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Scammer Jane Mabou from Ivory Coast, Africa


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2008-05-03, 02:34:44
anonymous from United Kingdom  

My name is blessing,i am a very young beautifull romantic and cearly girl with easy mind.well i saw your profile on this site ,and i love it,i will like us to click togather as one.
So please contact me on this mail adress thus
with your own mail adress to enable us have a direct contact with each other, at the same time ,i will show you my picture for you to know more about me.
thank you so much for your understanding,
hope to hear from you soonest
yours lovely
2008-05-03, 03:23:18
anonymous from United States  
Here is her latest to me plus 2 pics she sent.

Dearest one,

I have really been touched by your message Dearest one Since when I sent my life history message to you, I have been wondering high what your reaction will be, Because we have never meet or known each other before, But despite that you replied me with sympathetic and couragious words. I have choose you to assist me not by

own doing Dearest one Through my late fathers WILL it is compulsory that I must execute this transaction with a foreigner and for this reason I have taken my time to pray about this communication before I ever contacted you for this transaction and for your help to make me come and comp let my Education in your country. I just believe after prayers that I will meet some one like you, Now by my mere trust I have found you,
I am sure the you will not let me down. , I wish you could help me out from this disgusting environment ,i will greatly treasure your help to me ,it is not a thing of joy living with my experience ,Having a happy home today and tomorrow ,a sad home and becoming a refugee ,i know the saddness it send through my spine writing to you about any thing that recalls the memories of my parents.
My Father had a two wives before he demised ,
my mother was the second ,the first one couldn't raise him an issue after four years of their marriage that emerged in him the idea of getting a second wife that happened to be my late mother as i was told ,After the marriage of my mother ,she turned hostile and aggriesive till the extent my father had to sent her packing and rented an apartment for her in the town.

She came back with her things after the news of my parents death ,she has been more or less hostile to me and want to deny me of all my fathers asset ,i am just like being in a wicked circle that nothing in the house pleases ,hence my decision to leave all the assets to her and came to this refugee camp where i am currently staying .

All my plead to you is your assistance please. i came out with the certificates that my father was issued to when he made a deposit with one of the Bank firms ,and i have confirmed from the Bank about my statue as the next of kin being my parent's only daughter. they adviced me to come with the certificates of which my father deposited the Money with ,

but due to my inabilitiy and lack of resources ,i decided to contact you for a help please ,i will be very glad if you should consider to help me please ,there is no other hope i have for a survival apart from this ,my step mother has taken possesion of all my parent hard earned asset without considering me , please take into consideration to help me.

Firstly I thank you for your indication of helping me now, because I so much love to complet my education in your country, You will be managing the funds for me while I will go back to school,
I want to go striaght to the point, I am mailing you from the office of the Rev.Father in the camp, I have confidence on him, I did explained a bit about my situtation to him but not everything, He gave me the access to his computer twice a day just to help me because I told him that I want to get out from africa as soon as possible, But firstly I must get the funds transferred into an account abroard,

Since I don't have any body abroard I decided to contact you, Only if you will be honest and kind to my situtaion and assist me with all sincerity in your heart. This is Rev.Fathers telephone number :+221-76-387-197-7 When you call tell him that you want to speak with Mis. ............. the Liberian girl, Tell the Rev.Father that you will like to speak with me. i have no acess of income here to make call, i will like you to send to me your full data such as .
(1) your Home adress----------------------------------
(2) your full name --------------------------------------
(3) your phone number---------------------------------
(4) your fax number------------------------------
(5) your a- ------------------------------
(6)work-------------------- --
on receipt of this email will i forward to you all the contact of the Bank where this Money is deposited by my late father for you to make contact with them and ask them the possibility of releasing the money to your account, i am looking forward to read from you.
yours sincerelly
Alicia After the transaction we will work for my comming to your country within 1 or 2 weeks time. I will be expecting your reply ,The attach file is my picture

