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Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)


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Sindy Becky Green goes now by Lauren Smith.

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2007-01-08, 03:28:48
anonymous from Australia  
This person claims to be Geraldine Harvey, her mother is Liberian and her dad is American who has passed away.See profile picture and note it is the same as one of above. She messaged me in Yahoo Messenger.

She was born in Liberia and is at some refugee camp in Ghana, she needs $300 to do some IT course.


2007-01-08, 12:12:57
[hidden] from United States  
Has anyone been scammed by this girl? She says her name is Princess.

Keywords: black girl blue jeans white tube top
2007-01-08, 12:16:56
[hidden] from United States  
Here is another picture of Princess from Ghana.
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2007-01-17, 02:21:26
ok so, this girl I've been talkin to, is really someone else. prolly a guy who has taken the photos from a Girl by the name of Malia P., well anyway, she goes by the name of Florence maria benjamin. her email she gave me was:, she also has a profile on myspace, which is: florence (with the model, Malia P's picture) SO BEWARE of this scammer!!! Here are two pics she had, to show me, but i knew somethin was up, when she didn't want to share more pics of herself with me. and she made up a story of how her father just passed away, and how she lived in the UK before now living in Nigeria, where she can't get a job, and has to get money for her family. (and it was very convenient how she needed money for Christmas) These Scammers, are really Cold Hearted!!! If they really thought about what they were doin, then I'm sure that they would even, think, 'how can I Really be doin this!?!' ok, so hopefully this will help other's as well, so that they don't get Scammed!! and i almost sent money western union, too. (But didn't) one more thing about the myspace profile, she says that she is from Florida cuz of her job that she had before, with an Orphanage home.

2007-01-17, 02:26:46
ok, here is the other one as well. for more, pics of Malia P., going by the name of florence maria benjamin. she can be found at: Thanks for yor effort in doing something about this, and for whoever put this website together.

2007-01-17, 09:45:45
anonymous from United States  
Hi this man has been talking to me on myspace. I found your web sit looking him up, I would like to know if he is one of the poeple you talking about. here are some of his notes to me. Thank you very much for having a website that help others.

Dear Queen,

I love you from now until death do us part. Right now, you living so far away from me is killing me, but I know in my heart that we are doing the right thing. And, you are trying to get things straight so we can live there forever and spend a lifetime together. I don't want to lose you for anyone else or anything that anyone has to say about you. I want you to know that I love you from the deepest part of my heart. My love for you is unconditional. The love for you is so strong and the most powerful feeling that I have had in a long time and I am just at a loss for words when it comes to you. I just wish that there was another way that we could be together without living so far apart right at the time being. I want you to know that I love you and always will and there is nothing that will ever change that about how I feel... I love you.

Love always,

1. okay honey
I’m very happy too..I’m now in Nigeria and I’ll be happy to be back only to come and meet you cux u are there for me ....babe I’ll like to keep conversation till I’ll found out more about you and I’ll like to come back and meet you .. I have my personal email account and I won't if you can contact me there or we should be able to chat on yahoo messenger smithy_john2002 that's my id and it's my email hope to hear from you soon.....
Okay, honey. what do you want from me. i mean what do you want to know about me? please just tell me. i will answer.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
Date: 1/16/2007

Don't get me wrong, there a lot of people on here that plays games, there's a lot of people on here just to get anything. But I explain to you, my specific purpose here on my space. My letter is very detailed, but I can tell you. I'm probably one of the most honest, caring individual you might meet and that takes time to see. I just don't have time t to playing head games with anyone, because I don't want them playing it with me. Either you can take me for face value, of the person whom I describe myself to be are you can just leave me alone. The choice is up to you. I'm still asking basic questions that you have not posted how tall are you smithy, is it your first name is John your last. I'm asking you to be honest with me, because the letters I wrote you are all true, and in detail. So stop it, please
----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: smithy
Date: 1/16/2007

