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Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)


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Sindy Becky Green goes now by Lauren Smith.


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2008-04-03, 08:30:54
anonymous from Eight Mile Plains, Australia  

1300658030 department of fair trading.

Kelly David


21:40 sat 5 Apr 2008
Lagos (Murtala Mohammed Airport) Aircraft type : Boeing 777-200 08: 00 sun 6Apr 2008
Via Amsterdam (Schiphol) KL0588
10:00 sun 6 Apr 2008
Via Amsterdam (Schiphol)
Aircraft type :Boeing 747-400 passenger 02:05 mon 7 Apr 2008
Via Kuala Lumpur (International Airport (KLIA)) KL4103
06:00 mon 7 Apr 2008
Via Kuala Lumpur (International Airport (KLIA))
Aircraft type :Boeing 747-400 passenger 02:00 mon 7 Apr 2008
Sydney KL4119
Terminal 3, Sydney Kingsford Smith Apt, Australia
14:05 Mon
Arriving: Terminal D, Brisbane Airport, Australia
15:35 Mon
Qantas Airways QF 530
Aircraft type - 73H

arrival-3 35pm
flight #-QF 530

I made contact with visa and the Bank of Africa Benin. She then started to get funny

Contact Local police department advised is scam reported to Feds in Australia and Department of Fair Trading.

2008-04-03, 08:34:17
anonymous from Australia  
NAME...................KELLY DAVID

2008-04-05, 01:13:44
anonymous from United States  
I do not know. This women says she is from IL, in the US her boyfriend brought her to Nigera for work and had died.

What I find as unusual is I am willing to send her a prepaid ticket to New Orleans, But she says the Father at the mission where she is miserable nust buy the ticket in cash.

To me if this was on the up and up she should accept the prepaid ticket to the US. She says she was born in Elgin,IL and is a American Citizen so WHY won't she take the free ticket.

Also on the Chinese women side am I safe there , I have 2 different ones that would take the free ticket to New Orleans or is this a scam also

Thanks for any help
2008-04-05, 01:27:49
anonymous from United States  
This is her opening. I have recored copied pasted some of our chats:

My name is Jessica Baker Morgan, i came from illinois elgin,I grew up in elgin and went to school in elgin ...I got my Degree from School of Health Center South bend IN., am a Nurse by profession...
More Over, Dad came from Australia, while Momma came from Philipiness..but they located in Chicago before they got back to elgin next to chicago , where they met and they god married.....
I happened to be the only Daughter of my Parent....
Eversince i was 13yrs old i had been having mistrable life and msitrable family..My parent where divorced, while momma remarried and she located to her new husband...
Me and Dad started our new life but dad ain't married again , he took care of me, sent me to good school ,trained me how to get people understand,i came out from good christian background and i know how to believe in whatever i am.. that i will still be coming a great creation in the future..cos, i believe in the fruit of my dream....
fulthermore, With all my dad's caring,faithful,passionate too see me through all my life..later came to mistrable too.. Dad had an heart attack eversince before he divorced with Momma...
This leeded him to death and left me all alone.,
In the same vain, Kelvin was my boy friend when i was in college, later we met and continue our relationship...
I expalined about my mistrable past experiences and he accepted to marry me but that will some year when we both understand each other,...
Kelvin was a contractor he went for Civil Engineering,..while i went for A Nurse...We both graduated from the same college...
He got a job but in West Africa Country(Nigeria)...He worked with Julius Bergger Construction Company located in Lagos State Nigeria
Since am still unemloyment then..i accepted to leave our home and located to Nigeria with Kelvin...Since he promised of marry me and care for me..cos , what i need is caring and faithful..
So, i located with him and Kelvin was working, he said that i should not work here in Nigeria,,,said when he got some money he will buy a house and send me back to the state...
Then i aggreed ,This will was my third Mistrable experience ..9th of April, 2006..Kelvin had an Autocrash and he died , so Kelvin left me all alone again...
Eversince,i thought that what would i do..i don't have a family nor friend to run to...Whom i truly know has died..So, i had determined of not allowing forth time mistrable things should happened to me anymore...
So i decided to kill my self one day...But a man of God came to Visit me and he prayed for me....Accordance to his prayer...I found that in his prayer.. he is directed to what i had in mind by killing my self and it seems as he has seen everything in my mind...
So i made up my mind and i explained everything to this man of God...He adived me and introduced his church to me and eversince i had been attending every sunday service and going to bible studies..
Am living with a church member, she is a widow .She has two kids whe both staying together as a family eversince Kelvin whom brought me to Nigeria Has died....
She has been clothing me and feeding me everytime.....i do follow his footh step here since she is a Nigeria citizen and she know what that bound their rules...So, i cherish of living with her..cos, she has showing me how to be a God Fearing and to believe in whatever you may found your self in Life...
Last three weeks, i got a job in a Motel Close to our home and i had been working with faithful and energetic mind,,maybe if i could earn some money i can get a ticket and get back to the state so i can get settle down for the rest of my life...
Last week, sometime 4pm Nigeria time..i was about to leave for a day work , since we have Bible study and i don't wanna came late...and i need to see my co.worker in other to handover everything to him...But he couldn't came i went to Our Manager's office and i explained everything to him...
He suddenly held my hand and he wanna seduced me to have a sex with him ...after he has his own family and he wanna spoil my future...So, i dicided to guit the job...I informed my pastor about this and he said that..i should quit..even Mrs williams said that same thing...
Eversince, i had been sleeping and eating everytime...But this is really paining me.....I earned some money ...So, i dicided to Deposited for my ticket and get back to the state, so pastor introduces me to a friend of him,,He is a Travel Agent....And i deposited with him..just to avoild of spending the money that i earn..
Later, Day before yesterday... i thought that,,,..if atall i get the balance today..where will i be stay, to whom will i be living with?..i don't have a home to go to..nor a family back to the state....
So I went to my pastor and i explained about the situation on ground....He adviced me..if i could get someone who will care for me,,and he introduced online dating relationship to me..that it's turns outta to be successful and very easy to get a man...
I got yahoo search and i signed up ..Today will be my first day and you are my second member that am gonna IM on here...the second one did not respond to me..while you are the first who's respond to me...
Here i am...what do you think...

