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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2007-08-17, 19:14:01
anonymous from United States  
I have been talking to this girl,guy or whoever for the past few days. Tells me her name is Fustina Ayensu. Guess she doesn't know who she really is! Zinatu Bawa? Sounds like a real sweet person but is now asking for money so her son can get an operation. I'm not sending any, sorry!
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2007-08-18, 00:38:52
anonymous from Germany  
operations are in in Ghana a lady named mercy Konadu wants also 3450,-- Euros from me for an operation she lives in Ghana to in accra
2007-08-18, 10:03:33
anonymous from United States  
Update on above. She just hungup on me because I refused to send $350 to get her son out of the hospital. So I guess he's alright anyhow! LMAO~
Beware of this one for sure.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer merrei bansen

2007-08-19, 01:59:43
Received an IM out of the blue from screen name 'nice-bird' a Accra, Ghana woman claiming to be 30 year old Ahmed Nortey. The Yahoo screen name is lonely_girlforfree2002. Said she is in love with me and wants money for passport and visa. Appears to be another love scam. See photo below

2007-08-19, 06:46:49
anonymous from United Kingdom  
i made a coment about the scammers not living in tin huts,as i would have imagined,i see in above photo they have kindly supplyed some tin sheets for the background.
2007-08-19, 06:57:55
anonymous from United States  
They make nice curtains,huh? LOL
2007-08-24, 10:42:20

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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana

2007-08-31, 00:03:04
anonymous from United Kingdom  
A point worth thinking about,my scammer never asked for my bank details but everything else phone address drivers licence no.NO watch few minutes after phone goes down ,phone rings from english spoken stock brocker (Andrew Parker),he faxes documents for bank details to set up an account to purchase shares.I think this scamming is multiple people working for others up the ladder,drugs,anything.My excuse is bank ,son told them i was now Dead.I was enjoying the peace ,problem when i answered the phone a few weeks later,back to life again.enjoy the fun.puts mind off my x wifes lawyer(right scamming Bastard)
2007-08-31, 02:35:33
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Well the scammers reguarly read these messages .just had phone call from scammer stock broker demanding i sign documents to open an account .very stropy.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana

2007-09-01, 20:45:34
anonymous from United Kingdom  

2007-09-03, 20:26:26
anonymous from United States  
You belong on the top of the world!,You are doing a service to all,And this is good and well,Stay up there doing this great JOB!BRAVO!!!Send me your direct site as mail return so i can access all pics,As photo file,You have my return address with this mail,,,THANX! Greg writes!
2007-09-04, 19:59:08
anonymous from United States  
I found another scammer posing as a girl named Fawzia Mohammed from Accra, Ghana
this time she said she was a 30 year old hair stylist. I immediately closed my American Singles account when she asked for my profile e-mail and password I stalled her while I gave her a fake password and I called Customer service I think this web sight is the best thing going today. This person was real slick she got me to get off the American singles site and start IM her by yahoo. I think I scared her off when I told her there was no need to give you my password because I canceled the account through customer service.
Below is a copy of our IM conversation I also have copies of the photos I've seen on this web site she is now using the e-mail