dear I’ll like if u can promise me that u won't brake my heart if i give it to you okay ...... i guess u are getting me wrong i leave there in caustic before i came down here to see mum .... tell me do u think u can still make it real and honest with me?
dear this the opportunity to tell you about my family....
I’m mixed born and raised by a native African woman from Nigeria and a American man born and raised in CA, she was married to my dad there at the state and they live haply married and i was born and will all live good , it's all come bad when my dad is dead ... the frustrating is too much for her she have to leave and back to her country , she sorrow leave me there cux of my education and she call every time to know how her only son is, when I graduated I was working in a computer company, I work there for 2years but when I heard my mum is sick she called for me and i have to be here to take care of her
now I’m here with her taken care of her since i was here
hope u can be here too lol but if u really wanna be with me and want me in your life I’ll be glad okay
hope to hear from you soon
okay let me introduce my self. am smithy john by my name, single ,am a university graduate in computer engineering, unemployed at the moment. am from California .am looking for a real woman to spend the rest of my life hobbies I luv swimming sometimes clubbing ,reading luv to hang out with friends and love one and I’m willing to meet someone who is like my cux she love me and take very good care of
are u sure u can be this person I’m looking for a honest carrying and wonderful woman who will always take good care of me and always be with me
huh huh lol thanks a lot.

2007-01-17, 23:28:40
anonymous from United States  
Same story new pics

2007-01-17, 23:37:15
anonymous from United States  
claims to be from Tampa Bay FL but born in Ohio stuck in hospital.
email 'katey crouch' <>
Hospital Email
'hospital crystal' <>


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Keywords: girl red top black skirt plants long hair
2007-01-17, 23:38:48
anonymous from United States  
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2007-01-17, 23:41:59
anonymous from United States  

