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Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)


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Sindy Becky Green goes now by Lauren Smith.

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2007-07-01, 11:08:53
anonymous from United States  
Anon UK,Don't recall seeing the girl in the pic.Can you post the first letter you got from 'her' with the full header?

For future reference the following is the important info to post first;

A photo {preferably labeled with the name and e-mail address}

Name {with surname if possible}

E-mail address

Location {country,city,street}

Phone number {if given}

The first and money request letter,with full header.With that the IP can be seen and if an X-mailer {ie;THEBAT}is used.

The dating site the scammer contacted you on.

With that available people doing a google search will get answer's.
2007-07-02, 11:29:01
anonymous from United States  
Is this picture a part of the Scam Network?

Keywords: Ghana, black Women red dress flower in hair lake
2007-07-02, 12:20:53
anonymous from United States  
Look's like one.And I see you have Ghana in the pic description,now there's a RED FLAG!See the post above your's and add some of that info.That pic look's photoshopped{badly!}
2007-07-03, 13:43:51
Here's another one to be aware of from
her myspace page is: http://profile.mysp..202209345

This is a cconversation we had on yahoo messanger 1 day after meeting on myspace
My additional comments will be in ****.

me B (7/2/2007 3:54:18 AM): you you said something about africa in one of your emails
******During our myspace emails back and forth for 3 days she had said that she was in africa*****

rita braston (7/2/2007 3:55:51 AM): yeap
rita braston (7/2/2007 3:56:06 AM): i sad am stuck in am hotel over here
rita braston (7/2/2007 3:56:23 AM): it a long story
me B (7/2/2007 3:56:28 AM): over where
me B (7/2/2007 3:56:59 AM): so are you in africa or in sprongfield ?
rita braston (7/2/2007 3:57:04 AM): in africa
me B (7/2/2007 3:57:53 AM): that pic on mysace really cute
me B (7/2/2007 3:58:17 AM): i like your eyes
rita braston (7/2/2007 3:59:02 AM): really
me B (7/2/2007 3:59:19 AM): ya
me B (7/2/2007 3:59:47 AM): so are you in africa or in springfield ?
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:00:32 AM): in africa
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:00:47 AM): i told you that i left spring feild last month
me B (7/2/2007 4:01:36 AM): i don't see that it looked like this
me B (7/2/2007 4:01:50 AM): rita braston: i just pack in herelsat week
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:02:44 AM): where?
me B (7/2/2007 4:03:18 AM): thats what you said i didn't understand
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:03:46 AM): it a mistake
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:04:06 AM): am sorry for that ok
me B (7/2/2007 4:04:08 AM): i see now
me B (7/2/2007 4:04:17 AM): are you ok
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:05:00 AM): not really
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:05:13 AM): but i will tell you how it all happen
me B (7/2/2007 4:05:26 AM): ok
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:06:18 AM): so tell me more about your self?
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:06:29 AM): do you have a cam?
me B (7/2/2007 4:07:03 AM): no my usb port is messed up
me B (7/2/2007 4:07:15 AM): im on a laptop
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:08:00 AM): for me to see you honey
me B (7/2/2007 4:08:10 AM): lol
me B (7/2/2007 4:08:17 AM): no my usb port is messed up
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:08:53 AM): ok
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:09:03 AM): do you have a picx for me to see you
me B (7/2/2007 4:09:18 AM): ya
me B (7/2/2007 4:09:51 AM): -----------> me
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:10:02 AM): ok can you send it to me?
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:10:12 AM): tell me more about your relationship?
me B (7/2/2007 4:10:28 AM): i have no relationship
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:10:51 AM): why?
me B (7/2/2007 4:10:55 AM): except with my pets
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:11:25 AM): ok
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:11:36 AM): do you want to start afresh?
me B (7/2/2007 4:11:55 AM): what do you mean?
me B (7/2/2007 4:12:19 AM): can you see my pic?
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:13:19 AM): it not clear yet
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:14:16 AM): i can see you dear
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:14:30 AM): you look nice
me B (7/2/2007 4:14:40 AM): thanks
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:15:14 AM): you are welcome
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:15:24 AM): can you tell me what you really want from me?