colourszia: Hello Jason i am here now
Jason Brown: Hi There !
Fawzia Mohammed: yes i am here
Jason Brown: Give me a second IM closing out the other IM for American singles
Fawzia Mohammed: Ok i am waiting
Jason Brown: Ok Im back...
Fawzia Mohammed: Ok good i am here i had to sign off too
Jason Brown: Thats ok
Fawzia Mohammed: Ok fine so do you have some pictues to share with me
Jason Brown: I do but its not alot of pictures
Fawzia Mohammed: No problem just accept the file lets share them
Fawzia Mohammed: add your pictues now
Jason Brown: Hang on give me couple of seconds..
Fawzia Mohammed: Ok you smiling
Jason Brown: did they come out ok?
Fawzia Mohammed: yes they are coming upi you are handsome
Fawzia Mohammed: So have you ever talk with an african before?
Jason Brown: Yes I have when I was in college
Fawzia Mohammed: I mean have you ever talk with Africa Online
Jason Brown: No this would be my first time
Jason Brown: In your first pictur which one is you?
Fawzia Mohammed: look and say which will i be in that picture
Fawzia Mohammed: Ok same here this my first time talking with someone from american online we are new here we all
Jason Brown: Your in the pink I got confused because you have different hair styles in the pictures
Fawzia Mohammed: Oh Ll
Fawzia Mohammed: Lol that is right i am the one in pink
Jason Brown: are you of mixed race?
Fawzia Mohammed: Yes ia m mixed race what do you think about my color
Jason Brown: I think you very beutiful you color is fine
Jason Brown: where are your parents from?
Fawzia Mohammed: Well My mom is A Ghanaian and my dad was a british
Fawzia Mohammed: Thank you very much you are Handsome
Fawzia Mohammed: I am leaving here with my mom and my cousin here and we leave in appartment here after i lost my dad
Jason Brown: really how long has it been? it ok to ask?
Fawzia Mohammed: Been what?
Jason Brown: Did you live in Brittan before?.
Fawzia Mohammed: I have never leave in Britain before just my dad who leaves there and i have never travelled out of ghana before and now he is no more
Jason Brown: I understand
Fawzia Mohammed: Yes so can you tell me more about your life and the way of leaving you are in
Jason Brown: I sure can I'm 31 Ill be 32 next month as i said before Im not married and I don't have any kids I have 3 older brothers 1 older sister and a younger sister so my mom had six kids me being number 5. I live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania its not too far from New York city
Jason Brown: what else would you like to know Fawzia?
Fawzia Mohammed: Where are your parents how is the system of living where you are now
Jason Brown: I have never met my father But I believe he still lives in Jamica My mother lives with my step father in Florida which is on the south eastern east cost of america . The cost of living in the U.S is very high right now and jobs are not easy to find but its not impossible
Fawzia Mohammed: Oh i c that sounds good
Fawzia Mohammed: Am Fawzia ,a 30 years old lady born in the capital of Ghana,Accra..I lived in new town a suburb of Accra with my family since birth..I have one brother of whom I am the oldest daughter of my parent.
Jason Brown: is your brother younger than you?
Fawzia Mohammed: Yes is yunger than me
Fawzia Mohammed: My creche school started at Young and Wise Creche and then moved on to St.Johns J.S.S. after which I furthered my elementary education at Labone Secondary School in Accra.I had my degree in the year 1998 in Cakes and Flowers Specialist College but like to be an (Hair Stylish).
Jason Brown: I can tell you like hair styling from you pictures
Jason Brown: Has anyone told you that you look young for your age?
Fawzia Mohammed: thank you very much i think you like my hair style right
Jason Brown: Its very nice
Jason Brown: I think you said earlier you are working as a stylist now?
Fawzia Mohammed: well thank it is just that i do train alot and jog i will say i jog almost 2 -3 times a week to keep me fit healthy and strong
Fawzia Mohammed: Yes i trying to tell you more about myself just read i telling you from y infancy
Fawzia Mohammed:
I am single and never married.I have no kids.I like to establish a family oneday with the right man of my life.And will like to meet a man who will live with me for the rest of my life.
Fawzia Mohammed: My perosnality is that,I am attractive and I am an athletic person.I exercise a lot,my sundays are not left without a physical training.i juggle ever morning around the community I live in.So I will like to meet a person who is also of this kind.
Jason Brown: I also try to stay in shape also two years ago I found out that I'm diabetic so along with medication I try to jog and play sports but its hard because I work so many hours
Fawzia Mohammed: My food is very nutritious and hate to take sweets.I like mostly the local dishes and also some of the foreign dishes like the pizza and spaghetti
Jason Brown: is spaghetti a popolar food in Ghanna?
Fawzia Mohammed: I like to listen to soul music,R&B,Hip Hop and country music.My favourite musician is R.Kelly.I like his music mostly among the rest of the musicians.I also listen to local music we have here.
Fawzia Mohammed: Yes It is not that popular only in the restaurant
Fawzia Mohammed: I am a kind of person who loves nature so I usually go to the Zoo,gardens,beaches and see different part of the world.Unfortunately to me I have not travelled to the state to see the tourist sites here because my work dont give me the chance to.I love children a lot and need a counterpart who also loves nature and children.I also loves animals especially pets.
Fawzia Mohammed: eople say I am a shy person and I can see it from myself that I am of this nature.But I turn to be more easy when I get to know u more.I am an easy going person who is very friendly and hospitable.I am very caring and loving.I hate to tell lies and hate one who tells lies.
Jason Brown: I see that you like the same music what was your favorite R Kelly song
Fawzia Mohammed: Trapped in the closet
Fawzia Mohammed: i also like I wish
Fawzia Mohammed: I like ghetto child almost all the music
Jason Brown: Nice! I'm more into Rap music but I also like Reggie music and old school R&B
Fawzia Mohammed: I am a person who is straight and tells the truth without any fear.I am an open minded and sound minded person.I hate a person who is partial and biaz.
Jason Brown: That's good Ive met alot of girls that have lied to me and have tried to take advantage of me