my regards love

2008-05-03, 03:31:36
anonymous from United States  
Picture #2

2008-05-03, 09:47:07
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hi people well i think she has also maybe changed her name to this of jennifer jones - damn do people really fall for this crap if they do well all i can say is they deserve it if your that stupid nothing really good comes out of africa in an email only trouble -i get lots of mails from them and no i dont fall for it - they are rather stupid and it is paper thin tbh . also the ones with oh you have won the onlne lotto crap - anyway just a heads up people this is also one of the mails - if all the crap is to be believed the head of stste had tones of advisors and they are all dead and there surviving family are all in refuggee camps in dakar - what a load of bull

My dear,
How is your day? Mine is fine over here in Dakar..Thanks for your mail.
Like I said my name is jennifer jones,Am 23yrs single tall and fair in complexion, Very good looking girl that is very sharing, giving, caring and loving girl, above all God fearing and trusted.I really want have a good relationship with you.A relationship of deep feeling that will construct a mutual understanding ,I'm from ivory coast in west Africa and presently I am residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar as a result of the civil war going on in my country.My late father Dr. malick jones was the personal adviser to the former head of state of Ivory coast before the rebels attacked my house one early morning killing my mother and my father.It was only me that is alive now and we managed to make our way to near by country Senegal where we are living now in a refugee camp.I send and receive e-mails in the office of our Reverend,He has been so kind to me since i became close to him during one of his visitation to the clinic in the camp when i was sick. I would like to know more about you. Your likes and dislikes,your hobbies and what you are doing presently. that is how i contact you I will tell more about myself in my next mail.Attached here is my picture,Hoping to hear from you soonest. Miss ......jennifer

anyway keep safe people and dont fall for this scam crap use your brains
2008-05-03, 11:11:53 from Carrascal, Chile  
Hi guys!

I recieved the same f**kin story and let me tell you, I almost bite the bait! well I still keep the e-mails we sent each others and I decided to ask you guys how can I send it to Interpol or any UN agency to stop this s**t!.

I made some researchs and I found the same story. Please guys contactme at this e-mail address to stop that bitch!

2008-05-03, 12:47:14
anonymous from United States  
Here is her latest email.
No pics this time

Dearest one,

Thank you for your mail , Here in Senegal is like one staying inside prison, and i don't want to continue like this , once the the bank start up the transfer process i will start up too for my arrangement to meet you face to face.

My intention is to have a good future, and a good living,and promise i will give all the respect that a wife will give to her husband i will never disappoint you when i come over to your place,
Honey I believe in my heart that your help to me will bring something good to you, and i assure you that if God will use you to help me out of this situation, i will never forget you in my life and with what you have said in your mail to me i now have the confidence to go ahead with you. Bellow here is the contact of the bank.

Beside i have brothers and sisters but i am the next of kin of the Money, Don't worry they will be no question at the bank OK,


Bank Director: Mr Kassi Ehouman
Adresse : 8, Avenue Lopold Sdar Senghor BP : 995 CD Dakar
Tel :(+ 221)76 479 47 49


Looking forward to hear your responce from the bank.God bless you ,
Please Call the Bank, When you get them on the line, you can tell them that you are calling unbehalf of the fund of Dr Harry F Moniba from Liberia with Ref. number HBS584W9557H, you are representing me as my foreign partner as well as the next of kin to the fund OK, and ask them the possibility of transferring this fund to your position in your country.
Please do your best to make sure that you make contact with the bank, i will advice you to call them on their telephone number and at the same time send an email to them for them to know our seriousness, what ever you discuss with them OK, get back to me so that i will be
knowing what is happening.My prayer is for God to grant me my pursuance and by the grace of God he will surely see us through.Please once again keep it only for yourself, for my safety and security.
The most important thing is to make sure that you make contact with the bank let us hear from them before any other thing will be done.Go ahead and call them.Expecting to hear from you the responce from the bank soon. Please take good care, and put me in your daily prayers, love you and i cant wait to meet you face to face.
God bless you,
Regard ,
ms AL icia
2008-05-03, 16:43:06
anonymous from Netherlands  
Never believe Jane!