me B (7/2/2007 4:16:25 AM): i want a best friend who i can take care of and who can take care of me
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:17:33 AM): really
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:17:40 AM): is that all you want from me?
me B (7/2/2007 4:18:14 AM): the rest will grow from there
me B (7/2/2007 4:20:04 AM): hey thanks nice talking to you
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:31:30 AM): <ding> [ ZoneAlarm Security alert: Session not encrypted because rita_braston007 is not protected by IM Security ]
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:31:34 AM): hello
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:31:43 AM): are you still there?
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:31:51 AM): talk to me
me B (7/2/2007 4:32:38 AM): you signed off i didnt know
me B (7/2/2007 4:34:38 AM): you like YOYO's
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:34:43 AM): am sorry for that coz the hotel i told you i am,the manager want to use his laptop that is why i have to singout for him
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:34:45 AM): ok
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:34:55 AM): thanx
me B (7/2/2007 4:34:56 AM): ok
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:35:17 AM): so tell me what do you like in a woman?
me B (7/2/2007 4:35:57 AM): i like pretty eyes and nice hair
me B (7/2/2007 4:36:17 AM): plus they need to be smaller than me
me B (7/2/2007 4:36:31 AM): i don't like tall ladies
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:37:17 AM): ok
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:37:28 AM): so what do you think about me?
me B (7/2/2007 4:37:55 AM): like i said i like your picture
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:38:49 AM): thanx
me B (7/2/2007 4:39:43 AM): i like sweet and innencet look
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:40:00 AM): what about my?
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:40:07 AM): do you like it?
me B (7/2/2007 4:40:31 AM): your what? im confused
me B (7/2/2007 4:41:24 AM): what are you wanting from me?
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:43:24 AM): all i want from a man is true love
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:43:47 AM): honest,caring,faithful.can you do all this for me?
me B (7/2/2007 4:44:12 AM): i can could you do that for me?
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:45:15 AM): all of this qualities i have them
me B (7/2/2007 4:45:37 AM): really do you?
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:45:38 AM): but the prolem is that am far from you right now
me B (7/2/2007 4:45:51 AM): ya
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:45:54 AM): am in african as i said early
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:46:03 AM): it along story
me B (7/2/2007 4:46:09 AM): so tell me
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:46:31 AM): i will love
me B (7/2/2007 4:47:21 AM): how do you make money over in africa?
rita braston (7/2/2007 4:48:38 AM): am not there for money but am stuck in am hotel
me B (7/2/2007 4:49:05 AM): how do you pay the hotel bill
me B (7/2/2007 4:52:25 AM): you there?
*******Notice here the date and time change>>
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:14:11 AM): are you there?
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:14:14 AM): talk to me honey
me B (7/3/2007 3:14:32 AM): hello
me B (7/3/2007 3:14:41 AM): very nice to see you
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:15:08 AM): THAT YOU
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:15:22 AM): HOW WAS YOU DAY?
me B (7/3/2007 3:16:01 AM): ok sorry about last night a strom killed my internet
me B (7/3/2007 3:16:19 AM): and what you mean that YOU?
me B (7/3/2007 3:16:45 AM): you same lady i talked to last night?
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:16:54 AM): i mean how was your night
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:16:58 AM): yeap
me B (7/3/2007 3:17:26 AM): night over here now lol
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:17:32 AM): you sound so nice and caring and i feel like meeting you now but
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:17:41 AM): i'm sad and depressed rightnow
me B (7/3/2007 3:17:49 AM): aww why?
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:18:15 AM): it's a long and a sad story my dear
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:18:21 AM): i wish u could help me
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:18:24 AM): and i will be very happy
me B (7/3/2007 3:18:47 AM): help you how
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:19:05 AM): it's just that i lost my parent when i was 7 years and i grew up withmy grand mum
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:19:11 AM): and shedied last year
me B (7/3/2007 3:19:29 AM): aww