Jason Brown: Im not a perfect person but I have never cheated or anything like that Im a very loyal person
Fawzia Mohammed: Oh ic that is nt good that is a cheat
Fawzia Mohammed: where they from then
Fawzia Mohammed: My likes includes honesty,faithful,truthful, dedicative and hard working
Fawzia Mohammed: I dislike laziness,unfaithful,untruthful and partiality as I mentioned earlier
Fawzia Mohammed: what are you likes and dislike
Jason Brown: I like some one who is down to earth and does not judge a man by how much money he has I like a woman who is caring honest and loyal and will like me for who I am
Jason Brown: I dont like girls that only care about money and take advantge of me
Fawzia Mohammed: Yes that is not love
Fawzia Mohammed: That is money Lover not real love
Fawzia Mohammed: LOl
Fawzia Mohammed:
Jason Brown: LOL..we call tose girls gold diggers
Fawzia Mohammed: Oh relally lol
Jason Brown: Have you heard of Kanye West?
Fawzia Mohammed: Yes I have heard Of Him why this question
Jason Brown: He has a song called Gold digger have you heard it before ?
Fawzia Mohammed: no i wil find that and listen to it and maybe next time will tell you Lol
Jason Brown: Do you have alot of dance or disco clubs in Ghanna or do you have to go to another city?
Fawzia Mohammed: We do but i dont go there ata ll
Jason Brown: when you do go out where do you like to go I know you said you were shy Im a shy person too
Fawzia Mohammed: yes i do go out to the beach and restaurant and some tourist attraction
Jason Brown: What's the name of your favorite restuarnt?
Fawzia Mohammed: what about you
Fawzia Mohammed: Well do have alot here i dont have any favorite
Jason Brown: I like going to the movies ans like I said before I like to hang out with my friends Resturants are very expensive here in the U.S. so I try to cook foods that my mom tought me how to
Jason Brown: The Last tme I was at the beach was when I travled to Jamica wih my sister and mother in 2005
Jason Brown: How come you have never been married or have a boy friend Fawzia?
Fawzia Mohammed: No i hve never been married and i have no boyfriend i am nt seeing no one i am single looking for one
Jason Brown: Have you been in a relationship before?
Fawzia Mohammed: yes 2 times didnt work out for me and i dont wnat it to appen to me again in my life time
Fawzia Mohammed: what about you
Jason Brown: I have only had three girlfriends my first girl friend cheated on me the second girl friend was a short relationship before I went to college and my last girlfriend moved back to Romania in 2002 so I have not been seeing anyone for the past 5 years I have been focused on my career and my next girlfriend I am hoping is someone I can marry Im getting to old to just go out on dates.
Jason Brown: Why didn't you past relationships work out ?
Fawzia Mohammed: Oh i cthat didnt sound god
Fawzia Mohammed: good
Fawzia Mohammed: Well It didnt work out because they were all players and cheated on me i dont know if it is a curse to them the men here or what i dont want to remmeber
Jason Brown: I'm a one woman man I would rather tell a girl that I want to break up rather than play games and cheat on her
Fawzia Mohammed: Yes that sounds good and i think let me something now to bring lve trust To us now i think you are the man i am loking for
Fawzia Mohammed: i am one woman man maybe that is why i get hurt when i am cheated but i still have faith that i will find Him neday
Jason Brown: thats good to hear I think trust is something that you earn and once you lose it its hard to get it back
Fawzia Mohammed: yes that s right
Jason Brown: I think my problem is that some times Im too loyal and people take advantage of my kindness
Fawzia Mohammed: OH i c
Fawzia Mohammed: wel you know what as you said you a one man to woman so i wil like you to cancel my profile on americansingles and also i will do the same
Jason Brown: I can do that for you ...You like me that much already?
Fawzia Mohammed: Yes i do because you sound Loyal and faitful
Fawzia Mohammed: Can you give me your log in over there so that i will do taht fro u
Jason Brown: I can do that myself give me a few minutes I'll be right back ok?
Fawzia Mohammed: well if you give and i give you mine It will bring trust and loyalty to each other so let me do that for you
Jason Brown: phillyman75oct and the password is phantom
Fawzia Mohammed: Ok
Fawzia Mohammed: hold on ok
Jason Brown: whats yours?
Fawzia Mohammed: what is the emil you used on there
Jason Brown: What happened I just got a message that my profile was already removed..did you get the same message?
Fawzia Mohammed: No give me your animal address you used there
Jason Brown: Im still waiting for your info
Jason Brown: You stil there?
Fawzia Mohammed: Yes i am here sorry my pc is freezing
Jason Brown: dont worry I will remove my profile myself trust me I will
Fawzia Mohammed: Ok i trust you
Fawzia Mohammed: It i just removed mine
Jason Brown: Very good
Jason Brown: I hope you didnt steal any private inf from me ....LOL just joking....loL
Fawzia Mohammed: No he listen what will i steal inside dont do it as a joke
Jason Brown: Im just kidding I trust you I know you would not steal anything
Jason Brown: I hope I didnt make you mad!
Fawzia Mohammed: you tried to
Fawzia Mohammed: what is it there that u think will be stolenn Lol
Jason Brown: I know you wont steal but my friend also tried online dating and somebody tried to scam him by asking for mony to buy a visa and plan tickest ...I trust you and I know you wouldnt do anything llike that....LOL
Fawzia Mohammed: Ofcourse i wont do that
Jason Brown: LOL thats good to hear!
Fawzia Mohammed: yes tell me smething and ask me wahtever you want to know about me
Jason Brown: Do you have you own stylist business in Ghanna?
Fawzia Mohammed: No i am a traineee
Jason Brown: After you finished your training what do you want to do next?
Fawzia Mohammed: i will have to establish my business
Jason Brown: Thats cool will work for someone first the start your business?
Fawzia Mohammed: yes
Jason Brown: do you just do hair or do you also do make up also?
Fawzia Mohammed: hair
Jason Brown: have you also thought about traveling to other countries to work as a stylist or do you plan on staying in Ghanna?
Fawzia Mohammed: maybe yes
Jason Brown: where do think you would go?
Fawzia Mohammed: be right back
Jason Brown: Ok
Jason Brown: you still there
Fawzia Mohammed is using an older version of Yahoo! Messenger and certain features may be unavailable. Click here to invite Fawzia Mohammed to upgrade.

