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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2009-07-18, 12:14:12
anonymous from United States  
hey there i have had the same thing here ,dont know who or what it is!lol but i did mange
to get a street address if that would help anyone with the name of fatawu mohammed 111 kotbabi ,accra ghana i do think of course its fake but it might be usefull to help i got it when i was asked to send 50dollars i said i could money order twenty
that of course wasnt good enough ,needed at least 50 or dont bother lol i must considered prtty dumb but its funny i think we can catch them if thats all they got for brains . i to did get asked to send minutes and then i gave her a number to text me . 20 dollar prepaid and she did text me and try to call . i am in a bad cell area . so i lost the connection. the number i found was of course 233240063252 i could not call it back unable to call outside U.S. well wish me luck trying to lose them i am done . i hope ! thanks for you being hereas i write this the phone rings ! funny lets get them for human justice and to keep inocent girls and men safe. thank you
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Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia

2009-07-18, 12:34:33
anonymous from Sweden  
2009-07-18, 12:35:50
anonymous from Sweden  

2009-07-18, 12:37:12
anonymous from Sweden  
2009-07-18, 12:39:39
anonymous from Sweden  
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2009-07-18, 13:06:48
anonymous from Sweden  
This girl calls herself Abbey Orion, Say she live in USA, but live in Nugeria.
Have a probably stole USA passport and pictures from same woman!
Have E-mail Lies and wants money!!

2009-07-18, 13:08:44
anonymous from Sweden  
Abbey Orion Nigeria

2009-07-18, 16:03:06
[hidden] from United States  
sorry for not posting a name i am new to this. thank you for your help being new i could not resist pissn her or him as you seem to know more than i .i do believe your right ! she caught me lieing with fake money order # i kept using the same number ,but as you say they look from there pc . i was told to go to hell and i will be dammed for breaking her heart . my concious feels good that i didnt fall prey. to this bullshit . thank you very much .i still need to get better at using the pc .to help the fight . glad your hear thanks .agent 86 get smart
my post last was of me sending twenty dollars to her from western union and her screen name is angel fatawu @yahoo on instant mess. thanks. hope to help

2009-07-18, 22:03:31
anonymous from Bangor, United States  
wolf hunter ,will work after the crap that was ,didnt take long ,with me ,she was asking for money in two days , by her ,i was the one to post on fatawu mohammed,a.k.a raven rily ,pics at 2009-7-18 at 16:03:06 on page 169 .wanted to check back if ther might be a way to report this to someone local or to someone that can help me to report to all of my accounts . as of now i have to email accounts .one on yahoo .one on rr.i did not email at any time from either account .it was all on im,we did trade pics , should have known to do more home work, and can i find them if they have been used to delete.the pics of myself that is dont care for the others lol, no lola's gettn me ,its fighting time. so i did want to say thank you to the advisors and to the people that have had enough .for the help . side note i did find it funny that the address to here is right next to the ghanaairtime phone page , i will not let this happen ever .as far as it went i keep them busy for about a week and made them run a little i think to try and get me. yeeehaaaaaaa! mount up the posse!!!!!

2009-07-18, 22:13:36
anonymous from United States  
with my encounter it started by her from yahoo im
and she said she found my account from
witch i did have a account with ,also to say even the link to webcam action cant blame just a norm guy here. i never even bought credits to go private , so even if they just temp ya a little ,it must be all the time they need to get my and other info , and of course they were all in the same settings and mostly russian so i do think there is a link between all of the smans for sure .thank you
2009-07-18, 23:08:31
anonymous from United States  
when i talked to here few months ago here name was she did was ask for money.she didnt work or anything but hang out with friends.
2009-07-19, 02:50:22
anonymous from United States  
The Girl in Picture is Raven Rilley Port Starr Her pictures are used quite a bit by Scammers...NO good looking white girls are in Ghana..Beleive me!!!

'Bobby' from Ireland
2009-07-19, 10:52:01
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from the USA

Just thought a little clarification was called for here.
First up, You keep saying She this and She that. LOL
Nearly 1% of all scammers are Woman from thousands.
You were scammed by a man using all stolen photo's.
Scammers can fake web cam and womans voices.
So please call the Scammer He / She
Next scammers use many fake names they change all or just
part of their name from scam to scam.
This makes it hard to chase down a single name and find a match.
They have many e mail addresses and many phone numbers.
When they write a e mail it can go through many false proxy's.
Tracing it back to the source is next to impossible at times.
They can post a message on this site and have done it where it
shows a American Flag the works but be in Ghana.
Finally There is not one single Black or White, Man or Woman on line
from Ghana, Nigeria, Dakar, Senegal, Refugee Camp, Gold Coast,
Ivory Coast, All of West Africa that is not 1000% Scammers.
It makes no difference at all where they claim to be from and
no matter at all what their story is. No one is on Line at all from
All of West Africa that is not a scammer. There are no exceptions.
So if, Your on line with anyone from there two things are true.
One its a Scammer Two 99% chance its a man.
I hope, You pay attention to this fact.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-07-19, 14:31:58
anonymous from United States  
I found her on user name is becky4u93 real name is becky williams from new york. I've talked to her for 2 days now. She said she is in Nigeria Africa helping her sick mom who is in the hospital. One minute after I created the okcupid account she contacted me and acts like I'm the only man on the planet. If i tell her my favorite color is blue then her favorite color is blue, i'm christian and she is christian. I did a search on her and it brought me to this sight. i have been takling to her with yahoo IM. I asked her if she is latin because the picture looks latin and she said she is mixed african and that she is a sales person in new york. The first thing I was thinking was scam, she will say her mom died next and has no money to get home, BLAH BLAH BLAH. I could smell scam on this when I first started talking to her.

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2009-07-20, 08:38:35
I was wondering about this woman, there were some discrepancies between here dating profile and the e-mail she sent too me mainly her age changed from 36 to 30.

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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