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Dating scammer Ludmila from Volzhsk, Russia


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2007-02-12, 22:48:34
anonymous from Canada  

2007-02-16, 11:02:54
anonymous from Canada  
Get this - I asked 'Lyudmila' in one of my earlier emails to send a photo with my name on it on a piece of paper. These people sure don't give up easily.


2007-02-16, 11:44:15
anonymous from United States  
e mails from ludmila glushkova claiming to be a teacher in orenburg. quit sending after I asked her about scams. saw her picture from others who had communicated.
2007-02-16, 15:43:13
anonymous from Italy  
Has someone already seen this girl?It says that he lives to Volzhsk. Jonny

2007-02-16, 16:05:35 from Italy  
Helen from Kazan,her father is dead when she was 7 years old in an accident.

2007-02-17, 14:24:44
anonymous from Italy  
Is this Tatjana, or at least so it says, alive alone with her mother, will it be true?

2007-02-19, 18:19:00
anonymous from United States  
Ithink I have a new one for you

2007-02-22, 18:09:13
[hidden] from Encino in California, United States  
Got a e-mail from a Lampa7 asking me to e-mail to a private e-mail ( Used a junk address I keep and got a similar starting letter similar to others


I am pleased to receive the letter from you. I to want to study you is
more and me I hope to begin good friends. My name - Marina to me of 28
years, I live in Russia in city of Volzhsk. You are probably surprised
as not in your country but if I have defined Russia how you would
think, what you to me are determined in my structure, have written? I
hope, what you understand me, also, that we can communicate further? I
would like to tell a little about me directly, it for me, for the
first time, that I never got acquainted through the Internet, but I
think in me, it appears. I was disaccustomed in To school of 10 years,
started to study from medical institute, has studied 5 years, it for
me There were years of the unforgettable student. I to like to be
engaged in sports meets, once a week I go on gymnastics. I very much
like to go on fresh air. I live one in the house, I to have two rooms
. I have many friends. I very much like to spend to carry out my free
time with them. I am very pleased, that I have such good friends, they
always help me when the help is necessary for me... I think, that
friends are very important for each person. Write to me a little about
yourself as you to like to spend a free time which you love.

I shall expect your answer. Your friend Marina.

I responded saying this looks like a scam so thanks but no thanks. No response since. Unfortunate given how beautiful she is. Funny tha when you Google the city, 1/2 of the first page talks about date scams.

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Dating scammer Marina from Olha near Irkutsk in Russia
Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers
Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers

Keywords: blonde
2007-02-24, 21:25:00
anonymous from Canada  
Wow lyudmila get around. just started e-mailing her a week ago. sure glad i googled her name. My fist letter from her was exactly the same as one posted here aside for one thing her age is 27 on mine. another letter was very close to the same. alot of cut and past for her. lol i wont put a pic on case they are aready here plus a couple she has not sent me. going to send those ones to her next. take care guy's
2007-02-24, 21:56:35
the,one,that,put,the,last,post from Canada  
well i was going to write a nasty letter but naaaaa. wrote this insted

Hi just a short message. Thanks for the pix they are great. i hope that you don't mind my asking if you have any that are more revieling. I would love to see more of you. Hope I havent offended you with that. I wish I could meet you tomorow, I so badly want to take you in my arms. Again i hope I havent crossed to many lines with this email but you make me have feelings like never before.
Have a great weekend
Love Chris

Hope she has some nakid ones lol
if so i will share lol
2007-03-06, 15:22:17
anonymous from Tampa in Florida, United States  
I am a member of aswell and I have a scammer in my sights. We've had a couple emails so far and the plan is to scam the scammer. I'll keep you posted. RW
2007-03-07, 13:08:36
anonymous from Italy  
Hello my love Carlo
> I'm fine. It is especially good, when I think of you. Thinking
>of you it is frequent, I always have a good mood. The love gives me
>many positive emotions. Our love gives the future to us and enables to
>make family.
> Moreno tell me how you represent ours with you the future? What
>you see our family? For me it is important to know your opinion. It
>seems to me, that I have well enough learned you, but my darling is
>better to listen once again you. You for me as native. I have strongly
>become attached to you and I wish to connect all remained life with
>you. I very much hope, that you will be the good husband and we with
>you shall sometime give birth to good, beautiful and clever children.
>They will love us. They will name you the daddy, and me mum. It to
>like you? You wish to have from the beginning the boy or the girl? I
>think, I all over again would like the girl. It will help me on the
> I never thought, that I shall search for the destiny and half
>on the Internet. But why that your letters have mentioned all my deep
>feelings. You have enabled me to love. I often imagine, as we go with
>you along the street, and people looking, on us are pleased for us.
>Earlier to me in the evenings it was sad. I before dialogue with you
>was lonely. I did not have not enough your heat and love. Through your
>letters I have received dream. I very strongly pray, that it was
>executed my darling. Moreno write me more about your dreams, of that as
>you see ours with you a life. With love, YOURS Tatjana.
2007-03-13, 14:06:32 from United Kingdom  
i have been exchanging e mails with a girl called darya from volzhsk, see seemed genuine then asked for money via western union, by e mail and by phone. have attached picture if anyone knows her get in touch thanks

