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Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)


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Sindy Becky Green goes now by Lauren Smith.

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2007-11-11, 16:05:06
anonymous from Australia  
The lovely Cindy in the red dress also goes by the mane Jane Johnston fron Lagos, uses email addredd, beware, she is good and an be very convincing, nearly caught me, only my distrust of women saved me from loosing a large amount of money. Oneof the photos she sent was in the red dress, she looks so sweet and inocent.
2007-11-12, 01:22:11
anonymous from Medford, United States  
i was scammed for a month by a man who i meet on he said he wanted to g4t to know me and thena few days later said he was going dubia by iraq to buy gold and diamonds said hia name was john williams and that he wanted me to open up a jewerlry shop with him in california asnd that he was in love with me when i tallllked with himlast he said his battrey had been giving him problems on his pc and asked if i could find him one where i live so i did and then he said he wish he knew how he would pay for it and asked if i had a credit card i said yes i did and then he asked if i was making my payments i said yes i pay on it every month and that i only had $25.00 credit available then i told him i had no checking or savings accgt he asked why? and that was the lasst i heard from him

2007-11-14, 02:32:10   (updated: 2007-11-14, 02:33:35)
anonymous from Brookfield, Australia  
if u wanna know if a person is real or not, tell them to take a pic with an exact position given by you ... like send me a pic of you sitting on a car with ur cap turn back to front in a green dress or a pic with these words: i am not a scammer or whatever u wish them say to u. that way u can get the real person or someone who's being in contact with them.
2007-11-14, 06:11:22
anonymous from United States  
'Gentlesoullady' on Adult Friend Finder also tried the scam...originally from Indiana but now in Benin, sick mother, wire money to Eric Williams in Lagos, Nigeria, blah blah. I didn't buy it for a second. Her claimed name was Sherina Manning. A quick search on MySpace revealed the real Sherina Manning who knew nothing about the impersonation, or scam. AFF was notified, and the profile deleted.

This is the picture that she stole from the real Sherina:

2007-11-18, 19:06:20
anonymous from United States  
I wish some of you guys would get it thru your heads. The women in the photos are NOT the actual scammers!!!!!!!! The dating scammers from Nigeria and Russia are done by men from the most part that masquerade under a feminine facade. These were photos that were stolen off the internet, usually from some modeling site. They have been know to be taken from porn sites, about anywhere. So the women in the photos are innocent for the most part. They have no knowledge nor have they consented of having their photos used in such dating scams. It's the men that are behind these dating scams are the real scumbugs!
2007-11-19, 07:14:58   (updated: 2007-11-19, 07:19:45)
[hidden] from United States  
here's my latest scammer....feelmylove View profile

Age: 56
Location: Nashville, TN, United States
Date: Monday 5th of November

feelmylove has sent you an email.

hi,brave look you got.. i'm interested in you, havent
any pics on here, however email me on and i'll show you my photo
album.. my name is divine NEXT IS HER !ST EMAIL WITH PICS:
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 17:16:06 -0800 (PST)
From: 'divine elema' <>
Subject: Hi, here are my pics
Hi As promised here are more of my pics..My name are Ms Divine Elema. I'm a nurse and I am 37 yr of age... i am interested developing in a serious relationship . i must say i really do appreciate your looks,,gives me sme kind of being secured feeling! know what i mean?.....I'm looking for a well rested mature man above average man for a one-on-one serious relationship based on trust, honesty, communication and some mutual interests. A man who has direction in his life. can carry on a conservation, has a zest for life and living, can be serious or just act silly at times and likes to laugh and have fun. Can dress up or down. Is comfortable in jeans as well as a dinner jacket. A man who can be honest and sincere. I'm for real and you should be as well . A man to listen to my upsets. share my joys and accept my loving advances or to just hold me, knowing when 'I just need a hug'. i am on yahoo messenger if you will like to chat with me .. do you have a yahoo IM? mine is divinelove37

Tell me what you think of my photos

hugs & kisses


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2007-11-19, 07:24:00
[hidden] from United States  
more pics of Divine Elema

2007-11-19, 07:26:16
[hidden] from United States  
Divine Elema pic

2007-11-19, 07:27:31   (updated: 2007-11-19, 07:29:45)
[hidden] from United States  
Divine Elema pic

2007-11-19, 07:36:54   (updated: 2007-11-19, 07:39:07)
[hidden] from United States  
Here is a second Divine Elema dreamlover4me

Age: 55
Location: Waldorf, MD, United States
Date: Monday 19th of November

dreamlover4me has sent you an email.

Hi dear, my name is Ms Divine Elema, i am 37yrs, a nurse by you have yahoo IM? we can meet and chat more there, my IM is (divinelove37)
You can add me, i will email you my pics when i get your email..
lots of hugs and kisses

Divine Elema:

2007-11-19, 16:15:41
anonymous from United States  
I've been the victim of this scam as well on both myspace,as well as but fortunately I didn't fall for it after reading this site.