rita braston (7/3/2007 3:19:35 AM): now i'm in a hospital,in Africa-Nigeria and i cant go out ,i need ur help

******I spaced this out so we all can see that now instead of a hotel she stuck in its a Hospital>>>

me B (7/3/2007 3:20:03 AM): i cant goto africa lol
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:20:11 AM): to get out and i promise u will never regret helping me out of here.... because i will pay ur money within
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:20:22 AM): 7 days as soon as i gets to you
*******Notice here it's 7 days for her to get me >>>
me B (7/3/2007 3:20:40 AM): why you in hospital
me B (7/3/2007 3:23:19 AM): hello?
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:24:03 AM): Actually i was in school when i lost my parent in motor accident 6years ago and since then have been alone trying to help myself further more on my education.So i have a friend that i stay with while i was in school.We both meet each other in school and we stay together share things together
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:24:41 AM): So she invited me over to is dad country in nigeria and when we got down here its was nice comming here because it was my first time here.So on our way to is dad place we both got an accident because the car that drove us was just a taxi so we both has an injury.Is just that my leg was bleeding and my friend was having a bad hit on her head and she was rushed down to the hospital immidiately
me B (7/3/2007 3:26:10 AM): your friend your bf?
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:26:16 AM): After we where treatened the next day morning she died.No body i could call for help because there is nothing else i can do then i told the Doctor to help me get a plot of land to get her buried because to get her dead body back to the state will cost a lot of money.
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:26:29 AM): my female friend in school
me B (7/3/2007 3:26:55 AM): i c
me B (7/3/2007 3:27:34 AM): there no embacy there?
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:27:46 AM): So i tried to do all that i could and i spent my last money on her burial arrangement.Now that have done all that i could do ..I just need ur help now please if you could assist me..I will be very happy and i dont mind if i would meet you when i get back to the state.
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:28:15 AM): there are hun
me B (7/3/2007 3:28:37 AM): the embacy will send you home
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:28:46 AM): they've helped me
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:28:50 AM): with a new ticket
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:28:53 AM): and a passport
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:29:04 AM): alli need now is $370
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:29:13 AM): to get my hospital bills
me B (7/3/2007 3:30:05 AM): i see
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:30:20 AM): i'll be very happy
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:30:26 AM): if u can try and help me
me B (7/3/2007 3:31:03 AM): i would 2 if a complete stranger sent me money(not trying to sound rude)
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:31:10 AM): i know it's not easy to send money to someone you've not seen or feel but i wont let you dow Ok ??
me B (7/3/2007 3:32:20 AM): i reaaly would like to help you
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:32:37 AM): why cant you start by mailingm y Dr
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:32:45 AM): that you will help m
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:32:46 AM): me
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:33:08 AM): so that i can be happy hun
me B (7/3/2007 3:33:09 AM): what dr addy
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:33:30 AM):
me B (7/3/2007 3:34:30 AM): and the dr's name?
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:35:20 AM): his name is Dr SEAN ENIOLA
me B (7/3/2007 3:35:32 AM): ok
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:35:52 AM): will you mail him now
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:35:54 AM): ?
me B (7/3/2007 3:36:31 AM): what time is it there?
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:36:49 AM): the time is 9:35 am now
me B (7/3/2007 3:37:11 AM): dang its 3:37 am here lol
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:37:28 AM): i wish i coduld be with you now
me B (7/3/2007 3:37:54 AM): if i get you back to the states how will you get to me?
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:38:19 AM): you'll send me the nearest airport to you
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:38:35 AM): and you will also be theone to pick me up when i get to the *==
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:38:38 AM):
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:38:43 AM): tell me now
me B (7/3/2007 3:39:04 AM): tell you now what?
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:39:41 AM): the name of the nearest airport to you my dear
me B (7/3/2007 3:40:07 AM): abilene regeignal
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:40:35 AM): they promised to discharge me as soon as they gets the confirmation of the money sent to them
me B (7/3/2007 3:41:07 AM): i see
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:41:21 AM): trust me with all ur life Ok?
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:41:41 AM): and send them a mail on how to send the money to them ...let them know the nearest airport to you also
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:42:05 AM): because you will get me within 24 hours as soon as the money is been sent to them
me B (7/3/2007 3:42:37 AM): i will?
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:42:56 AM): 100 % sure my dear
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:43:01 AM): i promise you
me B (7/3/2007 3:44:13 AM): what's the town name?
me B (7/3/2007 3:44:52 AM): the town your in right now i mean
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:45:10 AM): i'm in Country:Nigeria
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:45:13 AM): State..Lagos
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:45:17 AM): City...Ikeja
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:45:38 AM): i want u to mail that they can know that i'mnot alone
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:45:40 AM): please
me B (7/3/2007 3:46:04 AM): ok
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:48:17 AM): are you writing them now?
me B (7/3/2007 3:49:24 AM): ya

*****Not emailing no DR HAHAHA Yahoo searching the hospital. NOTE TO ALL:: This Hospital is bogus. Yes there's a web site for it, but don't go there unless your very well firewalled or protected, because it will log your ip addy and mail it to some unknow place.

rita braston (7/3/2007 3:49:39 AM): ty
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:57:20 AM): you still mailing them
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:58:07 AM): <ding> [ Zone Labs Security alert: Encryption is disabled because rita_braston007 is not on your contact list or invisible ]
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:58:25 AM): you still mailing them??????????
me B (7/3/2007 3:59:11 AM): yes yes just sec
me B (7/3/2007 3:59:21 AM): you like russia?