2007-01-17, 23:42:45
anonymous from United States  

2007-01-17, 23:43:24
anonymous from United States  

Keywords: blonde black dress red car
2007-01-18, 00:00:05
anonymous from United States  
ktycrouch: is he at sleep yet??
ktycrouch: did u get the pics
XXX: I am opening your email now
XXX: he just got into bed
XXX: nice to meet you
XXX: you are very very very pretty
ktycrouch: thanks
ktycrouch: how long have u been on singlesnet?
XXX: about 4 days I think
ktycrouch: how many people have u meet
XXX: how long have you been on
XXX: just a few
XXX: none as beautiful as you
ktycrouch: 2 days
ktycrouch: how many people have u met??
ktycrouch: well thank
ktycrouch: thanks
ktycrouch: what do u do and what is ur real name??
XXX: I think about 3 people I have talked to, have not meet any
XXX: my name is XXX
XXX: I am a graphic designer
ktycrouch: ok nice to meet u XXX
XXX: what is your real name
ktycrouch: an a nurse
ktycrouch: and am kaie
ktycrouch: katie
XXX: nice to meet you katie
ktycrouch: katie
ktycrouch: u are welcome
XXX: how long have you been in the US
ktycrouch: i was born in the states
ktycrouch: i am indian american my dad from india and my mom from ohio
XXX: ic
XXX: I am from WY
ktycrouch: what nationaity are u??
ktycrouch: i speak in my dad accent u should hve notice that in my typing
XXX: born in NE
XXX: white
ktycrouch: where is the mother of ur son??
XXX: she is in SD
XXX: she has only seen him once since may and that is because we went looking for her
XXX: spent 4 days in her town saw her maybe 2 hours
ktycrouch: u divorce her
XXX: we never got married
XXX: I have never been married
ktycrouch: that is so sad
ktycrouch: she is a child bearer not a mother
XXX: never planned on having a family and losing it
XXX: thats sad... but true
XXX: it was really hard for a while
XXX: allmost 3 years passed before I even thought about dating
ktycrouch: i understand
ktycrouch: so what are u looking for in a woman
XXX: someone that can comunicate
XXX: someone to share the rest of our lives togetehr
XXX: someone kind
ktycrouch: that is nice and cool
XXX: someone that wants a happy and healthy family
ktycrouch: am looking for the same thing and most especially someone o love me for who i am
XXX: A dream come true
XXX: yeah
ktycrouch: so tel me more about u
XXX: like?
ktycrouch: anything
ktycrouch: do u stil have parent
ktycrouch: where are they
XXX: my life focused around sports growing up
XXX: I have a mother, father died about 8years ago
XXX: mom is in WY
ktycrouch: sorry i ost my both parent weeks ago and am the only child
ktycrouch: do u have siblings
XXX: yes brother in WA and one in WY
XXX: do you have any tatoos?
ktycrouch: that is cool
ktycrouch: do u live alone now with ur son?/
ktycrouch: nope
ktycrouch: and u
XXX: with my son
XXX: no
XXX: just the 2 of us
XXX: what month is your birthday
ktycrouch: u living with many people?
ktycrouch: ok
ktycrouch: may
ktycrouch: and u?
XXX: march
XXX: do you have roomates
ktycrouch: that is close
ktycrouch: nope
XXX: are you working in newark?
XXX: what type of nurse are you
ktycrouch: well rigth now am not in the states
XXX: where are you now
ktycrouch: RN
ktycrouch: africa
XXX: do you like it there
ktycrouch: well nope
XXX: why stay there then
ktycrouch: well its a long story.. if u care to know i'l tell u
XXX: where were your pictures taken?
XXX: I would like to know
ktycrouch: in tampa florida tampa bay
XXX: were you a model?
ktycrouch: cose to yborcity
ktycrouch: close
ktycrouch: nope..i took them when i wanna go for modeing but mom stop me
XXX: do you mind if I ask what happen to your parents
ktycrouch: dead in a car accident
XXX: sorry to hear
XXX: so why you in africa
ktycrouch: my family and i came to africa for a tourtist trip on a call of lost long distance friend of my dad..when we got here at the airport we got a cab that will convey usand on our way we had an accident
ktycrouch: i woke up after 3 weeks in a hospital where i was told i lost my family in the accident and they were burried at the hospital have been here for weeks now
XXX: thats so sad
ktycrouch: went to the embassy and they said they cab only help if i can get the hospital bill paid...i dunno if u can help me pay the hospital bill so i can come back home where i belong...if u cant help i will still love to be friends with u..i just wanted to be honest with u cus i can see u need a honest girl and am trying to be honest.
ktycrouch: i understand how u feel if u dont tak to me or type anymore many people judge me before they get to know me...
XXX: I wont
ktycrouch: sometimes even when i have proove myself
XXX: I understand
ktycrouch: why wont u
XXX: how much is your bill
ktycrouch: thanks so much u are one in a million..i want friendship..i want happiness and i want relationship but each time i try to be honest about where i am people stop talking to me
