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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2009-08-30, 08:35:33
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I receive this posting from Delphi everyday and I feel so sorry for all you guys getting scammed by people (men ) in Ghana.

The only waY to find out the truth if you get chatting to a 'girl' in Ghana is go there.

Believe me I lost several $1.000 before I got wise..
Eventually I went to Ghana and met a girl who is real and am going back in September/October to get married as the Embassy declined a visitor visa in May.





2009-08-30, 08:52:08
anonymous from United States  
NO NO NO!!! Do NOT go to Ghana to see if she is real!! There are numerous reports of victims going there and being kidnapped, held for ransom and even murdered. This is very, very bad advice. Isn't your life worth more than that??? If you went there, you were extremely lucky. There are travel warnings galore about going to Ghana and Nigeria. Do NOT do it!! Bad, bad advice!!
2009-08-30, 09:21:19
White,man,in,Ghana from Norway  
I'm a white European, and I've lived in Accra, Ghana, for the past eight years.

I certainly realize the huge problem regarding internet freud from West Africa, but at the same time, I wish to mention that NOT 100% of Ghanaian girls using online dating sites have bad intentions.

Many young Ghanaian ladies have a dream of a life abroad, and there's nothing they want more than building a true relationship with a foreigner. They're not after a quick dollar, but they seek a better future for themsevles and their future kids, as well as the desire to be able to support their aging parents.
Those are good honest girls, but in most cases they complain to me, because the American or European men they meet online are crap, looking for live sex-shows on cam, etc.... Other foreigners who are planning a vacation to West Africa, chat with 5-6 girls, pretending to be really interested in them...only to use them as exotic sex-toys while they're here on vacation. I have the feeling that the percentage of human crap is the same among the foreign men online, as it is among the local girls here.

However, I know 8-10 women who are now married after meeting a foreigner online.

I'm not at all defending the freudsters online, and I'm glad to see the Ghanaian government finally starting to take action to deal with the problem. My reason for writing this note, is that I don't like the stereotype that there are no honest Ghanaian women online, seaching for true love.

If you love-seeking men knew ANYTHING about Ghanaian culture, you'd know that no decent Ghanaian girl would send their semi nude picture to a stranger online, not even a bikini-shot. Even a prostitute would feel too shy to put her nudity out in public like that! If they do this, you know for sure the photos are fake! (Not to mention what kind of losers the men are for requesting nude pics after chatting with a stranger for an hour!)

One thing I find surprising about the fake dating profiles from Ghana, is how many of them pretend to be white skinned. There is no white population in Ghana (like you'd find in South Africa, etc), except expats coming and going, some exchange students and a few working for international organisations.
The whites who live here would certainly not use the internet to find a partner.
2009-08-30, 10:04:50
anonymous from United States  
easiest way to tell if you are messing with a scammer from ghana is to claim you are unemployed with no money. I had another 'woman' from ghana approach me on a social site earlier and after spewing a sob story of my own the conversation died rather quickly :) I won't say for sure she is a scammer but I was curious as to how her name was Elizabeth being from africa and asked if her parents were from europe. her reply was she was an orphan so then comes my sob story.
2009-08-30, 12:08:17
OJAS from United States  
2009-08-30, 12:44:20
[hidden] from United States  
lovely.woman2010     View profile
Age: 59
Location: Atlasburg, PA, United States
Date: Sunday, 30th of August

lovely.woman2010 has sent you an email.
Hello dear
How are You doing? ...
I am Mary 32 yrs old from Ghana , Single never been married and i am looking for a man to be with , a man with Love ,care and Honest to share My Life with , A man with that i can have a relationship with ..A man that i will share all my life with ...I am a woman with honest and care ...I am looking for a man to have spend the rest of my life with ok..... Please do you have access to An email address you can emai me there and you will see my picture and we can chat and know more about each other...Please you can add me or email me at ... i am online now and i hope to hear from You soon ..........

