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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2009-09-04, 02:53:19
anonymous from Germany  
She talks perfect swedish...coincidently she was writing to me from a swedish datingsite.....i do not understand what she wrote. But i found out that the playground in the background of her is definitifely a play ground in sweden! But she scammed me longtime fromup Ghana.
I found that lady in reality. Found playground pics on a site in it
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2009-09-04, 02:59:19
anonymous from Germany  
Here the pic i found when i googled playgrounds in broth was there and gave me this tip!

Clark Kent from daily planet

2009-09-04, 03:06:04   (updated: 2009-09-04, 03:47:07)
anonymous from Germany  
Scambuster by work!
Clark Kent from Daily Planet

2009-09-04, 03:18:58   (updated: 2009-09-04, 03:23:20)
anonymous from Germany  
Now i proudly present my wife! She has 29 different names...hahahaha! I love her very much....She is so wicked that she is not fear to comes on webcam! My wife is so crazy!!!!

Clark Kent
2009-09-04, 03:26:40   (updated: 2009-09-04, 03:29:14)
anonymous from Germany  
Thats SayMeHi!!! This ugly lady is searching a honest and caring husband via internet because they´re no men´s on street...hahahaha Prettyhelena is her name..Guys open your eyes

Clark Kent changed religious status in muslim now...He has to many wifes right now!

2009-09-04, 12:46:35
[hidden] from United States  
got hit by tow more scammers today,,
I am Gifty.I found your profile very interesting and i like what i have read and decided to send you a note, hope you don't mind. I would love to talk to you and learn more about you if that's fine with you. I was wondering if you could read my profile and hit me back if you are interested.
It is rather unfortunate that i don't have any photos posted on my profile here, but i am willing to send you some provided you have me your private e-mail address.Anyway,My membership will expire tonight and i never thaught your profile will get me intruge. I'll appreciate it if you can contact me by e-mail and I can send you some of my photos to your mail. I am on as I would love to hear from you.Have a good day!

Stay blessed.


2009-09-04, 12:49:12
[hidden] from United States  
and this is the other,
Hello Am Female and i want to have a chat with you on my Yahoo Message and i will like to share some of my pics with you there too so tell me what is your Yahoo Message ID..or if you can also add me on or send me message in to my mail i will send you back with my pics to you ok i will waiting for your adding and youe message too

no pics with this one was using raven's
2009-09-06, 01:47:38   (updated: 2009-09-06, 01:55:06)
Hi to the America guy who s looking for 'Helina', thank God you found the truth, that girl is a porn star, her pic is been used. I saw her pic on type in lovelydanielle in the search.u are in for a shock.U dont blieve, look at the Black dot spot on her chest, the chin and eyes and compare with this pic, can be easily identified.

Another pic of her from atk pic.

If u want more proof she's been used for a scam. go google.copm and typein
akt danielle. (viewer discretion is advised).

2009-09-06, 12:06:46
anonymous from United States  
well heres one for someone here is a picture used by under the other names of amin ham , bravura_untensiln , samerabibasly ..... ha ha when i im the last three the name of amin ham appeired as i was talking to them

