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Dating scammer Evelyn Robert from Lagos, Nigeria


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ZIPCODE: 23401


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2009-09-28, 23:13:47
anonymous from Seattle, United States  
This lady calls herself Charity Clerk and i think she is a scammer. She said she is a fashion desighner and she is getting a new contract she can work in the us. she ask foe money to get back to the us and she says she loves you and you are her soul mate she said she lost her parents a couple of years ago and her dad is greek and her mom is white.As an idiot i feel for it and she didnt show up at the airport and then i had an email from a lady that called herself dr.lisa brooks saying that charity clerk was involved in a car accident on the way to the airport and she had my email address in her dairy so the dr emailed me .she is in a coma and uncountios.i dont know if this is true or not but i have my supitions.she is at
2009-09-29, 07:25:58
anonymous from Portugal  
You have your suspitions?!!!
Of course you've been scammed by a black guy somewhere in Nigeria. The same sad story, with little variations, is used again and again by scammers. The one of the car accident also, after 'she' fails to meet you. They still have the hope of milking you a litle more...
If you are still capable of having some fun, try to play her (his) game for a while.
2009-10-17, 03:50:13
Agent 86 from Salem, United States  
2009-09-28, 23:13:47
anonymous from Seattle, United States

Please tell, Me You can see this is a scam.
You did not mention where the girl is ?
West Africa Right ?
Ghana, Nigeria, Dakar, Senegal, Benin Republic, any Refugee Camp,
Gold Coast, Ivory Coast, All of West Africa.
If, Your connected at all to anyone from there its a scammer.
Please understand this, Anyone on line at all who contacts, You
from Wet Africa is a scammer, It makes no difference if they are
Black, or White, Woman or Man.

You are at the part of the scam where they believe, They have, You hooked.
So the fake accident and now its time for them to cash in, You.
Never send money to West Africa if, You do it is gone forever.
Never post Your email address on this site.
Never tell the scammer about this site.
Never confront the scammer or scammers working, You right now.
All that will do is make them lie even more.
Scammers use stolen photo's, fake names, they have many
e mail addresses, many phone numbers.
If, You check out the information given, You.
You will find there is no Doctor by that name.
Your being scammed is all there is to it.
You can believe, Me now or Your going to believe, Me later
when, Your Broken Hearted and Broke on top of that.
Your feelings have been manipulated and, You need to hear the truth.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><
2009-11-02, 07:02:45
I was scammed by DonBishir. He is now claiming to be back in the usa but needs 8000 to get his money back from nigeria. I have included additional photos

2010-01-29, 01:04:58
wanwan from Japan  
2010-01-28, 23:44:25
moham_madness_spammer & scammer like WTF aka Peter Pipecut@yahoo.conman in Iran pasta

Fuck yourself !
Stupid !

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2010-02-06, 11:05:04
anonymous from Netherlands  
A warning for this dating scammer from Nigeria. She has been a dating-scammer for more the 3 years.
Her names during the times:
Michelle Friedman
Sandra Mark
Sindy Becky Green
Jane Mabou
Stella Thomas etc.

Her story has been the same for those years.
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2010-02-28, 02:14:04
anonymous from United States  
Terry Davis with email is a scam. Everything in 'his' email was quotes from travel advisory websites and other people's letters. He was on He is a fraud! Matchmaker removed him/her

His email will tell you this:

I want you to know that I give my all to relationship and I believe that tomorrow's hopes and dreams may never die for as long as we believe in ourselves and follow our hearts. Kindnesses in our hearts will guide us to accomplish many things in life and overcome all challenges, all obstacles, and love. Never give up, always have faith in ourselves and we will gain the greatest gift of all, the gift of hope and love we righteously deserve. Whatever we may do in future's way, never let anything stand in the way of pursuing our dreams and wishes we have always dreamt of in our life. I like going to the gym, I go swimming once or twice a week. I enjoy going to movies during the weekend, but I don't get to many. I like theatre, but it is quite infrequent that I get to one as I don't have anyone to go with. I like to dress up smartly and go to a nice, romantic restaurant (I also really love trying different, unpretentious restaurants just as much.) I love, love love travelling. That is a true dream of mine, to share travel with a partner. Really means a lot to me. My favorite color is golden yellow.

