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Dating scammer Faniya from Russia


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2006-11-22, 16:17:11
anonymous from United States  
Hey guys, same letters over here from a Lyuda in Tver that works for 'Tvergas' and some different letters from a Natalia.. Both contacted me within a few days of posting my picture on I've had a profile for years without a picture and never once had contact from Russian women.. It appears that the scammers are hacking people's accounts that have easy passwords, which is why you notice that their profile either doesn't match a hot Russian girl or the profile is hidden.. The first scammer that contacted me, Lyuda, was very convincing and talked about how successful she was (like others in this thread already talked about), but the other one, Natalia, was not as convincing and gave me a sad story about how she was an orphan since birth and that she wanted to go to a better country and that an 'agency' in Moscow would help her to arrange a work visa that would allow her to work in a different country of her choice for 3 months.. Within a few e-mails (and without answering any of my questions), she was already headed from Yakutsk to Moscow to supposedly wait for the agency to arrange the documents.. This didn't seem normal at all to me, so I checked the e-mail headers to see where she was writing from.. The location seemed somewhat believable according to the timezone information, but I did some reasearch on Google for the domain names that her e-mail was coming from,, which was being passed through, and noticed that these were both recently expired domain names that someone must have purchased as soon as they became available. I thought this was definitely strange and ended up finding a thread on that had many other people that had received the same letters that Natalia was sending me, so this finally confirmed that Natalia was a scammer.. I am still waiting for her to send the 'I need money' e-mail, which should be soon, since she is supposedly in Moscow waiting for her documents, and I will send her a fake Western Union MTCN number so that who ever this is has to waste some of their time to go to the Western Union office and be denied :) Now, this made me start wondering about the Lyuda e-mails, even though I had very little suspicion that she was a scammer up to this point.. When I started looking at all of her e-mail header information, I noticed that each e-mail came from a different source before sending through Each of these appeared to be broadband connections from various countries, so this set off the red flag for sure.. I ended up finding this web page, which confirmed that Lyuda was definitely a scammer too, BUT HERE IS THE BIG CLUE THAT WAS THE SAME BETWEEN BOTH WOMEN:

X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.12.00) Educational

That line in the e-mail header shows what e-mail program the person on the other end used to send the e-mail and both were identical.. The Bat! is a very powerful e-mail program that no hot Russian girl would be using, especially not from their workplace or Internet cafes like these girls were claiming to be at when sending the e-mails.. So, it appears that one person or operation is running a very huge scam and is probably making quite a bit of money off of people that are not smart enough to look at e-mail headers or to search Google for clues! I will try to find someone to notify about this scam, but most likely there are no laws in Russia to even do anything to these scammers if we do manage to find them! Anyhow, I will attach a photo of Lyuda to this message and one of Natalia to the next message so that hopefully others will be aware and not get scammed! Thanks to everyone else that posted!!

2006-11-22, 16:18:03
anonymous from United States  
And here is Natalia...
2006-11-22, 16:46:42
anonymous from United States  
WOW, she almost got me to. I had a wierd feeling about this, thank all ya'll for the input. I am so glad this site is here!!!!!!!!!!!!! same letter only she used the name mariya ageeva.

2006-11-23, 11:34:34
anonymous from United States  
Oh Boy - same here .... I sent personal info ... like address (selling house, so what).
Our desire to connect with good looking women overpowers our sense of being wary.
If it's too good to be true, well, dammit WAKE UP.... man, a lot of us are just divorced or
whatever and the dating scene is new ... we can't trust like we thought we could when we were married.
Great Site ...
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalia Sokolova from Yakutsk, Russia

Keywords: fake scammer ID
2006-11-23, 16:52:45
anonymous from United States  
Ya, well said.. I was divorced about 5 years ago and this is my first time entering the dating scene again.. It is a well-known fact that Russian women are beautiful in general and most have had difficult lives, so it just seems like a great place to find a good looking woman that would appreciate living in a better country! NOT!

Best of luck to all!

2006-11-29, 10:24:53
[hidden] from United States  
Irina had me hook line and sinker.

2006-11-30, 19:54:44
anonymous from United States  

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2006-12-01, 09:34:58 from United States  
What's up with you guys, why look in Russia while you have GREAT women in the USA? I'm looking for a good man and live in Colorado -
By the way, I can pay for my own plane tickets and trips and don't need a passport or VISA to fly in the US :)
2006-12-01, 09:35:24 from United States  
What's up with you guys, why look in Russia while you have GREAT women in the USA? I'm looking for a good man and live in Colorado -
By the way, I can pay for my own plane tickets and trips and don't need a passport or VISA to fly in the US :)
2006-12-05, 11:48:57
anonymous from United States  
wow thanks guys. i was googling this girls company 'TRANSTEHSERVISE' and what pops up, but this site. i have seen all the same letters you guys have. fortunately no money lost. odd because i wasn;t looking for a mail order bride, she contacted me through and kept emailing me back..totally had me fooled. my girl went by the name Mariya, but totally different than any of the pics here is one.

thanks for looking out!!

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2006-12-07, 21:42:26
anonymous from United States  
Got an new scammer, Alina Pavilinova. I thought it sounded alot like something I had read about on this site. Kinda matches Alena Pikusova. Fresh mail I just got from her but I'm gonna nurse it anyway just to make sure. Funny thing is, Pavilnova sounds alot like , Paddle em over, as Pikusova, sounds alot like Pick us over. Ha Ha to these scammers. Once again cuto's to this site. This chick got me from Be ware gentlemen. I'm sure I'll be in touch, good luck and keep your eyes open.
2006-12-10, 23:18:56
anonymous from United States  
Here's some other pics of Mariya....she contacted me through and her letters were all the same as the above. Thanks for this website.

Keywords: girl on bed with pink teddy bear stuffed animal
2006-12-10, 23:20:11
anonymous from United States  
another pic of Mariya

Keywords: girl on beach at lake or river black leather jacket
2006-12-10, 23:21:03
anonymous from United States  
another pic of mariya

Keywords: redhead black pullover flowers vase
2006-12-11, 10:13:14
anonymous from United States  
I guess welcome to the club for me here huh? LOL What happened you ask? Well i think what's posted on this site pretty much sums it up. A person named Mariya e-mailed me and basically what's posted here is what she said and the same exact pictures(see 2 pics posted above) we're e-mailed to me. She was asking how she is looking for love blah blah blah...Oh well. Gotta move on. The only thing wasted here was the e-mail space on my mailbox. LOL
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