2008-05-03, 22:40:23 from United States  
her name is lora wande badmus,,she claims in nigeria she ca get her passport and visa to the us threw a travel agency in one week for 520.00,the travel agency name is mabol travel nigeria ltd

2008-05-04, 02:25:27
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Good morning my love
I am not fine this morning.
I came to say a glorious greetings to you but only to see this message you write to me here.
Dear i am very sorry for the insult,becides,i have already taken the issue to Our Rev and he ask me to call all my room mates.

Now i need your help in this issue.
please send me the email address of which was used to writting this message to you,believe me it will give a supporting tras for the person whom did that.
this thng happend while we are haveing program.

Dear it is very important you send this email address to me now,so that i can give it to Rev Isaac Mba.or else i am finished.

thanks for your concern

yours in love
sufia apia.

My darling my hearth is better after reading your mail this morning. I have not gave any one your email but i found that i have an enemies here. Your friend can also kill you.
This mail come from Rev secretory because is her helping me write an email to you she se that we have build a nice relationship she want to be a hindrance.

My darling please don't write ti her any more and i have report her to my Rev she is under punishment. Please i am sorry for that.

My darling please when are you going to send the money to the drug law agency. Have you finally sauced by taking money from the bank?

Please my love my condition here is not good for me all you will do to bring me out from this place God will finally bless you for that.
I still waiting for your mail
I love you

Ogent information

Mr we wish to inform you that the anti drug clearance certificate, That is highly ingrose that it wil not be isue for you for the tranferring of the money unless the payment has ben made.

Bear it in mind that after the maximum date we give you, The application form for anti drug clearance certificate the will be cancull

Attention Mr,

Base on your mail to my chamber this afternoon. This money does not belong
to me rather is from National Drug Law enforcement Agency.And as you know that
you have not pay for my balance for Power of Attorney.
Listing to me i only helping because of a young lady Miss Sufia Apia i can
only accept your request if your sincerely sure that you will balance all the
money after the transfer of the money to your account.
If your sincerely to me them send the 1000 pounds through my information
Barrister King Charls Thomas Eke.
18 lamine guaye Dakar Senegal

As soon as you read this mail i will like you to call me on phone for more
information and your sincereness.

Barrister King Charls Thomas Eke.
2008-05-05, 03:55:53
anonymous from Turkey  
2008-05-05, 08:46:09
Tony from United States  
As always make sure of who the person behind the picture is.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Goodwill Ajaratu

2008-05-05, 11:34:10
the article was very useful for me.

2008-05-05, 12:09:26
anonymous from United States  
This one also uses sexyjessica
2008-05-05, 13:16:42
anonymous from Poland  
My Dearest,
How are you today?
i am very happy to your respond to the email i sent to you in your
I am miss merab mary mabou.
Age 23
ft 5/6
wt 59
i am the only daughter of Late Dr, Fidelix Ephrem Mabou, from Ivory Coast in
west Africa,
who died during the war in my country last three years (2003).
My father was the personal adviser to our former head of state .

( LATE GEN ROBERT GUEI) he is the owner of MabouCocoa industries (LTD)
before he was assasinated along side with my mother on a cold
blood one
morning. But i managed to escape for my dear life and ran into a neigh
bouring country,(Dakar) the capital of (Senegal) and i am reciding
there now, as a refugee,in the refugee camp.
Meanwhile,I am writting to you now with the Reverend's computer and i will
like to know you more before we move forward from here!.

I will like to know what you do for a living,remember that you caught
my attention in that site, that was why i wrote you at the first
time.Here is my picture i came here with,i will show you more of me
when i know and see yours.Awaiting for your reply soonest from my heamary

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------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------

--------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------


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2008-05-05, 16:05:10 from Kingston, Jamaica  
i meat this girl but her is calista she used the same message
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