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Alevtina Volgunova, from Serga, Permskaya


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2006-04-13, 00:23:10
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Letters from dating scammer Maria in Omsk, Russia

Keywords: brunette white pants green mat
2006-04-13, 00:23:33
anonymous from United States  
my favorite

2006-04-13, 08:16:24
anonymous from United States  
Yep, exact same photos I received a few weeks ago.......... FB
2006-04-13, 20:05:23
anonymous from United States  

2006-04-13, 20:13:03
anonymous from United States  


'My birthday is 12 July, 1975. When is your birthday? I'm 30 years old,
I'm single and I never have been married and I have no kids. I am
5'8'' and weigh about 57 kg. My eyes is green. My hair is brown.
I like a chocolate ice-cream and red roses. My fovorite color is
green. I do not drive a car. I graduated from our States University,
which is situated in Perm. My specialty is economical managment. It is
very popular speciality in Russia.'


'My town is Serga about some thousand people here. It's old town. We
have some very old Churches with very olds Icons here. I was born here
but leaved this place one time when I was studing in the Perm
Univercity. Serga is a very small town and only a couple of people
here have their own phones with internationl connecion. But several
moth ago we have Internet club here and its no much popular cause of
cost much. Now it get cheaper first sevice it is email. The only way
for me to write you is to get here and pay for time at computer to
write you. But if send only letter cost no much, use internet like
meet people cost much. I know that in America almost in each home has
Internet. In my country it will be too.'


'My father works likes a pediatrist in our hospital. He has cured many
children in our town. He is 69 yes old but still work. He very known
and respect person here. He has a lot of business trips in other close
cities. They are not very far. He like forest, soccer and me.'


'I have no mother. Its not easy for me to say about it. She died in a
road accident when I was 2 years old. My father love her very much and
its a very big loss for him. I know a little about she, only from my
father told me. Now my father has another family, but we love each
other very much and I am always going to him at weekends. Now I living
with my aunt. When I was a young girl I lived with my father. And all
home businesses depended on me.'


'At all my life I had only two boyfriends. I am very attached person
and if I becoming love someone I am ready to be with him for all my
life. I always thinking that if people love each other they have to
fogive another's mistakes. My first boyfriend was at school till
therd year of univercity. Then he had to leave with his parents to
Byelorussia, and we left. We was a good friends, and he wrote me
couple of letters but now he is married. We lived like a brother and
sister. Then I met another boy, but after three months of
communicating he became to drink a lot and became very ungry for
anyone. He leaves from univercity and he lies me a lot. I did not
imagine what happened with him. Then they take him to army and after
last talk with him, I understood, that its not my choice. I dont think
that he loved me. Anyway I would not like to continue any relations
with him and to say a true, I would not like to have any relations
with any Russian man. And I am so happy that I met you and its mean so
much for me!'

2006-04-13, 20:17:36
anonymous from United States  

'My dear (INSERT YOUR NAME HERE), its a little confuse me, but I would like to share my
dream with you. Today night I saw that we sat together at a coast of a
big lake. I have not seen this lake early, but it was so beautiful and
quiet, and barrels an easy warm breeze. We looked at night sky and we
see nice moon and a lots of stars which was reflected in a mirrow of
water. It was so good and I feeled your strong arms on my shoulders.
We spoke about us and about our feelings to each other. I imagined
that we had to tell each other something important, that will change
all our future. But at this moment I waked up but I had impression
from this dream for a long time. It was so real, that when I
understood that it's only a dream, I was very sad. I have never feeled
such feelings. And I believe that someday this dream become true!'


'My sweetheart (INSERT YOUR NAME HERE),

I thought about you all last nights. You no just my simple friend. You
no look like juts new person in my life. You already mean more than
other people which I knew long time befor.

Today I had good luck to meet my school girlfriend in our shop. She
lives in Moscow now and she has arrived to visit her parents. So I was
really surprised to meet her. She graduated from Institute of Foreign
Languages. She works like translator now and she just returned from
Seattle. We spoke a lots and she told me how is she living and what
news. She told that Seattle is very nice city and it's very big. I
was a little afraid to tell her about you but when I told her she said
that I did all correct. She told that we have not lost a chance and we
have to continue communications make it more closer! She told that
it's not often people at another part of the world finding someone
that can makes feelings and if it exists they have to keep care about
it. She said, that important things are understanding and respecting.