******OOPS She slips up here.

rita braston (7/3/2007 3:59:24 AM): thanx hun
rita braston (7/3/2007 3:59:31 AM): yea
me B (7/3/2007 3:59:54 AM): i bet
****My first call on her
me B (7/3/2007 4:00:27 AM): Dating scammer Tessy Koya from Ikeja, Nigeria
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:01:41 AM): <ding> [ Zone Labs Security alert: Encryption is disabled because rita_braston007 is not on your contact list or invisible ]
me B (7/3/2007 4:02:01 AM): lol
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:02:14 AM): ok
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:02:21 AM): have you mail them?
me B (7/3/2007 4:02:38 AM): i'm not going to sry
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:04:04 AM): have you mail them now?
me B (7/3/2007 4:04:16 AM): no
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:04:41 AM): dear can you send me your phone number so that i can call you now
me B (7/3/2007 4:06:17 AM): i can't sry its really to bad to your very attractive lady
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:06:35 AM): thanx hun'
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:06:41 AM): try and help me please
me B (7/3/2007 4:06:49 AM): javascript:toggle('d1')
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:07:16 AM): i dont get you?
****Second call out >>>>
me B (7/3/2007 4:07:20 AM): http://www.delphifa..a&x=5&y=1
me B (7/3/2007 4:08:07 AM): http://www.delphifa..372.shtml
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:08:13 AM): why do you have to sign out? [ Zone Labs Security alert: Encryption is disabled because rita_braston007 is not on your contact list or invisible ]
me B (7/3/2007 4:09:01 AM): Dating scammers from Ikeja, Nigeria
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:09:57 AM): i dont no any thing like atht
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:10:12 AM): what do you mean?
me B (7/3/2007 4:11:03 AM): well for 1 the hospital you said you in not real
me B (7/3/2007 4:11:46 AM): if i sent email to addy you gave you would answer all my questions
me B (7/3/2007 4:12:07 AM): this is really sad too
me B (7/3/2007 4:12:29 AM): your pic you are useing is very atrractive
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:12:37 AM): whta do you mean by all this?
me B (7/3/2007 4:13:01 AM): i'm sry but i think this is a scam
me B (7/3/2007 4:13:42 AM): you just trying to get money from me and then i never see or hear from you again
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:13:49 AM): have not heard about all you are saying
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:14:11 AM): is taht what you think i will do for you?
me B (7/3/2007 4:14:19 AM): you are in russia not nigeria
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:14:54 AM): i can even give you the address of the hopital for you to be sure
me B (7/3/2007 4:15:50 AM): o i know and theres a whole fake web site that says that the hospital is real
me B (7/3/2007 4:16:02 AM): but its all a lie
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:16:14 AM): do you think all i want from you is your money?
me B (7/3/2007 4:16:19 AM): yes
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:16:50 AM): how much are will saying here,if not for waht happen to me do you think i can ask you for money?
me B (7/3/2007 4:17:31 AM): and what happened to you?
me B (7/3/2007 4:18:14 AM): nvm let's stop this
*******Hello I asked to stop >>>>
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:18:27 AM): if not that i lost my friend and my grandmumum
me B (7/3/2007 4:19:03 AM): i'm sorry but i feel that your a scammer
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:19:23 AM): hmm
me B (7/3/2007 4:20:26 AM): there are to many coincided facts that are the excact same as other REPORTED scams
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:21:00 AM): if you cant help me then dont insult me again
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:21:01 AM): ok
me B (7/3/2007 4:21:02 AM): would you like to see the scammers reports?
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:21:18 AM): i dont want to see any thing
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:21:22 AM): you can go
********Holy Crap Her Catch phrase from the ones from above>>>>
me B (7/3/2007 4:21:27 AM): i bet not
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:21:37 AM): you are upseting me
me B (7/3/2007 4:22:07 AM): if you was true to your words then we could of ruled the world
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:22:26 AM): is it becoz of money that you are insulting in this way calling me a theif or what?
me B (7/3/2007 4:23:08 AM): i have no problem helping people with money problems
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:23:33 AM): then why do you have to insult my personalities?
me B (7/3/2007 4:23:49 AM): personalities????
me B (7/3/2007 4:24:06 AM): how many people are in there?
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:24:27 AM): if you are the one in this problem and you ask for help from me ,i cant insult you if i wont help
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:25:14 AM): am making use of the doctor laptop coz that is the only mediun of commmunication give to me
me B (7/3/2007 4:25:26 AM): see here rita i dont think there is a real problem
me B (7/3/2007 4:25:56 AM): theres no such hospital you are stuck in
me B (7/3/2007 4:26:13 AM): theres no dr named whatever you called him
me B (7/3/2007 4:26:28 AM): your not even in nigeria
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:26:32 AM): can i give you the dr phone number so that you can be sure.
me B (7/3/2007 4:26:34 AM): your in russia
me B (7/3/2007 4:26:51 AM): your not even in nigeria
me B (7/3/2007 4:26:59 AM): your in russia
me B (7/3/2007 4:27:17 AM): right
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:27:26 AM): i'm in Nigeria
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:28:42 AM): you can go if you want to make me sad more by you insulting me
me B (7/3/2007 4:29:24 AM): im not trying to insult you but i know the truth
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:31:04 AM): if you know the truth does that give you the reason to inslut people in problem
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:31:15 AM): you can go
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:31:35 AM): pls dont talk to me again coz you make me sad more
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:31:49 AM): i dont need your help any more
me B (7/3/2007 4:32:05 AM): im sorry
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:32:34 AM): is better to die here that you insulting me
me B (7/3/2007 4:33:28 AM): awww You won't died
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:33:38 AM): bye
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:34:29 AM): if you cant help me dont insult me ...
me B (7/3/2007 4:35:05 AM): im not insulting you i just dont believe your in real trouble
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:36:01 AM): then what do you need to belive that i am in trouble?
me B (7/3/2007 4:37:25 AM): address of hospital?
me B (7/3/2007 4:37:30 AM): please
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:38:07 AM): ok
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:38:14 AM): i will ask the dr
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:38:55 AM): but dont again insult me coz i hate that
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:39:43 AM): if you cant help does not give you the reason to insult people about there situation
me B (7/3/2007 4:40:24 AM): if it was a real situation i know to GOD that i would help
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:40:45 AM): but why cant you belive me
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:40:47 AM): ?
me B (7/3/2007 4:41:12 AM): well lets start at the beginning ok?
me B (7/3/2007 4:41:25 AM): how long is my hair?