ktycrouch: its a big amount 800 us dollars
XXX: so then you can fly back to america
ktycrouch: well if i dont get it paid i cant fly back
XXX: will you need some extra money for that?
ktycrouch: nope
ktycrouch: just the hospital bill
XXX: do you have a place that you get wire transfer
ktycrouch: well are u saying u wanna help me XXX??
XXX: thinking about it
XXX: do you have a passport
ktycrouch: u mean us passport ..yeah i do and a return ticket
ktycrouch: why do u ask??
XXX: was wondering if you would have to get married to stay in US
ktycrouch: well am a us citizen ..just that now i losy my memory and i will need a place when i get back untill i can remeber things this is one of my big problem
XXX: so you would want to stay with me
ktycrouch: thanks so much i will appreciate it XXX and with that we see how things work between us and have more time to get to know each other and get close
XXX: do you have a cell phone
ktycrouch: nope but u can call me on the hospitals number
XXX: is that where you are staying
ktycrouch: am at the hospital rigth now...they will not allow me go utill i get the bill paid
ktycrouch: have been staying here for weeks now
XXX: wont it be more than 800, I could send 1600 to make sure you have enough
ktycrouch: well its just 800
XXX: is that all you want me to send
ktycrouch: well if u wanna help me u have to contact the hospital by email or call
XXX: what is the phone
ktycrouch: +2348038126620 but rith now everyone is asleep they wont pic calls u can only email
XXX: ok
ktycrouch: can u email them now
ktycrouch: ?
XXX: what city are you in
ktycrouch: lagos nigeria
XXX: is there an airport nerby
ktycrouch: yeah
ktycrouch: why do u ask??
XXX: is that where you would fly out of
ktycrouch: yes
XXX: just a sec my son is yelling at me
ktycrouch: why do u ask??
ktycrouch: ok sorry baby
ktycrouch: how is he doing now...
ktycrouch: ?
XXX: sorry
XXX: i am back
ktycrouch: how is he doing now??
XXX: hes ok
ktycrouch: back to sleep??
ktycrouch: ok good
ktycrouch: why do u ask about the airport
XXX: well was thinking it might be easyer for me just to fly there and come get you
XXX: then you wouldn't run short on any money
ktycrouch: well am not gonna run short of any money all i ever needed is to pay the hospital bill
XXX: so you dont want me to come there and help you?
ktycrouch: well i know its gona take days and rigth now i dont know what to believe anymore
XXX: I could be there by friday
ktycrouch: well i understand but how will u be here u have never been here before..
XXX: I am looking at booking a flight
ktycrouch: i am scared now...i think u are taking me for a fool
XXX: why would I do that
XXX: I think you are very pretty and under a lot of stress
ktycrouch: well i can be there before friday
XXX: just trying to help you out
XXX: I think if this is what your father would want...
ktycrouch: why not just help me with the bill not stress urself how about the baby
XXX: someone there for you
ktycrouch: look XXX ...if want o help me call the hospital or email tem and if u want to come fine..ok stop making a fool of me..i know u dont believe me
XXX: I do
XXX: I can book flight on airgorilla and be there for you on friday
ktycrouch: so why u saying it like u are making a fool of me..why not just call the hospita or email them now
XXX: I will I am at the holpita web site now
ktycrouch: what website??
ktycrouch: who gave u the web site??
XXX: I got it from google
XXX: are you at the modus
ktycrouch: what is the web site??
XXX: nimr org hospital
ktycrouch: thanks for wasting my time ok..its ok fine extend my greetings to ur son ok bye
XXX: is that the right one
XXX: whay you mean
XXX: I want to help
XXX: if you dont want me to come I wont
ktycrouch: look its ok,, leaving if u wanna helpemail the hospital where did u get that web site
ktycrouch: is the email
XXX: what do you want???
ktycrouch: if u wanna email me then fine if u dont wanna help fine
XXX: i will help you
ktycrouch: why did u gp search google..what did u search
ktycrouch: so email them now
XXX: 800 is not much to meet a beautifull woman like you
XXX: will i ever meet you
ktycrouch: email them now
XXX: if not 800 is worth having your pics as far as I care
ktycrouch: yeah ..we had a plan but u are fucking me up
ktycrouch: u dont beieve me do u??
XXX: you dont seem very nice right now
XXX: I do
ktycrouch: believe
XXX: I would do anything for you
ktycrouch: XXX...swear to God u wanna help me
ktycrouch: and rigth now email them while am stil here
XXX: just thought with your memory lose it might help if I was there
XXX: sorry to upset you
XXX: I swear I want to help you
XXX: ok
XXX: give me a sec to send email
ktycrouch: i know what am doing ..just not remembring everything