Fawzia Mohammed: Hello
Jason Brown: Hey what happened ?
Fawzia Mohammed: Sorrry i got booted
Jason Brown: Thats ok
Fawzia Mohammed: Yes so what are you doing now
Jason Brown: I just picked out cloths to wear to work for tommorow ..what time is it now in Ghanna?
Fawzia Mohammed: It is 3:14
Jason Brown: In the morning ? or afternoon?
Fawzia Mohammed: phantom
Jason Brown: LOL you know about my other user name for Yahoo IM...LOL
Fawzia Mohammed: what is the spelling is it phantom
Fawzia Mohammed: or what
Jason Brown: Yes that is the spelling its another name for a ghost or spirit...LOL
Fawzia Mohammed: Ok so what is the password on Amers
Jason Brown: while you were away I called customer service to cancel the account I told you you could trust me to do so
Fawzia Mohammed: yes so just give me the speeling of that word
Jason Brown: I don't understand why do you still need the spelling? my account is now canceled like you asked
Jason Brown:
Fawzia Mohammed: yes need to the spelling and pronoucing
Jason Brown: Remmember I just said I canceled my account why do you still need it if my account no longer is active ...
Fawzia Mohammed: I know it is not
Fawzia Mohammed: it is not active
Fawzia Mohammed: Just give me the Name
Jason Brown: you had it right before phantom
Fawzia Mohammed: Ok
Jason Brown: why is it so important you know the right spelling ? for a closed account lol
Fawzia Mohammed: No thanks
Fawzia Mohammed: I dont need it
Jason Brown: What times are you online Fawzia ?
Fawzia Mohammed: later
Fawzia Mohammed: bye

2007-09-04, 20:01:40
anonymous from United States  
Picture 2 of Fawzia Mohammed
when I saw this picture on the site I knew I caught another scammer

2007-09-04, 20:02:56
anonymous from United States  
Picture 3 of scammer Fawzia Mohammed
this is a damn shame
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2007-09-04, 20:03:58
anonymous from United States  
Picture 4 of scammer Fawzia Mohammed, really a damn shame
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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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