I knew something was wrong when the person had two seperate myspace profiles but sent messages that were similar in grammar & content. If you want to avoid such a scam you're much better off talking with someone & meeting them face to face in a public setting & not on the internet where things aren't always what they seem.
2007-11-20, 17:50:32   (updated: 2007-11-20, 18:00:31)
19:01:06 xxxxxxxx: Hello sweety :d
19:01:22 lovyaluko: Hello XXXXXXX
19:01:26 lovyaluko: How are you doing today??
19:02:31 xxxxxxxx: Working working working lol
19:03:13 xxxxxxxx: A good day a laught with the customers en the other agent
19:03:32 lovyaluko: i seee
19:03:38 lovyaluko: and how was work though
19:03:40 xxxxxxxx: and you ??
19:03:45 lovyaluko: Hope you had a good day dearly??
19:04:01 lovyaluko: My day was fine just myself thinking about you all day
19:04:30 xxxxxxxx: Seriously ;;)
19:04:42 xxxxxxxx: Me too :d
19:04:58 lovyaluko: :) sounds great
19:06:03 xxxxxxxx: Good news perhaps i find a new job but it is not sure
19:06:56 lovyaluko: Oh really...congratulations and i have been praying you find a good one though i am glad you find one and why would you say its not sure and what kinda job is it??
19:08:28 xxxxxxxx: I will have a meeting with the boss thursday and i'll know really all the conditions and if all it is ok
19:08:48 lovyaluko: Ok sounds good
19:09:27 xxxxxxxx: It is hard to waiting before i can see you
19:10:24 lovyaluko: Well...i am trying to make it possibly soon though still taking longer time than expected
19:11:39 lovyaluko: cant wait to see you too though
19:11:56 xxxxxxxx: ;)
19:13:32 xxxxxxxx: Take the time you're need, i'm understant the situation and i know to be patient
19:16:54 lovyaluko: Well.....have not got time as i would love to be home as soon as possible...i was waiting for my inheritance cheque worths $300 000 so i can go pick up funds and start up new thing with it while i get settled with my man and kids dearly and keep run of moms fabric store but i am afraid cheque is ready and cant cash it in nigerian banks so i'd need to get back home to cash it up but right now i have to come up with $500 so i can balance up travel agent and need someone to loan me funds as soon as i get cheque cleard i would pay back
19:20:15 lovyaluko: So since i found no one i taught i was going to be waiting to make sales so i can come up with the funds and that would be taking a couple of month probably 4-5months time so if we would be seeing eachother in anyways then you would be needing to come over or what you think baby??
19:21:11 lovyaluko: I know so much that you care for me from your heart and i really care and would want to share things in common with you for you have made me going and made me happy ever since i found you for making me forget about the sorrow of the lost of my mother and wanting me to get going like you do
19:21:21 lovyaluko: And that i am finding in you dearly
19:24:00 xxxxxxxx: Your so sweety
19:24:24 xxxxxxxx: Your'e need the 500 $ for the travel ?
19:24:27 lovyaluko: :) thank you XXXXXXX
19:24:38 lovyaluko: Yes thats all i need dearly
19:27:03 xxxxxxxx: I would be help you but I need time to have this and I'm don't know when I can have this
19:27:26 lovyaluko: Oh You mean you would help me out?????
19:27:53 lovyaluko: I swear you just got tears dropped down my eyes.....i dont know i am amazed you really got me shocked
19:28:11 lovyaluko: What have i done to deserve this,i dont know how to appereciate you
19:28:46 lovyaluko: Ok beleive me now i am on bended knees and i want you to understand that i appreciate and thank you so much
19:29:04 lovyaluko: And i promise to give back to you as soon as i get cheque cleard dear
19:29:36 lovyaluko: :):D:) thank you so much for your kindness i appreciate once again dearly
19:34:50 xxxxxxxx: Just a minute I have a call
19:34:57 lovyaluko: ok
19:46:30 xxxxxxxx: Sorry for the waiting it is my mom in the phone and bla bla bla lol
19:48:49 lovyaluko: oh never mind
19:49:18 lovyaluko: Its ok to talk to mom and to make her feel more like a mother being protecting her child lol...though lost my mom and it sucks
20:30:43 xxxxxxxx: Ok i'm here now
20:31:38 lovyaluko: Ok
20:31:42 lovyaluko: I am here
20:31:55 xxxxxxxx: Cool
20:32:05 lovyaluko: So how is mom??
20:33:01 xxxxxxxx: she's always ok lol
20:33:21 lovyaluko: Thats good to hear
20:34:36 xxxxxxxx: Ok how can I help you ? Your prefer I'll send you directly the monney ?
20:34:58 xxxxxxxx: Where to witch name etc ?
20:35:36 lovyaluko: Yes you can send it via western union as that would be better and directly to my name for i would be giving you the information to send it through dearly
20:36:05 lovyaluko: DO you have a pen with you so i can type you the details to send the funds through ??
20:36:35 xxxxxxxx: Yes i'm ready
20:36:45 lovyaluko: OK
20:36:55 lovyaluko: NAME------------------------------LOLADE BASHORUN
20:37:02 lovyaluko: STATE-------------------------LAGOS
20:37:09 lovyaluko: CODE-------------------------23401
20:37:18 lovyaluko: COUNTRY--------------------------------NIGERIA
20:37:30 lovyaluko: TEXT QUESTION----------------------------FOR WHO
20:37:37 lovyaluko: ANSWER---------------------------LOLADE
20:38:11 lovyaluko: Thats all you need to send the funds dearly and do you have a western union location nearer to your home?
20:40:12 xxxxxxxx: I'm don't know I had'ent make that before
20:41:27 lovyaluko: oh ok i seee
20:42:02 lovyaluko: can open up to and there you will find your nearest location ok
20:42:17 lovyaluko: open up now and let me know when you open up
20:57:26 lovyaluko: Have you opened it up yet??
20:59:31 xxxxxxxx: I'm just verify one thing
20:59:53 lovyaluko: and whats that if i may ask you??
21:06:40 lovyaluko: you there ??

2007-11-23, 04:32:12
anonymous from Denmark  
who know this girl...say she is in a hotel in negeria and cant get back...say grandmother are sick with a struke..ask for money..

2007-11-23, 20:55:55
i need drops for caching money who want to get much money from usa im work with bank of america and need drops who like this can answer me
2007-11-25, 10:39:31
anonymous from United States  

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