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Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)


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Sindy Becky Green goes now by Lauren Smith.


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2007-03-28, 14:53:29
anonymous from United States  
More Scam Scum!!
Simmy Anderson Lagos,Nigeria
Has money here in USA but needs your money to get here to cash American Check...Stupid!!

2007-03-29, 07:08:47
anonymous from United Kingdom  
this person is my wife lauren dumbill we have been together for 2and a half years now
This image was also posted here:
Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)

2007-03-29, 13:52:02
anonymous from United States  
This person could also be found on MATCH at Jess_newtomatch with almost the exact information.

my name is Jessica Michael.

I'm from United States! The name of my State is Montana I live in Cat Creek! I am a 'Leo'; I was born in the month of August on the 19th day. Hair:Light brown Height: 5'6', Eyes: Brown Bust: 33', Dress: 6, Waist: 25', Shoe: 7.5 - 8, Hips: 34

I don't play games and isn't ready to be played.... i got yahoo IM...we can get to chat there live. My IM name is (jessica_michael2007) and my mail address (

I want you to send the money Via western union money transfer through to my hotel manager information he will help me to withdraw the money as soon as you get it sent. So that I can get the money orders send to you first thing tomorrow morning as soon as I get it send I give you thr tracking # for fedex so that you will be able to kwow when the money orders will get to you...Here is the information

Name- Michael Wilson
Address-19 paul avenroad
2007-04-02, 19:16:25
anonymous from United States  
Add this to your collection.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Jessica Robert

Keywords: blonde pink top cleavage small statue
2007-04-04, 09:10:23
anonymous from United States  
Steven or Stephen Doudu also could have the following email addresses on Yahoo; or These scammers need to be stopped so anyone else who has come across this Steven or Stephen Doudu or whoever he is please (to include the other names mentioned) make your comments on this web site to help other people being victimized or other people that may become victimized and communicating with these scammers. Also, please report these findings to the various email and chat room web sites. People are paying good money on these web sites to find sincere friendships and love and it is urgent that all of us come together as citizens to report these criminals to web sites to start screening people with background checks. There are a lot of scammers all over the world but the most prevalent is in Accra Ghana Africa and Nigeria – all in West Africa; also Russia. If you are communicating with anyone who says they are traveling to these third world countries on business PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOU COULD BE A VICTIM OF BEING SCAMMED.
2007-04-04, 09:11:30
anonymous from United States  
On their profiles they will usually say that both parents are dead and/or that they lost their husband or wife to a catastrophical illness like: cancer or they were in a fatal accident and died. Most scammers on their profiles will say that they have one child traveling with them and need your assistance for the child’s sake.

They tell you in 5 to 6 emails that they are in love with you or do you love them? They send emails that are written very articulately (it is probably copied from a or other poetry letter web sites); determine the copied emails that sound like poetry and compare them with their grammatical errors in their own created emails (there is a big difference in the writing). They will use terms such as: plz (instead of the English word please); ur (instead of your); u (instead of you). They use pet names like: (Hon, Honey, Babe, Sweetie, Sweat Heart, My Love, My Queen, etc…). If they ask for MONEY; DO NOT SEND THEM MONEY; IT’S A SCAM! What they may do is season you up for the kill by playing on your emotions for weeks or even months and then start asking for expensive items like: cam cords; cameras, cell phones. They will always suggest for express mail to ship the merchandise by Fed-Ex. Their next scam is to say that they are in a bad situation overseas; either they were robbed or lost money and can’t get back to their prospective countries and needs assistance from you; you are the only one that they can depend on. Also, they will ask for assistance to get new visas and passports because those items were stolen or lost as well. They will tell you that the U.S. Embassy can only help them with their airfare but not the hotel bills and they can’t leave the country that they are stranded in without paying the hotel bills to the hotel manager. They then ask for your assistance by wiring the money Western Union to them or to the hotel manager to pay for the hotel bills. Also, observe the photos; most of them are copied and/or downloaded from model websites or a popular web site (i.e.,

If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned things from people that you are communicating with over the internet or dating websites; IT’S A SCAM AND PLEASE DISCONTINUE COMMUNICATING WITH THESE CRIMINALS! I hope my wealth of information will help others.
2007-04-04, 10:23:29
To the person who wants to know about your attached statements: Yes, I have run into this man: He sent me the same love letter; he goes by the name of Steven or Stephen Doudu; also by PLEASE STOP COMMUNICATING WITH THIS CRIMIAL.........HE IS A SCAMMER! Thank you for posting your comments; you have really helped me; when I read it I knew that I was dealing with a scammer! I hope I have helped you as well.

