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Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)


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Sindy Becky Green goes now by Lauren Smith.

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2009-12-17, 21:33:58
Rusty from Australia  
I do not know if my eyes are playing tricks on me...
but the photos sent by anonymous on the 11/11/09,
is the bed and wall colour the same as in some of Raven Rileys photos...?
or is it just my imagination....
2009-12-19, 11:32:37
Johan.alley@gmail from United States  
Hi! I was trying to scammed but they could not cheating me, they started with very normal and real understanding before they draw the nails and their really intentios.
Check this record and history:

Reply |becky lambert to me
show details 11:52 AM (21 hours ago)

Hello Sweetheart,
I'm so glad to hear from you and also that you are willing to know what am going through. I'm so sorry to meet you this way . Things have been so hard for me that was the reason why im trying to get to know you better first before i tell you anything. I'm so sad and dont know what to do. I will be so much happy if you can take the time for me and help me out of my situation. I have been in west africa nigeria for 1 and half month now in a hospital. I came down here with a friend of mine,she was originally born here but she came down to america for study.that was how we get to know each other.we both live together and spend time together.she told me to come over with her for a visit cuz she got a letter from her families saying her mom was sick and she want me to come along with her.she was the one i live with after i lost my parent years back . so i cant say no to her .I never knew we will be in a accident . we both had an accident and unfurtunately i lost her in the motor accident .we where both admitted to a hospital called crestal hospital .they try to look after her family but no one could come up for her at the mortuary . though i hurt myself too and was given a treatment while here alone . im ok and better now that was the reason why i try to get on the doctor laptop. im just alone here using the doc laptop to talk to you . i dont know what to do cuz im alone and hopeless here . i keep crying and praying every moment on my returning back home. I cant help myself back home cuz the doctor want me to settle my hospital bills before i could leave. he has my returning ticket and passport with him and want me to pay for my bills before i could come back home . Things has been so hard for me now and i dont know what to do . I have my returning ticket and passport with the doctor. I dont want it to get expired by date that was the reason why am asking for your help . I will be so much happy if you can be there for me back home. I promise that i will never make you regret of helping me when i return back home . all that i just need to do is to get my hospital bills settled then i can get back home . I really need you to be there for me . I dont mind if i would pay it back when i return back home. If you willing to help me please get back to me and let me know . I promise to do whatever to pay you back dear.
Waiting to hear from you sweetie

Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2009 11:31:31 -0800
Subject: Re: i am sad and depressed

Sure! Princess!

Would I like know about your joys and sadness, When I was 18 I lost my father too. believe that I understand you, is hard continuing living when someone is so used to have your relatives near. But the life continuos and one have to keep here to face it.

Some Days I feels so along & depressed too, but I have to find the strength
to continue living, and you can found it in yours dreams, illusions and hopes to be better. that energy can help you to face your life more happily. Beause everybody suffers depression in their solitary moments, believe me!

Well, I have to go but I'm excited to know more about you and I will be waiting your feedback...


On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 6:47 AM, becky lambert <> wrote:

Hello Dear,
I am so happy to hear from you again . You sound so nice and thanks for answering to my questions . I think we have alot to share together and i promise i will never make you regret of having me as someone of your heart . I am so sad and in depressed mood at the moment dear. Things have been so hard for me but i believe we work in hands together things can get better . I need your help and want you to be there for me after things workout for me . I promise to do whatever its gon takes for me to meet you. I dont have any one on earth since my mom and left me . I lost them years back this really hurt me but i believe i will get over it someday . I have been suffering and working harder to make my life better but i believe God will make a way for me someday. I have alot on my mind and i dont wanna keep hiding this for you . I am so sad dear . I want someone to talk to about it . If you care to know all that am going through dear kindly let me know Ok .

Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 20:30:10 -0800
Subject: Re: More about me

Hi Princess, you are a very beautiful human by yours words, Is very pleasing for me to see girls like you beautiful outside and inside much better, So I'll be very honest with you...

I respect a lot the word FAMILY 'cause to make a family is easy but keeping is hard, I'm trying to establish my life to started make it....

When I was single I looking the same that you and on certain way I found it, I found a beautiful person to share my life.

Now responding to your questionS.