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:42:17 AM): am not starting any thing with you coz you have insult me
me B (7/3/2007 4:43:45 AM): never mind ok i thought you really wanted a boyfriend
me B (7/3/2007 4:44:22 AM): i didn't know that ok
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:44:56 AM): that is what i want but you have make me sad
me B (7/3/2007 4:46:15 AM): i hope god can forgive us for inturiding on him as we have
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:47:55 AM): you are right but learn not to insult people of there problem
me B (7/3/2007 4:48:37 AM): please stop saying that theres a problem ok?
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:49:26 AM): thers
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:49:32 AM): there is
rita braston (7/3/2007 4:51:31 AM): bye talk to you later
me B (7/3/2007 4:52:00 AM): sure
**********Hours later We go again
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:04:35 PM): <ding> [ Zone Labs Security alert: Encryption is disabled because rita_braston007 is not on your contact list or invisible ]
me B (7/3/2007 1:05:46 PM): hey how goes it
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:07:11 PM): how are you doing?
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:07:31 PM): but i willi like to tell you that you really upset me today
me B (7/3/2007 1:08:05 PM): o im sorry
me B (7/3/2007 1:08:24 PM): i really didn't mean 2
me B (7/3/2007 1:08:54 PM): you just have a very wild story
me B (7/3/2007 1:10:12 PM): i just want the truth nothing more or less you even said you was honest
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:11:57 PM): if am not telling you the true,can i start saying i have no problem when i dont
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:12:08 PM): i just want you to truth me
me B (7/3/2007 1:12:37 PM): i am truthing you question is are you truthing me lol
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:12:58 PM): if you see me over there you will know am for really
me B (7/3/2007 1:13:21 PM): over where ??
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:13:47 PM): i mean over there with you
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:14:47 PM): are you there?
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:14:51 PM): talk to me
me B (7/3/2007 1:15:46 PM): if you would honestly tell me you was in russia and working for someone else pulling a scam then i could help you get over here and away from the situation you are in (sorry not being rude just want the truth
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:17:06 PM): you still think all i want from you is your money
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:17:14 PM): am not for that
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:17:34 PM): is my late friend that put me into all this
me B (7/3/2007 1:18:11 PM): what do you want from me then if not my HELP to get you over here
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:20:00 PM): if you can help me then,in the nest 24 hour i will get over to you
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:20:22 PM): all you need to do if am for really is to trusth me
me B (7/3/2007 1:20:56 PM): i dont even know you
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:21:24 PM): i know that people meant have collected money from you before for worong thing,but try all you can to still turth some people
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:21:41 PM): you can know me if you want to know me better
me B (7/3/2007 1:22:34 PM): and i found on the internet reports of arrest of people trapped in that exact hopsital
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:23:09 PM): it cant be true
me B (7/3/2007 1:23:20 PM): how do you explain that so many other poeple have been trapped in that same hospital?
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:23:35 PM): can i get you the doctor phone number
me B (7/3/2007 1:23:44 PM): no
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:23:59 PM): so that you can get more info from him
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:24:03 PM): ok
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:24:17 PM): then how will you now know am for arel?
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:24:38 PM): all you can do is to contact them and ask on my behalf
me B (7/3/2007 1:25:23 PM): i can know all im saying is other people have been trapped in that exact same hospital
me B (7/3/2007 1:26:02 PM): saying the exact same things you are saying to me to other people
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:26:05 PM): are you saying for the same reason?
me B (7/3/2007 1:26:12 PM): yes
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:26:20 PM): how are you sure of ath love
me B (7/3/2007 1:26:26 PM): yes
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:26:59 PM): then i know that if you think am lieing to get you money then it you atht is doing that kind of thing
me B (7/3/2007 1:27:00 PM): would you like to see prove
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:27:21 PM): i dont have time for all this
me B (7/3/2007 1:27:44 PM): why not ??
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:28:12 PM): if you want to go ahead
me B (7/3/2007 1:30:05 PM): yes
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:30:27 PM): ok
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:30:31 PM): am still here
me B (7/3/2007 1:30:40 PM): i know you buzzed me lol
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:31:26 PM): you said you want to show me something
me B (7/3/2007 1:31:48 PM): http://www.delphifa..312.shtml
me B (7/3/2007 1:31:59 PM): take a look
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:38:29 PM): have seen that
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:38:50 PM): why do you have to say am into that
me B (7/3/2007 1:39:19 PM): i did a serch for the hospital you said you was in
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:40:04 PM): but what do you mean that am lieing or what?
me B (7/3/2007 1:40:23 PM): im not saying your lieing just that
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:40:49 PM): why do you have to say all this to me
me B (7/3/2007 1:41:01 PM): because its true
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:41:45 PM): if it true then not all that is into all this
me B (7/3/2007 1:42:36 PM): a yahoo search for the hospital you said you was at comes up with several things you might want to try it
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:43:34 PM): i ask the doctor just now about the mail but he told me that is uder contrution
me B (7/3/2007 1:44:37 PM): it is what
me B (7/3/2007 1:44:58 PM): under constuction you say?
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:47:25 PM): yep
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:47:33 PM): but i dont know all this
me B (7/3/2007 1:48:27 PM): hey wait look at this one http://www.delphifa..173.shtml
rita braston (7/3/2007 1:48:33 PM): i just ask the nurse of the hospital mail address when you ask for it at the other time
me B (7/3/2007 1:49:21 PM): notice in the letter she needs money for treatment in the same hospital you say your in ?? explain
me B (7/3/2007 1:53:20 PM): whats the phone number to the dr i would i think like to chat with him?
me B (7/3/2007 1:54:07 PM): or are you at the hotel again?
me B (7/3/2007 1:59:47 PM): ok your busted honey
me B (7/3/2007 2:00:12 PM): im sorry but YES YOU ARE A SCAMMER
me B (7/3/2007 2:00:21 PM): another internet dating scam this woman says shes from orlando fla but is stuck in nigeria cause of an accident and she is only survivor wants me to send doctor money so she can get plane ticket and travel papers to get here plus wants me to send feeding fee she calls it and cap fair to get to airpoirt. thats how she spells cab she cant spell good. SHE GOES BY NAME CHERRY_LORA124

