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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2009-05-20, 13:08:27
Fred from Germany  

i found this site where can buy a little software that hooks up to your IM and plays any avi file wihout people knowing anything .

I have tried it out and it works good.

so when you are on cam, ask them silly things to do (scratch your nose, your ear, show me three fingers of your left hand.....blabla, (and as suggested by cagekopia you can also ask her to strip lol)

result is seeing somebody on cam is a proof no longer!!!!!
2009-05-20, 15:10:50  
Claus LykkeFirst Name Sorensen , i am Joe, not Fred, not steve -Dux, not Agent 86 AKA Jerry Maxwell Smart, not wanwan, not Lars. ' TELL ME, HOW MUCH DO THEY SELL THAT THAT REDWINE, DOWN IN GHANA. Joe.......................
2009-05-20, 15:43:15   (updated: 2009-05-20, 16:07:03)
has anyone seen this before. i said i want to see my webpals on webcam. 'IT SAID BRB ,'' and left.

2009-05-20, 17:02:35   (updated: 2009-05-20, 17:03:46)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous 2009 - 05 - 20, 15:43:15 page 137

Yes, I have seen several pictures of who ever it is in the photo before.
I bet, You the He / She is in Accra Ghana Africa.
He / She went by Comos Dorcas Faibi AKA Dorcy AKA Angel AKA last name Fobi
I made a complete report about the He / She on Osai Williams thread page 56
Just click any of the lines above the picture, I post of the He / She
Each will take, You to everything, I have posted about the He / She
Its a scammer and most likely a man.
This scammer rarely uses these pictures.
Thank You for posting this one, I did not have this exact one.
Now, I have 4 of her.
The scammer must be getting desperate to have to resort to using her pictures.
He normally uses Porn Star Julies pictures.
You will see all 3 pictures, I got of the girl, You were sent on those threads.
you just made, My day by posting that picture.
That scammer got, Me for over $1,500.00
Please post anything else that, You can.
If, You hear from, He / She most likely, You will be asked for money
for a cam at the very least. Also He / She will need a new computer etc.
Avoid this scammer at all cost. The He / She will use, Your information
to do more scams. Do not be surprised to see, Your e mail address used
to open fake profiles on dating sites.
Never post, Your e mail address on this site. Scammers watch it 24 - 7
Never tell a scammer about this site.
Please learn all, You can about scams and scammers now.
You need to learn to protect, Yourself.

Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

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Dating scammer Mabel Quaicoe from Accra, Ghana

2009-05-20, 17:45:43
it me Joe.
2009-05-20, 17:54:35   (updated: 2009-05-20, 18:00:09)
Agent 86, its me Joe, 'it was coming at me with pixs of Mellissa Midwest about 1month ago and i just figured 'it' left. 'it'did asking me for money to buy a new webcam.

2009-05-20, 19:02:48   (updated: 2009-05-20, 19:04:02)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

Thanks friend for, Your postings. These pictures of this girl are very hard
to come by. Post all, You got my friend. I hope, You saw, My postings with
the other pictures. This scammer Loves to talk dirty and uses yahoo IM
with falling hearts back ground. Usually starts off talking about God
then quickly changes to sex. LOL
I have been watching very close for more pictures as, I was only able to find
one when, I went searching for it originally and it was on another site.
Take a look at page 39 on Osai Williams thread. Plus several other pages
after that up into the higher 40's Cagekopia is all over the place.
But its, His page 39 that should get everyone's attention. LOL
He used to be helpful sure makes, You wonder what happened to, Him ?
I hope, My postings have helped, You.

Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// AKA Jerry

2009-05-20, 20:17:17
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

Wow what a idiot, You have turned out to be.
I accidentally ran into several postings of, Yours from 2008
What happened to, You ? Did, You fall and hit, Your head ?
On the thread Osai Williams page 39 on up. You posted a picture of, Yourself
and the whole works. It indicated, You were from Sweden.
You actually were helping people back then. What made, You stop ?
O well that's old news now Huh.
Well at least, You didn't dump a pile of postings all over the place today.
That was refreshing not to have write something on each thread.
In case You haven't noticed everybody has gone back to helping others.
I have to. I never stopped. Your just dead weight here.
I would not go bragging about how any of the contributors here hasn't busted anyone.
You forget all of who is on here. There have been busts made for, Your
I find it interesting that, You of all people despite all, Your Bull Shit.
You have never busted a single scammer in how many months has it been,
You have lived in Ghana ?
Why should, You question anyone on here when, You haven't done a damn thing !!!!
Just wanted, You to know, You really don't know anything at all.
Go back to Drinking that wine, You talk about. Stay away from the drugs
they have really screwed, Your mind up. LOL

Agent 86 Jerry Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana

2009-05-20, 20:43:50
OJAS from United States  
Agent 86,
It has happened before. One guy was in fact helping against African scammers. Something happened, and he completely lost his mind, and turned on us. Recently he actually had a run-in with you as well! He keeps popping when he has computer access, generally some weekends. Thanks for taking on these demented creatures, as it lets most of us focus on the main tasks this site is intended for. I will try to make a salute symbol, if you won't laugh at me! |~`
2009-05-20, 23:15:58
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