I think it will be so sweet if you cook! How touching to be cooked for sometime! I would also enjoy cooking together. That is good fun and good togetherness too when the time comes. I enjoy music, but I do not need it or pursue it much. I like classic guitar, or oldies, R&B and some rap music. But I also love peace and finally I like to believe that I'm honest, very honest especially once I get to know someone and feel safe and respected, and I am a very caring person. I have to be a bit careful that I don't forget to take care of myself and my needs as I try to be very accommodating. I don't have many dislikes but mostly I don't like been disrepect or misjudged.

Lastly, the first time I came into Seattle when I was young with my dad and I have sence then like to live in Seattle, my dream came true eight months ago, after I have travel to many places around the country, I personally find Seattle to be the best city to live in and somewhere I might stay for as long as I can. I'm very nomadic and pride myself on being able to move quickly to wherever I like. But I fell so in love with Seattle, that I actually bought a couch!

So first off, Seattle has seasons. A pleasant summer filled with sunshine and long nights, gardens that bloom in spring, leaves that change in fall, and places to ski close by in winter. You never realize how much you like the seasons until you lose them. Seattle is also not a typical American city. It has a lot of Canadian influence and really seems to have held onto its Scandinavian past. Giving it a strange charm of being cultured, quiet and clean. Which attracts a lot of the money and intellects. But with a mysterious side that seduces artists and misfits to it. Not to mention, it's close to the border. And a hop to Japan and Hawaii. I could go on and on. But honestly, its best just to explore all her sides with someone you care about, a keeper of your heart.

2010-02-28, 02:16:39
anonymous from Walla Walla, United States  
Terry Davis made a mistake by writing his family was rich and his father worked for Julius Berger Construction Company in Spain - - big tip off. Julius Berger Construction Company is in - - you guess it - - NIGERIA!!!!!!
2010-04-12, 18:47:29
[hidden] from United States  
Tomorrow's hopes and dreams will never die as long as you believe in yourself and follow your heart. The kindnesses in your heart will guide you to accomplish many things in life and overcome all challenges and all obstacles. Never give up, always have faith in yourself, and you will gain the greatest gift of all, the gift of hope and love you rightly deserve from me and i will ever give you that.

Whatever you may do in the future, never let anyone stand in the way of you pursuing your dreams. Know that you will always have family and friends to rely on whenever you need them. No matter what you may decide to do in life, I will be right there to help, support, and love you. I wish you only the best as you continue doing what i have ask you to do in other for the happy day to come real and fast,God bless you Honey.

Funny this is the one I got from a guy with a few changes. They must all be using the same ones! Notice he says continue what I ask...anyone want to guess what he is asking for?
2010-05-06, 11:09:07
she's cute but same story, she changes from perfect english to broken english. going to school in nigeria. has to finish education to get money dad let her. mum or sometimes mom has cancer, needs money same old same old. she will send nudes if she thinks $ is coming. obviously taken in motel room. on facebook as trendygold williams. moms name is supposed to be tmusa williams.

2012-02-28, 22:59:30
anonymous from United States  
Scammer douchebag Carl Richardson, aka Mr. Scott Gill, same old song and dance. A run of bad luck gets stranded in Africa and needs money to get home. Sends email with inflated bank statement information. All emails are copied from other scammers. STAY AWAY

known emails:,
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2012-03-09, 06:05:32 from Richmond, United States  
rating, full of scammers, I think I found my new hobby, exposing these bastards!
Attached is some fake photographs, and don't get fooled if he/she makes a webcam available.
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Dating scammer Sandra Seidu; sandraseidu20

2012-03-09, 09:35:12
anonymous from Richmond, United States >>> looks like one of many pics of the little porn girl Julie Yuliana hidden behind dark glasses. Beware !
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