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Dating scammer Elizaveta Agibalova


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Name: Elizaveta Agibalova


Elizaveta Agibalova
Russia, Moscow Oblast, Domodedovo
Kashirskoye shasce, 57

Other Comments:
This Russian bitch tried to play me, but I was playing her at her own game all along...:)


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2016-12-14, 14:00:47
goodolgrabber from United States  
This woman got me,too, though I caught on just in time before being convinced in to sending her the purported $400 in US dollars she needed there in Russia to further her being able gto fly to me post haste. I have been around long enough to know getting the proper paperwork and approval to make intercontinental trips takes much longer than a mere few days. Oh well. At least the pictures I viewed were appealing in the meantime!
2016-12-14, 21:47:14
anonymous from United States  
Scammer Elizaveta Agibalova - - using pictures of adult model Freia A Kara...

Details about dating scammer Elizaveta Elizaveta Agibalova - E-mail(s): lizka.vetaa@gmail. com.

The most passionate kisses
and sweet to you, my tiger!
Your little pussy from Russia

Postscript As I promised, I'll tell you my personal information needed
to transfer money via www.moneygram. com:

2016-12-15, 08:23:28
bailador from United States  
Elizaveta sent me the same picture you have and a bunch of explicit ones. I was pretty entertained by the exchange. They do a great job of gradually making the pictures more explicit over several emails.
2016-12-15, 12:25:47
anonymous from United States  
Yes, I've been getting the same pictures from her for 10 days. After 8 days she wanted me to send money as she was coming to the U.S. to study dentistry as an intern. It's obvious this is a total scam, but they actually think people far for this stuff I guess. Apparently they don't know about the internet in Russian Federation?
2016-12-15, 18:55:08   (updated: 2016-12-15, 19:11:06)
Fraudsters Automate Russian Dating Scams Average $2,000 Weekly !

Virtually every aspect of cybercrime has been made into a service or plug-and-play product. That includes dating scams — among the oldest and most common of online swindles. Professional packages of dating scam emails, instructions, pictures, videos and love letter templates are assembled for and marketed to Russian-speaking scammers and hackers, with hundreds of email templates written in English and a variety of European languages.

The romance scam packages are designed for fraudsters who prey on lonely men via dating Web sites and small spam campaigns. The vendor of the fraud packages advertise a guaranteed response rate of at least 1.2 percent, and states that customers who average 30 scam letters per day can expect to earn roughly $2,000 a week. The proprietor also claims that his method is more than 20% effective within three replies and over 60% effective after eight.

This image was also posted here:
Gold digger Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine

2016-12-16, 14:00:12
anonymous from United States  
She is still sending me emails today, after I expressed all my skepticism and called her out. I refused to send money until I had assurances she was real. She got very upset and threatened with various things. So I played along and said I agreed to send money, IF she would send more pics. She did so, Here is her last email dated 12/16/16: Don't fall for this guys!!!

I am very pleased to receive your letter sweet.
I am grateful to you for what you do not refuse to help me. Thank you
for what you are doing our future a reality! You have to go to the
Moneygram office where you staff explain how to send money. Just for
you, very soon we will be able to feel the warmth and beauty of our
lips, I can come to you and whisper, I love you! I want to look in
your deep eyes full of passion. Closing my eyes, I guess our first
night together. At first, we drink a glass of wine or champagne. Then,
you put in a comfortable chair and start to dance for you a lap dance
striptease. I'll get the doctor costume. I want to be your personal
dentist. Are you ready to be my patient? I promise you will not do
bad, but, on the contrary, I will try to give you the maximum
pleasure. Then, I gently remove from your clothing, and immerse
ourselves in a storm of emotions on our bed. I moan with pleasure and
passion. At this point I would like to conclude my thoughts, to keep
the intrigue for our personal meeting. I can no longer live without
you, my prince Mark. Without you in my life has no meaning. We promise
to do our beautiful life together. I'll be faithful to you alone.
Between us and can get any barrier. The most important thing is that
we have been able to build genuine relationships of trust. The fate
allowed us to meet, and we did not lose this opportunity. once again I
want to thank you for what you do not leave me alone in this
difficult, terrible situation. Thanks for your help. I will never
forget your kindness.
I can not wait your email back to me.
Your sweet Elizaveta!
2016-12-16, 14:14:37
USA - Wisconsin from United States  
I will tell you this, for your average guy that might be lonely or isn't getting 'any' at home, she is pretty hard to resist. This is one really, really attractive woman. That's your first clue - it's just too good to be true. She looks it. But I must say, anyone that falls for this has to be really, really dumb or lacking in self control, so in some ways, you deserve it!
2016-12-16, 14:58:28   (updated: 2016-12-16, 15:01:49)