Thanks all
2008-04-06, 10:36:49
I have also been in contact with Tina Beckley who has shared more pictures and has told me that shes addicted to me

2008-04-07, 04:46:36   (updated: 2008-04-07, 04:47:50)
Anon from United States posted 2008-04-05, 01:13:44 and 2008-04-05, 01:27:49! This is scam for sure. They do not need any tickets. They want your money because they are scammers. Read more stories here and you will find out it by yourself. DO NOT SEND MONEY! They (or he, African scammers are all men. At least I didnt hear about African female scammers. There are more experienced people know here) will attach you with love and then will get more and more money from you. First red flag is a connection to West Africa ( US/UK/South Africa) anyhow. They all for some reason (you can see plenty of typical stories) stuck in Africa.
2008-04-07, 10:07:34
anonymous from United States  
I just got scammed from a male in Nigeria on business, got robbed and wanting to leave country. Smooth talker, makes you fall in love, then scams you...Requesting money to leave country and money to recover travel documents and flight tickets..Goes by the name of Mike Cole. This is one of the pictures he is using..

2008-04-07, 10:09:13
anonymous from United States  
I just got scammed from a male in Nigeria on business, got robbed and wanting to leave country. Smooth talker, makes you fall in love, then scams you...Requesting money to leave country and money to recover travel documents and flight tickets..Goes by the name of Mike Cole. This is another of the pictures he is using.

2008-04-07, 10:11:30
anonymous from United States  
I just got scammed from a male in Nigeria on business, got robbed and wanting to leave country. Smooth talker, makes you fall in love, then scams you...Requesting money to leave country and money to recover travel documents and flight tickets..Goes by the name of Mike Cole. This is one of the pictures he is using. I have other pictures as well...

2008-04-09, 11:05:27
anonymous from United Kingdom  
she is at again on ukdate same scam as the others

2008-04-09, 11:13:11
anonymous from United Kingdom  
she is at it again same all same all

2008-04-11, 10:02:30
anonymous from United States  
careful boy's this one is creative!!! not enought for me but almost!!

---------- Forwarded Message -----------
From: sherry martins <>
Sent: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 06:39:06 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: My Feelings

It was nice hearing your voice today, I am really happy I did cos this is what I have been longing to hear and Im happy we could speak a little even though its not long.As far as what you said last night, I have left it behind and wouldn't like us to talk about it anymore, I will like to meet you soon .
There are things in life that are inevitable; I am powerless to control them. The Sun will rise and set, the tide will come in and go out, the seasons will change, the birds will fly South for the winter and return in the spring, and the caterpillar will transform itself into a handsome butterfly. Somehow, I feel reassured by this because many other things in life are so transient - so momentary. From the moment we met on yahoo personals till now , I knew that our friendship would develop into something lasting and precious, just as I am sure that the caterpillar will one day become a handsome butterfly. Dearest, I believe that our love and friendship is ordained by God. It is a union of two spirits destined for everlasting happiness. Thus, you have truly become the star of my life which brings me light in
this dark world, and warmth when I need it. You offer me the promise of renewal, the joy of living, the peace of mind that comes from sharing and caring, and that shoulder to lean on in times of stress. You are my Swallow from Capistrano - my precious butterfly, and I will cherish you and love you forever if you promise that you will take
good care of me , i think life has been very harsh on me but notwithstanding i must continue to search for someone that can fill the gap i am not looking at an outward appearance i look at ur heart .
I cant wait till I meet you Mike and I want you to know I have started making some arrangements and we will talk about it soon.
get back soon sweetie,

From: sherry martins []
Sent: Friday, April 11, 2008 10:57 AM
Subject: Hello ..........