Thanks OJAS, I figure the best thing for, Me to do is baby sit this guy.
I seem to be able to keep, His focus. LOL Whatever, He is taking, Drinking
or smoking is way to scary for, Me. I want to enjoy my old age. LOL
I see as of today, He only made a couple quick hits then ran for it.
The other front men seem to have had enough. LOL
I'm just glad to see everybody back doing what they are here for.
I'm kind of the loose canon anyway. LOL
I am a Equal opportunity offender. LOL
Its good therapy and helps keep the Alzheimer's at bay.
Well, I have some things to catch up on Thanks for watching, My back.
Mata - Ne as Wanwan would say.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Jerry not Joe Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia

2009-05-20, 23:18:06
anonymous from United States  
I found another site that honeycomb is on. she is a woman with many faces.Mr.Usa.
2009-05-21, 03:30:47   (updated: 2009-05-21, 03:35:13)
wanwan from Japan  
@Forget・kopia !!

It is the time to shut your mouth.
You have wasted our time,and it is enough for you.
We know you are caucasian.
We know you already lost your kind-heart to others.
Now you want only $$$$$$$.
We don't want you any more on this website.

I think you will have your own website on internet,
and try doing your own business on that website.

I know the proverb
''Our advice was like water off a duck's back to XXX ''
''Giving XXX advice was like preaching to the deaf ''

We have lost our precious time .
We have to forget our Forgetkopia.

@our Agent 86

Thank you for your time.
We all know you are supporting,saving,helping many peoples in the world.
And we all know Forgetkopia tries to waste your precious time.
Recently his accomplice come onto here and try supporting Forgetkopia !!
But we all support you ,our Agent86 !!
Because we all know you are a great contributor on this website.
We all love to listen to your precious words.
I will give you this words !!

'' Agent 86 ,you are The Guardian God on this website !!! ''

I respect your posts and photos,
Mata-ne !!

from Donkey

2009-05-21, 13:11:11
thank you mr usa re: honeycomb - i am following this one closely / truly this is a woman of many faces and many names / she has over 200+ email addresses. i will say thou that a posting earlier on this site had her down for 10 posting on my space / that posting was incorrect it was only (6) hahaha...oh well. but when you browse for friends and pick some they are alot in her extended network. Karin is her name on my space and also nana (2 i can say now). but in visiting her profile her last log ins were 2007 and then march 2009. maybe she found a 'good man' / huh? i hope so. it has been said that she is both carly (ATK and then Honeycomb in porno) and then these other profiles. However the pics look a little different. I'm not sure either if they are the same person...or related. I would appreciate agent 86 knowledge re: this and his thoughts. either way she will lie and try to work you for money. possibly thru a person from amsterdam. and another from the new york city area. she will do crazy things if she thinks you have lied to her / gosh which is really funny bec that is what she is so good at. your help also mr usa would be appreciated.
2009-05-21, 13:19:01   (updated: 2009-05-21, 13:20:37)
Fred from Germany  

well, you better would keep a printcopy of your posts, if it is hard for you to remember the BS you were postings. But i gladly refresh your memory.
1you said
2009-05-15, 14:34:04 from Ghana    
…. I am for real , and i live in Ghana now ,and yes i am from Sweden

First lie
2you said
2009-05-16, 13:56:39 from Ghana    
… And i am not trying to get any girls been hooked upp with your guy´s

Then you had to admit
2009-05-19, 12:48:40 from Ghana    
… I sent you Florababe i have also wrote that , she is not from Ghana , she lives in Ivory coast and she is from Sierra Leone.

3youn said
2009-05-18, 04:40:43 from Ghana    
Agent 86

And when confronted with the evidence
2009-05-17, 04:19:15 from Ghana    
Too China
Yes i asked for money in December

4 you advertise amongst many other posts
2009-05-13, 03:24:06 from Ghana    
Hey guy´s , if you need help to check a girl or a scammer then contact me , many of the scammer are young boys , but there are real girls too ,dont forget that , so dont judge them, what i need is some mails photos phone numbers , then can i check it out for you .
Scambuster Ghana

And it turns out that your help is a „business“
2009-05-16, 13:56:39 from Ghana    
Agent 86
I am not black and yes if i shall drive around in the Accra traffic to check upp scammers and make phone calls around in Ghana and back to my customer , yes then do i take a little fee

We on here are friends that help each others, not customers, and take no fee,!!!!

2009-05-15, 14:34:04 from Ghana    
….But you are all welcome to check me upp with my US , European friends that i have helped . Check on what Lars from Sweden have wrote on Osai Williams about his Dora .

And the response from Lars
2009-05-15, 16:09:25
LARS from Sweden    
To cagekopia (Scam buster Ghana) Yes you helped me with Dora. But when both you and the girl you wanted to set me up with stop answer my texts when you find out i dont have any money, i become little disappointed.

     You should revise your “customer retention” policy. LOL

And no, you are not a scammer because you have your profile on one dating site.
Fact is it is on too many sites.

If I had more time to waste, I could highlight some more of your lies and BS.
But I leave it for now and revert back to more helpful stuff.

Actions speak louder than words
But “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Does not mean “when in Ghana, scam as the Ghanaians do”
2009-05-21, 15:42:45
OJAS from United States  
People serious about scam education DO NOT SOLICIT MONEY IN DELPHI
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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