2007-03-15, 05:15:47
anonymous from Adelaide in South Australia, Australia  
Hi there all,

Unfortunately these Russian so called brides are really out for your money.
In Australia it has been recommended to stay away from them as once they get into your country and you let them live with you, look out.
It has been reported here that these so called beauties after dating for a little while get themselves bashed up to make it look it was you who done it.
Then they sue for the lot and they don't stop cause they have no heart for men.

But here's the beauty they get to stay here as a guest of the state until the trial is completed. By this time there laywers and friends get into it as well and the cleansing process begins of you. Hopefully you are not in jail cause if you get arrested for the crime, you then have to prove it, right!

So all the while these great women from Russia clean up you and eventually leave for another country with your riches.

My advice, and i have travelled the world, no matter where you live there are dozens of nice ladies out there who really want us good guys, but of course they hide for not wanting to get hurt.

Since last year May 2006 the Russian so called beauties have been persistently emailing me but i knew from the start what there plans are.

There stories are all the same but i don't believe them for one moment about there looks. If you have never been to a photo study take a visit as the most of there pictures are brushed up.

Think about it if you were going to waste time on A Russian bride, don't you think you could take less chances with a woman in your own country, least it will be worth the chase, but would you chase a Russian bride to her home town somewhere in Siberia, i don't think so.

Ask yourself why do you want a Russian bride, can't talk your talk, won't be able to work, language barrier, driving skills, do you really want to have a child to bring up as a bride?

If an aussie guy can hook with American women then i know you should have no problems with our women over here. Forget about the Russian girls, they belong in a parlour not a home.

They all have the same stories of poorness and depression in the state they live in, well i never told them to spend the trillions to go into space, what did it achieve for the Russians? Absolutely jackshit, sorry for my French.

Sorry if i went on a bit but believe me, marry your own brands don't mix or you will only be asking for trouble from them later on.

I allowed myself to be friends with a woman from Aruba, near Venezuela, all was good until she told me she lived in Aruba and not Australia then had the gaul to ask me for trip expenses, she showed me great photos for me to fall in love with but who can't touch up photos but make them look really splashy?

Men ask the women next to you not in Siberia..........

Good luck to all of you.

2007-03-16, 10:33:46
[hidden] from United States  
Ok, so now we have a new mthod starting to show. Her name is Svetlana Krasnova from Volzhsk (supposedly). email address (at least to me) is She claims to be an orphan herself, and now she claims that she is collecting money for the orphans of Russia, and that is her job. Of course, she seems to have forgotten that she has recently told me that she works in a shop, and makes US$100 a month as wage.
Of course, if she was actually collecting money for orphans, I think this is noble work, but I do not think I would be sending the money to her personally. Would I not send it to a church, or other REGISTERED charitable organization? I think I will give to charities that I already know to be real!! :-)

Here is her 'sales pitch:'

Greetings my sweet Keith!

It is very pleasant for me to receive your letter... I want to tell at
once to you, that I do not want to have simply correspondence! I want
to find to myself the husband and to leave from Russia!!! I want, that
you to me would answer one my question. You want, what I would be your
wife and what I would arrive to you? I shall look forward to hearing
from you. My home address:
Russia, city Volzhsk, zip code 428000.
Krasnova Svetlana
As I collect money for children of orphans and invalids. After the
second world war it is a lot of people which have squeezed out have
remained invalids. In Mari El many people become an inveterate
drunkard and become dependent on alcohol, because of it many families
collapse and throw children. Because of it in our region it is a lot
of children of orphans. I collect money and I give them to local
church. Father Vladimir, collects children of orphans and feeds and
dresses them. I think that I make noble business. In fact children are
not guilty for the parents. If to you these hungry and unfortunate,
sick children you are not indifferent could help them. As you can send
money which to you it is not a pity for children for my name and the
address. Russian people give 10 percent from earnings to church. As
also you can act! I think that you will help Russian children to
orphans. I think that you will make it for the sake of children or me.
I shall pray for you and your health. I shall wait from you for the

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Dating scammer Ludmila from Volzhsk, Russia
Dating scammer Ludmila from Volzhsk, Russia

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