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Dating scammer Tiffany


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Name: Tiffany



Other Comments:
Has been active I see from previous pages in this web page.
Now says she is 35 and birthday March 10th. Sent me all the same pictures that are shown elsewear under the name Tiffany and other names....Not asked yet for money,ticket etc yet but does answer questions I've asked her and seems to read your e mails


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2016-02-04, 23:53:08   (updated: )
[hidden] from Isle of Man  

2016-02-04, 23:53:08   (updated: )
[hidden] from Isle of Man  

2016-02-04, 23:53:08   (updated: )
[hidden] from Isle of Man  

2016-02-04, 23:53:08   (updated: )
[hidden] from Isle of Man  

2016-02-04, 23:53:08   (updated: )
[hidden] from Isle of Man  

2016-02-04, 23:53:08   (updated: )
[hidden] from Isle of Man  

2016-02-04, 23:53:08   (updated: )
[hidden] from Isle of Man  

2016-02-04, 23:53:08   (updated: )
[hidden] from Isle of Man  

2016-02-05, 17:25:15
Old pictures going back to 2009 - Dating scammer Anna Strokova aka Anna Vadimovna

2016-02-05, 17:50:44
Nigeone from Isle of Man  
Hi....same as picture also on page 75 on part 5 Kazan scammers
As I said definatlely answers your questions and have been sending E mails for just over a week and did a reverse image search..invaluable !! and brought me to this site....Can post letters if any help to anyone... Says she lives in
Moskovsky and looking for man . Says her father made her mother pregnant , he was from America, and then left before she was born and she went to Uni and lost her job when the crash came now works as a waiter. Now started calling me honey and wants to have a relationship with me and only me...Asked her how she got a name like Tiffany as wasn't Russian and her answer was very defencisive....all good fun !!

2016-02-05, 17:51:58
Nigeone from Isle of Man  

2016-02-05, 19:30:43
Nigeone from Isle of Man  
ts always good to hear from you Nigel . Thank you for your letter, it
brought me much happiness once again. I today am very tired on work
because I slept a little. I am very grateful to you for your photos.
They very much have liked to me. I live in Moskovsky area. My name
Tiffany. Why I should have other name??? Nigel a name American??? Or
Australian??? How your English name?? I am a woman who dont care what
kind of work people do every kind off work has to be done,and i
respect all kind of work,and i respect all people no matter where they
are from or witch color they have,everybody is equal for me. Nigel , i
am very happy that witch have meet on the internet,and i like to get
to know you much better even there is a big distance between us and
witch never meet another,i like you and i think off you very much,and
i hope that when are getting on with writing so our feelings can get
stronger every time when write. Nigel i like to go out sometimes ,go
with some friends to a cinema or theatre and talk and have something
to eat,but i dont drink any alcohol,i have nothing against people who
are drinking slightly, but i dont do it,i dont drink or smoke at
all,but if you do no problem for me , you're choice and i will respect
that. I am a very old fashion woman,if i like a man she is the only
one for me,and i like you so you are the only man i write to,i have no
intension to write someone else but you,you are the man i like and who
i get to know much better,so honey you are the only man for me. I live
in a city about 1000000 people are living here and there is not much
to do here, but it's very close to the the river where we bathe in the
summer. You like to float?? I think of you constantly much. My idea of
a romantic time with my love one is,first take a romantic walk on the
beach in the sunset,when walk hand in hand on the sand and when are
looking the sun go down in the water,when kiss and tell, how much when
love,then when go to a romantic restaurant and have a nice and quiet
diner,after diner when can go to cinema and sit hand in hand having a
drink juice and watching a movie. Then we long long walked under the
star sky. Nigel i like it very much when you write to me,i think you
are a lovely man, who i like to get to know much better,i am used to
get letters from you and when i dont get them i feel sad and
worried,it's a long time ago i had such feelings. I had a man, but he
has thrown me. He simply rascal. Honey i hope i dont make you angry
when i say to you that i like you very much,when i read you're letters
i get a warm glow in my heart and i am smiling,i told you before you
are the only man i am writing to. My dear Nigel , i say it again i like
you ,and only you,and i wish you for now a very nice day,have sweet
dreams tonight and i hope to hear from you soon. many hugs and kisses
from you Tiffany
2016-02-05, 22:56:37
The only thing genuine here is the scammer's intense desire to rip you off...
2016-02-06, 08:59:37
OJAS from United States  
Grande Finale articles start with

Never alert scammers that their cover is blown. Become a regular contributor and help newbies.

2016-02-06, 14:50:01
Nigeone from Isle of Man  
Not sure if I really have the time to play around etc...I understand what you say and reason for that hence the reason I posted pics and warning as this has only happened in the last couple of weeks. Incidentally she contacted me on and her profile said she was in Loughbourough in UK..after giving me her e mail she deleted her account and then when she sent a reply to my e mail told me she was in Russia Kazan... I'm 62 and the pictures are of a beautiful woman of allegedly 35 so immediately I was on my guard...She if genuine could have who she wanted..
Not heard back from her so guess she might know she's been rumbled..or him !!...Will post if I hear. I haven't replied to her last e mail printed above..

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