No futher contact has been made from me to her.
Here's the pic she used on me. Very pretty girl I mean.

2007-07-04, 20:56:52
anonymous from United States  
I have been scammed by someone saying that they were from balakovo russia. I was talking to this person for nearly 3 months an was dumb enough to send her some money to fly to the states. I fell for this scam because this person was very patient about asking for money.
2007-07-08, 14:52:30
anonymous from United States  
2007-07-08, 16:24:29
anonymous from United States  
Can you post his e-amil addy and a photo? I tried the name in google but didn't get anything back that was relevent. I can't say for sure BUT it does sound very scammer like,I've seen it before! The 'story'he gave is quite common.If you have a pic and don't want to post it you can try this link and look for it... http://www.romances..m/album/.
You can also try this Yahoo group for info/help

You'll need to join to post and they also have a photo section.
2007-07-09, 10:17:24 from San Antonio, United States  
Hey all,

I got a 'hit' on, in the form of a profile view and an 'interest sent' from this one:

Unfortunately, the profile was deleted today, so she probably IS another scammer chick. Here's the basic headline info.

Are you a loving guy,,,???    
28-year old woman
Tampa, Florida, United States
Sent Date: Jul-07-07

Again, she's 28, and I'm 49. Also, she's about 1000 miles away, in Tampa, and I'm in San Antonio, Texas. (Go, Spurs, GO!)

I emailed her, gave her my outside (yahoo) address, and she wrote this long rambling letter that did not reference a single thing I had emailed her about:

From vanessa moore Sat Jul 7 17:43:35 2007
X-Apparently-To:     [my email] via; Sat, 07 Jul 2007 17:43:36 -0700
X-Originating-IP:     []
Return-Path:     <>
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=pass (ok)
Received:     from (HELO ( by with SMTP; Sat, 07 Jul 2007 17:43:36 -0700
Received:     (qmail 86347 invoked by uid 60001); 8 Jul 2007 00:43:35 -0000
DomainKey-Signature:     a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws; s=s1024; d=yahoo.coh= Received:Date:From:Subject:To:MIME-Version:Content-Type:ConContent-Transfer-Encoding:Message-Ib= 3yA8PZxyePFo2i/4nYyLcrzdb+h3TQbxjmZ86xqiXA5MiMrgjBccvyhEzhnrVpdvE7JW6nFmfhNt2A+ KR60JqXJ7Kn/d050kS0bxkNCC8W5ln18HqJSElnW29bDjlAWyh4fh/ SAuX/v7nFIhvgOpLzjHCIgsbUEI3KIClrCqMxU=;
Receeceived:     from [] by via HTTP; Sat, 07 Jul 2007 17:43:35 PDT
Date:     Sat, 7 Jul 2007 17:43:35 -0700 (PDT)
From:     'vanessa moore' <>
Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more
Subject:     HI
MIME-Version:     1.0
Content-Type:     multipart/mixeboundary= '0-304461745-1183855415=:84937'
Content-Transfer-En-Encoding:     8bit
Message-ID:     <>
Content-Length:     20789

