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Dating scammer Tatiana from Kostromo, Russia


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2006-09-12, 11:35:28
anonymous from United States  
I sent


I must say I am shocked at the things you have said about me and
accused me of. I have not laughed at you nor have I scoffed at you.
I have been away for holiday with my kids the past couple days. I HAD
NO idea that you could not access the money I SO GENEROUSLY sent to
you. I thought I would come home today and find a letter from you
telling me exactly when you would be coming. I have placed all my
emotions on you coming to see me. I have dreamed for that day since
you first wrote me.

BUT now you call me greedy! You say you do not want a relationship
with a man who doesn't trust you. I never once implied I didn't trust
you. Not once. I am shocked at your accusations and negativity. I
must say you have showed a part of you I never expected.

Thus, Tatiana I need a little time to think this all over. Maybe you
now hate me too much for me to have you visit. I adore you but you
say bad things about me. Why? You have hurt me. I must go to work
now...I will be back on the computer tomorrow night as I have to go to
New York today and tomorrow for work. I need to think this all over.

2006-09-12, 11:36:23
anonymous from United States  
Her trying to explain why she sent a pissed off letter to me

Greetings, my lovely Ron!!! At last I have received your letter! I am
very glad! I am glad even in spite of the fact that you are afflicted
on me. Represent what pleasure to me bring your letters! My lovely,
from first lines of the letter I want to ask for you a pardon for all
that I have written to you in the last letter! I at once want to tell
to you, that I have written to you all this in bad mood! I at all do
not think you the greedy or bad person. I at all do not want to tell,
that I you concerned to me poorly... But you too should understand me!
You did not write to me. I have sent you 3 letters and have not
received from you the answer... I began to panic. I certainly
understood, that you can be occupied and cannot while to check up a
mail. But I did not understand some things. I have written to you
earlier and have given you the information concerning myself. I also
asked you to give me the information, and also asked, that you have
sent me a confidential code without which I shall not receive your
money. But you have not written me of anything. Forgive me my lovely,
but I have really been very much upset. But understand, my lovely, I
have been upset not because have not received money! At all because of
it. Money as well as for you, are not for me important in a life! They
I need to reach you only. But will suffice to speak about money. I
have been upset that I have not received your answer. And then, me
ideas of have started to disturb that about it could be simply
malicious joke. My lovely, please, try to understand me and try to
look at it from the party. In have told to me, that have sent me of
money, not having informed any information, and then I some days did
not receive from you the letter. I understand, that I earlier too
could not write to you during several days. But now the situation was
very important also to us it was necessary to hold communication
constantly. Besides I have promised to the agent, that soon I shall
bring in payment. It too forced me to be nervous! Besides I am in love
with you! In know about psychology of the in love woman? I think, that
it is difficult for you to understand it. I now shall try to explain
to you it. When the woman is in love, she very much experiences
concerning everything, as to her beloved person and their relations.
She experiences all sometimes even too strongly. But women are those!
We are not similar to men. Men are quieter in such situations!
Understand, I me all these preparations for travel very much force to
experience. I and so every day test small stresses. Each difficulty
and failure can deduce me from a condition of balance! And here there
was such situation. Besides this your painful silence!... At me have
not sustained nerves, and I have written to you this letter! Forgive
me! Forgive please. I have written to you this letter in bad mood.
Understand, lovely Ron, one only an idea that in can throw me, forces
me to cry. I speak now very sincerely! I now very much regret about my
last fourth letter. But what I now can do? I have written to you it,
but I can not return time back and make so that this letter was not. I
can bring to you only the apology. I also hope, that it has not
offended you. I hope. What is the letter will not affect our
relations. I also very much hope, that in can understand me... I
concern to you very well. I grieve without you. I am in love with you.
I want to be with you. I hope, that you too have not changed the
opinion... By the way, you have received all my letters? There can be
some my letters of you do not reach? I have written to you four
letters. Well. I hope, that I have not tired you with the letter. I
also hope, that my letter will help you to cure your sincere wound
which I have put you. I have understood, that the love can be severe.
M we can put a wound to the person whom we love. And the reason for
this can be love. I have offended you that strongly experienced. And I
experienced that I like... As it is difficult... We still should study
in much. I once again want to ask a pardon. I hope, that I shall soon
receive your letter. By the way, I am very glad, that in have well
spent with your children. I wish you successful trip to New York. I
send you my kisses. Let they will soften your experiences. I
constantly think of you! I love you!...

Yours Tatiana.

2006-09-12, 11:37:07
anonymous from United States  
Hi, my favourite Ron! How are you doing? How your trip proceeds? I
hope, what at you all is good? My lovely Ron, I also hope, that you
have received my last letter and will write to me the answer. I very
much miss. Today we all the day had rain. I constantly think of you.
To me it is a little sad that we with you not beside. You miss about
me? My lovely, I very much want, that we with you were a place. I very
much want, that at us with you all was good. In my head now there are
many ideas on how we with you could meet and lead our joint time.
There can be it will develop in something more serious? I sincerely
hope for it. I hope, that in can answer me as soon as possible. I very
much miss on you and with impatience I wait the letter.

Always yours Tatiana.

2006-09-12, 11:38:11
anonymous from United States  
and my last letter to her...never heard from her again

Subject You said I was your favorite......
.........but you never sent me the bikini pictures.


How does it feel?

American justice!

You thought you played me...who is LAUGHING NOW?

I work for the United States government...with an abbreviation of 3
letters...which one? NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS???????

I must thank you because I have now been appointed to head a committee
that will be going to St. Augustine, Germany...... Kiev, Ukraine....
and Moscow. An Internet protocol search FOR MONTHS on your email
address has been completed....

Time to rethink your position...

Vasily Temchenko
Denis Zhdarov
and on and on and on....thank you!

I am tired of this game so I am ending it NOW you communist cunt....I
mean you communist asshole with a tiny itsy bitsy tiny
weenie penis.... :):):):):)


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Dating scammer Tatiana from Kostromo, Russia

2006-09-18, 11:29:05
anonymous from United States  
you look so sexy i just wont tom aet you up sign bigger than life
2007-04-23, 17:46:35
anonymous from United Kingdom  
It appears that she is still at it. Have received a number of introductory mails but to be honest she not my type, but none the less I am very grateful for this site.

Keywords: brunette cleavage
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