ktycrouch: ok email the hospital now
XXX: what do I say in it
ktycrouch: tell them u wanna help the white lady in te hospital name kattie
XXX: k
ktycrouch: u got the emai
ktycrouch: email?
XXX: email has been sent
XXX: are you happy now
ktycrouch: are u sure??
XXX: positive
XXX: what me to forward it to you
ktycrouch: u want me to go to them and see it its true??
XXX: sure if you dont beilieve me
ktycrouch: yes
XXX: go check then
ktycrouch: nothing is in my email now
ktycrouch: forward it to me
XXX: k
XXX: ok
XXX: forward to you
XXX: give it about 3 min
ktycrouch: ok
XXX: you dont want to live with me do you
XXX: thats ok
XXX: I dont mind helping you out in return for nothing
ktycrouch: i got it already
XXX: see told you the truth
ktycrouch: well i want to live with u cus have got no where to go
XXX: I could pay for you to stay in your own apt.
XXX: would you prefer that
ktycrouch: well its ok...anywhere u want me to stay
XXX: dont get me wrong... I think you are drop dead gourges
ktycrouch: thanks i understand
XXX: I would be ... well words could not begin to say how greatfull fo have you live with me
ktycrouch: but if we dont live together we wont get along u know
ktycrouch: so its will be good we live together
XXX: wish I could get a current pic from you
ktycrouch: wemm word could not say how happy i will be at he end if its tue u really wanna hep me from the bottom of ur heart
XXX: so will you be upset if there is another woman here sometimes
XXX: u still there
ktycrouch: yeah
ktycrouch: i wont
XXX: are you sure
ktycrouch: and wh will u bring woman into the house
ktycrouch: i'l take care of the baby for u
XXX: my son is in school
XXX: you wont have to take care of him
XXX: do you have any more pics
ktycrouch: how old is he??
ktycrouch: yeah
XXX: he is 6
XXX: will you send me some please
ktycrouch: ok
ktycrouch: still need to be taken care of
XXX: maybe a little
ktycrouch: yeah and will u send some more of urs too
ktycrouch: can i see one more of ur pics now
XXX: let me see if I can find another one
ktycrouch: ok
ktycrouch: did u get the once i just sent
XXX: not sure getting ready to send mine
XXX: will check
XXX: I really like you
ktycrouch: me too i like u too
ktycrouch: just scared
XXX: why
ktycrouch: cus i migth leave me anytime
XXX: what?
ktycrouch: promise u will never leave me no matter what
XXX: why would I your beautifull
ktycrouch: i dunno am just scared
XXX: dont be
ktycrouch: ok
ktycrouch: did the hospital email u back
XXX: not yet
ktycrouch: try and heck cus i just talk to them and they told me they email
XXX: can I get pics 6 - 10 now boy you sure are pretty
XXX: ok
XXX: I will go check
XXX: can you send the other pics how I am checking
XXX: ?
ktycrouch: what pics
ktycrouch: ??
XXX: pics 6 7 8 9 and 10 of you
XXX: thank you
XXX: i got the email from the hospital
ktycrouch: did u repy them
XXX: still reading
ktycrouch: am gonna email tem later before i go to sleep
XXX: ok
XXX: can I wait and email the hospital back in the morning
ktycrouch: the hospital are asking me to get off the computer are u gonna email me ...reply the hospital now
XXX: send me your other pics now
ktycrouch: what time is it over there now??
XXX: please
XXX: 11
ktycrouch: i wil they ask me to get off ..but i will send them in the morning
ktycrouch: when wil u be online tommmorow
XXX: not sure probably in the afternoon
ktycrouch: so we can chat and are u gonna email me before then?/
XXX: will you remeber talking to me tomorrow
ktycrouch: can u call the hospital then and ask me to come online?/
XXX: what was the number
ktycrouch: yeah ...promie me u will email me tonite befoe u go to sleep
ktycrouch: +2348038126620
XXX: I will when I am opening your other pics
ktycrouch: u gonna email me before u go to sleep or in the morningg after emailing the hospital???
XXX: will you remember me tomorrow
ktycrouch: yeah i will never forget u
XXX: I will never forgey u either
ktycrouch: will u ever forget tonite??
XXX: beet you to it
ktycrouch: ok u gonna email me in the morning after emailing the hospital
ktycrouch: ?
XXX: do you have to go
XXX: cant we talk just a little longer
ktycrouch: yeah they are gonna log me out from the computer now..
ktycrouch: what do u wanna talk about can u email it??
XXX: just wanted to talk about you being here
XXX: make sure you would not be upset ever
ktycrouch: ok
ktycrouch: am listenng
ktycrouch: ok
XXX: I want to make sure you will be happy
XXX: but dont want you to be upset about the other girl being here
ktycrouch: i want to be happy and am happy u are making me happy already
ktycrouch: ok i wont
ktycrouch: do u have anything with u mean the mother of ur son??
XXX: she may live with us too, would that be ok?
XXX: no just another girl that needed some help
ktycrouch: its ok