2016-12-17, 22:46:35
anonymous from United States  
Hello my sexy !
I am very happy to see your letter.
You are very hot and sexy man, this is clearly seen by your letters.
I am gathering things for my trip. My train to Moscow departs at 4 hours, and I need to check if I have collected all the things that will be needed during the trip.
In the end, I'm leaving, not a couple of days, I'm going up to 6 months. Therefore it is necessary not to forget anything. Because of this, so many thoughts in my head and emotions.
I am very happy that very soon we will be able to meet in real life.
I will be in Moscow for a few days, I need to sort out all the formalities, and then I lie in your country. I'll be back later to you from Moscow. I think I can write from the Internet cafe in Moscow. And 'much cheaper to make calls. There are now a good situation, with the money, so I write e-mail. I'm very excited, I've never been outside of Russia, and I do not know how you all settled. The rules of conduct, traditions and customs that are still all a mystery to me. But I'm learning fast! With your help, I definitely would succeed.
I just do not know the cost of living in their own country. What do you think will be enough for me monthly salary at the rate of dental assistant to 2750 dollar? In Russia it is very big money, but I do not know the value of money in your country.
I think you can spend that money along, because the money they receive as my personal expenses.
All other expenses related to my accommodation and meals are funded by
the government internship program. Do you think that money and
beautiful ?
But now a bit 'too early to think about it. The money will I have when I arrived in the capital of your country.
I already said that I should be in your capital city for two weeks. I had all the instructions at the Russian Embassy, and the government will give me my first pay for personal expenses next to my arrival in your country. After spending two weeks in the capital of your country, I'm going to visit your city. So I want to know all the information in order to avoid any errors or problems.
Please write to me, exactly as your city, and what is the nearest airport to you. I will write this information, so I will not ever forget.
Now I had a thought, maybe I can earn extra money, like a dance striptease in your city. What do you think, how can I earn? I hope that you have a place where I can do a striptease? But if you're against it, I'm not a striptease.
I wanted to show striptease just for you and even more the strip, I want to play for you a lap dance.
This is called a pip show, lap dance, you were more clear. I'm sure you cum and have an orgasm, or in spite of the fact that I'm not even going to touch you.
I do not know if you have a chance, but I'd like so that we can meet at the airport, as soon as I lay down in the capital of your country.
I really want to meet you as soon as possible. I am very happy with his thoughts.
This is still just a thought, but I hope that soon our dreams will come true. How do you imagine our meeting?
I think it would lunch somewhere, then walk a bit 'and talk.
And then, I would like to know more closely! I hope you understand what I mean?
Get ready, I'm coming, you will get a stiff hot, wild sex, sex that you never had before this!
And please do not masturbate until I came to, I want all your cum!
And now it came to me, my girlfriend and I have to finish my letter, that will help me pack up and take them to the station.
Contact you and give you all the information on my flight just arrived in Moscow. I conclude my letter as soon as look at it, tell me! I wish you good luck!
Even if you do not see your letter from home, I can read when you come to Moscow, and will be very happy.
I wanted to see the answers to my questions in your letter!
I kiss your body!!!!
Your princess Elizaveta!
2016-12-18, 14:51:25
2016-12-18, 14:53:00
anonymous from Canada  

2016-12-18, 14:55:24
anonymous from Canada  

2016-12-18, 15:10:21
anonymous from Canada  
2016-12-18, 15:13:27
anonymous from Canada  


2016-12-18, 21:04:52
anonymous from United States  
WOW ! She's a beauty must have discovered the value of her assets at an early age. She's on the front cover of various adult magazines as 'Freia Kara' Russian pornstar.

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