2009-09-06, 12:15:58
anonymous from United States  
here is anotherpicture of samira_umar17@yahoo from acca ghana as a scammer ....but here are three other names used as the first of sept 09 .....amin ham , bravura_utensiln , samerabibasly , when chatting with the last thepeople the name of
amin ham appeared in the im on yahoo ... so the money must start be running slow or they are starting to mess up i hope i could help someone out here as i was scammed by samira for around 800 dollers so good luck slow the money down them scammers
2009-09-06, 12:30:09
anonymous from United States  
here is another picture of using other names as amin ham
bravura_utensiln , and samerabibasly all on yahoo im .... when you chat with the last three the name of amin ham is there i checked it today 09-06-09 so if i stop some money going to there hands it will be nice as samira took around 800 dollers from me
she lives with mom age 36 birthday 1 july and she takes care of mommy and uncle lives in villege .... haha everytime i talk to her uncles seems to be there but if you look at the pictures of samira_umar17@yahoo you will find out she smokes and maybe drinks
and never married wants kids and loves you at first site along with othere scamers on here .... after two months of chatting she said uncle was in the gold business and a guy names mike zack from canada wanted to send me a check to cash in my bank.... and he would pay for her plane ticket to the usa to be with me .... doller amout of that check didn't come up , but the doller amout of 10,000 doller or maybe 30,000 did ... do not cach any check for them .... you will be paying for that check and maybe in jail .... for that doller amout ... so have fun scamming the scammers lol ha ha as they would say or i see , or hmmmm alot ... so take care everyone
2009-09-06, 12:39:51
anonymous from United States  
here is another picture of , could be using these othere names on yahoo im amin han , samerabibasly , and bravura_unensiln , and when i talked to the last three the name off amin ham appeared for who i was talking too
so when you talk to them use alot off ha ha ha 's and i see , and hmmmmm they use that alot as scammers they are from acca ghana .... have fun who ever talks to them
as i wait for somemore pics ..... lol ha ha as they would say ....

2009-09-06, 13:10:16
anonymous from United States  
here is another oicture used by , and other names like amin ham , bravura_utensiln , samerabibasly , when you chat with the last 3 names i had the name of amin ham as the one i was talking too so i think this sight might be keeping some money from in there pockets as for samira she is age 36 and lives i accra with mommy and has puppies and fishes as for the picture you might get as puppies i got three white dogs and the fishies were in a pond some where were they put money .... she lived in fortworth texas til she was 18 when she moved to accra with mommy at the age of 65 now and she only works like three days with food stuff and all and on wedesnesdays goes to market.... and sundays to church ... does not smoke or drink and wants baby for mommy ... to live in the usa for 11 months , and then back to ghana to visit as for uncle he lives in the villege and is married and has three kids and one on the way ... until i was into over two months did the word gold come up and wanted mike zack from canada to call me and send me a check ... for some gold from uncle ... the doller amount did not come up but the doller amount of 10,000 dollers and 30,000 dollers did come up .... so do not take any checks from these scammers or u will be in jail for that check ... as by the time the check clears the scammers already got the money and you will be paying for that check .... so have fun with the scammers as i will just to get more pics ... ha ha ha lol or hmmmm as they would say ....

2009-09-06, 15:39:03   (updated: 2009-09-06, 16:25:54)
to Anon
re: Danielle

yes the picture of that girl and whoever had contacted me too thru

i said i wasnt interested in a woman from GHANA

she was very polite and sent me a goodbye letter back - that was it - however her story was the same as many scammers - this one i just broke off early - didnt want to waste my time ...AND YES DANIELLE IS = ATK ALL THE WAY / SORRY !!!

FYI: I am so sick of seeing the ravin riley photos, especially lately - DAMN!@!!
whoever is using her photos has about 20 of them on my space alone - it is totally insane - seeing her again and again really is driving me and i am sure other people crazy and away from here -

at lease you gave us a new story with the 'fake' ravin riley girl - and anyone when they have an uncle: RUN FORREST RUN!!!

when they have a guy like MIKE ZACK: RUN FORREST RUN!!!

as for MIKE ZACK - that is more of the stupidest name and bullshit again from a scammer / i freakin laugh at some of the names they come up with MIKE ZACK - hahahaha!!!! that is stupid as shit

FUCK YOU MIKE ZACK !!!! you stupid ass nigerian scammer and my advise to you is to please hide all that gold up in your anal cavity where it belongs - MR MIKE ZACK - also the UNCLE MAN too - you could take turns helping each other !!!! But please remember it is only nice and apprpriate for one to buy the other ones dinner first before when getting to know each other - maybe you two could have a baby together - it would be one ugly child - with side burns, glasses and smelly fat outie belly-button - HAHAHA!
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2009-09-06, 20:32:33   (updated: 2009-09-06, 20:51:20)
OJAS from United States  
Hidden US 2009-09-04, 12:46:35, I have seen scammers use her pix many times, just can't remember her name. http://sharedimages..=bigpoint3
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