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Dating scammer Olga - email is


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2007-03-08, 21:22:40
anonymous from Afghanistan  
While my love I has gone for work...........
You only send me the information on my address
olga <>

2007-03-08, 21:24:04
anonymous from Afghanistan  
Greetings my love!
You excuse me that that I could not communicate yesterday to you I was
on work all the day long....
How are you doing? Why you to me do not write?

2007-03-08, 21:26:07
anonymous from Afghanistan  
ok friends i have added this sccammer to my messenger too to make her more stupid ha ha ha ha ha.

2007-03-08, 21:28:24
anonymous from Afghanistan  
be careful freinds with such sccammers try to make them stupid or waste their times and make fun of them at least!

2007-03-08, 21:36:03
anonymous from Afghanistan  
My friends scammers who wants to cheat some one in Afghanistan infact,they make themselves very know in Afghanistan monthly salary is only 50 us dollar.
what shall i send here ha ha ha ha ah scammers are really stupid first they must think for a rich country and people. ha ha ha what can i send scammer while i myelf is broke ha ha ha.
2007-03-17, 07:16:12
anonymous from United States  
Ahhh....So someone else had meet my Beautiful Olga...Only your Olga has much better Grammar:

Hi my honey. I become in you and myself and in our love more and
more sure. It is very pleasant for me that you speak me many
compliments... Understand I do not want that my husband became anyone the man. I
want that my husband were you, only with you I shall be happy I shall
give you happiness. Certainly there are barrier and distance between us,
but I think that for love there are no borders, and love if it present
instead of invented it is capable overcome any distances. You think so
too Sidney? I think that us is necessary to meet you to express the
feelings not through the computer and alive. I am simple with impatience
to wait for this moment. I want to learn that you think of all it. And
all may this only words that we write each other. Write me please, the
truths that do you love me? I want to say to you, that today I have
found bank where you can send me money to registration of the contract. As
I have already spoke to you earlier in the contract cost of the
passport, insurance, visa and services of agency enters.
I want to say to you good news that I find bank near my house it very
well as for me will be secure to take money in bank near my house. I
have asked in bank as I can receive translation of money from my loved
person from for border that it was fast and it is reliable and not demand
design many papers. In bank to me have said that there is such service
as Western Union which one executes fast and reliable transfer of
money, to me have said that this service works all over the world and that
you can very fast send transfer. You have such service in your location
Sidney? To me to say in bank, that receive from you money, it is
necessary to me to know your complete name and surname and it is necessary to
me to know a secret code from 10 digits which one you receive when will
translate to me money. I never used such services of bank but I think
what is it it will be convenient for us with you, you with me agree?
I want to say to you the address of this bank it:
PSKOV, 180600
Olga Parsaeva
I think Sidney that of these data will be enough that you could do
transfer of money. I with impatience shall wait your letter and that that
you to think of all it. And I send you mine 2 photos that you always had
good mood when will look at them. Imagine that during this moment I
think of you and I want that we with you were together. Yes, it is very
good dreams and I hope that when that they will be carried out.
Always loving you Olga.