I agreed with her and I think that we have it with you! I think we
have to do anything for us, I feel our feelings are very important for
our future, we have to use this chance that given for us and not lose
our happyness. I am afraid to lose anything we have now, because
letters is good and it give us for understanding each other but it
does not compare with personal meeting. I believe that we are born for
each other and we can pass a life together. I think, that one meeting
in person is better than one million letters. Do you agree with me?
What are your ideas? I would very much like to just that you hold me
in your arms for as long as it can be, that is a day I have been
dreaming of for quite sometime now. I think, the most important thing
for us is not to lose our chance that is given for us. I have a lot of
thought about it. I need your thought and ideas.

Love you, Alevtina'

2006-04-13, 20:34:29
anonymous from United States  

Most of you are like me, late 30's to early 40's, divorced etc., and I'd be lyin' if I didn't say when I first saw these pics I was like 'DAMN!', but like my dear granddad told me 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is'.

I think I really got suspicious with all the 'feelings' she was having after 2 or 3 letters, but all the little hints about money sealed it. I was married for nearly 20 years. I'm done paying for anything.

I just hope this saves someboby from wasting their hard earned cash.


PS 'Alventina' contacted me through 'friendfiders' and I got her ass kicked off last night.
2006-04-13, 20:43:03
anonymous from United States  
Yep again, same exact letters I got along with the photos. You should be getting some bikini shots soon, along with a picture of her (girl in the photos posted above) and her friend, the same girl in the picture posted standing in front of the water in the red flower bikini top. I haven't heard from him in a few days, may dig to find out what's up. Thanks guys, FB
2006-04-14, 15:39:11
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Letters from dating scammer Maria in Omsk, Russia
Alevtina Volgunova, from Serga, Permskaya

2006-04-14, 15:40:33
anonymous from United States  

2006-04-14, 15:41:10
anonymous from United States  

2006-04-14, 15:41:39
anonymous from United States  

Keywords: brunette black brown bikini at beach
2006-04-14, 15:42:27
anonymous from United States  

2006-04-14, 15:46:36
anonymous from United States  

'My dear love (INSERT YOU NAME HERE)!

It was so pleasant for me to get your letters! With every your letter
I feel that we bacoming more closer and closer! Every time, when I
reading your letter, my mood become well and my heart is knocking so
strong! I miss you very much and all my thoughts last time only about
you! When I coming to Internet club and saw a letter from you, I
pleasing as a small girl. You are the unique man that can understand
me now and can support me in difficult situation! I am sure in you and
I can trust you in any case. I think a lot about you and about us and
I understood that I dreaming about making a family with you to have a
honest, loving, reliable husband like you, who will be sure in hisself
and in myself. I dreming about that time when I will be helping you in
all about house, to work and rest together, laughing and solve common
problems, because your problems will be my problems and on the
contrary. I think, it has to be so if people love each other.

I thought a lot about this all and what we have to do now. I think,
that we have to meet in person and I am ready to arrive to you for us.
How do you think about it? I dont see more best way to know each
other, I think, we cant get such result just communicating through
letters. But I am very serious about you, and about our meeting. We
did a big step for making serious and longterm relations. I think we
dont have to stop here, we have to make next serious step, the meeting
which will let us to know each other better and it let us to continue
our relations.

I talked to my girlfriend what do I need to come to you, is it real or
not. She know about it because she visiting sometimes another
countries. She sayd that I need visa and air ticket only. She sayd
that it’s not a big problem to make a visa for one or two month. She
advised me to go PVA (Perm Visa Agency) and to ask there about it. So I
will ask my chief to go home early tomorrow and I will go to Perm to
the PVA to ask more about it.

My sweetheart, how do you think, if I will come to you, where is the
best place for my living? At your home or at a hotel? I would like to
stay at your home, if its not a problem and if you want it. I hope my
wish to come to you to meet in person is not confuse you. Please tell
me the true.

My dear (INSERT YOUR NAME HERE)! I do not have a big salary but it's not bad for Russia.
I saved some money for any case, but I was not sure for what. I think,
that this case is come. I dont sure if this help us for visa and
ticket both, I dont know how much does it all cost, but I hope it will
help us. Also I would like to go to cash departments of airport to
know how much tickets cost. My dear (INSERT YOU NAME HERE), I need some information for this. Please write me closest airport to you and what date is better
for my visit? I shall be waiting it with impatience. My closest
airport is Perm.

Forever yours, Alevtina

2006-04-14, 15:48:38
anonymous from United States  
Somebody ought to send Ally-baby some good advice on not being so predictible. You didn't get the one of her standing in the snow with her friend yet... interesting. I still havent heard from him, guess he ran out of photos. FB
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