Hello ,
I just want you to understand that I have loved how we have kept in contact all this while and how we have been able to grow in feelings and I thought we should take it to another level since I have been preparing to get back to the state before and I have saved some money before but I guess the money was not enough. I used some to renew my ticket and I still have some left and have paid it to the travel agent and I thought I should make you aware of it and that you could help me out with the remaining money so I can book my ticket soon as we can meet and go from there. I don't really know what you want to think about but I just want you be good.
I will get back at you later.
have a lovely day,

From: sherry martins []
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2008 9:23 PM
Subject: RE: Hi Dear

Well, we will talk about it when you come on, I have been able to meet with the travel agent and we have discussed well.I hope to get there as soon as possible.
get back soon,

From: sherry martins []
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2008 12:54 PM
Subject: Hi Dear

Well, You know I told you I have been preparing to get to the state soon and Its been long I have been telling my boss and I have made him understand I can leave anytime from now so maybe I will just meet him and tell him I have started making preparations and will leave soon and after that, I will go see a travel agent to know what I will need and every other arrangement cos its been long I have been here and some other things might be needed to be done.
We will talk online at night.
hope you have a wonderful day,

2008-04-12, 22:17:15
anonymous from United States  

this web site has a lot of pictures and information

this man i just seen in here women asking information about him....(his name is David Alex and is 35 years old and an orphan)

Stephen M. Terry

2008-04-19, 00:13:15
anonymous from Joliet, United States  
Please aware of a scammer in Logos using the email name of On Yahoo IM or Windows Messenger you will see her as 'titi ana'. posing as a white american traveling business woman who says she is from San Diego, CA and is a computer broker who buys computers for clients. Well to put it this way her 2 week trip has now lasted 8 weeks and she was supposed to be back in the USA March31st (She said). I sent her $200 because she siad her purse got stolen and that then they found it without the $500 he had in it. so she could not eat. She said they don't use credit cards in Nigeria (?). Then after I sent this 2-3 days later she tells me that she had to pay a hotel bill of $660 otherwise the manager there was going to throw her out. I stopped the communication at that point. My last communication to her I tried to get her to admit that she was part of a typical internet dating scam from Nigeria:

From: gary
Date: 4/18/2008 9:20:05 PM
To: titi ana
Subject: Re: Now that your back in the USA

Tita Ana,

Sure we can say goodbye. It wasn't that I didn't believe you. You put up too many red flags and didn't answer the questions. 2 major money needing mishaps right away within days of each other creates doubt among any reasonable thinking person. Why just you don't admit that you are part of those Internet date scams from Nigeria? Admit it and we can say goodbye... It won't hurt or do any harm telling me the truth. Remember for 1 minute I talked to you on the phone and you surely sounded Nigerian. No hard feelings just clear the air...


-------Original Message-------

From: titi ana
Date: 4/18/2008 9:13:04 PM
To: gary
Subject: Re: Now that your back in the USA

i dont think i have to tell you anythinhg about me here right now.....seems you never beleive bye forever.....if you are ready let me k now ok

gary <> wrote:
Kylie is fine. That's all I wanted was a answer. Are you living there for an extended period of time? New business or the old business never closed the deal?

-------Original Message-------

From: titi ana
Date: 4/18/2008 9:01:34 PM
To: gary
Subject: Re: Now that your back in the USA

i am still here in NIG...Bye forever if you want..ok How is Kylie Doin

gary <> wrote:
Tita Ana

I was asking you because you said at the end of business trip you were getting paid. Remember? You also said that if I paid you that $660 dollars for your hotel bill you were going to pay that back to me. That of course didn't happen. I am asking you for this in that spirit. I am not insulting you. Just trying to get a straight answer from you all along. We can say goodbye, but the circumstances of what happened only happened because you were not up front with me. Are you still back there in Nigeria?

-------Original Message-------

From: titi ana
Date: 4/18/2008 8:40:13 PM
To: gary
Subject: Re: Now that your back in the USA

Hey i need money for Cab to egt down to the poet and come to you...if you can't afford that....Say bye to me forever ok...dont insult me

gary <> wrote:
I asked you nicely. If you remember you were the one who said that you would repay me back.

-------Original Message-------

From: titi ana
Date: 4/18/2008 8:25:30 PM
To: gary
Subject: Re: Now that your back in the USA

You are Crazy Bitch

gary <> wrote:
Please send back via the same MoneyGram the $200 I sent you. Send to my name and the location place to be noted is WALMART in ILLINOIS. That is what the Walmart told me to send a MoneyGram to them. No other information is needed.

Thank You,

YOU SEE? She calls me a crazy bitch because I am pointing out to her that I knew all along that she was a scammer! She only had 1 portrait phoo of a beautiful blond woman in Yahoo IM. She could never produce not 1 more photo to prove her identity.

2008-04-21, 18:37:41
TO anonymous of Canada (page54) Hi this person is currently trying to scam me! I have asked for some 'dirty' pics but it claims it doesn't have any! Please could you email them to me as it would give me great pleasure in 1) seeing them! and 2) sending it one saying 'ok since you dont have any heres one i made earlier!!' Much appreciated and P.S or if anyone has any pics could they please email them to me Thanks
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Irina Miheeva

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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