2007-03-17, 07:20:59
anonymous from United States  
Hi my love. I receive from you letter. And I understand that I
only begin to live. That you still ahead with. Now I though to find
sense in life. I don't represent any more life without you. Let it to
loudly told, but I've got used to open the feelings thus. Please don't
think poorly of me, simply to overflow me feelings and I tell my
that probably I soon to leave in other country. Thanks that you have
answered me a question what woman to you is necessary. I think that I
approach under it that you have written to me. I want to tell you that
to search in the man for principal fairness, fidelity, attention and
care. I to want that the man loved me cared of me. You see as I to
principal mutual understanding and relation between the people. You see
the truth? I to not like in the person lie, fraud and betraying. Main
my purpose - find of such person with which one I can live the further
You don't think that I solve it spontaneously I very long to think of
it, truthfully. I'm simple to don't want to miss the happiness again. I
speak my mother and she is very happy for me, she even blesses me. It
may sound silly, but today Sidney I represent as we with you are
together. We shall meet. I think out very many interesting pictures.
in the street fine weather, you stand and wait for me in the airport
worry for my arrival. Then you approach to the plane, we look around
each other, to become transfixed hearts to find each other and to rush
into strong embraces each other. We stand having embraced; all pass and
look at us. And for us as though nothing to exist. Only you and I are.
Loved Sidney, I have some good news to you. I told with my father and
mother concerning to our meeting, then we talked to my small family
the agent of travels. I agreed to my parents, that it's necessary to me
meet you. My mother agrees that it is necessary to travel you on
sometime. She has said, that if we shall like to each other and we
decide, that we want to be close to each other, she will get acquainted
with the large pleasure with you and to invite you in the house as son.
am very glad, that we have progress in our relations. Lovely, Sidney
informs me please how does your businesses and circumstances allow you
accept me a bit later? I hope, that I'll not create to you
in your businesses. At me the large desire to see you. The agent of
travel has said, that tomorrow I can receive the information, how a
company can help me to visit you. Today is wonderful day. It is all the
same I sad because you far from me and we should be now together. But I
trust that we with you Sidney will be together all the same time. I
trust in it. I want to send you a poem; I hope you like it;). By the
can me trust and can is not present, but I to write it in free time.
Sometimes on me discovers inspiration and would be desirable that that
invent and these poems at me receive. I to devote it to you:

When without passion and without an affair
Colorlessly my days flew,
She has flown as a storm
Also has carried away me from the ground.
She of me has deprived with belief
And inspiration to light,
Has given me happiness without a measure
And tears, tears without number...

Dry, rigid words
Tormented mine heart at times,
Also laughed loudly above tears,
Also scoffed at melancholy;
And sometimes a hot word
And a look of tender eyes
Drove grief - and in shine hold
In my soul it shined by mine!

In this letter I want to send 2 my photos, they have been made at my
place on my armchair. Photos especially for you!
On it I finish the letter and with impatience I shall wait for your
Yours loved, Olga.

Keywords: blonde armchair black blouse
2007-03-23, 23:59:20
anonymous from Afghanistan  

2007-03-24, 00:01:05
anonymous from Afghanistan  
Hi friend,
The Olga scammer sent me the Above passport i really want to make theme stupid! ha ha ha! Then passport doesn't look original right?
2007-03-24, 11:57:22
anonymous from United States  
Hello My Afghanistan friend, I have all the same letter plus about 40 pictures. The real girl in the photos is from Estonia, she is 21 years old. Photos are stolen from a couple of web sites this young lady has her pictures posted on. I have just received the 'money' letter asking for $1570 us dollars for documents and travel expenses, because I am so generous, I told her I do not want her to take the $230 offered as help by her parents, that I will send her $2000 for travel and other expenses. Waiting for her reply now, Olga is about to take a trip or two to the western union!! :-)
2007-04-05, 08:04:34   (updated: 2007-04-05, 08:06:54)
from Afghanistan  
2007-04-09, 20:55:42
anonymous from Afghanistan  
Hi my us friend,
Finally I told Olga that' I would send you 300$ to her by mail.First i told her I must talk to you by phone! So i gave my number to her and she really called me two times.Ha Ha Ha Ha I made her stupid! second she is stupid money is not possible by mail! I told her we don't have money tranfer in my city. so she gave me the follwing address:
Olga Vinokurova
Russian Federation, Kirov, Street. Moscow, 10 postal index 432970
I may send her fake notes to make her stupid! ha ha ha ha

2007-04-13, 00:50:45
anonymous from Afghanistan  
Dear US friend,
i have told Olga that i would send her 300 us dollar but we don't have any transfer in the city to send today i chatted with her on hotmail and asked her for exact address to send her money by mail. She is stupid money is no sent by regular mail. so she gave the below address:

Russia, Republic Mary El, city Yoshkar-Ola, 424000, do vostrebovaniya, the house 2, Ekaterina Gradovskaja.
ha ha ha ha ha
2007-05-06, 08:42:12
anonymous from United Kingdom  
THis girl tried to scam me as Maria, but the pictures are the same.
2007-10-23, 11:34:15
anonymous from United States  
Just got Olga's funny email - waiting to see how they ask for $$ Oct-23-2007
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