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Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)


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Sindy Becky Green goes now by Lauren Smith.

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2007-06-08, 23:10:53
anonymous from United States  
Can you post the e-mail addresses?It's as important as the name!
2007-06-09, 00:56:43
anonymous from United States  
Profile for girl in Green flowered dress is sussyshawnatyaho or bettyrem 30 yrs old in Centuria WI, USA found on Scammer!

Keywords: black girl
2007-06-09, 01:55:30   (updated: 2007-06-09, 01:58:28)
anonymous from United States  
linncovey San Francisco CA, USA, linda smitt, JANET Nickname: JENNY, ashley, FLORA JOHN profile states that she's a 31year old nurse Found on and for much more info of her see Dating scammer Emmy David from Lagos, Nigeria this individual has also gone by the name of Linda (,, and This is actually a picture of a MODEL by the name of JC and she is an international Hawaii model for Focus International Hawaii. There webpage is I noticed that several of the models from this webpage have been having there pictures used in these love scams.

Keywords: redhead blue jeans white top palm tree
2007-06-10, 05:32:33
Steven Doudu.....he strikes again on and his ID is: Love20-1
I received emails of the same kind as written before on this guy. There were other names he used that I read yesterday on this site....however, I can't seem to find that reporting.
So...I am putting up the 3 pics I have of him. I am not sure if all 3 will load together on here or not...however...if they don't I will load them separately.

2007-06-10, 05:36:15
Here is Steve Doudu again...

Keywords: man
2007-06-10, 05:37:14
anonymous from United States  
and one more pic of Steve Doudu

Keywords: man silver hair
2007-06-10, 19:32:26   (updated: 2007-06-10, 19:36:08)
Steven Doudu who goes by apparently several alias needs to be stopped and turned into the FBI, Western Union, and all of the dating service web sites. He goes by either Stephen or Steven Doudu; he has a fake id with his name spelled Stephen Doudu to pick up money from Western Union.

I was scammed by this man under the alias of Stephen Doudu on the web site eHarmony; I want him captured! Any information you post will just be more evidence against him so please help other women who are being scammed by this criminal and post your comments. In dealing with him for several months I know how he writes, so if he is going by another alias' I pretty much can determine if he is the same person and will inform you on this web site.

To all of the ladies who are reviewing these comments, if you think you have encountered this Steven Doudu, please post your comments.

Thank you.
2007-06-11, 10:41:46
anonymous from United States  
she is going by the name of candy cage or candy jeffersons now.
2007-06-11, 22:21:09   (updated: 2007-06-11, 22:25:22) from Minot, United States  
this person goes by samantha is she a scammer. she says she is from bronx new your but is in benin right now

2007-06-12, 20:44:42
anonymous from United States  
Well since this thread has turned into a random posting one I'll add mine too!
This is so funny I just HAVE to share it! Just got it today.Get a load of the Name and spelling!!!OMFG! ROFLMFAO!

clarybell1979 <<<<<the profile
- 28 y/o female
- English, English, English
- mathematician
- Have no children
- Last logged in: 2007-06-12 17:15:08
- E-Mail or ID: 32028

I am Clary Bell by 27yrs old and 5ft7 tall...I was originally born and raised back in NA(Canifolian) but right now i live in Nigeria where my folks hail from..About my personality i must say that I am very open-minded; I don\'t accept anything just because everyone else believes it and I don\'t close my mind to an idea just because it is strange or unaccepted by the general public. One thing that is extremely important in my life is music,music is my greatest passion,i enjoy hangingout,camping,fishing,live bands,movies,taking walks in the parks,country side and everything about the outdoors..I am basically looking for a man that enjoys a simple and good conversation and we getting to know each other as the days passes by and see where it leads cos i am looking for a man to be my bestfriend,partner and companion through all life\'s adventures someone to share all the pleasures i have discovered in this life with..If after going through my profile you want to know more then feel free to write me at and if u have messenger lets chat Online then ...

This is the pic with the profile

Keywords: brunette black girl
2007-06-14, 04:26:06   (updated: 2007-06-14, 04:33:32)
anonymous from United Arab Emirates  
Dear Sir / Madame,

I Ms. Arti presently working in UAE as a Secretary,met this guy so called Victor Moore on a dating site called Webdate on 9th April 2007. He claims to be a British National, who is a journalist. He did communicate to me from his UK contact number (447024071195). Later he said that he needs to go to Nigeria for some assignment and after that would come to Dubai to see me. On 4th May 2007 he left to Nigeria and on 8th May 2007, he said he was mugged. All his belongings were taken away. He then needed me to send him cash through Western Union part by part to pay for his hotel bills, his daily expenses, to visit the Doc as his hand was hurt and also to get a new passport. Anyways he extracted Dhs.30,000/- from me in a month.

I came to know later that he scammed me when he promised to come to Dubai and did not turn up. His friend Mr. Valentine (2348034837810) did tell me later that he was detained at the airport as the new passport was fake and he is in police custody at the moment and needs a lawyer to get him out of there. For that he needs $1350/- as registration fees to pay the lawyer. I didn't have any money. Anyways I'm in huge debts at the moment.

Listed below are the transaction made through Western Union;

Date MTCN no. Amount Receiver's name
09th May 2007 871-784-7108 $715 Mr. Richard Thompson
13th May 2007 966-410-3725 $763 Mr. Dele Badejo
16th May 2007 773-599-9346 $1812/- Mr. Morris Johnson
23rd May 2007 422-702-3161 $244/- Mr. Victor Moore
31st May 2007 718-548-3812 325372.14 Naira Uchidiuno Chuks
2nd June 2007 450-503-2345 162690.00 Naira Uchidiuno Chuks

As his passport was stolen so he always gave me different receivers name to collect the cash from Western Union.

Victor Moore's still communicates to me on this contact number: 2348052461991 or 2347028102091. He promised to show himself online as he confessed that he scammed me.

But I need him to stop this as he might be still on his run, scamming so many others.
Please find the pic attached which he claims to be his. Yes it must be some model's pic.
His id on webdate is 'vic38vic' and 'hensley hot' his new id on webdate which i just found out.
His email address is and

Hope to get atleast some part of my money as Im in huge debt at the moment.

Please could you look into the matter at the earliest.

2007-06-17, 13:26:46
anonymous from United States  

2007-06-17, 13:30:10
anonymous from United States  
This image was also posted here:
Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers
Dating scammer Ekaterina Vishnya

2007-06-19, 05:32:22
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
Steve Doudu appears to be operating in the UK and still using udate website, current user name is Angel 2000-25 @West Drayton with same photos as previously shown on here and was also under Lover-6689 @ Chesterfireld but with different Pics which I will also put on here. He tried to scam me for money just last night but fortunately I wasnt falling for it. His latest email is
I really hope someone gets him as he needs stopping now!

2007-06-19, 12:20:42
anonymous from United States  
I would like to know if anyone has seen this lady? she is not asking for money or anything..yet but just wanted to know please tell me

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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