ktycrouch: as long as we will be happy and u will make me happy and care for me
XXX: she is from moscow
XXX: I will
XXX: promise
ktycrouch: moscow
ktycrouch: where is she rigth now living with u already?
XXX: no, she is flying out of moscow to come here
ktycrouch: when?
XXX: she didn't want to live there any more
XXX: I think tomorrow maybe she allready left not sure with time diffrence
ktycrouch: are u helping her to pay her fligth ?
XXX: she is very nice
XXX: yeah I allready sent her the money
ktycrouch: its ok as long as she does not interfare in our bussiness and our privacy tooo
XXX: will u be ok with that
ktycrouch: ow nuch do u send her and where is moscow??
XXX: she may have to get married to stay... would that make you angry
XXX: russia
XXX: moscow russia
ktycrouch: how much do u send her
ktycrouch: do u want to get married to 2 qoman??
ktycrouch: woman
XXX: I sent her 800
XXX: for one flight and then she needed more so I sent her another 900
ktycrouch: or just friends between us and nothing more??
XXX: you never said you wanted to get married
XXX: you siad you could live in us
XXX: I am not sure
XXX: I dont know if either of you will show up
ktycrouch: yeah am a citizen
XXX: I am just taken a chance to find happyness
XXX: the money is not that much if you find true love
ktycrouch: well am a citizen i can live in the states
ktycrouch: do u want my return ticket for rpoove i can get it scaned and emai to u
XXX: if I was to choose you to be with forever would you be mad if I married her and then got divorced so she could stay in US
ktycrouch: am honest and truthfull about this that is why i never hide anying for u
XXX: no I believe you
ktycrouch: wel its ok
XXX: me too
XXX: thats why I wanted to tell you about the girl from russia
ktycrouch: i understand u wanna help her its cool....i understad now that u have explained to me
XXX: so you would be ok and still maybe marry me some day too
ktycrouch: how long did u talk to her and how did u meet her on dating site
XXX: I talked to her for about 12 days before I sent her the money
ktycrouch: ok i understand
XXX: I meet her ...not sure
XXX: she emailed me
XXX: it was wierd
ktycrouch: that is cool and nice..ok i understand but i need something from u??
ktycrouch: ok
XXX: what
ktycrouch: she does not speak english??
XXX: she does or at least said she does
ktycrouch: okwhat i wat from u is
ktycrouch: i wwant u to email me always
ktycrouch: and also email the hospital too they will know i have someone who care about me and want me
ktycrouch: ok
XXX: I will
ktycrouch: promise me u wil email me and the hospital always and stand by me
XXX: I will
ktycrouch: i wil email u in the morning ok sweetie..i promise...and i wil send the pictures too ...ok
XXX: ok
ktycrouch: i need to get going now when will u be online??
XXX: talk to you soon
XXX: TakeCare and SweetDreams
ktycrouch: take care and sweet dream ans remember u mean alot to me now and u are important to my life now
ktycrouch: i hope u feel the same way too about me
XXX: I do and allways will
ktycrouch: email me when u get online tommorow
ktycrouch: ok
ktycrouch: take care talk to u tommorow??? take care bye
XXX: you too
XXX: make sure the nurses take good care of you
ktycrouch: bye email the hospital don forget ..ok
ktycrouch: ?????
ktycrouch: ok
XXX: please dont lose your memory again tonight
ktycrouch: ok sweety i wont
XXX: good night beautiful
ktycrouch: bye take care swwt dream and dream about me
XXX: u to

2007-01-18, 03:29:21
ktycrouch: katie ... i read the above message iv seen the same stories before and guess what sounds like the famouse sindy green from nigera folks grabe the ip address i bet its these are from hotmail msn. if your using msn hotmail open up hot mail and go to the top were it says options/help click on options then the page will open then you will see mail display settings go to message headers it will give you the options of none, basic, full click on full then go to the bottom of the page then click apply or ok then go back and chick the email you get it will show all headers and ip addresses folks then you will know were all the scammers are comming from if every body puts the ip address on here with the stories it would be easer to trace the scammers and to see how many of them are the same ones working the field.
any way the above model is just another photo there using sence lauren is just old news they need new photos hard telling were this model is from sence its so easy to go to any magazine and up load a photo.
2007-01-18, 03:48:30
ps dont forget to down load neo trace pro neotrace pro look it up it should take you to cnet free down load for 30 day trial period look up ip address were they come from have fun.
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