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Alevtina Volgunova, from Serga, Permskaya


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2006-05-22, 14:07:32 from United States  
this is mike down in texas natalia markina or by the name now is harchikova from omsk russsia same pictures set she only got my heart by near miss
thank god for western union who stoped me in time

i want to know how to prosecute right is right == wrong is wrong down here in texas we put there ass in jail and keep them there

This image was also posted here:
Alevtina Volgunova, from Serga, Permskaya
Alevtina Volgunova, from Serga, Permskaya

2006-05-24, 06:42:16 from United States  
Gentlemen; WE ought to form a horney bastards club! I mean we seem to all be looking for love in the wrong places i.e- Russia? Come on men, these chicks are trying to take us to the cleaners. I think sometimes the answers are right under our noses in our town. I'll tell you men something, I'm sure glade I checked into this site as I also was about to be taken for a little ride.I also did take notice to the same pic I had recieved that was also posted by another gentleman Good Job men and lets stick together.
2006-05-25, 12:34:49
anonymous from United States  
The person purporting to be Natalia Markina ( ) scammed me out of money as well. By western union money transfer, I sent money to her friend, Irina Shahurina. I was told that Irina would pick up the money in Omsk, the closest major city to Achair. In fact, the money was picked up in Nizhny, Novgorod, a city much closer to Moscow. I reported the fraud to Western Union and the FBI Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) at I was fortunate in being able to track down the exact location in Nizhny, Novgorod where 'Irina' picked up the Western Union money transfer. I gave that information to a private investigator from Moscow. He is confident that, with that information, he will be able to track her down and have this scam shut down. He assured me that he would involve law enforcement authorities as soon as he discovered who is running this scam. It will probably cost me more money to track 'Natalia' down than the money she scammed me out of, but I intend to do everything in my power to make sure that she pays for the heartache and hardship that she has caused many people.

2006-05-25, 12:56:41
anonymous from United States  
Another 'Natalia Markina' picture.

2006-05-25, 12:58:01
anonymous from United States  
Another 'Natalia Markina' picture.

2006-05-25, 12:59:15
anonymous from United States  
Another 'Natalia Markina' picture.

Keywords: blonde blue bikini blue umbrella beach
2006-05-25, 17:35:22
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Name: Irina Shahurina
# E-mail:


2006-05-27, 22:42:02
anonymous from United States  
hi all, well i am glad that i too did not fully fall for the natalia scam. same letters and pics as all you other guys got. i feel so sorry for the guys who she actually got to send money. I too was close to contemplating to actually send some dough, but my better judgement kicked in and could not bring myself to do it, thank god. I fully back the guys who want to find this bitch and make her pay. please keep udating this site with new info, if any. i just hope everybody this woman\man tries to set up checks their name in google and find this site. I attached a pic that i thought i didn't see up top. oh ya, good luck on finding true love. i am beginning to believe what was said earlier about staying local, it just makes sense. let's stop these scammers.
This image was also posted here:
Alevtina Volgunova, from Serga, Permskaya (modified photo)

Keywords: blonde sunglasses beach dress
2006-05-28, 17:19:41
anonymous from United States  
hey another one....she contacted me through seattleweekly...but this old dawg will never send out my money but to a family member in need only...too bad she is pretty...whoever she is.... here are more pics!!!
This image was also posted here:
Alevtina Volgunova, from Serga, Permskaya

2006-05-28, 21:07:29
anonymous from United States  
i wrote the comment on 5-27-06 and just for kicks I sent her an email that said I put money on the wire for her and here is her respondance, apparently her father hates (dosen't trust) me now.

My dear xxxx, I do not understand why you will compare me with other
women. To me it is very insulting also I ask you more such things to
not write to me. I very strongly believe you and my father too. And if
he did not trust you, he never would let off me to you. He sees in you
the decent, fair and kind person who can take care of me. I heard too,
that people deceive each other. At me disgust and strong hostility for
such people. I do not understand, how people which love each other,
can deceive. I simply could not deceive you because I love you and I
believe in fair, open, confidential relations. I believe in fair and
open people. I swear to you, that I never deceit you and believe that
you never will deceive me too. We should trust each other and without
trust each other we cannot communicate . You for me the unique person
whom I love also I do not want you to lose. Therefore I can cause
never evil to you. I write it in all sincerity and with all love. I
hope for your reciprocity, trust and understanding.

ps You the truth sent me of money? But I could not will receive your
translation because I have no your full name, last name, and your
address. I want that we were the happiest pair on light.

Can you believe she still is trying to get money from me! had to update.
2006-05-29, 13:20:41
anonymous from United States  
new pics:

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Tatyana Zaiceva

2006-05-29, 13:21:08
anonymous from United States  
2006-05-29, 13:21:33
anonymous from United States  

2006-05-29, 13:21:55
anonymous from United States  
2006-05-29, 13:24:27
anonymous from United States  
and the last letter;

Hello my friend xxxx! I very much waited today all the day
long when I can come in the Internet of Cafe and check up my mail in
hope that I shall find from you the letter and I have found it! How at
you an affair John? I am very glad when I read your letter
10 minutes ago I was very glad and now I hasten to answer you your
remarkable letter! Thanks you for him I have understood it all and
read it some times! In the letter you have written about yourself and
I have understood that you very good person! I hope that in the future
we can learn with you each other very well and probably from us with
you all turn out I very much on it I hope, but we for this purpose
need to work and write much each other about myself and the opinions!
You probably have to me many questions and I shall try what they at
you were not and to write about themselves so at you there would be no
to me questions! I Live in Russia as you have already understood it
Also I live with my parents in one apartment because itself yet has
not earned on the because these very dearly and I cannot afford it!
And with whom you live? I have higher education and I by education
Economist ! I have finished institute in ours city! You have
formation? I not when have not been married also I have no children
but very much would like in the future! My day begins in 6:30 mornings
I rise therefore I bring itself to the order I have a breakfast shall
write about it later! Then I go for work by 8:00 and I work till
17:00! Today very heavy day on work was because I is barefooted very
much today shouted because he had bad mood and in other day has passed
very well! My weight 56 kg. My Growth of 170 sm After work I have come
to write to you the letter! Sometimes we with girlfriends go in the
summer to have a rest in a wood, there we, we fry meat, fires, we play
on a guitar in general we have a rest from city but recently all
became very expensive (Tickets) j) and we go not frequently! And what
you do for rest when you not on work? To me all is very interestingly
about you if you not against! I like to read very much good books and
viewing of good cinema! At us in Russia it is good but only it is
sometimes bad with payment on work to be passed to search for variants
Where to take money sometimes mum gains! My mum this miracle instead
of the woman she my best girlfriend I with it can speak about all! I
yesterday to it have told that I had the letter from you and she at
once began to ask many questions about you to it has told that we only
have got acquainted with you and that us time is necessary! I want to
ask you not many questions if to you not difficultly I shall be glad
to see on them the answer! It is a pity to me but I have no house of
phone where you can call to me but if will I was necessary I can to
call to you! :) Where you work? How many to you of full years? You
have been married? You have children and how many? Well I think that I
already have written to you much and you are already tired to read my
letter and I shall finish my letter and very much I shall wait from
your you the letter tomorrow! I wish you all good and I want to tell
to you that you very much to me nice! Yours the good friend from
Russia Alevtina!
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