Hi this man has been talking to me on myspace. I found your web sit looking him up, I would like to know if he is one of the poeple you talking about. here are some of his notes to me. Thank you very much for having a website that help others.

Dear Queen,

I love you from now until death do us part. Right now, you living so far away from me is killing me, but I know in my heart that we are doing the right thing. And, you are trying to get things straight so we can live there forever and spend a lifetime together. I don't want to lose you for anyone else or anything that anyone has to say about you. I want you to know that I love you from the deepest part of my heart. My love for you is unconditional. The love for you is so strong and the most powerful feeling that I have had in a long time and I am just at a loss for words when it comes to you. I just wish that there was another way that we could be together without living so far apart right at the time being. I want you to know that I love you and always will and there is nothing that will ever change that about how I feel... I love you.

Love always,

1. okay honey
I’m very happy too..I’m now in Nigeria and I’ll be happy to be back only to come and meet you cux u are there for me ....babe I’ll like to keep conversation till I’ll found out more about you and I’ll like to come back and meet you .. I have my personal email account and I won't if you can contact me there or we should be able to chat on yahoo messenger smithy_john2002 that's my id and it's my email hope to hear from you soon.....
Okay, honey. what do you want from me. i mean what do you want to know about me? please just tell me. i will answer.
2007-04-05, 14:50:23
anonymous from United States  
yes this is lauren from focus international, also several otther alias's,

moer info on this one also

Nicks: Cindy, Britney, spekazea, Laura, flower, Tracy, Becky, Courteney Mcdonalds, lonelygem, Sharon, Kelly Cole, shacute, Janet, janet1234, Rose, Amanda, talma101, Jacy Luss, Alisha Carlson


IP address:, or

Yahoo Profiles:

uses pictures of 'Lauren' from

2007-04-06, 07:00:03
anonymous from United States  
this girl say she from the states but in west affica and want me to send her $500 but im not dum i did not send it but now there a new one try it i will post both pic good luck guys

2007-04-09, 17:10:55
anonymous from United States  
Here is another pic ofJane, She calls herself 'debbieidris,' on GenX website and 'me_485' on the True Beginnings website. She has the audacity to use the same pic for both with different names. This is getting to be fun!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)

2007-04-10, 06:31:25
anonymous from United States  
Does any one out there have a picture of this Steven or Stephen Doudu? If so, can you please add to this web site. - Thank you in advance.
2007-04-10, 14:36:34
anonymous from United States  
RE:Funmi Williams, She also goes by name of Alba Williams. Cliams to be reporter for local TV staion and paper. Googled and is same name as a tribal leader and minster of nigerian govt. Also says has book published could not find either.
2007-04-11, 03:23:27
anonymous from United States  
OK guys, what is it about my profile that seems to be a magnet for these scammers? Two in one day?! Now I've got this beautiful, Jennifer Sherman , rather had, online. She didn't like the pics I sent back to her and where I got them from(here). Shucks, lost another one to anti Date Scam.LOL
This image was also posted here:
Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)
Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)
Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)

2007-04-11, 07:00:56
anonymous from United Kingdom  
i have been talking to this girl has anyone seen her or is this photo been use at all in any scams contact on i hope she is not a scammer
This image was also posted here:
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

Keywords: looks like a hooker hot pants b/w
2007-04-11, 14:16:48 from Italy  
this guy is a SCAM ! ! plz be carefull with him ! do not believe a sigle word of what he will tell U !

Keywords: man phone
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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