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Dating scammer Tatiana Sheglova from Kirov, Russia


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Tatiana Sheglova from Kirov, using email address
She is operating on the site

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2007-04-09, 11:22:58
anonymous from United States  
Someone commented here on Ekaterina Rusinova asking if she is a scammer.....
I wonder the same questions, please contact me and lest compare notes...
thorpt18c at hotmail dot com

2007-04-10, 21:25:18   (updated: 2007-04-10, 21:28:38) from Wellfleet in Massachusetts, United States  
I have been playing the game, but had to stop for I just don't have the time. Got some real good photos, some of what I've seen here, all from...yes, beautymariya1979.
It was a real good time having this sort of dream, but I knew it was to good to be true as soon as I knew she was not Cape Cod MA.
Here are some more photos

2007-04-10, 21:31:02 from Wellfleet in Massachusetts, United States  
one more photo
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Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 3

2007-04-15, 17:53:07
[hidden] from United States  
Yes I talk to her too. She goes by Mariya when I talk to her. I have recieved alot of pictures of her and she has not asked for money yet. Is she currently writting anyone else yet?
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Tatiana Sheglova from Kirov, Russia

2007-04-15, 18:09:29
[hidden] from United States  
Hello My Lovely Man And My Sun Ken !!!!!!!! Thanks, I'm fine. I am
very glad to receive your letters beams which warm my heart and lift
my mood. I very much love your letters. I ADORE THEM!!!!! With my mum
and the friend everything is all right. Well, I tell them hello.
Recently I did not look any cinema. Yes, I have been busy on work. Now
became a lot of sick a flu and other diseases, caused by easing of
immunity of the person. Yes, I very much love a pizza. I shall prepare
certainly to you for something very tasty. It while remains secret. I
have rest only on Sunday. About my free day I usually start to be
tidied up at home or I erase things. Ken I miss you. I last night
looked at stars. I have left on a balcony and looked at them. I never
looked at them long. You heard about that that for each person in the
sky the star burns? About that that when the person dies that a star
falls. I searched for the star and yours. I am sure that ours with you
stars are together. Because I feel you, I belive to you and know that
you always sincerely with me and never me will deceive. I feel that we
understand one another though I not in perfection own English, but I
can understand one another. We understand our ideas, our imaginations.
We feel one another and even the distance can not an obstacle to us.
Ken , after I have lain on a bed I did not think that sleep at once
and have not switched off light. But a bit later after I have lain I
have fallen asleep. Mum has seen that at me shine light and has gone
to a room. She has told that at night I slept and smiled, on my face
there was a happiness. I know why. Because at night I saw dream in
which we with you went on park. We held one another for hands, spoke,
communicated. Ken , you joked also I much laughed. We have not come
nearly in a pool of water, but in time it have noticed and have
bypassed. In the sky stars shined and shined to us road. I felt like
perfectly, especial when you have lifted me on hands. There there were
steps downwards, to a fountain, and you have lifted me and have
attributed directly to it. And you have kissed me!!! I have felt your
love. Your tenderness, my heart has flashed fire and I would wake up
what to kiss you on the present but you were not. It was dream and I
have overlooked about it. You see dreams of us? Tell to me them, I
very much want to learn them more!! It would be fine if it was a
reality. And I hope that it happen. I want kiss you Ken !!!!!!! Yours
and only your loving Mariya

Keywords: blonde blue jeans post purse
2007-04-15, 18:28:03
[hidden] from United States  
The picture above is
2007-04-18, 09:10:47
Ekaterina Rusinova or

A very Pretty girl , Hot as Hell, but very dishonest !

Found her picture on this site and one more site , writing to several men at the same time , i contacted several of these guys and the letters they returned to me were almost 'word for word ' exact with the same pictures...

Buyer beware !!!

2007-04-18, 09:12:13
more of Ekaterina Rusinova from Kirov Russia

2007-04-18, 09:13:30
more of Ekaterina Rusinova

2007-04-18, 09:14:20
more of Ekaterina Rusinova

2007-04-18, 09:31:16
anonymous from United States  
more of Ekaterina Rusinova from kirov Russia

Hot as Hell !!
but BEWARE !

2007-04-24, 22:38:50
anonymous from Australia  
on LavaLife as - Mariya [] in St Petersburg, Russia
other known emails:,,

2007-04-25, 05:17:41 from Stamford in Connecticut, United States  
I feel like a fool having fallen for

Hello My Lovely Robert!!!!!!!! I am glad to receive your letter. First
I long could not receive it because all computers in the Internet of
cafe were busy but now I have read your letter and it has warmed my
heart. Forgive that I did not write you so long... Unfortunately in
birthday of my grandmother with my mum there was a misfortune. My mum
has fallen from a chair and has broken a bone of a basin. Her have
taken away on first aid in surgical branch in Yoshkar Ola. I was near
to her all these days. My mum already is not young also her bones very
fragile. Her bones of a basin will get used approximately 2-3 months.
I try to make everything that she did not require what. Unfortunately
hospital paid and all it is necessary to buy at own expense. I could
find money to buy all medicines for treatment of my mum. I very much
hope that she will recover somewhat quicker. My grandmother makes very
tasty pies with a potato, meat and fig. if you arrived to Russia that
I would meet you in Moscow. Then we shall arrive in Sanchursk and we
shall press together in our house. My mum will be very glad to see
you. Robert, you think of a meeting? How you imagine it? How you think
there will be first time? What we shall make when we shall see one
another? What you will make? I would would like that we have
remembered our first meeting for ever. Because it the first and we
shall remember always it. I think of that that when we shall meet that
all start from a sight. I shall see you, you will see me and ours
heart knocked is stronger. We shall run on meet another and I shall be
in your embraces. As many times I would dream of that what to be in
your embraces. Yes we shall worry. I shall worry precisely. I likely
can not tell anything all over again when you will not kiss me. You
will kiss me? I think that and this first kiss will be fine. I would
want that it was so. That then we would go to you and at us romantic
evening was. With candles, with slow music, with supper which we shall
be going. We shall dance, turn in dance. I shall be with you
Robert!!!! Robert How you think, how there will be our meeting? I wait
for your letter, you can will continue my dream? I would be glad to
learn continuation. I wait, I miss, I adore you mine gentle and tender
Prince Robert!!!!! Yours and only your loving Mariya

P.S. My adress is Russia, 612370, Kirov area, Sanchursk, Zhukova
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