all but most. Here is the last email, getting a bit friendlier each time. It is difficult to get to know someone when all you expect is a scam. aNYTHING IN () I HAVE ADDED.

Greetings. You cannot present at all as it is pleasant to receive from you letters (MSN REQUEST). I accept a mail once a day because I do not have such opportunity. I do not have computer, on this I go to the Internet of cafe. I shall answer all your questions:
1) My growth of 163 centimeters
2) I work as the manager.
3) Yes I plan to leave in further from Russia if I shall find myself the man with which can to live all life
4) I love Russian kitchen. (fAVOURITE FOOD)
5) I time did not travel. (DOES SHE TRAVEL)
6) At me blue eyes.
7) I can speak on English. I learned English at school and passed rates.
8) Yes I want children. I think that meaning of the life in children.
9) I have found your structure on the Internet. (AS I RECAL SHE FOUND ME ON FACEPARTY.CO.UK)
What mood at you??? Today I have lead day wonderfully. At me everything is all right.
Kazan interesting city, but to all in due course you get used and it would be desirable that that of the greater!!!
It is very interesting to me to communicate with you!!!
I each time with huge impatience wait your letter.
It is good that we communicate with you enough frequently, in fact so we learn each other all better and better, and it is healthy!!!
It seems to me, that it is already difficult for me to present day that I have not read your letter.
I start to get used to your letters, and it is possible and to you, but to me while it is not yet clear!!!
I think, that you can write to me fairly and frankly all that you think of me. I very much like fair people.
I always speak fairly and frankly almost with all. Certainly sometimes I about it regret,
As I trust all, and finally all turns around against me!!!
You in general like to travel, I sometimes present that I in other country where all is new and unfamiliar!!!
It simply to not tell words!!! Simply interestingly all this!!!
I think, that if that very much want, that is the big chance it at you will turn out!!!
What do you think of it? I shall wait your letter. Up to fast.
Yours Tanya.

2006-11-22, 09:27:28
anonymous from United States  
she's a scammer, mike---
2006-11-22, 13:31:58
anonymous from United States  

yes i think the person is, may i ask why you think so?

2006-11-22, 14:25:26
anonymous from United States  
She fits the proto-type.
If your still not sure, then just keep e-mailing her.
Play with her or whatever.
if she tells you how her LOVE is for you after just a few e-mails OR
She makes up a story that leads to her needing money,---- Get the hell
of there and stop wasting your time.
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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