No single, Actually I have a relationship from longterm ( 6 years & 9 months ) I'm 27 years old, working as superviser from a fabric, you likes me whole, your body, color skin, your thinking, you have a beautiful way of be that attracts me more than your physical aspect, Obviously only can I be your friend if you wish.... could you tell me some things from you or if you find some advise maybe I could help you, I'm young but I think likes a person more mature believe me, I'm raised on hard experiences during my short life ( nice and sad moments) that made me grow up on mind over my existence.

Let me tell me a little about me,

When I was a teen, I played professional soccer at 3rd division from Mexico but I leave it 'cause I had an obstacle so better I decided to finish my carrer and put all my focus at the university & job to archieve my goals, during my studies at the university I Played for the soccer and athlecis selections and I Won gold metal of 400 meters in 2003 National's Queretaro,Mx. but I lost my head and carried away by fame, neglect my trainig leaving it completely.

Well if you wish be on contac with me, consider me like a friend and let me tell you that you deserves a great man like you but gonna be hard to find him and you know.

P.S. My name is for JOHAN CRUYFF (Netherland Soccer Player)

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2009-12-19, 19:54:14
anonymous from Canada  
2009-12-20, 07:44:09
anonymous from United States  
Beware girls the guy will post a handsome photo then write poems then tell you he has no bank account can you send money then he will start saying all this romantic things to lure you end you are beautiful and he misses you meanwhile you never met. then he will not give you correct phone number then after chatting he will makeup a story about his kids and family and wife that they are in need of urgent surgery then he will tell you he has no money will you send some and the grammar in the emails are not spelled correctly then if you say no money will be sent he gets mad and curses at you. So please be aware of this dont fall for the sick scam something should be done about this on a dating site you want to meet someone and this horrible stuff is going on.

2009-12-20, 09:48:46
anonymous from United States  
guy said he was a contractor doing a job in Nigera speaking all this nice stuff to me saying his wife died of cancer. then gets on yahoo site asking for me to send him money that he is starving and has not eaten in 2 days this has to stop. His email is

2009-12-24, 14:32:26
anonymous from United States  
Kelly David,
I was talking to a lady from Belgium who called herself Kebheka, Kub, ladylikeme77@match but she always wanted to talk correspond at our regular internet ie my Hotmail acct and her yahoo account. We talked for about 3 weeks and she , also , was in the textile business buying textile machines and shipping them to customers that needed them. our last correspondance yeaterday said she needed $2000.00 because the Lagnos officials (she told me she was in Benin City) are making her pay more than the $23,000.00 She said she has already paid, and needed the $2000 asap because the shipment would be considered (Demorrhaged) Well I didnt know what demorrhaged ment so I just did a simple search and it brought me here, thank God because I was about to send the $2000. today. She also said she Lived in Loganville, GA. just east of Atlanta, GA.
Seems they all play a good game of pulling the right heart strings. So just watch out if any of your contacts use these scenarios!
Plus Im 56 and she said she was 37 one time and 47 later.
Good luck to everyone looking for the right one. My them in your local grocery store, your favorite store or ask friends to set you up...its not as bad as online dating!
2010-01-01, 12:52:44
anonymous from Belgium  

2010-01-01, 12:54:01
anonymous from Belgium  

2010-01-01, 17:36:05
OJAS from United States  
2010-01-03, 07:48:13
anonymous from Belgium  
tina bruce she tel me she is usa but its not she is in nigeria
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer tina

2010-01-03, 07:49:23
anonymous from Belgium  
tina bruce she tel me she is in nigeria but she is in nigeria
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer tina

2010-01-03, 17:54:29
anonymous from United States  
No more international correspondence for me. I'm tired of it all. Unless you really want to go through Dream Marriage or another auithenitc Russian marriage site, and have the money to do so, and find the right girl that way, stay at home with it. The entire problem is just getting worse also. Nigerians and Ghanans are more prolific than ever, and out there everywhere, seemingly on every dating site now. There are detective agencys you can search that are international and for about 400 dollars they will absolutely verify whether the girl you are about to waste a few thou on is authentic. I, personally, have quit talking to any women from West Africa. They hit on me all the time. Give it up boys, and go for the local girls on dating sites. They exist....
2010-01-04, 16:45:26
anonymous from United States  
Yes, I believe all the bullshitand I will not deal with it also. There is better girls / women here in the U. S. FUCK EVERYONE OVER SEAS.
2010-01-05, 11:41:51
anonymous from Belgium  
now here profiel is jemmy craig yahoo boys

2010-01-05, 11:42:33
anonymous from Belgium  
jemmy graig

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