Hello [my name],
How are you and how was your weekend and how is everything generally with you, thanks for your mail in loveaccess, i read through your profile and liked what i read about you and i would like to know you more and better.. but i would want to ask you some questions if you don't mind me asking then we might move on from there. can you tell me how many ladies you chat with so far on yahoo,msn,aol or any other chating services? How many you talk to so far on here or any other dating sites, if any then what happen that none could not meet up with your love desires or what you need in a woman, what you doing for a living? you can write me back at:cheers with love .. thanks for your mail in loveaccess, i read through your profile and liked what i read about you and i would like to know you more and better....I am looking for a man. I want to get married and to live happily.Life is passing by and I am looking at it like from the window of a moving train... I feel lonely in my heart... this loneliness is causing pain to me... I know only one remedy - it's love... The feature that captures my attention is...Eyes I love dark eyes I do not know why but they have just always impressed me. Something I haven't done yet that I would like to do is...Sky dive I am very afraid of hights so I am not sure how that is gonna work out. My closest friends describe me as...Way to giving, a little bit on the shy side till I get to know you then you will want me to shut up! I do not like drama as no one else I know likes it. I will not partake in drama so If you got it forget it. Only my closest friends understand me. I do not open up to people well ....Ok fine I will say I have trust issues! TRUE TRUE....I do. but I would like to think that when I meet that someone who I have been searching for I will know and feel comforitable with that person. My greatest guilty pleasure is... Sneaking in the kitchen in the middle of the night and eating a huge bowl of lucky charms.Well I could name a few more but Im not sure If I am allowed to here or not (wink wink)!! :) Something I can't live without is... My Tivo! I have to admit I do Like tv I watch it as much as I can I love shows Like House, Law n order (because Vincent deofrino is just so fricken hot lol lol)Numb3ers, Ghost Whisperer, How I met your mother, 4400, and some others. What I do miss tivo catches for me! ha!...I am good looking, kind, attentive, caring... maybeyou'll ask why I am lonely then?... I'll tell you! My life was hard here, in my country, I am disappointed with men here and with life in this country... I feel my second half is not here... Maybe it's you? If you wish to get to know me... well my name is Vanessa Moore, from Tampa FL... i am 27yrs i am 120ibs 5'7... Sometimes I'm lucky to meet you in dreamland, Where an erotic rendezvous we keep. I the morning when I wake up, I just hate to get out of bed....I'd rather go back to dreamland, And prove my love for you instead ,My love Let me hold you Whispering words so soft Like a candle Our sweet romance Forever will glow Nothing can change it...your self. i am shy at first time of meeting.well Just trying this on-line dating for the first time of my life,as i was once hurt by someone i loved so much , am trying this out to see what happens. we all know God works in mysterious ways, maybe this is just another tool for him to use. So my question is whatever happened to dating and getting to know someone...Taken from my profile If you're looking for someone sexy, goofy, serious...then you've found her...Constantly learning, growing each day....Looking for someone who can take my breath away with a kiss....And live life filled with breathless moments contact me...I am looking for an attractive man who is happy with himself right now and knows where he wants to be in the future. Also is very motivated. I'm looking for someone that is a caring, honest person that will treat someone how they want to be treated. your looks doesnt really matter to me all that matter's to me is your sence of humour . My interest is in a good personality and sense of humour and someone whose fun to be with as I need someone to lift my spirits...Hope I receive it back from you. .... AND LET'S GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER BETTER!!
I guess i have told you alot about myself now its your turn to tell me more about yourself which i would appreciate alot and i would love you to send me your pictures so we could exchange other picture ..

She sent me 2 pics, but one was already on her profile (blue top).

Keywords: blue top blonde yellow top green top
2007-07-12, 22:29:29
anonymous from United States  
I got a hit on Yahoo personals from ALicia Thomas.
Same story as the rest of these. I knew from the first email that something wasn't right so I kept playing to try and see how many emails it would take before she asked for money. 3rd email, she hasn't asked yet, but I know its coming. Rather fancy having some fun with a stupid scammer.
See attached emails from her:

How are you doing today? Thank you for your concern about my present situation. I have no idea when I'll be getting out of here. I tried to persuade the hotel manager to let me go and I will get his fund wired to him when I get home but he said its against the hotel policy that his boss might get him fired if he finds out. I don't know what to do, this is my first time of travelling abroad. I don't have the least idea how I can get out of this mess I got myself into. I have no one I can get loan from and that makes it more frustrating. I've tried to contact my only friend, Natasha to help me cash the money orders I bought when I was coming down here to enable me offset the hotel bill and get out of this terrible place but I learnt she isn't in town, she used to live at the lake tahoe area and the recent wildfire displace her home and she had traveled with her newly wedded husband without leaving any contact address for me and she's the only one that could do this for me. I can't cash it here in Nigeria as you know they are 3rd world country and they are not use to foreign cheques let alone money orders. Since the only person I have isn't around and I can't cash the money orders here either it's equivalent to useless and it's the only hope of money i've got.The hotel manager told me this morning that I'm currently owing approximately $950 and I must sort it out before I could get back my documents and check out of the hotel. The more I stay the more increment of the hotel bill. Till now the police haven't turn up anything about the culprit,I don't know if they 're even doin anything about it ok. I don't blame them cuz is all my fault to have fallen so cheap for that bastard, I ain't gonna forgive him, he has to pay for all these someday. I will appreciate any advice on how to come out of this. I can't wait to hear from you.


Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 20:56:48 -0700
Hi Chris,

Thanks for telling me more about yourself. I think we are looking for the same thing in a relationship. I'll really like to meet you when I get back. I'm currently in africa stranded. Actually,I was in love with a guy who is a Nigerian but he told me he was born and brought up in the states.He kept's telling me that he care's not knowing that I let myself into the hands of a liar, cheater, theft and a ruthless heart breaker.The bastard invited me over to his country Nigeria,to invest the money I inherited from my mom including the little one I've saved up myself.We planned of buying gemstones and exporting them back to Cali for making beads and ornaments, we planned it and it was perfect.He said we could start with a little capital hence it's a developing country and will would be like small god in a country like that,I believed him coz we also plan that as soon as we get settle there we'll get married but I wasn't taking him seriously cuz it was the business I was interested on. I thought it was a good ideal not knowing I was planting myself for a sucker.......He stole all my belongings the night we got there in a hotel room gun in hand. I thought I will be able to find him cuz I reported him to the Nigerian police Force so I waited for weeks unfortunately the police couldn't get him,probably they are not even doing anything about it cuz I'm not one of them and they are very corrupt. Now the hotel has held down my passport and ticket cuz I couldn't afford to pay the hotel bill.They thought I might get away without sorting out the bills so they got my travelling document so I couldn't get away.I don't know how to pay that Cuz that bastard has stolen all my useful belongings I came into the country with. I have being down here for weeks now .Besides,I went to the Us Embassy on the first week I got here they gave me a backup form to fill after filling out the form, they told me to sort out the hotel bill to enable me get my passport back, they'd get me on a flight back home once i got my passport. They also wanted to know if I came here on a legal deal or otherwise..I told them that I'm a legal citizen of US and I came here for business. They urge the hotel manager to give me time to come and settle the bills and they should be giving me food and other necessary things I need. they ask me to contact people back home to help me out but they blame me for coming down to these fraudolence country to do business,.I have told them I never knew this is how the country was and I'm kind of person who would be willing to try everything atleast once. That's how I ended up in here. This is my first time in africa and I promise it's my last.I have learned from my mistakes which I feel I caused.This was a big wake up call for me. This place has made me realize a lot and opened my eyes for me before it got worse than I expected.New plans would definately emerge when I make it back home. Everyone made mistakes at least once in their lives and this's my turn.Actually,I dont really like to say it out cuz I feel shy about it..but it's just that when someone is in trouble he or she need to shout it out...


Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 16:49:19 -0700
Subject: Re: Hi

Nice to hear from you. Thanks for telling me about yourself, you seem very interesting. I love the pics, I think you're a very fine and handsome man, I've attached some for you hopefully they would interest you. I live alone in Sac. I used to work in a jewelry company as sales representative but I am currently into gemstones. I'm originally from Amarillo, TX . I've lived almost all my life in Dallas, my parents moved from Amarillo to Dallas when I was three. I went to college in Dallas, I studied marketing but I'm still looking forward to further my studies in future.

I like water skiing, jet skiing, watching movies, listening to music and basically anything outdoors. I love watching athletic events, whether it is college or pro, I like goin to the museum ocassionally. In my free time, I love cooking, reading, long walk on the beach. Did I mention I have passion for sight seing and traveling?

I Will like to know more about you and eaxactly what you're looking for in a relationship .I am a single girl looking to meet someone I could share my life with, I'm all alone and I need a special person to fill the emptiness in my heart. I am an outgoing, intelligent, honest, hard working person, who loves to go out and have a good time. I have dark brown hair and hazel eyes. I am very spontaneous and am up for trying just about anything once. I have never been married and have no kids. I am a very active person. I am looking to meet an intelligent, honest person who likes to have a good time and is fun to be around. I love to laugh and make others laugh, and a lot of times I use that to ease an awkward situation. A couple of times I thought I met my man, so to speak, but apparently I was wrong, which brings me here.

Actually , I am not in US at the moment I'd be back ASAP. I lost my mom 2yrs ago, while I was in Dallas, and I lost my dad when I was 7..... came to Oakland after I lost my mom as I couldn't live in the house we used to lived together alone, her memory echoe in the whole house, her things and all the people we knew who continue to send their condolences and sympathizing with me brings her memory vividly back to me and I decided to moved to the CA so I could be myself once again and go on with life and unfortunately I'm the only child of my family...I moved to Sac about 10 months ago, Oakland was too rough for my liking so I moved out to Sac. I can't wait to know more about you and get to meet you in person....


Keywords: thick chick black hair black halter top red skirt gray car parking lot long earrings
2007-07-15, 14:04:33
the name of the this person is Maria Elena Fernandez email address ( any body know any thing about this laddy.

2007-07-22, 08:02:38
anonymous from Germany  
Steven Doudu is currently using a new profile name on udate. He's now using Love-Me-25 but the photo is the same one as posted previously (2000-6-19). He does seem to be still using the same email address,
2007-07-23, 16:55:43
anonymous from United States  
julie ann sterna
2007-07-26, 16:08:16

2007-07-31, 18:59:57
Who is Miss 'Janny Marck' (photo above) really? She's the hottest! If she's an actress, I'm buying her videos. I think I'll write her today just to find out more about her cover story.
2007-08-02, 15:32:42
hidden from United States  
Finaly back rogerdoger_57, that lovMe! hit on Loveaccess. email address is 100% scam. been having fun with her though, or whoever. Its Early pictures of scammer, Zinaida Sharipova. Or Ekaterina Petuhova. she quiet writing me monday of this week, may here from her but most likly not, she tried the passport, visa scam. and going to agency to see what it would costr to come to me.. should have seen, the letter I got back, when I told them or her. I knew all it took, for her to come to the USA. I think they were alittle shocked, when I told them I just got back, from the ukraine, where I had been visiting, a real good friend. in January. and she could not get a visa, the way the ageney, was telling her. So then they were triying to get me to come see her but I told them I couldn't come till October, think they gave up for now. I will make a post of all this, in its own thered.

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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