Mary Sam
One or the few that said up front that she was from Ghana

2009-08-30, 13:11:09
anonymous from Sweden  
This girl is a scam. She asking for money for ticket, passport,visa and much more.
The name of this woman is Augustina Baah from Accra, Ghana. She want to move for another country but she will never come. The only she want to have is your money all the time. Warning, Warning. DonĀ“t send money to her because she is a real Scammer.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Augustina Baah

2009-08-30, 13:18:10
OJAS from United States  
[hidden] from United States, 2009-08-30, 12:44:2009 Is she on this thread? (Check the straight groove from her left nostril down to end of her mouth) http://www.delphifa..p=3#158798
2009-08-30, 13:23:19
anonymous from Sweden  
This woman is a real Scammer. She asking for money because she will need Ticket, Passport, Visa and much more. She have no money so you must pay for everything all the time. She want to move for a new country but she will never come, The only she want to have is your money. She can write under a long time before she will begin to ask you about money. The name for this woman is Augustina Baah and she live in Accra, Ghana. Warning, Warning. Dont send money to her. She is a real Scammer. I know.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Augustina Baah

2009-08-31, 00:01:18
[hidden] from United States  
I posted the pics with the new ID email address because without the pics the address don't mean anything they change it to much if you wish me to quite doing it that way just ay so and its done, jusat had another clam to be raven riley. here is the end of the IM I won't post pics we all know what raven look's like
conection27: really dear?
trailwrangler: ya you are the 28th person to use that girls pics
conection27: dear i,m reall and i can prove that ok
trailwrangler: ok how
conection27: do u have a cam
trailwrangler: no
trailwrangler: do you
conection27: ohh yes dear and i,m confuse that u say they use my pics to show peopls
trailwrangler: ya they all clamed to be the girl in the pics
conection27: i,m dont know wat to say dear
trailwrangler: you got any of you in a red top and white shorts
conection27: yes
trailwrangler: in bathroom
conection27: yes
conection27: thats true
conection27: and do u have that pics there
trailwrangler: you see them
conection27: yes
trailwrangler: got lots more , there was 27 people using them befor you
conection27: i,m not using it dear it me
trailwrangler: then your raven
conection27: yep
trailwrangler: what does raven do for a living
trailwrangler: or you as you say your her
trailwrangler: well
trailwrangler: ya
conection27: wat are u talking about?
trailwrangler: you said your raven so what do you do for a living
conection27: porn
trailwrangler: ya
trailwrangler: and your a porn star
conection27: yes
trailwrangler: well she's not from Ghana
conection27: i know
trailwrangler: so
trailwrangler: don't think she ever been there she's toobusy in CA.
trailwrangler: I have her site and keep up on what she's working on
trailwrangler: want to try again
trailwrangler: tell me something
conection27: i have nothing saying
trailwrangler: why
conection27: go
trailwrangler: why you started this
trailwrangler: care to tell me whats realy going on
trailwrangler: well talk
trailwrangler: tell me something
conection27: wat do u want me t tell u?
trailwrangler: whats really going on
trailwrangler: well

trailwrangler: you think of something to say
conection27: tell me wat u think i should tell u?
trailwrangler: the truth
conection27: and are u going to help me if i tell u the truth Mr?
trailwrangler: we'll see
trailwrangler: didn't hear it yet
conection27: i,m a yong boy
trailwrangler: ya though so
conection27: and i want a help to go to school
trailwrangler: so you scamming for you money
conection27: i,m sorry dear but i need some one who will take me as his son and take care of me i,m suffering
2009-08-31, 07:22:53
anonymous from United Kingdom  
To anonymous in USA posting date 2009.08.30

Yes you can get kidnapped but this is RARE...I spent two weeks in Ghana in April/May and i HAD NO PROBLEMS..

I agree not all girls in Ghana are crooks or men posing as girls!!

Further to my last posting if you are talking to a 'girl' in Ghana get the photo as I said before..also get a copy of her passport..If she hasnt got one send her the 25ghc that is costs to get one then have her send it to you by email..Check thats its a real one on the Internet site where you can see how the Data page etc should be laid out.
Ask her for her ID card which most have ..although these are often forged.

If after all this you are satisfied then as I said before..GO THERE AND MEET HER at the AIRPORT...

I agree with all that has been said in the next posting from the guy from Norway who works there..

He is is quite safe in ACCRA if you think aboutt your movements etc. It is no more dangerous that some US cities...ive been there as well...

2009-08-31, 07:27:00   (updated: 2009-08-31, 07:28:48)
anonymous also nude pics! Told she is from New Jersey...asked for money for pills and drugs and surgery for her mom!!!!! Met her on SayMeHi under Kathyluv.....Have only this small pics but i think it will be helpful here!

2009-08-31, 07:30:17

2009-08-31, 07:34:22   (updated: 2009-08-31, 07:37:20)
Does anybody know this girl here?
Told she is from US and now for one month in Ghana! Will chat again with her and waiting for asking money from me!

2009-08-31, 07:59:47
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-08-31, 07:34:22 (updated: 2009-08-31, 07:37:20)

Hey anon !
Here is your girl !Please see her.
She is a BIG scammer and has Dirty testicles.
Never contact her(he)
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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